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Top 8 Reliable Flower Delivery Services in Singapore

samantha close up bouquet by farm florist singapore
Flowers are a popular choice of a gift on several occasions. Apart from being used as a gesture of romance, it can also be used to wish someone a happy birthday, a happy mother’s day, a speedy recovery, and the list goes on and on. Being in a country like Singapore where our work schedules are usually so hectic, delivery services are very necessary for us to get things done once in a while. We have put together a list of the top 8 flower delivery services in Singapore, and why you should trust them.
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Valentine’s Day Recipes Round-Up with Fun and Creative Food!

creative valentines day recipes roses desserts
Valentine’s Day is just next week! Are you all ready to spend a romantic evening with your partner? Well, we have selected some fun and yummy recipes for you to display your culinary skills.

Nope, you don’t have to be a pro in the kitchen with these step-by-step photo instructions. In fact, some of these recipes are so easy even your kids can make them! We have rounded up 7 Valentine’s Day Recipes for you to choose!

creative valentines day strawberry roses bouquet food art
How about kicking off your Valentine’s Day event with this Strawberry Roses Bouquet ( 情人节草莓玫瑰花 )? You've probably seen these Strawberry Roses Food Art, but do you know all you need is a paring knife. some love and patience and your strawberries flower bouquet will be done in just minutes?
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Hello Kitty Town Red Bow Cafe Valentine's Day Promotion!

puteri harbour hello kitty red bow cafe valentines
It’s the month of February and love is in the air! Apart from showing your love and affection to your significant others in the form of cards, flowers and messages, how about planning a day themed around Hello Kitty?

Just for the month of February, Red Bow Cafe in Puteri Harbour is offering an exclusive dinner package for two at a special early bird promotion of only RM149.00! The Purrfect Dinner will offer a set of menu customised just for the occasion, on top of a special performance by The SANRIO HELLO KITTY TOWN characters.
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Catch Bintan Lagoon Resort 3D2N Valentine’s Day Package!

bintan lagoon resort valentines day package
For an exceptional Valentine’s Day getaway, stay over at the Bintan Lagoon Resort, a short ferry ride away from Singapore. Cozy up with your partner over romantic moonlit strolls and sunset cocktails at Nelayan, the chic beachfront restaurant.

indonesia island bintan lagoon resort valentines day package
With over 300 hectares of sprawling landscape and more than 50 land/sea activities including a day spa, there are plenty of opportunities to bond together.

singapore getaway bintan lagoon resort valentines day promotion
Bintan Lagoon Resort Valentine's Day Package @ IDR5,566,000,000 per couple (approx SGD 568):
  • 3 days/2 nights stay in Deluxe Room with complimentary upgrade to sea-facing room subject to availability.
  • Daily breakfast at Fiesta.
  • 1 four-course set dinner for 2 persons with a glass of wine at Nelayan Restaurant with stunning views of the sea.
  • 1 hour in-room full body massage for 2 persons.
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Valentine's Day Flower Bouquet Fruit Jelly Dessert 情人节花束果冻

pretty valentines day roses bouquet jelly dessert recipe
Do you like creative food art? How about DIY? It's the Festival of Love on Feb 14! Why not shower your beau this Valentine's Day with your very own handmade dessert instead of spending money on lavish gifts. Learn how to create this simple yet unique and delicious Valentine's Day Flower Bouquet Fruit Jelly ( 情人节花束果冻 ) with Luxury Haven!

valentines day roses bouquet fruit jelly recipe
Set the heart flutters with this lovely Edible Valentine's Day Flower Arrangement! Let the imagination run wild with your choice of healthy fruits like strawberries, kiwis, dragon fruits and peaches.

top creative valentines day recipes love foodporn
If fruit jelly is not your cup of tea, check out the Top 10 Popular Valentine's Day Recipes for novice cooks to the pro, so there's really no excuse you can't cook! Well, are you ready to DIY with Luxury Haven? Let's put on our apron now!
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Top 10 Popular Valentine's Day Recipes at Luxury Haven!

top creative valentines day recipes love foodporn
Hey Sunshine, are you all game for this Valentine's Day? How about whipping up some yummy dishes for your loved ones to show them how much you love them? Well, here's sharing with you the Top 10 Popular Valentine's Day Recipes at Luxury Haven! There's recipe for everyone from novice cooks to the pro, so there's no excuse you can't cook!

valentines day cp foods sausages sunnyside up hearts
How about starting with a simple hearty breakfast on February 14 with this Heart-shaped Sunny-side Up Eggs With Sausage? Be sure to check out the rest of the recipes! You'll be surprised how easy it is to churn out these gourmet dishes.............
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Valentine's Day Potted Plant Ice-Cream Desserts Party Recipe

valentines day potted plant ice cream desserts recipe
Potted Plant desserts were an instant hit when they were first spotted in some cafes. I fell in love with them instantly when I saw these pudding plants surfaced on a Taiwanese TV program some time ago. I knew I had to make them!

