Christmas Prawn Cocktail Salsa with Caviar Recipe

christmas recipes chilled prawn tomato salsa with caviar
Foodies, be tantalized by the simple flavours in these Zesty Christmas Starters! Beautifully presented and topped with Caviar, these Chilled Succulent Prawn in Tomato Salsa Appetizers make great treats for your family and guests.

luxury haven lifestyle blog christmas lunch
These pretty salsa were part of our 5-Course Christmas Menu last year where two of my ex-colleagues came over for lunch. What we had:
  • Mango and Mint Soda
  • Prawn Cocktail Salsa with Caviar
  • Seafood Soup with Garlic Bread - Crayfish, Mussels, Clams, Fish
  • Spaghetti Aglio Olio with Baby Spinach and Honey Baked Ham
  • Mango Pudding with Strawberry Rose
  • Hazelnut Log Cake with Flower Tea
christmas tomato hearts shrimp salsa recipe
With Christmas just weeks away, don’t you think it is a wonderful way to celebrate with these highly-prized gourmet Black Pearls? Not a good cook? Don’t worry, these are so easy to make; even your kids can do it! Let’s get going!
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Shiseido 5-Step Hair Treatment + Giveaway Worth $400!

h4u salon shiseido intensive 5 step hair treatment
Give your hair some love this Christmas by pampering your tresses with Shiseido Intensive 5-Step Hair Treatment at H4U Salon!

christmas hair treatment deals shiseido aqua intensive care
Watch dry, damaged hair problems vanish as Aqua Intensive hair care deeply and fully hydrates every strand, from root to end. Discover Shiseido’s Aqua Mimic Technology infuses the entire length of the hair with intensive moisture and locks it in. Quench your hair’s thirst today and revive those lustrous locks with Shiseido Aqua Intensive Hair Treatment for Damaged Hair.

If you have been putting those hair treatments aside due to the cost, you will be pleased to know that followers of Luxury Haven will now get 30% off all hair services at H4U Salon, conveniently located in the Orchard shopping belt. * Discount valid for new customers only.

That’s not all! We are now giving away 10 FREE Hair Cuts or $40 OFF All Hair Services! H4U Salon has also generously allowed the 10 winners to add on the 30% Reader’s Discount on top of their prize!

Read on to learn more about this Shiseido Intensive 5-Step Hair Treatment, and give your hair a treat this festive holiday!
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Fruity Christmas Mini Cakes Recipe with Edible Toppers

fruity christmas mini cakes recipe edible cake topper
As adorable as they look, these delicious Christmas goodies make great gifts. Using F&N Fruit Tree Fresh Cranberry, Pomegranate and Apple 100% Mixed Juice, coupled with Pandan Leaves instead of food colouring, these cheery red and green desserts will put anyone in the Christmassy mood.

phoon huat baking goods redman shortening lotus paste
I made these cute yummy treats last year after my friends were calling for more of my Snowskin Mooncakes. So I bought extra White Lotus Paste since it has long expiry date, and kept refrigerated until it was time for me to play with again.

beautiful christmas plastic cake toppers
When the festive holiday finally arrived, I tweaked my Snowskin Mooncakes recipe. Off I went to Phoon Huat baking store and bought some nice decorative cake toppings, and out came another interesting product - Fruity Christmas Mini Cakes with Edible Toppers! Are you ready to play in the kitchen?
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Christmas Giveaway: Win FREE Hair Cuts x 10 at H4U Salon!

christmas giveaway win free hair cut h4u salon
Beauty Junkies, wouldn’t you like to have a new hairstyle this festive holiday? Thanks to H4U Salon, we are giving out 10 FREE Hair Cuts by their Creative Directors or $40 Off All Hair Services!

h4u salon price list hair cut rebonding promotion
That’s not all! Winners will also get another 30% off if they add on other hair services on top of their prizes! Isn’t that such a steal?

somerset mrt centrepoint h4u hair salon
Strategically located right in the heart of Orchard Road at The Centrepoint, H4U Salon has some pretty good reviews too. So be sure to check them out!
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How Important is Early Critical Illness Cover?

proinvest insurance coverage early critical illness
Did you know that at least 36 people are diagnosed with cancer every day in Singapore? On the other hand, research has shown that while cancer diagnoses have increased over the years, the survival rate has also risen in proportion so much so that on average, the 5 year survival rate is more than 50%.

