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Luxury Haven’s Home Make-Over By Nippon Paint!

nippon paint momento colour my world
Finally, a home makeover after 6 years & it’s all made possible because of Nippon Paint!
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National Day Giveaway, Bomb Cosmetics Sponsored By Shea!

Mouth-watering soap cakes, fanciful wave soaps, sweet-smelling shower butters, handmade scented candles……… step into Shea & you’ll never wanna get out!
shea bomb cosmetics giveaways
For those born in 1965 with Singapore, a big Happy Birthday to You!! This #NationalDay, Luxury Haven is giving you a chance to win these charming Bomb Cosmetics from England!
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Shea, The Ultimate Vegetarian Handmade Body Care Products

Handmade with love, is what you’ll find in this vibrant colourful shop right in the heart of Orchard Road. Assorted cakes, jellies, fruits & herbs are found all over the pretty outlet. Nope, I’m not talking about yummy food this time, but body care products of all shapes & sizes in unique forms.
shea pamper your body orchard central review
Specialises in retailing vegetarian handmade body care products from Southern France, India, England, Australia, Morocco, Ghana & Wales, is SHEA; located at #B2-47 of Orchard Central! Suitable for normal & sensitive skins, their products are guided by 3 core principles:
  • Must be vegetarian friendly.
  • Must be predominantly handmade.
  • Must use pure essential oils.
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Freshen Your Home With Vitacost!

vitacost online shopping international shipping
I’m always overwhelmed by the stuff that Vitacost carries. This month, I found some new items at their site with pretty good ratings so I decided to try them. Let’s see my shopping for June!
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A Sensory Experience with KŌH Lamps!

Specializing in the design & manufacturing of home living products, KŌH Concepts, a dynamic Hong Kong company, recently announced their global launch of its first home design product, the KŌH Lamp!

koh concepts lifestyle designs
Each KÖH Lamp is an island of light, each unique, each different. No two KÖH Lamps are identical in illumination & shade, radiating their individuality. With its warm glow, flexible usage & creative design, the KŌH Lamp is a mood setter, space saver & conversation starter. The KŌH Lamp, offered in eight shades, is all that is needed to transform workspaces & living areas.
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Valentine’s Day Giveaway: Win Hawaa Natural Soy Lotion Candles By Flen!!

We’ve heard of scented candles, but melted candles to be used as a skin moisturizer? Too good to be true? Here’s introducing Flen’s latest novelty – the Hawaa Natural Soy Lotion Candles!
valentines day gifts flenco hawaa candles giveaway
Hand-poured for purity, the candles use all natural soy oil & metal-free wicks for a cleaner, beautiful ambience you desire in a candle. These Hawaa natural soy lotion candles melt into a pleasing hand lotion which can be used to sooth irritated skin!
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Enjoy An Aromatic & Chlorine-Free Bath With WaterSource Showerhead

watersource showerhead aroma therapy vitamin c

Taking a shower is perhaps one of the most relaxing moments. There're all sorts of innovative shower heads out there in the market offering a personalized shower experience, like the massaging or rainfall effect. But have you heard of one that gives you the Vitamin C that you need?

color changing led showerhead
I thought I've a pretty cool Colour Changing LED shower head, with the colours changing from Green, Blue to Red, according to temperature so you won't get scalded.

watersource showerhead aroma-therapy
Then came the Aroma Therapy 9000 Shower Head from WaterSource, offering an entirely different experience; this showerhead has both Aroma & Vitamin C!!
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Envizyme's Eco Vegan Green Household Cleaning Products

envizyme green tree products
The growing awareness of global warming & other climate change issues has brought us to become more aware of the state of our planet. You've probably noticed that green is everywhere these days. This time, Luxury Haven is pleased to introduce a range of household cleaning products that is made from recycled vegetables and fruits! Doesn't that sound remarkable? Wouldn't you like to have an amazing Eco Vegan Green Household Cleaning Product that will save the lives of your children & loved ones?
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Celebrate World Vegan Day with WaterSource!

World Vegan Day marks the start of World Vegan Month, the 1st of November every year – celebrating the coining of the term, ‘vegan’ & the founding of The Vegan Society in November 1944.
So let's join WaterSource Alkaline Water & celebrate World Vegan Day this month, together with Veganistas like Maria Alexandria & Marie Alexander!
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Pain Cures You Can Find in Your Kitchen II

Following my post on Tips To Cure Minor Ailments, here's the Part II of the article. I thank you for your useful feedback and glad that you've found the tips informative. If you've used some of these tips before and they really worked for you, do let us know your views.

prevent digestive upsets with pineapple
  1. Prevent digestive upsets with pineapple: Got gas? One cup of fresh pineapple daily can cut painful bloating within 72 hours, say researchers at California's Stanford University. That's because pineapple is naturally packed with proteolytic enzymes, digestive aids that help speed the breakdown of pain-causing proteins in the stomach and small intestine, say USDA researchers.
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Molton Brown Review + DestinAsian Contest!