valentines day flowers potted plant foodart recipe
Since I've not tried these puddings, I had to make them based on my imagination. I had a party last November, so I jumped at the opportunity to impress my guests with my simple version.

valentines day potted plants desserts recipe pitchef
Recipe Featured at #Ptitchef

Well, my Potted Plant Ice-Cream Desserts were a hit too! Valentine's Day is near. Say it with flowers, or how about making these fuss-free desserts to tease your the other half? Check out how easy it is to make these party treats in just 3 steps!
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Pretty Hello Kitty Valentine's Day Caviar Ice-Cream Cones

pretty valentines day hello kitty recipe
Do you know that Hello Kitty (ハローキティ) doesn't have a mouth? That's because Kitty-chan speaks from the heart, and Sanrio likes people to be happy or sad together with Hello Kitty. I shall now let my Valentine's Day Caviar Ice-Cream Cones speak through the eyes of Hello Kitty!
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Valentine's Day 2014 Recipes and Pretty DIY Gifts Round-up!

what to cook for valentines day
Love is in the air! Have you made any plans yet? I've been really lazy, and haven't been cooking much last Christmas and this Chinese New Year. I didn't even bake any Pineapple Tarts. Friends who were looking forward to those tarts were really disappointed, cause they really enjoyed my pineapple tarts the past few years. So sorry, folks! Somehow, I just wanna be lazy. Hubby and I will be dining out this Valentine's Day too; no cooking!

Nonetheless, here's a round-up of my past Valentine's Day Recipes and few DIY Gifts for you to enjoy:
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Enticing Baked Cheesy Jumbo River Prawns, Thanks To Oceana Seafood!

oceana seafood baked cheesy river prawns recipe
Fish Fillets, Squids, Tiger Prawns, Mussels, are just some of the seafood you can find at #Oceana Seafood. A major supplier & distributor of quality seafood in Singapore offering service with quality, Oceana Seafood has a strong aficionado ranging from wholesaler, concept restaurant chains to fine dining establishments.
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Catch Nando’s All-New Butterfly Chicken Breast Meal This Valentine’s Day!

nandos butterfly chicken breast valentine's day meal
Nando's All-New Butterfly Chicken Breast Meal

nandos butterfly chicken breast meal box
Received a parcel from Nando's ........

nandos butterfly chicken breast meal delivery
Nando’s invitation certainly arrived with style! It was a private call to try their All-New Butterfly Chicken Breast Meal! Let's take a peek into the box......
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Valentine’s Day Giveaway: Win Hawaa Natural Soy Lotion Candles By Flen!!

We’ve heard of scented candles, but melted candles to be used as a skin moisturizer? Too good to be true? Here’s introducing Flen’s latest novelty – the Hawaa Natural Soy Lotion Candles!
valentines day gifts flenco hawaa candles giveaway
Hand-poured for purity, the candles use all natural soy oil & metal-free wicks for a cleaner, beautiful ambience you desire in a candle. These Hawaa natural soy lotion candles melt into a pleasing hand lotion which can be used to sooth irritated skin!
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DIY iPhone Pouch & Others This Valentine’s Day!

I’ve made these in 2009 for my friends during the economic downturn. I didn’t want to spend too much, so I’d decided to rediscover my long-lost hobby – Crochet.

I hope this post is not too late. Well, for those who’re already into this hobby, I’m sure you’ll have no problem completing this within a day. After all, these are all very small items. Besides, what’s better than giving something made with love & passion.
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Hearts On Fire “Bruschetta”

how to make pretty valentines day bruschetta
I made these Bruschetta on Valentine’s Day & this recipe has been sitting in my draft. I know I'm really late posting this but then again, everyday is V-Day as long as there’s love in your heart, isn't it?

how to make heart shaped valentines day bruschetta
I’d fun playing with food that day. Making the hearty Brushetta was as easy as ABC. Difficult part was picking out the letters from a bag of Alphabet pastas. It was like searching for needles in a haystack. LOL!

making pretty heart shaped valentines day bruschetta
Following my post on Flirting With Food On Valentine’s Day, here’s my 1st course with Hearts On Fire “Bruschetta”.

valentines day heart shaped bruschetta featured at ptitchef
Featured @ PtitChef as 'Starter of the Day'!

valentines day heart shaped bruschetta featured at omy
(Featured OMY-食天堂Eat)

The colour of the bruschetta didn’t turn out as good, as I was using Wholemeal bread. So I’d suggest using White bread if looks is your priority :) The darker toast is actually a “remake” of my Crispy Anchovy Garlic Toast, so I’m only posting the recipe for the Brushetta, using the most common basic ingredient - Tomato.

