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CNY Braised Pumpkin Soup with Fish Maw and Scallops (红烧南瓜鱼鳔羹)

braised pumpkin soup with fish maw hokkaido scallops
The Lunar New Year is just weeks away, are you ready to whip up a feast? I have fallen in love with Pumpkin these recent years, and have been trying to include this nutritious vegetable ( technically a fruit ) in my cooking. Loaded with blood pressure-regulating minerals potassium and magnesium as well as iron, this delicious starchy soup packs a punch with robust flavours from the pumpkin.

Simmered in a claypot, this Braised Pumpkin Soup with Fish Maw and Hokkaido Scallops ( 红烧南瓜鱼鳔羹 ) is certainly a delight with every spoonful of delicious seafood pleasing the palate with an explosion of flavour. Make this mouth-watering dish your Chinese New Year must-have booster!
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Fragrant Thai Lemongrass Soup with Fish ( 美味泰式香茅鱼汤 )

fragrant thai lemongrass soup with fish recipe
Lemongrass ( 香茅 ) is certainly one of my favourite herbs due to its scent and the many medicinal benefits. I burn lemongrass essential oil for relaxation, I use lemongrass oil for my massage, and I also like adding the herb to make Lemongrass Tea and soups like this Fragrant Thai Lemongrass Soup with Fish ( 美味泰式香茅鱼汤 ).

sour thai lemongrass fish soup with oyster mushrooms
This is a relatively easy recipe where you will get nice tender fish fillet with a sourish tang. Simply adjust the dish according to your taste and the seafood you have on hand. The recipe is also great for those who can't take the spicy Tom Yum Soup, so this dish is a wonderful alternative. Come, let’s try cooking this refreshing soup!
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Carrot Potage with Prosciutto-Wrapped Breadsticks Recipe

carrot potage with prosciutto wrapped breadsticks recipe
Carrots are rich in beta-carotene which is known to protect our lungs against toxins that are linked to lung cancer. Carrots are also known to promote good eye-sight, but how do you know that these orangey root vegetables are good for your eyesight? Well, have you ever seen a rabbit with glasses? LOL!

creamy carrot soup with parma ham wrapped grissini
This homemade hearty Carrot Potage simmered in a chicken stock is sweet, creamy and extremely nutritious. Turn this comfort soup into a classy dish by pairing it with Prosciutto-Wrapped Breadsticks. You will find Grissinis aka Breadsticks in almost every restaurant in Italy, and they make great appetizers especially with the Italian dry-cured ham.
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Coconut Soup with Chicken and Goji Berries Recipe ( 清甜椰子鸡汤 )

refreshing coconut soup with chicken goji berries recipe
This healthy Coconut Soup was inspired after a trip to Yeh Ting ( 椰庭 ), a Chinese restaurant specializing in Hainanese cuisine. Their signature dish is the Coconut with Chicken Soup Pot using fresh coconut water and coconut meat.

refreshing coconut chicken soup with wolfberries recipe
The broth has a mild sweet flavour and is extremely refreshing unlike the usual Steamboat, which makes you keep wanting to drink more. Hence, I came up with my very own version of Coconut Soup with Chicken and Goji Berries Recipe ( 清甜椰子鸡汤 ) which requires only 3 ingredients. Try cooking it and see if you like it as much!
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White Pepper Bak Kut Teh with Watercress Recipe ( 西洋菜白胡椒肉骨茶 )

teochew white pepper bak kut teh watercress soup
Popular in both Malaysia and Singapore, Bak Kut Teh ( 肉骨茶 ) is a fragrant Chinese Pork Rib Soup available in a black or white broth, basically herbal or peppery.

The Hokkien version is simmered in a broth of herbs and spices with dark soy sauce added, hence the darker colour and a stronger taste, while the Teochew version uses garlic and white pepper or even Star Anise, and has a lighter colour.

ya hua bak kut teh recipe
Ya Hua Bak Kut Teh ( 亚华肉骨茶 )
Personally, I prefer the clear soup with a peppery taste while most of my Malaysian friends tend to go for the Hokkien herbal soup. One of my favourite Bak Kut Teh eateries is Ya Hua Bak Kut Teh ( 亚华肉骨茶 ). They serve many side dishes such as Braised Beancurd and Peanuts, Taupok, and different varieties of vegetables. Inspired by Ya Hua’s version of Slice Fish with Watercress in Pork Rib Soup, I came up with my very own Mouth-watering White Pepper Bak Kut Teh with Watercress ( 西洋菜白胡椒肉骨茶 ).

