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6 Easy Tips to Save on your Next Shopping Spree

shopping street
Pix Credit: Wikipedia
Who doesn’t love to shop? The thrill of finding the perfect shoes and classic evening bag never grows old. Along with those gorgeous flats is the excitement of finding a genuine bargain! So when you love to shop, and love a fantastic deal, what are some easy tips to help you save on your next shopping spree?

The following six money savers are on the list: everything from finding discounts to using coupons - just a few of the best ways to save on everything!
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Kranji Countryside Adventure, Singapore's Wild Wild West

Have you heard of Kranji Countryside located near the Sungei Buloh Wetlands Reserve in Singapore, where many farms are open to the public for tours and activities? If you're thinking of where to go this weekend, why not hop on to the Kranji Heritage Trail with your family and friends for some fun?
kranji countryside farm review
Last month, my ex-students are and I were on an excursion to Kranji Countryside, and one of them even brought along her 6-year-old niece. After our breakfast at Toastbox, we took a train to Kranji MRT Station to transfer to their shuttle bus to take us to the farms.
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Happy New Year + Tips To Cure Minor Ailments!

new year tips to cure minor ailments
As the light of the New Year glows, welcoming the arrival of 2012, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you for your relentless support, especially during my calls for votes.

I know I don't blog often enough but I'll try my best to visit and comment on your posts. I'd also like to thank those for re-tweeting my posts. I'm not into Twitter 24/7 like some of you and I'm not savvy using that tool. Nevertheless, I do appreciate your kind gestures. You know who you are and I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart. I shall repay you in kind.

May each day of 2012 blossom into love and happiness for you and may wonderful surprises fill your life! With this, I share with you this useful article which I've recently received from a friend: Pain Cures You Can Find in Your Kitchen (Part I).
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Cocktail Specially Dedicated To A Special Blogger

It was no easy feat creating the cocktail & at the same time finding a suitable name for my 1st Cocktail Challenge sometime back. Finally, I’d settled on a name after my blog, “Luxury Haven”.
It’s a seductive cocktail specially created for the sophisticated ladies & this time, I’d like to dedicate this concoction to a very special blogger!

She’s none other than Alisha of The Ardent Epicure. Alisha is one of the amazing bloggers I’ve met since I’ve started blogging. She has been tuning in to almost every of my post & always made efforts to “Like” my posts at Facebook too. Despite her busy schedule, she would often post 3 comments at one shot like the recent ones below:

Magic of Spice on Mouth-watering Thai-style Seabass:
I this does look wonderful...I like the soupy version here as well! The flavors are just addictive, gorgeous my friend and congratulations on the feature :)

Magic of Spice on Things To Do In Fremantle, Perth:
I would love to try one of those potatoes, they look fantastic! You always find the most amazing places, love your truffle oil find and looking forward to you treats with it :)

Magic of Spice on Fluffy Beer Battered Prawns:
Very delightful battered prawns, love this recipe! I don't mind the alcohol at all...simply tasty :)

Isn’t she superb? Alisha is a talented blogger & I love visiting her blog, studying her recipes & looking at her food shots. I’m always embarrassed with mine, which are in no way comparable to hers. Her blog is full of life & colours, & photography skills remarkable. Please visit her blog & you’ll be equally impressed.

Alisha, thank you so much for your active contribution to my blog. Your comments mean a lot to me & they always put a smile to my face. You’ve more than enough awards, so I’m dedicating my very own Luxury Haven Cocktail to you, specially created for the sophisticated ladies.

10ml Apple Cidar
15ml Choya
1 Ume (from the Choya bottle)
Top with Champagne
Add Peppermint Tea to rim
* For less alcoholic content, substitute Champagne with Sprite.
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Photoshoot Workshop Invitation By MindChic Club At MBS!

Courtesy of Tian Teck

It was delightful winning experience to be invited by MindChic Club for a Photo Shoot Workshop with Photography Expert William Cho. The venue? The picturesque Marina Bay Sands!

Courtesy of Tian Teck

When Richard of MindChic Club contacted me about the above event, informing me that one of the best photography experts in Singapore will be sharing his experience & guiding us personally, I was overjoyed. As William focuses a lot on quality & photographer interaction, the group size was deliberately kept very small.

Courtesy of Tian Teck

I was apprehensive about joining initially as I would probably be the only one armed with just a digital camera. Richard is extremely kind & assured me that everyone needs to start from somewhere. Plus, I could bring along a friend too!! I felt much better after hearing that & decided to go ahead with the invite, & I’m glad I did.