There is a common saying in Singapore that it is better to die from a critical illness than to be plagued by hefty medical bills. There is no denying that seeking medical treatment in this tiny red dot can a very expensive affair, more often than not causing many to experience cash flow anxiety or even landing in massive debts. However, all hope (and money) is not lost when it comes to having the right insurance plan that helps to alleviate your costs and liabilities.

Most of us are covered for hospitalization insurance such as MediShield Life, Integrated Plans or employee benefits. This provides the first step in “buying back” our health by removing partially or completely the cost of treatment in a hospital. Yet having this base alone may not be sufficient, just like having rice alone may not be able to provide the full nutritional benefits required in a good meal even if it can undoubtedly keep our stomachs full.

This is where critical illness insurance, especially Early Critical Illness insurance can come in to fill the gaps and complete the financial risk management plan if the unpredictability of a critical illness strikes.
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10K Facebook Likes Giveaway Winners at Luxury Haven!

facebook 10k likes giveaway tiffany swarovski pendant
To celebrate the milestone of Luxury Haven crossing the 10K Facebook Likes recently, we hosted a Giveaway that Opens to All Worldwide to win Tiffany, Swarovski, Coach accessories and more! Who will be the winners of the Top 3 Prizes?

christmas giveaway win free hair cut vouchers
Well, if you are not among the 3 + 8 Consolation Prize Winners, don’t fret cause we have another Giveaway coming up for you guys to Win FREE Hair Cuts and more at H4U Salon this Christmas!

Thank you for all your entries at Luxury Haven’s 10K Facebook Likes Giveaway! Here’s announcing the winners:
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How to Get a Smaller Waist and Tummy Without Exercise

singapore aesthetics clinic cooladvantage fat removal smaller waistline
There comes a time when you have to be realistic about your body shape. No matter how much time you spent dieting or working out at the gym, you just can’t seem to achieve a flat tummy nor a smaller waistline. Gotta admit it is extremely hard to get a flatter stomach through exercise, let alone our love handles. Some even went to the extent of wearing the old fashioned corsets just to get that slim waistline and belly!

eha clinic zeltiq cooladvantage review before after photos
I am so glad to have discovered Zeltiq CoolSculpting, the number 1 fat removal treatment without surgery. With my recent Tummy Fat Freezing at EHA Clinic, I was totally amazed with the new CoolAdvantage applicator which cuts the treatment time by half, which means it only takes 35 minutes for each part of your body. The result I got in just 1 session was remarkable, and I wanted more!

eha clinic coolsculpting fat removal treatment without surgery
After achieving a flatter tummy in my last treatment, I thought it would be perfect to have a smaller waistline this time. So after discussing with Dr Tam, I spent another 1 hour in his clinic for him to work on my flanks, and look at the result in my 1-month review! Those stubborn fat bulges started to disappear; leaving a more sculpted me with more refined curves. Plus, it is going to get better and better over the next few weeks as the fat cells die and get eliminated from my body.
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The Top 6 Tips To Having Healthy Hair

top tips to having healthy hair
Are you a fan of watching model-search or celebrity-search shows? Have you noticed that there is always one essential step common in all those shows? Yes, you guessed right. Those shows always have the makeover episode. It’s when each contestant undergoes an “overhaul” or transformation to look like a star. Every minute detail, from nail polish to earrings are laid out and followed to a T. Watch another makeover episode once again, and you’ll realize what they almost always change first is the hair or hairstyle. Indeed, our hair is our crowning glory. And an unkempt and messy hair equates to a less attractive individual.

In this world full of selfies and stolen shots, one cannot afford to look less than their best. And having well-groomed and beautiful hair is vital. Having the hairstyle that best compliments your face shape and skin colour can take a woman from plain Jane to vixen Veronica. There was also a study conducted equating good hairstyle to smarter and more capable people at work as opposed to employees having a bad hair day.
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Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo Christmas Accommodation Packages

keio plaza hotel tokyo christmas accommodation package
Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo (KPH), one of Japan’s most prestigious international hotels located in Shinjuku, Tokyo, will begin offering special and luxurious accommodation packages from December 1 (Saturday) to 25 (Tuesday), 2018, including the “Sweet Christmas with You” package on a limited basis of three Premier Grand rooms per day. Our Premier Grand rooms available for use in these plans will be specially decorated with Christmas trees and other ornaments, and guests will be served Christmas cakes and champagne to heighten the holiday spirit. Our hotel staff will also store guests’ gifts in surprise present boxes placed in each room to surprise their companions.