I’d an aromatic delivery at my doorstep just the other day. The cheerful courier commented that his entire van smell sooooo good.
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Amazing Kitchen Tips (Part V)

learn about these handy kitchen tips
This is the last chapter, ending my posts on Amazing Kitchen Tips. I hope you've found these pointers useful & please do share with us if you've any of your own. I'm sure the readers here would be pleased to try them out.

On the other hand, if you like these kitchen tips, forward & share these articles with your friends. Happy cooking & stay safe in the kitchen!
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Amazing Kitchen Tips (Part IV)

pick up these amazing kitchen tips
After reading my previous Kitchen Tips, how many have you tried so far? Some of these work wonders like Tip 1 here. But instead of spreading Mustard on my burnt finger, I always use toothpaste.
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Amazing Kitchen Tips (Part III)

check out useful kitchen tips
So have you read my Amazing Kitchen Tips Part I and II? Here’re another 10 for you to try!
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Amazing Kitchen Tips (Part II)

let these handy kitchen tips amaze you
Did you have a lovely weekend? Anyone tried Amazingly Kitchen Tips (Part I)? In this Part II, I kinda' find Tip 4 rather interesting..... ants won’t cross a line of chalk?

Remember to share these kitchen tips with your friends if you found them useful!
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Amazing Kitchen Tips (Part I)

pick up some useful kitchen tips
I've received a list of Kitchen Tips recently; some of which I'm already practising but few are new to me. I'm really excited to test them out :)

I'll be sharing these useful tricks with you in my next few posts. If you've tried some of them, let us know if it works or how it has helped you.
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Magical RoboMop, My New Maid!

My new maid arrived over the weekend! Perfect timing, just after the busy Chinese New Year period. It has been crazy weeks, with guests in & out of my house. It’s clean-up time!

If you ask me what’s the coolest gadget now, I’d say it’s ROBOMOP! This Norwegian cordless invention is simply awesome! It cleans under furniture like bed & sofa, where it’s so difficult to reach, & it miraculously bounces off once it hits any walls.

Regardless of whether your flooring is parquet, marble or ceramic, it glides smoothly without manipulation, picking up dust, dirt & hair.
The Electrostatic Dust Pad attracts dirt & hair like a magnet. What captured my attention is this, ”The no. 1 source of asthma and other allergies is loose dust particles. RoboMop targets exactly this type of dust in addition to removal of light stains.” RoboMop keeps my home dust-free, which helps people with sinus problems like my son.

And when your Cleaning Frame is broken, just contact RoboMop & request for a new Frame FREE OF CHARGE for up to one year from purchase. So remember to keep your receipts! * Shipping & handling charges apply.

So is the RoboMop gonna cost you thousands of dollars? No! Hundreds of dollars?? Nope. You won't believe just how cheap it is to own one of these marvellous gadgets!

* RoboMop is at an unbelievable price of only: S$59.90 with free delivery within Singapore & incl 5 Electrostatic Pad!! Refill Dust Pads are just S$10 for 25 pcs!

Using it is really easy:

  1. Simply attach an Electrostatic Pad that comes with it.
  2. Set the cleaning time on the Robotic Ball.
  3. Place it in the Cleaning Frame & watch RoboMop magically sweeps your floors for you!
I found this video on YouTube. (Slight difference, eg. the one I have has a 3-pin plug). Watch it to see in in action!

* Due to overwhelming queries, RoboMop Agent has decided to give a discount to readers here. Check out RoboMop, Special Price for Luxury Haven's Readers!!

To order your very own RoboMop, please contact:
Joseph Lee @ HP: +65 96774854
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Pure Senses Charity Candle At Only S$11.90!

Light up a heART is a project created by Pure Senses Pte Ltd out of the possibility of joy, abundance & making a difference in the world.
For each series of Light up a heART scented candle lanterns, 20,000 lanterns in total featuring 4 designs in 4 different fragrances will be produced - Garden Lavender, Sweet Vanilla, Tea Rose & Winter Jasmine.
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Fabulous Yankee Aromatic Candles + Discount!