Courtesy of Tian Teck

But guess what? I was right after all. All the participants were holding DSL cameras including my friend, Tian Teck! Just look at the pix he took. So pro! I was so paiseh (embarrassed) & felt kinda left out. Nevertheless, take a look at the shots taken with my Canon IXUS 300HS, using only manual mode:

What do you think of these pix? Well, I'm pretty happy with them. I've always been using the Auto Night Scene mode to capture pix in the evenings. But William showed me that I could take even better pix on manual mode :) He patiently guided us in setting ISO, Apeture, Speed etc according to the scenes & angles etc. Pretty cool stuff I never thought I could do!

Well, I'm submitting my 3 best shots to MindChic Club for a special contest. Take a look at William's Collection & maybe it can spur your photography interest.
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Celebrating Real Love Works 2011

Real Love is all about Celebrating 20 years of marriage,

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with home-cooked meals,

Celebrating Earth Hours together,

Saying it with flowers,

Doing things together as family,

Piggy-backing your spouse,

Renewing your vows,

And announcing to the world, “I Love U!”

Let’s grow old together,
Let’s hold each other close & whisper through the night…… pledging our love & honouring our commitment.

Let’s grow old together & look back on life & smile!

At Real Love Works, the celebration goes beyond just toasting the special milestones in marriage. I’m submitting this post to Real Love Works 2011 @ the Marriage Central S'pore, to celebrate love, passion & commitment.

Here's wishing all couples a better tomorrow & many more new reasons to SMILE! I wish upon the star that yours is a beautiful one filled with LOVE!
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Chinese New Year Shopping At Woodlands Loop

cny shopping at woodlands loop
It was more shopping with my students at the Woodlands Industrial Area where you can get foodstuff at wholesale prices.
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Chinese New Year Gift From Student

Isn't this Oriental basket fanciful? I've just received this gift from one of my students. This is entirely hand-made from Ang Pows (red packets).
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Learning About End Times Prophecy

Yesterday was another time of self-indulgence. I met up with an old friend & we’d so much fun talking about the good-old-days. Then, I was drawn to Sammy talking about End Times.

She said that we are rapidly moving towards the end of time. Events are approaching that will take this modern secular world completely by surprise. The End Times is NOW, & is coming to pass right before our very eyes, if we will only see & understand.

Sammy then referred me to this site to learn more about End Times Prophecy, which I thought I would share with you.

I sat at the café, like a child listening to a story-teller, patiently engaging in her interesting Bible Prophecy. Sammy is a Christian American, who grew up, both in her academic endeavors &personal spiritual journey, in an American Christian environment. She is my pen-pal of many years & this is about the 3rd time I’ve met her in person. I could see the sparkle in her eyes as she related her relationship with Christianity.

Armageddon, 666 Mark of the Beast, Great Tribulation, Babylon The Great & The Apocalypse etc. I’ve not heard them all but Armageddon & The Apocalypse may be familiar to some of you. These two titles were in the movies some time ago, so you may be able to relate a little what End Times Prophecy is briefly about.

It was an insightful outing indeed. It has been a long time since I last obediently listened to a tale. Are you familiar with the Bible Prophecy? What are your views on End Times Prophecy?
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ZoukOut With SingTel Kaleidoscope!

I received a parcel this morning, exclusively for selected Singapore Bloggers.

Upon opening, I found a Glow Stick, Breath Control Mints, Hyadration Fluid, Kaleidoscope, a Magnet & what I like most – a lovely Panky Hanky!

Celebrating 10 years of great music, love & unforgettable memories, the talking SingTel Kaleidoscope Vending Machine will be making a special appearance @ Zouk!

This machine will interact with party-goers, dish out wacky ideas & free party accessories, as well as SingTel promos, before hitting the beach party @ Siloso Beach. Party-goers can also look forward to receiving the above goodies plus Magic Key (one-time entry pass) to Zouk & SingTel Mobile Youth Plan Voucher!

SingTel customers can look forward to exclusive rewards & discounts for this year’s ZoukOut:
- 40% off drinks on every Thu & Sat @ Velvet Underground from Nov 11 – Dec 9, 2010.

@ ZoukOut, SingTel customers can also:
- Enjoy priority queue.
- Purchase drinks @ exclusive SingTel bar.
- Free flow of drinks @ SingTel VIP Tent from 8 – 11pm.
- Recharge phones @ Singtel Kaleidoscope.

