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Teochew Stir-Fried Fish Maw with Prawns ( 潮州鱼鳔炒鲜虾 )

cny food stir fried fish maw with shrimps
Fish Maw ( 鱼鳔 ) is a popular ingredient in the Chinese cooking especially in Teochew cuisines, and it is considered a delicacy. A highly sought-after ingredient during the Chinese New Year, fish maw is commonly used for cooking soups although foodies can also savour this gourmet dish in braised or stir-fried styles.

teochew braised fish maw with prawns button mushrooms
An excellent source of collagen, fish maw is tasteless and takes in the flavours of the accompanied ingredients. Available in Chinese Traditional Medicine stores, these fish maw usually come in dried forms and vacuum-packed for convenience. Prices differ widely depending on the type of fish and also the thickness of fish maw. Personally, I prefer the thicker type which gives you a nicer texture.

lee kum kee oyster sauce braised fish maw
Well, I do hope you will enjoy savouring this Teochew Stir-Fried Fish Maw with Prawns ( 潮州鱼鳔炒鲜虾 ) dish as much as we do! Oh yes, I am a Teochew! Are you?
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Cuponation Gives You Real-Time Expenditure Infographic!

singapore cuponation real time expenditure infographic money
Where does your money go? Stop wondering and start saving on small daily purchases because this real-time infographic shows that Singapore is fanatically spending on everything!

From enchanting smoky temples to the streets of Chinatown to a part that still holds its old school charm; Singapore is a city that is popular for many reasons. This city not just offers an overwhelming experience to travelers but also offers a perfect cosmopolitan lifestyle to the locals. Having said that, we just cannot deny the fact that Singapore has become an extremely expensive city to live in. Hasn’t it? You are sure to agree if you are a local residing in this eclectic city.

It is why this expenditure infographic that calculates the real time spending habits of families living in Singapore is a fantastic thing for every Singaporean to check out. With an elaborate research on the day to day shopping insights about how people shop in Singapore, the savings platform, CUPONATION has come up with an intriguing real-time expenditure infographic. The infographic uncovers high to low share of everyday consumption that Singapore families indulge in. The daily expenditures have been put into an interactive infographic.
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Joseph Schooling, Singapore's First Olympic Gold Champion!

joseph schooling singapore olympic gold champion
Pix Credit: The Online Citizen
We may be just a little red dot in the world map, but we did it! Yes, it's a GOLD!

For the international readers, in case you haven't heard, Singapore won her first ever Olympic gold medal on Saturday! Congratulations Joseph Schooling, you have done us all proud by winning the 100m butterfly event at Rio 2016, beating American great Michael Phelps! I guess this makes a great gift as the nation celebrates her 51st Birthday! Happy Birthday, Singapore!

channel news asia reuters joseph schooling michael phelps
Pix Credit: Channel News Asia
Joseph Schooling Meeting His Idol, Michel Phelps - 8 Years Ago and Now

I am usually not into sports, but this is a historical event that's too good not to share as the nation rejoices! Butterfly specialist Joseph Schooling, clinched his first Olympic Gold medal at the 100m butterfly event on Aug 13 by setting a new Olympic record of 50.39 seconds! It is also the first ever gold medal by a Southeast Asian male swimmer!
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Instagram Roundup! How Active Are You On Social Media?

follow luxury haven lifestyle blog instagram
Are you #Instagram ready? Do you post Instagram worthy images? Well, as much as bloggers need to be active on social media sites, I have to admit I am not much into Instagram just looking at my pathetic numbers. With so many social media sites, it is really hard to catch up and I don't have as much time to spare.

That being said, I try to post whenever there is a need or when time permits. Well, this post is about my recent Instagram round-up, and let's try to follow each other if you have an Instagram account too. Always wonder how some of them get a 5-figure following............
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Ah Boys To Men: Singapore Basic Military Training POP

ah boys to men singapore armed forces parade
Have you watched Ah Boys to Men ( 新兵正传 )? Do you know that it is the highest-grossing Singaporean film of all time, a comedy about a group of army recruits in National Service in Singapore? I love the army-themed film which gave me an insight of what is going to be like when my prince goes to the army.

