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ShopBack Gives You Voucher Codes To Shop, Plus Cashback!

shopback online shopping voucher codes groupon
Shop till you drop with the latest promotions and voucher codes from over 300 renowned brands online, including Taobao Singapore, Lazada, eBay, Rakuten Singapore and Groupon Singapore! If you are a shopaholic like me who is always sniffing out good deals, then ShopBack is your one-site shop to get all the fantastic coupon deals at your favourite online shops!

shopback sign up bonus refer friends
Plus, ShopBack rewards you for shopping with them! Shoppers will get Cashback from this online shopping site and yes, you are literally getting paid to shop there! Wait, there's more! You will also be given a $5 CASH instant sign-up bonus when you register your first shopping with #ShopBack!
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Stuffed Mini Pepper Snacks with Philadelphia Cheese and Tuna

stuffed jalapeno snacks with philadelphia cheese tuna
Do you know that sweet pepper is a nutritional powerhouse with a plethora of health benefits and contains more vitamin C than an orange?

stuffed sweet pepper with philadelphia cheese tuna bacon
Stuffed with a mixture of Philadelphia Cheese and Tuna and wrapped with Bacon, these sweet mini peppers make great party snacks.

stuffed japanese cucumber snacks with philadelphia cheese tuna
What's more? For those who prefer an even healthier version, they have the alternative of picking up these refreshing Stuffed Japanese Cucumber Bites with the same tuna mixture topped with Cherry Tomatoes.
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PurelyFresh Fresh Seafood + Deep-Fried Golden Pomfret Recipe

singapore purely fresh online supermarket pomfret recipes
Everyone of us loves a good surprise, don't we? So when I ordered a Golden Pomfret from #PurelyFresh, a Singapore Online Grocery Store, and got two instead, I was over the moon!

purelyfresh fresh seafood thai style crispy golden pomfret
I used one to cook this Thai-Style Deep-Fried Golden Pomfret ( 泰式香脆金鲳 ), and my family had such an enjoyable meal.

purelyfresh fresh fish thai heritage sweet chilli sauce
The Thai chilli sauce skating around the fish delights the eyes as our teeth sink into the crispy and crunchy fish meat! Yum!

purelyfresh online grocery store fresh pomfret
A sweet handwritten note on my invoice that says, "Today's pomfrets are a bit small, so enjoy 2 instead!" certainly makes my day. Love the smiley face too! Well, that's the kind of service you will get from PurelyFresh, as they always strive to give customers their best.
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PurelyFresh, Singapore Online Grocery Shopping Review

purelyfresh online groceries store promotion
As much as I enjoy buying things online, I have yet to shop for fresh produce. I have no qualms about buying household items online, but fresh seafood and meat, and even fruits and vegetables? Are they really as good and fresh as claimed?

Unless you enjoy spanning through rows and rows of shelves just to find the items you want in the supermarket, I guess it only makes sense to shop online since everything is within the reach of your mouse. Without the help of a bodybuilder or a car, I have to admit it can be quite tedious lugging your goods home especially if you are buying bulky items like rice and laundry detergents.
local supermarket price compare purelyfresh grocery online store
Well, I am running out of cleaning supplies, cooking oil and canned food, and these are really heavy items. Since we don't drive, there is no reason why I shouldn't give online grocery shopping a try. Thank goodness my first experience with #PurelyFresh is pretty awesome, especially when it comes with FREE DELIVERY, saving me all the hassle!
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Prima Taste Rendang, Singapore Favourites Meal Sauce Kits

#Rendang is a spicy meat dish popular in countries such as Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore. Rich in spices, the meat dish is drenched in flavourful coconut milk with a subtle hint of galangal and lemongrass scent.

prima taste rendang singapore favourites meal sauce kit review
Depending on your cooking preference, Rendang ranges from wet to dry and the variety of meat includes beef, mutton and chicken. My family loves Beef Rendang. Cooking traditional Rendang is often time-consuming as it requires grinding the ingredients and slow cooking the meat, which is why I've never tried preparing it at home. Besides, I'm not confident I can pull off a good job. It's one dish that requires much skill.

prima taste ready to cook meals
After having tried quite a few products from Prima Taste, I'm already their big fan! For my 1st cooking experiment with Beef Rendang, I'm using the Prima Taste Rendang Asian Dry Curry Meal Sauce Kit, and followed their suggestion to use Beef Shin.
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Beauty Shopping at Luxola Singapore with!

save money with voucher codes singapore online shopping
When it comes to the word “ shopping ”, we can’t ever get over with it, can we?. Besides, we don’t need a reason to shop; every day is a festive day for us. Things are so much easier in our tech generation; we don’t have to waste time squeezing through the crowd or run for our favourite products. Well, the internet provides us the convenient way to shop online, whatever and wherever we want.
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Bejewelled Mango Puree with Chia Seeds Dessert ( 珠光宝气芒果泥 )

mango puree ice cream chia seeds dessert recipes
Dessert lovers, if you are stumped by the many benefits of Chia Seeds and have no idea what to do with them, here is a healthy and delicious recipe for you to enjoy as well as to reap the goodness of these power seeds.