Special appearance:
Dec 3 & 8, 2010 from 11.30pm – 2am

(Orchard Cineleisure)
Dec 4 & 5, 2010 from 7-9.30pm

Dec 11, from 8pm – 8am
Siloso Beach, Sentosa

So mark your calendar & get partying!
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Check Out My Facebook Fan Page!

Join me on my Fan Page @ Facebook  & check out all the great deals!
Luxury Indulgence is a one-stop blog by an ex-Flight Attendant, sharing years of Fine Dining, Luxury Shopping & Travel, adventurous Fusion Cooking experience, plus bringing you the latest Sale Events & Contests.

"To be tempted by the most brilliant chefs, is truly my dream”.
Through years of travelling around the world, I've developed a penchant for good food. You can read about restaurant reviews complete with pricing & photos.
I also love spending my favourite past time whipping up fusion dishes. I adore good food & get my inspiration from fine dining all over the world. Some of the recipes (with step-by-step photo instructions) I’ve created have received popular votes @ Foodies sites & won contests!

Unfortunately, Facebook's having some bugs & I couldn't send out the invitations. I hope I can reach out to you via this post. So subscribe & "Like" me @ my FB Fan page to stay updated with the latest Contests, Designer Sale Events, Hotel/Travel/Spa Promos & more!  Appreciate if you could also suggest it to your friends if you found my blog useful. Thank you once again, for your support!
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Madam Chiang Kai Shek

It was a beautiful afternoon after days of raining cats & dogs here. Armed with my novel & a can of Coke & a bag of Lay’s Sour Cream & Onion Potato Chips, I decided to take a stroll & went to the poolside, a routine when I’m feeling stifled.
The radiant rays of the afternoon sun filtered through the canopy of leaves, & the shimmering crystal clear water was like myriads of diamonds as the sun shone on it. I was greeted with tranquillity, not a single soul was in sight. Perfect!

I slumbered onto one of the loungers & turned to the page where I’d stopped...
Madam Chiang Kai Shek, a woman in World history, was the youngest of the three famous Soong sisters; daughters of a wealthy banker who all married important men in early 20th-century China. I’d visited the Soong sisters’ Memorial Hall during one of my trips to China & I was impressed by their powerful background.

Eldest sister Eling, popularly known as "the one who loved money”; Second sister Chingling married Chinese leader Sun Yat-sen & was known as "the one who loved China"; Chiang was "the one who loved power".

They each played a major role in influencing their husbands, which, along with their own positions of power, ultimately changed the course of Chinese history. Although the novel's somewhat interesting, there're lots of dates & names, like I’m studying history back in school.

I struggled to finish the book as quick as I could as I’m eager to lay my hands on my next – The Lost Symbol. Dan Brown is one of my fave authors & I’ve read all his books. I’ve waited for the paper back for a year now & finally got it. Hardcover books are really not meant for a languid person like me, I just don’t have the strength to hold it for long. Then again, I wonder where I get all the energy to carry my shopping bags.

I’m really excited & can’t wait to start my new book. Has anyone of you read The Lost Symbol? Share with us some of the plots but wait, don’t divulge too much tho.
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Halloween Fun At Night Safari

The nightmare begins, after our Spooky 20th Wedding Anniversary dinner. Be ready for shocks & spine tingling thrills abound @ the Night Safari.
Ken, Jon & I climbed aboard the tram after a hearty meal, held onto our nerves as it took us deep into the dark rainforest with creatures going on the rampage.
The Cemetery

During the heart-pumping rides, not only we get to see the usual nocturnal animals, we also saw things we shouldn’t be seeing.

A Ghost Wedding

Slew of monstrous figures
popping up from every corners

An evil revenge-seeker chasing after our tram

Can you see what's lurking behind Ken?

When the hair-raising ride was finally over, we were led to Trail Of The Undead, whereby we were about to experience more horrors, this time on foot!
It was indeed a nerve jingling walk through the twists & turns at the Nature Trail, discovering what lurks beneath. Here, we were the victims at their mercy. These creatures emerged everywhere, from the creepiest corners to darkest nooks, giving you heart-stopping frights.