Why was I anxious? Like all mothers, I was very concerned cause my only son was enlisting in the national service for 2 years! For the non-Singaporean readers, it is mandatory for all fit and able-bodied Singaporean men to serve a 2-year period as Full Time National Servicemen ( NSFs ), either in the Singapore Armed Forces ( SAF ), Singapore Police Force ( SPF ), or the Singapore Civil Defence Force ( SCDF ), and thereafter a reservist obligation up to age 40 or 50 depending on their ranks.

pulau bmt tekong camp ns enlistment
Jonathan was enlisted end of last year and went through a nine-week Basic Military Training ( BMT ) program held on the offshore island of Pulau Tekong. Those who are following me on facebook would probably have seen some of these photos documenting my prince's enlistment to the Singapore Armed Forces and my family attending his BMT Passing Out Parade and the Specialist Cadet Graduation recently.
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SG50 Birthday in Charismatic Prague with EU Holidays!

luxury haven sg50 birthday in prague
Eastern Europe Day 8 Continues: Prague holds a very special place in my heart as I celebrated my 50th birthday last November. Oh yes, believe it or not, I have officially joined the 50s Club!

For the non-Singaporeans, 1965 is very special year for us as we commemorated SG50 in a nationwide effort to celebrate Singapore's 50th birthday in 2015; that's 50 years of independence!

luxury haven sg50 birthday celebration in prague
luxury haven sg50 birthday in prague eu holidays
This is just a short post on my surprise birthday planted by EU Holidays, and their friendly Tour Manager, Ricky Woo.
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Cesky Krumlov in Czech Republic, UNESCO World Heritage Site

natas travel fair eu holidays czech republic tour
Eastern Europe Day 7: Nestled in the South Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic is a small city named Cesky Krumlov, crowned by the magnificent Cesky Krumlov Castle.

eu holidays eastern europe cesky krumlov vltava river
With history dating back to the Middle Ages, the quaint town is a gem of Renaissance architecture, boasting maze-like alleyways, charming burghers houses, medieval pubs and more. Due to its distinctive preserved medieval core, the Old Cesky Krumlov is a UNESCO World Heritage Site along with the historic Prague castle district.

vltava river view from cesky krumlov castle
A town full of art, the Renaissance smokescreens of painted houses, conventional artisan shops and medieval taverns, Cesky Krumlov is indeed an indisputable fairy-tale beauty.
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Chanel Lambskin Matelasse Hobo: What's In My Bag?

authentic chanel lambskin matelasse hobo shoulder bag
I have always wanted to feature " What's In My Bag? " as this seems to be quite a popular topic going around the internet. Well, it can be rather puzzling what a woman carries in her bag. Lots of nonsense, a man would probably say. Lol! So why is it that a man can walk into the streets with just few basic items in his pockets, but women…………? Sigh, it's complicated!

What are the must-carry items in your bag? Is there something that you can't live without? Is your bag a representation of your personality? Let's take a peep into what's in my bag, shall we?
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Tips In Getting Part-Time Jobs For Students In Singapore!

part time jobs for students in singapore
Pix Credit: QuickMeme
Thanks to American sitcoms, I could barely wait for the day I could hold a part-time job when I was a teenager. Nickelodeon’s ‘ Drake and Josh ’ which featured Josh as a character who had a lot of fun selling tickets and manning the popcorn booth in a cinema, and Disney sitcom ‘ That’s So Raven ’ on which the best friends trio had a ball even while working in mundane places like convenience stores, had me believing that student part-time jobs are absolutely delightful.
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Luxury Haven Singapore Lifestyle Blog: 10 Most Popular Posts

luxury haven most popular blog posts review
It is always interesting to check what the popular posts are over at Luxury Haven, and most often they come as a surprise. Well, it is certainly nice to know that the Top 10 Blog Posts are a mix of food, beauty and travel reviews being a lifestyle blog.

nippon paint mailer luxury haven
I am thrilled that the post earning the most number of reads is none other than Nippon Paint Momento Special Effects Paint! I had a $6,000 home makeover some time ago fully sponsored by Nippon Paint, and this review has emerged as the top post with a total of 47,309 pageviews! Did you get the series of islandwide mailers in your mailbox too?
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My Queenstown Heritage Trail, Dawson and Alexandra Tour

my queenstown heritage trail dawson alexandra neighbourhood tour
Do you know that Queenstown was named in commemoration of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation in 1953? Are you aware that before Queenstown was conferred with the title as Singapore’s first satellite estate in 1953, there were military camps, rubber plantations and villages?

queenstown heritage trail residents sharing stories
My Queenstown Heritage Trail brings participants to colonial landmarks, military installations and residential buildings within Dawson and Alexandra Neighbourhoods. There will also sharing sessions with long-time residents chipping in their stories and memories on Queenstown.