singapore white pepper watercress pork rib soup
Although I enjoy drinking the Cantonese Watercress Soup where the veg is cooked till mushy, I also like Ya Hua’s version where the veg still retains its green and crunch. Let’s try cooking, shall we?
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Minty Cream of Broccoli Soup for Christmas ( 薄荷西兰花奶油汤 )

minty cream of broccoli soup for christmas
Are you ready for Christmas? Following up, I shall be sharing some of my Christmas Recipes starting with this Delicious Minty Cream of Broccoli Soup ( 薄荷西兰花奶油汤 ).

christmas food creamy broccoli soup with mint leaves
What sets this Broccoli Soup apart from the usual ones you find outside is the additional of Mint Leaves which makes this creamy soup so refreshing and appetizing.

singapore food blogger fine dining at home
The Cream of Broccoli has a rich and grainy texture, and is extremely nutritious. It was part of our 4-Course Christmas Dinner last year:
Are you feeling the Chrismassy mood already? I will be back with the rest of the recipes, but try cooking this yummy soup first.
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Cordyceps Militaris Winter Melon Soup in Slow Cooker ( 蟲草花冬瓜汤 )

cordyceps militaris winter melon soup slow cooker
Winter Melon Soup is an extremely popular soup in the Chinese cuisine, but have you tried adding Cordyceps Militaris ( 蟲草花 )? The mushroomy herb is another superfood that is particularly nourishing to the lungs and kidneys in TCM studies.

chinese tonic soups cordyceps militaris dried scallop recipe
Added to soups, Cordyceps Militaris brings soup dishes to a whole new level. I have discovered that there are actually different grades, so be sure to check for quality before buying these herbs from the traditional Chinese medicine halls like HockHua Tonic ( 福華補品 ). Let’s get cooking the Cordyceps Militaris Winter Melon Soup in Slow Cooker ( 蟲草花冬瓜汤 )!
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Fragrant Claypot Flower Crab Cabbage Soup ( 浓香砂煲花蟹汤 )

chinese new year claypot flower crab soup recipe
During the Lunar New Year, Steamboat aka Hotpot ( 火锅 ) is extremely popular in Singapore. You will find almost every Chinese household here holding a Steamboat session at least once during the 15 days. Flower Crab ( 花蟹 ) and Cabbage ( 白菜 ) are two well-liked ingredients added to the Steamboat because they deliver sweetness to the soup.

cny claypot flower crab soup with wolfberries recipe
Apart from Steamboat, I enjoy making Flower Crab Soup occasionally too, adding different ingredients depending on what’s available that day. I would usually make Chicken Stock from scratch for my soup base, but I bought the #Swanson Clear Chicken Broth instead this time due to time constraint.

ntuc fairprice swanson clear chicken broth recipe
I saw a lot of restaurant chefs on TV programmes promoting the Swanson chicken broth these days, and I was surprised that restaurants are using these ready-made stock so I decided to try. Taste is not too bad, but you will need to add water and less or no salt since it is already seasoned. Have you tried any ready-made chicken broth?

cny claypot flower crab soup hello kitty bowls
I also got myself a really nice crab that day with lots of roe, and coupled with the Napa Cabbage aka Tientsin / Tian Jin Cabbage ( 天津白菜 ), my family had a piping hot Fragrant Claypot Flower Crab Cabbage Soup ( 浓香砂煲花蟹汤 ) for dinner! Do you like my Hello Kitty Soup Bowls? They come in a set, and it was a birthday gift from my son couple of years back.
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30-Minute Meal: Nutritious Bitter Melon Seaweed Fish Soup

healthy bitter melon seaweed egg drop fish soup
Foodies, here is another easy recipe to get you hooked and it takes just 30 minutes to fix this healthy soup! Bitter Melon is another name for Bitter Gourd or Goya, and they are an excellent source of Vitamin C! Do you know that the vegetable-fruit has also long been used as a herbal remedy for a range of ailments, including type 2 diabetes? On the other hand, Seaweed is high in nutrients and low in calories, not to mention adding Fish which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

bitter melon seaweed egg drop fish soup recipe
When cooking bitter melon dishes, I have the habit of leaving a small portion so that I can use it the next day to cook it with eggs or make a soup like this Nutritious Bitter Melon Seaweed Fish Soup ( 美味苦瓜海藻鱼汤 ).
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Slow-Cooked Cordyceps Militaris Chicken Soup ( 蟲草花鸡汤 )

tcm slow cooked cordyceps militaris chicken soup recipe
Cordyceps Militaris ( 蟲草花 ), also known as Cultivated Cordyceps or Cordyceps Flower, is an edible fruiting body which is cultivated from the fungus species Cordyceps Sinensis.

