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Pyometra in Dogs, Medical, Surgery Costs and Euthanasia

singapore pet clinics pyometra treatment surgery cost
My family was going through a traumatic phase couple of weeks ago as our pet Shih Tzu, Candy, has just left us. I would like to take this chance to thank all my friends and Facebook followers for their messages especially those who had texted me and PM me personally in Facebook.

In this post, I will be sharing my painful experience and touching on topics like What Is Pyometra in Dogs, List of 24-Hour Pet Hospitals You Should Know, Medical and Surgery Costs involved, What to Do if You Have to Put Your Dog to Sleep, and lastly, Pet Cremation Cost. By sharing my experience, I certainly hope that dog owners will be equipped with more information on the above so that you can be more prepared for such incidents especially those with older dogs.
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Vitacost BodyPure Plus Detox Pads Detoxify While You Sleep!

singapore lifestyle blogger reviews vitacost online shopping
Happy 2015, my lovely readers! Thank you for coming by during my 2-week break. I'm back from Hong Kong and will be resuming my blog hopping soon. I'm sure 2015 is going to be a better year for all of us, and I do hope to bring you more interesting articles and giveaways.

bodypure plus detox pads detoxify while you sleep
I shall usher in the New Year with a health product that I've discovered recently, and my orders from #Vitacost have just arrived. #BodyPure, best known for the BodyPure Foot Detox Pads, produces products which are 100% natural, made from ingredients of the highest possible standard of quality. Apparently, the benefits of this product include improving our immune system and quality of sleep, and at the same time reducing fatigue.
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Win Vitacost USD 75 X'mas Shopping Coupons At Luxury Haven!!

vitacost giveaway online shopping vitamins pet beauty
I've been fervently shopping at Vitacost for the past three years, snapping up health supplements, dog treats, home and kitchenware, beauty and skincare products!

This #Christmas, Luxury Haven is excited to reward our readers again with USD 75 to shop, courtesy of #Vitacost! We'll be selecting 2 readers to go on a shopping spree with us, and the #giveaway is *Open to All Worldwide!
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Vitacost Christmas Shopping For Dog Treats Promo Deals!

christmas vitacost online shopping pet food dog treats
Christmas comes early for Princess Candy as we took her shopping online at #Vitacost, offering high-quality products even for our pets!
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Vitacost's Doggie Greenies Dental Chews & Pet N Shape Treats

vitacost greenies dental chews pet shape treats review
Hello humans, my name is Candy! I'm pretty well known here as Princess Candy in case you haven't met me. Mummy decides to take a break, so I'm making an appearance again. Did you miss me?
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Nutiva Organic Chia Seed Black Big Savings at Vitacost!

vitacost nutiva organic chia seed review
Have you heard of the superfood Chia Seeds? It seems that these seeds are loaded with nutrients that are beneficial for our body and brain.

Apparently, each Nutiva Organic Chia Seed is packed with fiber, protein, minerals, omega-3, and antioxidants! To make a delicious Chia Juice, just add 1 tbsp of Nutiva Organic Chia Seed to 8 oz of your favourite juice, stir and wait for 15 mins to enjoy your tasty juice!
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Vitacost Triple Strength Glucosamine Chondroitin Review

vitacost triple strength glucosamine chondroitin review
Do you that that Glucosamine is a naturally occurring chemical found throughout the human body, including in the fluids surrounding joints? Are you aware that Chondroitin is another naturally occurring chemical, found in cartilage around our joints?
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Earth Therapeutics Products At Vitacost Online Shopping!

luxury haven reviews earth therapeutics soothing beauty mask
I'm so happy that my Earth Therapeutics goodies have finally arrived! Do you suffer from tired eyes like me? Ever since I took up blogging, I've been spending a lot of time in front of my pc. I've been looking for something to sooth my tired eyes, and I'm so glad I found the Earth Therapeutics Soothing Beauty Mask from #Vitacost.
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Princess Celebrates 11th Birthday with Earthbath Pet Shampoo