vitacost nutiva organic chia seed review
Some time ago, I had introduced the Nutiva Organic Chia Seed Black during one of my online shopping at Vitacost. The good thing about the super food is that it has no taste, making it really adaptable for use in both sweet and savoury recipes. Do you know that chia seed swell up to 12 times its weight in liquid within 10 minutes, so you don't actually need to use a lot?
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Exquisite Prima Taste Singapore Curry Meal Sauce Kit Review

prima taste singapore curry meal sauce kit review
Famed for its authentic flavours and premium quality of products, Prima Taste has yet again won me over with their Singapore Curry Meal Sauce Kit.

prima taste best singapore favourites meal sauce kits
The ready-to-cook Prima Taste Singapore Curry is rich and robust, infused with coconut milk that tasted as good as it looked. Redolent with authentic flavours from the east, my pot of curry chicken was full of assertive flavours.
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Bellabox December Ring In The Christmas Belles Winners!

bellabox december ring in christmas belles giveaway winners
It has been another splendid 2014 bringing you our quarterly beauty boxes giveaway, courtesy of bellabox! I hope all the past winners are having fun sampling their beauty and skincare products. Here's announcing our winners for this quarter.......
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Christmas Giveaway! Win Bellabox December Beauty Boxes!

bellabox december ring in christmas belles giveaways
My #Bellabox December Ring In The Christmas Belles introduced me to brands like Curel, Japan’s No 1 brand for sensitive Asian skin, and NaturVital, known for their best hair care products in UK and Ireland. Of course, I was in love with Laura Mercier, the luxury line of Cosmetics, Skincare, Body and Bath and Fragrance.

What will you get in your mystery beauty box for Christmas if you are one of the three lucky winners?
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Bellabox Christmas 2014 Quarterly Review is Out!

bellabox beauty boxes christmas shopping reviews
Hello Sunshine, with the festive season kicking in, are you all prep up for your year-end parties? Ringing in the Christmas cheer, here is our 4th quaterly review for the #bellabox beauty boxes!
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Prima Taste Singapore Curry LaMian, Award-Winning Noodles!

prima taste premium noodle in aromatic curry soup
Created from premium high-protein wheat flour, Prima Taste LaMian ( 新加坡百胜厨拉面 ) are steamed and air-dried, healthier than conventional fried noodles. Its award-winning Singapore Curry LaMian ( 新加坡咖喱拉面 ), made up of a sumptuous blend of herbs and spices with their gourmet Prima Taste Singapore Curry Paste, is certainly a time-saver winner!
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Prima Taste Singapore Satay Meal Sauce Kit Review Is Out!

prima taste best singapore favourites meal sauce kits
Fancy having tender and juicy grilled #kebabs on bamboo skewers, served with a distinctive crunchy peanut-based dip? Now you can indulge in fuss-free and tasty home-cooked food with the Prima Taste Singapore Satay Meal Sauce Kit!
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Prima Taste Laksa LaMian, Having It Claypot Style Or Dry!

ramen rater top ten instant noodles prima taste
It's traditional gourmet Laksa LaMian in just 7 minutes, with no MSG added, nor any artificial flavouring and colouring, and no added preservatives too! Best part of it, Prima Taste Laksa LaMian ( 新加坡叻沙拉麵 ) is yummi-licious!
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Win Vitacost USD 75 X'mas Shopping Coupons At Luxury Haven!!

vitacost giveaway online shopping vitamins pet beauty
I've been fervently shopping at Vitacost for the past three years, snapping up health supplements, dog treats, home and kitchenware, beauty and skincare products!

This #Christmas, Luxury Haven is excited to reward our readers again with USD 75 to shop, courtesy of #Vitacost! We'll be selecting 2 readers to go on a shopping spree with us, and the #giveaway is *Open to All Worldwide!
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Vitacost Christmas Shopping For Dog Treats Promo Deals!

christmas vitacost online shopping pet food dog treats
Christmas comes early for Princess Candy as we took her shopping online at #Vitacost, offering high-quality products even for our pets!
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Glitter Glam Online Shopping With Fashion Promo Code!

glitter glam metallic tweed dress review hello kitty
Glitter Glam, a home-grown brand that serves a clientele of ladies, tasteful and contemporary in her wardrobe selection. Do you know that Glitter Glam is one of the favourable wardrobe sponsor brands for Singapore's TV station and various production houses? Aren't you impressed?
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Luxury Haven International Beauty Giveaway x 10 Winners!

Hello lovelies, it has been three months since our last international giveaway. Those who have won our past giveaways, I hope you're enjoying your goodies now. Well, I'll be off blogging for a week; been invited to Japan, joining the Japanese media to review some really awesome hotel rooms!
luxury haven beauty skincare giveaway
While I'm away, I've arranged some goodies for you to win. There are altogether 10 prizes for you to choose, and the #Giveaway is Open to All Worldwide! Let's check out the prizes!
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Bellabox September Urban Vibes Giveaway Winners!

bellabox september urban vibes beauty boxes winners
In our last #bellabox giveaway, we asked the readers what their favourite product is in the September beauty box and why. The VDL lipstick and John Frieda Frizz Ease Original 6 Effects Serum seemed to be a popular choice, but I'm quite surprised none is into essential oils which I thought to be rather attractive. Well, let's see who the 3 winners are for this quater's bellabox giveaway!
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Bellabox September Urban Vibes Beauty Boxes Giveaway!

luxury haven bellabox september urban vibes giveaway
Collistar, DERMAdoctor, Exuviance, VDL............. what's your pick? September #bellabox is filled with abundance of goodies, and it's time again for Luxury Haven's quarterly bellabox giveaway. Well, we've 3 beauty boxes to give away to our dear readers!
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