Enticing Edible Flower Pot Salad with Abalone ( 鲍鱼花盆沙拉 )

enticing edible flower pot salad with abalone recipe
Are these potted plants really edible? Foodies, are you in the mood for an invigorating appetizer with a difference?

Tasting as good as they look are these Enticing Edible Flower Pot Salad with Abalone Appetizers ( 鲍鱼花盆沙拉 ). These show-stoppers are pleasing to your palate, and they are packed with abundance of nutrients such as the healthy Pea Sprouts and Baby Oyster Mushrooms.

chinese new year skylight australia abalone recipe
Hidden underneath the potted plants reveal succulent cubes of Skylight Australia Superior Abalone ( 天亮牌澳洲上等鲍鱼 ), sitting on a bed of green apples and egg mayo combo with a hint of Wasabi for an added punch. Mix them all up for a delicious healthy treat this Chinese New Year!
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EMSculpt Review: World's First Non-Invasive Butt Lift

singapore aesthetics buttock enhancement brazilian butt lifting procedures
Butt enhancements such as Buttock Augmentation or Brazilian Butt Lift can be a painful affair. These cosmetic surgical procedures involve removing fat from large areas and transferring it into your buttocks to give your butt a fuller and more athletic look.

eha clinic emsculpt non invasive tummy tuck treatment
Thanks to EMSculpt, the latest FDA approved technology and world's first non-invasive butt lifting and body contouring treatment has arrived in Singapore! EMSculpt is the only procedure to help both women and men build muscle and burn fat. Basically, it is a tummy tuck and butt lifting procedure. Unlike traditional plastic surgeries, it is non-invasive with no down time and does not require any pre/post treatment preparation.
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Can You Fight Cancer with Matcha Tea?

kenko matcha green tea health benefits antioxidant
Originally consumed as a delicacy in ancient China, tea drinking dates back over 5000 years. Today, it is a second favorite beverage next to water. Tea consumption has become a daily habit in many households as nearly two thirds of the world's population drink it. Thought this special beverage isn't consumed just because it's tasty, people also want to be rewarded by its many health benefits. Matcha tea in particular has been proven to help with overall health and even fight and prevent cancer. Continue reading to find out how you can fight cancer with matcha tea.
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Bing Liang Chinese New Year Homemade Festive Treats Winners!

chinese new year festive treats homemade pineapple tarts
From your traditional favourite Pineapple Tarts to Love Letters, Kueh Bangkit, Hae Bee Hiam Roll (Sambal Prawn Cracker), Peanut Cookies and more, 3 lucky followers of Luxury Haven will be busy snacking away this Chinese New Year with Bing Liang Homemade CNY Goodies!

100% Homemade and Handmade using the best grade of ingredients, these winners will get to bring home $150 worth of CNY Snacks each! Are you the lucky 3?

All followers will also get to shop at Bing Liang Bakery with a 25% Discount for a limited time only! Simply key in the Promo Code: luxuryhaven25 during checkout! * Minimum spending of SGD 88 with Free Delivery service!

Check out our top picks for Bing Liang's Festive Treats now for your last minute shopping spree! * Free tasting is available at their Jln Pemimpin outlet.
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Glamping Must-Haves for the Luxury Travellers

top vacation ideas glamping camping tents
If your idea of roughing it is staying in a luxury treetop cabin with all the comforts of home, finding the perfect glamping destination isn’t enough. You also need to travel there in style and have a few items at the ready. Glamping has gone mainstream, but that doesn’t mean that even the most sought-after spots have everything a luxe getaway needs. If you really want to make the most of your glamping experience, you have to have:

1. The perfect way to get there. Glamping starts in a powerful luxury vehicle, whether it’s a new or a used car. When you’re not having to take on dirt trails, an SUV isn’t always necessary. Imagine how classy you’d look to roll up at your glamping site with a legendary used Mercedes. Glamping destinations are friendly to all types of luxury vehicles. Whether you’re renting or in the market to upgrade your overall lifestyle (not just your camping), glamping demands the right vehicle.
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Chinese New Year Ang Pow Collections Int’l Giveaway x 12 Sets!

chinese new year ang pow collections international giveaway
Hey folks, are you an Ang Pow ( 紅包 ) collector or know anyone who is a collector of these CNY Red Packets?

Also known as Hong Bao in Mandarin, these red packets with fanciful designs are given out during a festive season like Chinese New Year, or special occasions such as baby showers and weddings as monetary gifts. The auspicious red colour of the envelope symbolizes good luck.

Well, I have also managed to collect many beautiful ang pow designs, such as auspicious Chinese characters, cute boyish and girlish dolls, lovely flowers, and also the Chinese Zodiac animals.

All brand new and sealed in their original packaging sorted in sets of 4 with each containing 5 or 10 red packets, followers of Luxury Haven will be able to pick their favourite set of design. Giveaway is Open to All Worldwide, and we have 12 sets to give away!

cny auspicious fu character hong bao collection
For the non-Chinese or international readers residing in Europe or USA etc, you can use these pretty red envelopes to contain other non-monetary stuff such as costume accessory when gifting instead of using the same old boring gift wrappers. Ang Pow with Chinese character like 福 ( Fu ) symbolizes " fortune " or " good luck "; I am sure the recipient will appreciate the lovely gesture.
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Venuerific: Best Website to Find Event Venues in Singapore!

venuerific singapore event venues for hire
Is it a hassle to search through hundreds and hundreds of possible event venues just to find the right one? Having trouble liaising with the venues or worrying about breaking the bank for an event venue? Fret not! Venuerific is the perfect solution for you! Be it hosting a birthday party, corporate seminar, or just looking for a place to hang out, Venuerific helps with all your venue woes.