For Singapore shoppers, you'll be delighted to know that #Vitacost has up their shipping weight from the previous 3.41 lbs to the current 3.6 lbs, and the flat rate shipping fee for Singapore is now USD 11.99. It's certainly good news for us since we'll be able to squeeze in more things for the same shipping fee!
vitacost mango tango pet shampoo dog review
It's Princess Candy's 11th Birthday end of this month! Due to the new adjustment in weight, I'm now able to slot in heavier items like this Earthbath Pet Shampoo Mango Tango® (16 fl oz) for my adorable fur kid!
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Vitacost's NeoCell Beauty Bursts Gourmet Collagen Chews!

vitacost neocell beauty bursts gourmet collagen chews review
I can't wait to share with you this awesome product that I've found at #Vitacost! Imagine having smooth skin, strong hair and nails just by chewing these delicious fruity candies!
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Vitacost Offers Premium Products For Your Family And Pets!

vitacost pet shape dog treats review
Woohoo! My February orders from Vitacost arrived in less than a week from USA!! This time round, I spotted the Pet Naturals of Vermont Daily Best Multivitamin For Dogs and Puppies Chicken Liver (45 Soft Chews) going at 53%!! Retail price: USD 12.99, Vitacost: USD 5.99. What a saving!
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Vitacost, Your Convenient Online Shopping Site!

vitacost online shopping review
Home shopping just gets better with #Vitacost! This online shopping site brings you 2,000 of the top, most-trusted natural brands, diet food & healthy living essentials at discount prices, up to 50% off, right to your door-step!
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Vitacost Brings You Tasty Adora Calcium Supplements!

Guess what? I found more reasons to have my chocolates & eat them without guilt!
vitacost adora calcium supplement chocolate review
While shopping at my favourite US online site, I found these delicious chocolate health supplements at #Vitacost! No more feeling sinful to indulge in delicious chocolates, because these Adora Calcium Supplement Dark Chocolates contains 500 mg of calcium!!
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Vitacost Stocks Up Awesome Dog Treats!

vitacost pet-n-shape natural dog treats
Hello everyone! This is Candy, writing from Luxury Haven. Mummy Shirley is busy entertaining the other Candy on her iphone, so I’ll be introducing our #Vitacost goodies to you instead. I know #CandyCrush has taken the world by storm, & even Daddy Ken is so caught up with it. But don’t you think I’m just as adorable as the other Candy?
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Vitacost, Your Online Shopping Buddy!

vitacost greenies, pet-naturals,  mnoi tiare tahiti, auracacia
More goodies just arrived at my doorstep! With priority shipping, my shopping at #Vitacost often arrived from USA in less than 2 weeks.
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Freshen Your Home With Vitacost!

vitacost online shopping international shipping
I’m always overwhelmed by the stuff that Vitacost carries. This month, I found some new items at their site with pretty good ratings so I decided to try them. Let’s see my shopping for June!
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Stay Healthy With Vitacost!

Do you know that three-quarters of U.S. teens & adults are deficient in Vitamin D, the so-called "sunshine vitamin" whose deficits are increasingly blamed for everything from cancer & heart disease to diabetes?
vitacost health supplements vitamin d3
Singaporeans too, are not let off! A study published in 2009 by researchers at Tan Tock Seng Hospital points out that people in #Singapore are also Vitamin D deficient, though more research is needed on this.
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Candy Crushing At Vitacost!

vitacost candy crush pet shopping
Are you Candy Crushing too? Bet you’re one of those busy Candy Crushing the hottest game in town right now! Lol!
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Want A Bite Of Nando’s New Fiery Angry Mango Burger?

nandos angry mango burger
It’s spicy, it’s sweetish, it’s savoury; the all new Nando's Fiery Angry Mango Dishes are out!!
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30% Off Pur Water Filtration System Pitcher From Vitacost!!

pur water filtration system pitcher
Yipee! I’ve finally received my Pur Water Filtration System 7 Cup Pitcher from Vitacost!! I’ve been eyeing on the item for quite some time, and finally decided to place my order. Gosh, can’t believe you can almost get anything from Vitacost!
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