my queenstown heritage trail with luxury haven
So there we were, armed with a camera and a good walking pair of shoes, complete with a cap, sunscreen and bottle of mineral water, we were geared for #MyQueenstown adventure – a tourist in our own country!

heritage trail forest discover hidden bunkers
Join us, as we uncover the many stories behind the 2 hours+ Dawson and Alexandra Heritage Trail, plus an exciting adventure into a forested area to search for abandoned bunkers built during the World War II!
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Lantau Island Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car Adventure ( 大嶼山 )

hong kong lantau island tourist attraction luxury haven
Visitors to Hong Kong gotta visit Lantau Island ( 大嶼山 ) at least once, and Ngong Ping 360 ( 昂坪 ) is certainly one of Hong Kong's must-see tourist attractions on the Lantau Island. If you are a fan of Hong Kong dramas, you would have heard of Lantau Island, a place often used as a film location for hiking and camping.

ngong ping cable car south china sea view
Do you know that Lantau is the largest island in Hong Kong, and is almost double the size of Hong Kong Island itself? Come, let me take you to Lantau Island, where your sky-land-sea adventure starts with astounding cable-car views of mountains, forests and coast!
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Hong Kong Stanley Market, Certainly Worth A Visit ( 赤柱市集 )

singapore travel blog reviews hong kong stanley market
Enjoy a day of yummy food, chic cocktails, souvenirs shopping, or an evening of sunset at Stanley Market ( 赤柱市集 ), one of the must-go places especially for first-time visitors to Hong Kong.

hong kong tourist attraction stanley market
Located on the southern side of Hong Kong island, the quaint village of Stanley is quite different from other parts of Hong Kong.
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Shin-Okubo ( 新大久保 ) Korea Town, Japan's Seoul Hot Spot!

japan biggest korea town shin okubo shopping
If you are travelling to Tokyo, one of the best thing about staying in the Shinjuku area is being close to Japan’s biggest Korea Town - Shin-Okubo ( 新大久保 ). It is a shopping and dining sanctuary for everything from K-Pop to Kimchi. So if you are a fan of K-Drama and K-Pop, this is the place to go for your cute Oppa Souvenirs.
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Prawning at Kranji Farm Resort, Fun Recreational Fishing

singapore fun recreational prawning at kranji farm
Singapore Prawning has certainly caught on in the last couple of years. My son has tried prawning couple of times with his friends and has been telling us about it. It was only until our wedding anniversary some time back that Jon had suggested we do some fun recreational fishing.
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Celebrating 24th Wedding Anniversary, Growing Old Together!

tosca italian restaurant wedding anniversary celebration
Another year has passed, and we've just celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary! Yap, we're back from our mini vacation!
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DynaMaxx Gives You Health And Earn Pocket Money!

dynamaxx lights on health products lifestyle
Extra pocket money always comes in handy, don't you agree? I love the idea of being able to put a little money away for a rainy day, maybe to be able to pay off some bills or perhaps plan for a greater future. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to make this extra money in the comfort of your own home? ? Here are some tips by #DynaMaxx for you to make a difference in your own life:
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Appreciation Post to Generous Sponsors for Cancer Patients!

Do you know that Cancer is the No. 1 Killer in Singapore, with 1 in 3 Singaporeans dies of cancer? (Source from Ministry of Health, updated 2012).

common cancers in singapore
Pix Credit: Health Xchange
According to the National Cancer Centre Singapore, Cancer develops gradually as a result of a complex mix of factors related to environment, lifestyle and heredity. Scientists estimate that 80% of all cancers are related to the use of tobacco products, what we eat and drink, and to a lesser extent, cancer-causing agents (carcinogens) in the environment and workplace.
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Do You Have Patience For Handicrafts As A Hobby?

handmade swarovski crystal pendant
Would you believe if I were to tell you all these DIY beaded stuff you see here are all made by my mom who is already 85 this year? I'm not joking! My son always says his granny has bionic eyes, and I do think it's pretty amazing for her age to make all these pretty crafts.
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Gardens By The Bay Supertree Grove Flowers Trail

gardens by the bay singapore review
Have you been to the Gardens By The Bay in Singapore? It was my first time there! Come, take a stroll with me, and check out these enchanting landscapes and captivating flowers in the Marina Bay Sands vicinity ...........
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