For those who are into Chinese tonics, Cordyceps ( 冬虫草) are known to be an extremely expensive herb due to their TCM properties to help replenish one’s energy, improve respiratory health and stamina, as well as fortify the body’s immune system.

tcm hockhua tonic cordyceps militaris conpoy wolfberries recipe
In recent years, the popularity of Cordyceps Militaris ( 蟲草花 ) grew rapidly due to their affordable prices as compared to Cordyceps. I have tried different versions of Chinese soups in restaurants using this herb which is known to support healthy lungs and kidney. I love the mushroomy texture which is completely different from Cordyceps. The latest makan session I had with my girlfriend at The Good Trio ( 三人行 ) got me really intrigued and I was really game to try making this at home.

traditional chinese medicine cordyceps stroma recipe
I found this packet of Cordyceps Militaris in a Chinese Medical Hall located in Yew Tee Square. They named it as Cordyceps Stroma although the Chinese name is also 蟲草花. They are selling it at SGD 12 for 37.5g, but you kinda save a bit if you purchase two packets.

hockhua tonic cordyceps militaris chicken soup recipe
Using similar ingredients from the soup I tasted at The Good Trio, out come my version of the Tasty Slow-Cooked Cordyceps Militaris Chicken Soup ( 蟲草花鸡汤 ). This will definitely add to my family’s list of favourite soups!
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Easy Miso Soup with Fish Fillet and Wakame ( 魚とわかめの味噌汁 )

daiso miso soup with wakame fish fillet
Fans of Miso Soup, here is a simple dish for the novice cooks! Healthy and delicious, the Miso Soup with Fish Fillet and Wakame ( 魚とわかめの味噌汁 ) is another 30-minute recipe which needs just 4 ingredients and cooks in no time.

wakame tofu miso soup with dory recipe
A rich source of Omega-3 Fatty Acid, Wakame is an edible seaweed commonly found in miso soups. Adding Fish and Tofu to this soup makes it even more nutritious that's suitable for both the young and old. Let's get started!
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30-Minute Meal: Delicious Salted Egg Kau Kee Soup ( 咸蛋九杞菜汤 )

delicious salted egg kau kee soup recipes
chinese cooking kow kee chye thorns
Spelled as Kau Kee Cai or Kow Kee Chye ( 九杞菜 ), these Wolfberry Leaves have thorns that will hurt you if you are not careful enough, but the highly nutritious vegetables are known to give you good eyesight!

salted egg yolk recipes wolfberry leaves kau kee
The tasty Egg-Drop Soup with a combination of Chicken Egg and Salted Duck Egg, makes this a dish worth craving for. Try this easy-cooking 30-Minute Meal this weekend and fall in love with this Delicious Salted Egg Kau Kee Soup ( 咸蛋九杞菜汤 )!
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Juicy Tobiko Prawn Ball Soup with Iceberg Lettuce ( 飛魚子蝦球汤 )

succulent tobiko prawn ball soup iceberg lettuce recipes
I like adding Tobiko in my cooking and you just gotta try these handmade prawn balls. I was first hooked on these crunchy prawn balls at a food tasting session at L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon in RWS.

adorable steamed prawn paste golden carp with tobiko
Since, I had made an attempt to cook these at home and created these Adorable Steamed Prawn Paste Golden Carps with Tobiko some time back. They are so cute, aren't they?

kuriya japanese restaurant tobiko recipe
Tobiko ( とびこ ), or otherwise known as Flying Fish Roes, are commonly found in Sushi and have a nice crunchy texture. You can find them in Japanese supermarkets like Isetan, or places such as the Kuriya Japanese Market.

delicious tobiko prawn balls in heinz chicken broth
This time, I had patiently rolled them into plumpy prawns balls to make this gourmet dish. I can assured you won't be disappointed with this Juicy Tobiko Prawn Ball Soup with Iceberg Lettuce ( 飛魚子蝦球汤 ), which will surprise you with every bite!
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Stone Pot Fish Maw Soup with Snow Fungus, Full Of Collagen!

stone pot fish maw soup snow fungus recipe
An excellent source of collagen, Fish Maw ( 鱼鳔 ) is commonly used in Chinese cooking due to its high nutritional value. It usually comes in a dried and solid form, and must be soaked to soften before use.