I received a parcel from Pure Senses following my trip to Bangkok. Inside it was a jar of Yankee Candle, America's best-loved candles. Timing has never been better. After days of shopping, I needed something to “recharge” my batteries.
I could immediately smell the aromatic Sage & White Tea scent upon opening the jar. The "cooling Sage & strengthening White tea create a blissful formula that clears away anxieties & lifts the spirits"; perfect after a hard day’s work or for people seeking to unwind.

After snipping off part of the wick as instructed, I lighted it & a heavenly-perfumed scent engulfed my home. I left it in the living room & about 2hrs later, my hubby came home. “Mmmm… smells nice. What’s that, something you bought from Bangkok?” I smiled & went on explaining, showing him the lovely jar I got.
Don't go yet! Check out the discount you can get here!!

I’ve used many scented-candles before but none of the fragrance lasted an entire day. As described on the bottle, these Yankee candles have proven restorative powers of Aromatherapy SPA. Guided by ancient knowledge & modern research, their master aromatherapists have carefully created this special blend of pure essential oils, the most potent form of a plant's aroma, to enhance your well-being & make every day special.

This is a perfect gift idea or for any special occasions coming up. It can also be used as a centerpiece by surrounding the jar with your favourite flowers. The aromatic smell & warming glow of a burning candle will add atmosphere, charm & romance to any room.

Priced @ the usual S$39.90, Pure Senses has kindly offered readers here a whopping 20% discount off their best-selling Aromatherapy Spa Tumbler Candle - Sage & White Tea, when you purchase it @ their e-store! Simply key in the coupon code “ LUXSHIRLEY" (not case-sensitive) when you check-out your orders. Offers valid till 31st Oct, 2010.

What’s more? You’ll get Free Shipping* on orders over S$50! *Check e-store for details.

Inhale the intoxicating redolence of herbs & tea leaves in the tranquil of your own home. Take advantage of this offer now to get this long-lasting fragrance, for an enduring relationship with friends & family!
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Shower The Hi-Tech Way

After a long and tiring day, nothing can rejuvenate you like a hot shower. Like a hot cup of coffee warming your throat and reviving your spirit, a hot steamy bath can do the same to your external body. The steam and the heat and force with which each droplet falls on your body can perk you and at the same time relax you. If any shower can do this you, imagine a bath that adds extra dimensions to it. Would you like a massage along with your bath or would you like to feel like a kid getting drenched in the rain? Now, it’s possible to let go of yourself in the bath or be given a therapeutic massage, thanks to hi-tech shower enclosures.

Preset temperature
What is the one thing that you can possibly hate about a shower bath? To me it would be to fiddle with the cold and the hot water knobs, constantly turning and changing to get the right temperature. Now put that worry to rest. Hi tech shower enclosures are here to ease your troubles. Shower enclosures now come with preset water temperature for your showers. And if that’s not enough, some shower enclosures come with preset facility for different members of the family. And go one step further, if you have the bucks to spend, you can even get wireless networking (we are still talking about showers!) and water will flow at precise temperatures from any tap in the house. Can anything be more magical than this?

It’s clear we are not talking about ordinary shower enclosures here. We are all gaga over the hi-tech ones. So, if I am going to mention a mirror fixture inside the shower enclosure, you can be sure I am not talking about an ordinary mirror. Hi-tech mirror comes with attached defoggers and heaters; so no more trying hard to see yourself in a steamy enclosure. These defoggers will ensure a hot bath without the cloud. You can even get your floor or your toilet seat heated in winters and even hands-free flushing. But, I am digressing; I know there’s enough hi-tech inside the shower enclosure to talk about without having to venture into the entire bathroom.

Jets of relaxation
Here’s food for thought. Why have a separate shower enclosure, if you can combine a whirlpool bathtub along with it? While shower jets (we’ll talk about that in a while) are good, a whirlpool is a more traditional but contemporary masseur. If you think about it, you’d know that it’s not so much of an oxymoron than it seems. A whirlpool is of course a very hi-tech contemporary gadget in a bathroom. But it works by propelling water from the several jets positioned conveniently in the tub with enough force thereby creating a traditional massaging motion. Even a quick soak in a whirlpool tub can save you a trip to the local spa. When you combine the whirlpool tub with a shower enclosure, you not only save space, but you are also adding the modern elegant rich look to your bathroom.

If you want a unique bathroom experience, but do not have the space, but have the bucks; don’t worry. There’s one for everyone. You can opt for a shower enclosure with a number of jet sprays, all computer controlled. Whether you want the jets to relax you or invigorate or even cleanse you, it’s all available with the touch of a button. You can even customize and store your preferences for daily use. With so much luxury at hand, it’s not surprising if you want to spend most of your time away from the din of the outside world and do a little bit of introspection inside your bathroom.
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