(Serves 3)
Ingredients for Brushetta:
3 slices of Bread
1 Tomato (big)
3 tbsp Mozarella Cheese
1 Japanese seaweed strip
8 Alphabet pastas (LOVE)
½ tsp Olive oil
1 tsp Vinegrette
1 tsp Parsley flakes


  1. Cook pasta according to instructions on packet & set aside.
  2. Using a heart-shaped mould, cut out shapes from bread. Do not dispose remaining bread. Use a smaller mould to carve out shapes for croutons to go with the Wild Mushroom Soup.
  3. Wash tomato & dice. Mix with seasonings & parsley. Spread on bread & top with cheese.
  4. how to make valentines day heart shaped bread
  5. Sent it to the griller & toast till golden brown.
  6. Cut seaweed to the size that you want & place it carefully on the bruchetta. Wet the sides so you can tuck them in neatly. Decorate with pasta letters & surprise your beloved one!
grilling valentines day heart shaped bread

What about serving it with Wild Mushroom Soup with Heart-Shaped Croutons?

valentines day cream of mushroom with bruschetta recipe

To make croutons, cut out shape using mould. Toast them lightly & spread butter. Quickly place the side with butter on a plate of parsley flakes & press to stick. Turn them over & place them on top of your soup. Enjoy!
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Flirting With Food On Valentine’s Day

Did you have a good time on Valentine’s Day? Did you receive any interesting present? Well, hubby got me the most unromantic present on this special day. And with that, we’d to dine at home due to budget constraint. Can you guess what it was?
... But while I busy cooking, he sneaked into the kitchen when he returned from work with THIS (Part II present)!
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Valentine's Day Recipe Ideas

Saint Valentine's Day is just around the corner. What about DIY-ing by preparing a lovely dinner for your partner? With my step-by-step photo instructions, everything becomes so easy.
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Fine Dining: At Home (That Perfect Table Setting)

Dining at home with your Valentine’s Date tonight?

Surprise your partner, set the mood right! It’s the perfect time to bring out those good stuff that have been hiding in your kitchen cabinets. Here are some Savoir Faire on how to set your table for a romantic chinwag:

1) Display your designer chinaware, #WMF cutleries, crystal champagne flutes on your placemats, they’re too pretty to be left in the cabinets. Get the ambience right. These serve as a beautiful backdrop for a romantic meal……… the table's the mirror of your personality.

diy valentines day table setting2) A romantic table’s incomplete without flowers. You can choose a centrepiece or scatter flower petals over the table like what I did. I love roses but they’re too expensive today, substitute it with other species instead.
diy romantic valentines day table settings3) Play sentimental, soft music & you may even burn some home fragrance oil eg. Sandalwood (easily available at The Body Shop)

Oops! Gotta rush off to prepare tonight’s meal. Come back tomorrow if you wanna know what I’ll be cooking later……. I’ll be posting my recipes.

Oh ya, forget the tv & no handphone!! You don’t wanna spoil the atmosphere.

Happy Valentine’s Day!
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Valentine’s Day Gift Idea

This Valentine’s Day, give the perfect musical duet — an iPod for you & your loved one & be pampered with gifts. It's a countless way to say “I love you.”
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Valentine’s Day D.I.Y. Gifts: Part II

Following my post on Feb 5 on Valentine’s Day D.I.Y. Gifts (iPhone pouch & an uncompleted girly bag), here are more finished products for my friends this Valentine’s Day.

diy handphone pouch, mobile phone case, crochet tips

diy valentines day gifts, crochet tips
diy valentines day gift, crochet tips

I’ve added a #Nokia pouch with a slot in front for cards & a mini pouch. The other is the completed pouch which I've mentioned in my earlier post. Notice the 2 orange pouches share some similarities except that one has a tie-string ribbon & the other, a strap with jewel button?

Once you’ve mastered the art of #crochet, you can play around with the designs. Refer to the pattern picture on the basics of making a circle & you’re on your way to making these adorable pouches for your friends & loved ones!

Go to on the basics of crochet.

valentines day gifts, crochet tips valentines day diy gifts, crochet tips
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Valentine’s Day: Dining Out Promotions

Enjoy culinary luxe at my list of top 5 favourite restaurants below this Valentine's Day with lavish 6/8- course menu designed to tantalise and intrigue. Or, have your very own fine dining at home with my Tea-Smoked Chicken Recipe.

Le Amis
1 Scotts Road
#02-16 Shaw Centre
Singapore 228208
Tel: (65) 6733-2225
6-course at S$250 per person with a glass of champagne, add S$120 for wine pairing

Gunther’s Modern French Cuisine
36 Purvis Street #01-03
Singapore 188613
Tel: (65) 6338 8955
6-course menu at S$175 ++ per person

il Lido Italian Restaurant
Sentosa Golf Club
Tel: (65) 6866 1977
8-course at S$120++ per person

Saint Pierre
3 Magazine Road
#01-01 Central Mall
Singapore 059570
Tel: (65) 6438 0887
6-course menu at S$118.00 ++ per person, S$80++ per person for wine accompaniment
6.30pm (1st seating), 9.00pm (2nd seating)

San Marco
The Fullerton Singapore
8th Floor
Singapore 049178
Tel: (65) 6438 4404
8-course at S$198++ per person inclusive of 1 glass of bubbles
(Restricted to 50 diners)
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