As the pioneer in event venue marketplace, it has the largest exquisite collection of venues. Apart from Singapore, there are spaces around Southeast Asia including Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Hong Kong. Venuerific makes sourcing for an event venue easy and breezy. Organizers can browse through the online platform, choose a venue and make an inquiry directly to the venue owners. With these three easy steps, you are ready to host a celebration of a lifetime. Here are some amazing venues available for booking at Venuerific!
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CNY Braised Pumpkin Soup with Fish Maw and Scallops (红烧南瓜鱼鳔羹)

braised pumpkin soup with fish maw hokkaido scallops
The Lunar New Year is just weeks away, are you ready to whip up a feast? I have fallen in love with Pumpkin these recent years, and have been trying to include this nutritious vegetable ( technically a fruit ) in my cooking. Loaded with blood pressure-regulating minerals potassium and magnesium as well as iron, this delicious starchy soup packs a punch with robust flavours from the pumpkin.

Simmered in a claypot, this Braised Pumpkin Soup with Fish Maw and Hokkaido Scallops ( 红烧南瓜鱼鳔羹 ) is certainly a delight with every spoonful of delicious seafood pleasing the palate with an explosion of flavour. Make this mouth-watering dish your Chinese New Year must-have booster!
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Hyatt Regency Bangkok Sukhumvit Connecting to BTS via Sky Bridge

hyatt regency bangkok sukhumvit king room
Hyatt Regency Bangkok Sukhumvit - King Room
Hyatt announced the opening of Hyatt Regency Bangkok Sukhumvit recently, marking the Hyatt Regency brand's entry into the capital of Thailand. Located on the bustling Sukhumvit Road, the hotel is connected to the Nana station of the Bangkok Mass Transit System (BTS) via a sky bridge and offers guests convenient access to nearby shopping malls, office buildings and tourist attractions.

"We are pleased to celebrate the launch of Hyatt Regency Bangkok Sukhumvit, which marks both the brand's debut in the Thai capital and the successful fruition of Hyatt's first collaboration with Grand Asset Hotels and Property," said David Udell, group president, Asia Pacific, Hyatt Hotels Corporation. "As the fourth Hyatt hotel along the Sukhumvit BTS train line, our strategic brand expansion in Bangkok caters to the growing number of international visitors to the city who are seeking premium accommodations and memorable travel experiences."
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Homemade CNY Goodies Bing Liang Bakery Giveaway Worth $150 x 3!

bing liang chinese new year homemade goodies giveaway
Top L – R: Cheese Pineapple Tart, Kueh Bangkit, Hae Bee Hiam Roll (Sambal Prawn Cracker)
Bottom L-R: Premium Peanut Cookies, Bamboo Kuih Kapit, Crispy Salted Egg Seaweed Popiah Cracker
Front L-R: Nyonya Pineapple Tarts, Pineapple Tart (Ball), Almond Cookies, Crispy Pumpkin Seed Cracker, Crispy Almond Seed Cracker
Using only premium grade ingredients, this commercial kitchen in Muar, Johor Bahru, is churning out handmade delicacies ensuring every customer receives only the best Bing Liang experience.

With shops all over Malaysia and even in Singapore, Bing Liang Bakery offers customers a Free Tasting experience at their shops to try their goodies! You will be pleased to learn that the bakery also provides Free Delivery for orders above SGD 50 when you order online!

Thanks to Bing Liang, Luxury Haven gets to taste their yummy Homemade CNY Goodies and sharing our top favourites with you! This Chinese New Year, 3 lucky readers will also get to bring home their very own Bing Liang Homemade CNY Goodies Worth SGD 150 Each!

That’s not all! All readers will also get 25% Off when they shop at Bing Liang Bakery this CNY! Let’s check out their yummy treats and what we like!
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Reliving My Favorite Music at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

country music hall of fame museum nashville tennessee
Image Source: Flickr
So I’ll be the first to admit - they just don’t make country music like they used to. “Southern Pop;” “Tractor Rap;” “Progressive Country; “Bro Country” - call it what you will, I just can’t seem to find the tolerance I need to listen the majority of artists I hear popping up on Country radio nowadays. I’ve found that the best way to indulge in the classic Country that I love most is with a trip to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in Nashville, Tennessee.

It’s not that I think all modern Country is all bad - it’s just not what I like. In my mind, there’s no such thing as right or wrong when it comes to making music, or any sort of art in general. There’s simply what you like, and what you don’t like. When it comes to the modern stuff, I’ll be polite, and just leave it at, “I don’t much care for it.”

Fortunately, Country is one of those genres of music that not only wears its inspirations on its sleeves, but openly pays tribute to the great songwriters and musicians that have come before. Even modern country artists, to their credit, continue this tradition in their album notes, and by featuring at least one cover song on every album. Artists both young and old always point out and thank the music makers that came before them at every awards show. Most importantly, the great tradition that is Country music continues to not only survive, but thrive.

So, while I can’t say that I’m much for the stuff playing on satellite radio today, I rest easy in the knowledge that Country, as both an art form and arch point to an entire history and culture of people, will continue to be preserved, passed on, and enjoyed for generations to come.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. They recently opened a new exhibit called Outlaws and Armadillos: Country’s Roaring ‘70s, and though I’ve gone back several times over the years, it had been awhile, and this was the perfect excuse to make a return trip to this very special place.
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