Fish maw is extremely popular during the Chinese New Year with the good ones going at sky-high prices. That being said, prices vary widely depending on the type of fish. Personally, I like to go for the thicker dried fish maws as they give a better mouth-feel.

Bird's Nests ( 燕窝 ) are best known to give beautiful skin, but if you can't afford the luxurious bird's nest, consider the Snow Fungus ( 银耳 ) as a more economical alternative. Combining two of the best collagen ingredients - Fish Maw and Snow Fungus, this awesome Chinese beauty soup not only works to improve your health but also your skin complexion.

creative cooking with luxury haven lifestyle blog
I love adding Snow Fungus to my Fish Maw Soup and using chicken feet for the soup stock as they give a rich gelatin-like texture creating a nice and nutritious base. The Stone Pot Fish Maw Soup with Snow Fungus ( 石锅银耳鱼鳔汤 ) was part of the 7-Course CNY Dinner with my old schoolmates and I am so glad that they had enjoyed my Beauty Soup!
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Tasty Papaya Pork Rib Soup in Thermos Shuttle Chef ( 木瓜排骨湯 )

nutritious purelyfresh papaya pork ribs soup recipe
Papaya Pork Rib Soup ( 木瓜排骨湯 ) is a very popular Chinese cuisine with very high nutritional values. Papaya can be eaten fresh as a fruit, in juice form, or can be used for making rich and tasty papaya soup.

purelyfresh pork bone soup papaya recipe
Pork Soup Bone ( 汤骨 ) is high in calcium and other essential minerals that are released when cooked in soup. Besides, Pork soup bones also gives flavour to soup broths, making this Papaya Pork Rib Soup ( 木瓜排骨湯 ) a healthy treat for the whole family.
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Chinese New Year Golden Chrysanthemum Chicken ( 帝皇菊花貴鸡 )

chinese new year chicken recipe ideas
Chrysanthemum ( 菊花 ) flowers have been used in the food preparation for centuries in China, with the dried ones normally used for preparing teas. Do you know that in Japan, chrysanthemum is a symbol of the Emperor, and the flower can be found on the Japanese passport and the 50 yen coin?

chinese new year golden chrysanthemum chicken recipe
There are many health benefits of #Chrysanthemum, and the " golden flowers " are used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat various internal and external health issues. Today, I would like to introduce you to my Golden Chrysanthemum Chicken ( 帝皇菊花貴鸡 ) where you can serve this soupy chicken dish which has a slight floral aroma with a refreshing taste for your Chinese New Year feast.
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Thermos Shuttle Chef® Makes Delicious Shellfish Soup!

hassle free thermos shuttle chef outdoor cooking
The world’s first thermal cooker, Thermos Shuttle Chef® (膳魔師真空燜燒鍋), has revolutionized cooking since 1989 with its time-saving and convenient way of retaining food freshness while conserving energy. Tapping on its superior insulation technology, the Shuttle Chef® range not only insulates, but actually cooks!
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Fuss-free Claypot Yong Tau Foo Recipe

claypot yong tau foo recipe
Here’s a fuss-free recipe for the busy executives & novice cooks. Yong Tau Foo is a popular Asian dish that’s commonly served in a clear yellow bean soup. In some places, the varieties of ingredients are served dry, accompanied with a sweet or spicy sauce. Basically, they’re vegetables & tofu stuffed with fish or meat paste.
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Paradise Pear Soup With Snow Fungus (乐天银耳雪梨汤)

chinese new year pear soup snow fungus recipes
The pairing of Pears with Snow Fungus has many health benefits & what I love about this recipe is that it’s so versatile. This nutritious dish can be made into a soup by adding pork & salt, or turn it into a dessert simply by adding rock sugar.
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Sizzling Woks Famous Kitchen, A Celebrity Hunt (名食小厨)

sizzling woks famous kitchen sembawang
For those who were faithfully watching the Channel 8 Chinese TV series of Sizzling Woks (煮炒来咯) previously, you may have come across this Famous Kitchen.

famous kitchen singapore sembawang
Stepped into this Chinese restaurant located in Sembawang Road, you'll be greeted with snapshots of celebrities.
famous kitchen sembawang mediacorp artistes
Recognize any familiar faces?  If you like to go star-hunting, this is one of those places that our local celebrities hang out at. That evening, seated at the table just next to us were some artistes from Channel 8, including the popular actress Ann Kok. How cool is that!
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