As if the trail wasn’t nerve-racking enough, we headed for the Haunted Mansion for a 3-min scare. Enter if you dare!
Then, we were off to see the Creatures of the Night Show. This approx 20-minute animal presentation will introduce you to nocturnal animals & I can assure you’ll be entertained throughout by the adorable animals. *To protect the animals, no-flash photography is allowed here.
All of a sudden, there was a commotion. A huge python was found under one of the benches among the spectators. Errr.... when I mentioned about the adorable animals earlier, I wasn't referring to this. So beware, you'll never know what's hidden beneath your seats.
I was surprised that Night Safari was packed to the bream with people on a Friday, despite the exam fever going on. Every queue to the attractions was about an hr each. Without the help of the commendable staff at Night Safari, I’m sure my family’s adventure there wouldn’t be a smooth one due to the overwhelming crowd.
I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the following people who’d made our anniversary an unforgettable one:

(Wildlife Reserves) David Yap – contacting relevant dept/restaurant, ensuring our dinner reservation is confirmed.

(S’pore Zoo)
Zheng How (sorry if I’ve misspelt) – escorting us from the Zoo to Haunted Mansion, waited for us to finish our spooky adventure & led us back.

(Night Safari)
Simon Lim, Operations – getting us into & on time for Creatures of the Night Show & Haunted Mansion

2 lovely Malay ladies @ the reception – escorting us from Night Safari to Zoo & back.

(Ulu Ulu)
Immeran Ismail – making arrangements for our dinner
Bibik & Qui Yan – excellent service throughout the entire dinner

Thank you once again, for all your kind arrangements!
Now, who said Singapore’s service isn't World Class??

Check out Night Safari for your spine-chilling adventure, definitely not for the faint-hearted! Hop on to read about our Spooky Dinner Adventure if you haven't. Bon Appetit!
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Spooky 20th Wedding Anniversary

Foie Gras, Caviar, Truffles………. I would normally not pass up such a chance to indulge in my fave food but I did, at the eleventh hour. I also managed to convince my hubby to take up a daring approach on an important occasion, our 20th Wedding Anniversary.
I traded my lovely designer dress & a pair of matching shoes which I’d intended to wear for my fine dining & slipped into jeans & boots instead. On top of that, I’d to sacrifice my beautiful skin to feed a combat of mosquitoes. Friends have always commended that I’ve nice aura. But not only I’m well-liked among friends, I’m especially popular with these blood-sucking creatures too. LOL! All these sacrifices made, in exchange for a spine-chilling experience on our special day. I kept my fingers crossed & hoped I’d made the right move.

So here we are, family of three, at the S’pore Night Safari Halloween Horrors, for our simple 3-course dinner @ the creepy Ulu Ulu Terrace. Price S$45++/pax (excludes S$40 off-peak admission & other Halloween activities). I look like a midget here, standing beside the 1.85m & 1.82m guys :<

In no time, we were served our mocktails, by a gruesome-looking waitress. As though that wasn’t hair-raising enough, the Goblin’s Blood Mocktails were certainly not a good start.

There were syringes with green liquid to inject into our drinks…

And I’d to swallow bloody “eye-balls”!

But it was all for good fun & very entertaining. These eye-balls were actually Lychees with Cherries & the gooey stuff around the eyes was Gelatine; the green liquid was syrup to sweeten the mocktails. We love it & had fun playing with it.

My husband, Ken, soon vomited blood after he was served the Soup.

Hahaha! The Bloody Pond was made of Beetroot & Tomato & it was delicious. I think I’m beginning to appreciate Beetroot. Ken was trying hard to create a serious, ghastly look but it was just too hilarious. We just couldn’t help laughing.

Then came the Monster’s Hand Shepherd’s Pie. The potato dish was filled with delicious minced beef & tomatoes. My son, Jonathan, liked the monster’s hand so much that he’d wiped the entire plate cleaned. Well, I must say he's a much better actor than Ken. At least Jon could control his laughter for this serious shot.

The “Death By Chocolate” Brownie was yummy too. It’s shaped like a coffin & served with “bones”.

All of a sudden, we were pounced upon by some monstrous creatures. Definitely not for the faint-hearted as they’re lurking at every corner, waiting to jump on you.

Aren’t these Ghoulish Chocs cute? Kids will definitely love these white chocolates.

Well, if you can survive this heart-thumping dining experience, you’ll be rewarded with priority boarding on the Train of Terror.

The food was better than expected & we’ve all enjoyed eating with the ghoulish dining companions. The service of the crew was tip-top. Bibik, senior staff of the restaurant, ensured everything went smoothly & had arranged a timely priority boarding of the tram for our next journey. Not only that, Bibik & restaurant Manager Immeran, had specially arranged a gift for Ken & I – a pair of giraffes for our anniversary!
Ulu Ulu Staff - Bibik & Qui Yan

Jon loves it too. So to please him, he got to keep both!

Read on for Part II, a heart pounding & thrilling experience awaits you @ Halloween Fun At Night Safari!
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