The “Premier Grand” rooms are facilitated with special amenities including traditional Italian 300 thread count Antonietti bed sheets, famous Imabari Japanese towels, L’Occitane personal hygiene amenity items, BOSE Bluetooth capable speakers, and others premium items. The sharply designed spaces of the “Premier Grand” Club Floors are complemented by a special concierge service exclusively for Premier Grand guests. The spacious 535 square meters “Premier Grand” Club Lounge with its panoramic views from 160 meters above ground provides guests a relaxing space, and offers check-in and check-out services. Also, breakfast and other dining services are provided in the lounge during the normal operating hours from 7am to 10pm.

keio plaza hotel tokyo christmas accommodation special feature
In addition to the surprise present boxes for guests to use to exchange Christmas presents with their companions, the Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo has also prepared other heart-warming surprises matching the special requests of our guests to help make their stays during the holiday season all the more memorable.
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Brown Rice with Fried Dace and Edamame Recipe ( 美味豆豉鯪魚糙米饭 )

healthy brown rice with dace fish edamame recipe
Since I hit the 50s, I have been exploring more into healthy eating. I have heard a lot about the goodness of Brown Rice ( 糙米 ), and have been thinking how to make it tasty so that my family can accept the taste.

Brown Rice is a highly nutritious food, and according to Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health ( HSPH ), the fiber in brown rice helps lower cholesterol, moves waste through the digestive tract, promotes fullness, and may help prevent the formation of blood clots.

Gotta admit it is an acquired taste and honestly, I have not tried any appetizing brown rice until I visited Crystal Jade recently. It was brilliant of them to add the popular canned Fried Dace Fish into the rice, and I was determined to replicate their yummy dish. The moment I told my son I would be cooking brown rice for dinner one day, the first response I got was, “Yucks!” Well, I can truly connect cause I have never liked eating brown rice either, but this has changed since my last visit to the Chinese restaurant.

mili dace fish recipe black beans with edamame
In this recipe, I am using the Natural Harvest Fresh Rice Organic Thai Mixed Fragrant Brown Rice ( 新鲜米有机香糙米 ), and Mili Fried Dace Fish with Salted Black Beans ( 豆豉鯪魚 ). I also did a bit of tweak to the original dish that was served in the restaurant by adding Edamame ( 日本枝豆 ), a popular Japanese young soy bean snack which is low in calories, contains no cholesterol, and an excellent source of protein, iron, and calcium.

hairy gourd soup with dried conch slices recipe
I am happy to have introduced the one-pot dish to my family, and changed their perspective of the yucky food. I have paired my healthy brown rice with a Delicious Hairy Gourd Soup with Dried Conch Slices ( 節瓜响螺片汤 ).

chinese food healthy organic brown rice recipe
Both hubby and son took an immediate liking to the Brown Rice with Fried Dace and Edamame ( 美味豆豉鯪魚糙米饭 ) that I had prepared, and I am so glad that they even emptied the entire pot! I hope you will like this recipe as much as we do, so let’s get cooking!
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Osaka Sekai Hotel: Experience Japan's True Ordinary Culture!

osaka sekai hotel fuse promotion
SEKAI HOTEL, Inc., headquartered in Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, Koichi Yano, founder and CEO, is opening SEKAI HOTEL FUSE, redeveloping the entire shopping street district that fronts Fuse Station, in a local community that is roughly ten minutes by train from the center of Osaka, Japan’s second largest city.

osaka sekai hotel fuse dormitory double decker beds
Sekai Hotel Fuse: Dormitory
Disappearing Local Communities Increase a Sense of Crisis
Japan is increasingly becoming a tourist destination for visitors from overseas, in part because of the popularity of anime television programs and films, and of manga comic books. As different locations throughout Japan work to create content that will appeal to tourists, we see urban development replacing local coffee shops, where residents have gathered for decades, with large coffee shop chains, and we see small restaurants that have offered a taste of Japanese homestyle cooking over the course of many long years needing to close because there is no one left to carry on that business. There is a growing awareness of social issues that are resulting in a loss of Japan’s true culture.
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