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Vitacost Biggest Slash Is On, Shop Now!

vitacost mega efa omega3 epa dha fish oil
I’m sure you’re probably aware by now that I shop at #Vitacost every month, trying to catch their promos each time. I’d ordered 2 bottles of Vitacost Mega EFA® Omega-3 EPA & DHA Fish Oil (2126 mg/serving, 240 Softgels @ USD 18.69 per bottle, but they’re having a sale now @ only USD 9.99 now!! Ouch! I’m so upset :<

I guess in order to average my cost, I’ll just have to order more the next time round. So better get yours now if you’re taking fish oil! Sale price: USD 9.99, Retail price: USD 21.99, You Save: 54%!!!
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Vitacost, Your Online Shopping Buddy!

vitacost greenies, pet-naturals,  mnoi tiare tahiti, auracacia
More goodies just arrived at my doorstep! With priority shipping, my shopping at #Vitacost often arrived from USA in less than 2 weeks.
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Freshen Your Home With Vitacost!

vitacost online shopping international shipping
I’m always overwhelmed by the stuff that Vitacost carries. This month, I found some new items at their site with pretty good ratings so I decided to try them. Let’s see my shopping for June!
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Stay Healthy With Vitacost!

Do you know that three-quarters of U.S. teens & adults are deficient in Vitamin D, the so-called "sunshine vitamin" whose deficits are increasingly blamed for everything from cancer & heart disease to diabetes?
vitacost health supplements vitamin d3
Singaporeans too, are not let off! A study published in 2009 by researchers at Tan Tock Seng Hospital points out that people in #Singapore are also Vitamin D deficient, though more research is needed on this.
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Candy Crushing At Vitacost!

vitacost candy crush pet shopping
Are you Candy Crushing too? Bet you’re one of those busy Candy Crushing the hottest game in town right now! Lol!
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Buy A Vitacost Bogo item & Get One At 50% Off!

vitacost online shopping sale
Do you know that when you shop at Vitacost BOGO-tique, you can get buy one & get the other at 50% off? With over 150 products newly added, you can be sure there’s something for everyone!
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Save 27% With Vitacost Nutrition Now Gummy Vitamins!

vitacost nutrition now women gummy vitamins
Finally, gummy vitamins for adults & not just kids!! Yeh, no more fretting over swallowing tasteless or bitter pills! Supporting healthy metabolism, immune system & your bone health, these Nutrition Now Women's Gummy Vitamins Mixed Berry (70 Gummies) are so yummy, & they've for the men too! Retail price: US$10.99, Vitacost price: US$7.99, You Save: 27%!!!
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30% Off Pur Water Filtration System Pitcher From Vitacost!!

pur water filtration system pitcher
Yipee! I’ve finally received my Pur Water Filtration System 7 Cup Pitcher from Vitacost!! I’ve been eyeing on the item for quite some time, and finally decided to place my order. Gosh, can’t believe you can almost get anything from Vitacost!
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I'm Addicted To Shopping At Vitacost!

vitacost online shopping
Woohoo! More hauls from Vitacost! With their low attractive prices, one can never get enough shopping at one of the biggest online shopping sites! Take a peek at what I've gotten this time!
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Princess Candy Gets More Pet Food From Vitacost!

vitacost pet food
It's more pet food for my Princess Candy & she's ecstatic!
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Winner Of Luxury Haven's US$75 Vitacost Giveaway!

vitacost luxury haven giveaway
Once again, thank you for taking the time to share the Giveaway post! This time, we've garnered a total of 548 entries! Now it's time to announce the winner.
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Luxury Haven Giveaway: Win US$75 Shopping Spree At Vitacost!!

Thanks to Vitacost, I'd so much fun shopping online lately. Beautiful Bodum Pavina Glasses, Alba Botanica Cleansing Gel, Vitacost Health Supplements, Dog Treats, Nail Polish & Buffers, are all what I'd bought during the spree. Now, you've the chance to shop with me too!
vitacost international giveaway
Luxury Haven is offering 1 lucky reader to go shopping with me, courtesy of Vitacost! In my last Vitacost US$50 International Giveaways, two US$50 voucher codes had been given out. But due to shipping restriction in my last Giveaway, Vitacost has cancelled one of the US$50 vouchers & kindly replaced with a more attractive US$75 one instead.
The Prize x 1:
US$75 Voucher (excl shipping fee)
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Get Your Health Supplements & More From Vitacost!

vitacost online shopping vitamins supplements
Are you a health fanatic or a firm believer of vitamins & health supplements? If you're one, then you'll need to seriously consider buying your stuff online at Vitacost, a leading online retailer of vitamins & supplements with attractively low prices.
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Winners Of Vitacost US$50 Int'l Giveaway!

vitacost international giveaways
It's shopping time! I'm extremely happy that I'm able to share my shopping spree with 2 lucky winners here. We've got a total of 499 entries for this Vitacost Giveaway!!
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Vitacost US$50 International Giveaways!

vitacost online shopping worldwide
Yipee! My shopping at Vitacost has arrived from USA! Can't wait to show you guys my haul!

vitacost dog treats
My princess Candy is just as excited as I'd ordered Dog Treats for her too!
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Let Your Fingers Do The Walking At Vitacost!

Yes, with just a click of the mouse, you'll get all your goods delivered right to your home with Vitacost! I was overwhelmed by the number of items they carry on their site on my first visit.
vitacost online shopping
Vitacost offers nearly 2,000 of the top, most-trusted natural brands, diet food & healthy living essentials - the very best nutritional supplements, whole foods & sports nutrition! You'll find more than 30,000 products that help you care for yourself, your family, your pets & your home.
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