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OASE biOrb Tube Aquarium with LED Lighting Review

oase biorb tube aquarium with mcr lighting review
The underwater world is so beautiful yet mysterious. Having been to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia on several occasions, I am fascinated by the wonder of the underwater world.

If you are looking to start a new hobby, to add some colours in your life, or simply enjoy seeing fishes swimming in the sea, today’s topic may interest you.

oase biorb tube aquarium with led lighting review
Spice up your living space or office with a calming water feature and be mesmerized by the colourful aquatic world. Take away stress and clear your mind as OASE biOrb brings nature to your home.

unboxing oase biorb tube aquarium
Let us take a short trip into nature with Samuel Baker, the designer of biOrb collection. Join me, as I unbox my OASE biOrb Tube 15L Aquarium with Multi-Color Remote Controlled LED Lighting!
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Venus Curtainz Gallery, Your Curtains and Blinds Specialist

night curtain venus curtainz gallery review
Dress up those plain windows and liven up with beautiful fabrics to show your personality. Besides providing privacy to your home, curtains and window blinds accentuate the windows in your rooms, bringing out the beauty of each space.

Specializes in home furnishings such as curtains and blinds across the Causeway is Venus Curtainz Gallery. Carrying brands using the best materials of the highest quality with prices 20% - 30% lower than Singapore, some of their fabrics are also safe for our environment. This time, Luxury Haven is most delighted to have Venus Curtainz Gallery dressing up the windows of our apartment.

venus curtainz living room premium deluxe night curtains
Living Room Premium Deluxe Night Curtain - Miti / 12 Passion
Promotion Day Curtain – Daily / Décor White
A well-designed curtain in the Living Room makes a positive first impression as you welcome your guests into the hall. Razzle-dazzle lights from our chandelier and downlights cast a spotlight on the lush fabrics in the Living Room, carrying a touch of bold elegance.
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6 Simple Wall Decor Ideas to Spruce Up Your Home

wall of photographs online photo collage app photojaanic
Are you looking to add a touch of extra colour or a bit of personality to the walls of your home, or brighten up family spaces with happy memories and reminders of the good times you’ve shared together?

There are a bunch of things you could do. Creating a collage online and print it as a poster is an easy way to compile your best photos when you have so many great memories to choose from. Or if you like art, putting up artwork is also a good choice! Whatever your taste may be, there is a bunch of things you could do.

Here are some ideas you could use to add character to your walls!

1. Going for the old school – bohemian touch with Macramé
Macrame adds a very interesting effect to the room. For those of you who don’t know – macramé is the art of elaborate knotting to create interesting patterns with strings and yarns. You could either look up macramé tutorials to create DIY macramé, or check out a few websites or stores where you could buy ready-made designs!

online photo collage app photojaanic gallery wall
2. Gallery walls: Playing with story and symmetry
Gallery walls are a great way to play with colours, spaces, and shape to produce an impressive effect. It can be done using artwork or photographs. Arrange them symmetrically or in artistic disarray or even in sequence to tell a story for a more interesting effect!
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How to Get the Best Home Loan Rates in Singapore

moneysmart housing loan calculator
So you have found your dream home, what’s next? Buying a home is a huge commitment, so make sure you can afford it first. With so many housing loans offered by the various financial institutions in the market, how do you know if you are getting the best deal? What are the different types of home loans available out there? How can you be sure if you can repay the monthly instalments? With all these mind-boggling questions, it certainly pays to do your homework and a bit of research.

With the recent property cooling measures implemented by the government early July this year with higher ABSD ( Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty ) rates and tighter loan limits, developers are once again offering buyers discounts and rebates hoping to attract buyers.

New launches since the new property curbs such as Daintree Residence near Beauty World MRT Station are sold with a 5% discount, and Tre Ver condominium in Potong Pasir to offer 10% at their Phase 1 launch. Not exactly a fire sale, but definitely caught my eye.

The 99-year leasehold Tre Ver Condo with 1 to 4 bedrooms configuration with selling price ranging between $1,500 to $1,600 psf certainly looks attractive with the 10% discount. Buying a home is a major investment; naturally the next step would be scouting for home financing from the relevant banks in Singapore. Home loans are long-term commitments, so you gotta make sure you can manage your monthly repayments.
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5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Home with Interior Designer Tricks

masons interior design tricks spruce up your home
Home is where the heart is. This quote was probably about family but let's put a pin in that for a moment. We are supposed to love our homes. Whether it is filled with rows of children, a pack of dogs, countless cats or even if it is just you and your partner.

Home is the place where you retreat to when the world is out to get you. It is where you sleep. It is where you relax, entertain people and spend time with your loved ones. Because such a large portion of your life is spent there, it is important that you find it enjoyable to be in this place.
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CDC Anti-Clog #1 Units Giveaway Winners by Air Connection!

air connection giveaway aircon cdc anti clog units
Aircon maintenance can be a headache especially when you encounter problems like water leakage. Thanks to Air Connection Design, 3 winners will each receive 1 set of these CDC Anti-Clog #1 Units for their air conditioning system, and each unit stays effective for a full 3 months!

CDC Anti-Clog #1 Units control the growth of slime-forming bacteria, leading to a safer environment, and also help to prevent water leakage in your air-conditioning system. Here’s announcing the winners!
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Win Air Connection’s CDC Anti-Clog #1 Units for Your Aircon!

air connection giveaway win cdc anti clog units
Where there’s cooling equipment, there’s often trouble. Equipment such as Air Conditioners are breeding grounds for slime, sludge and toxic bacteria, all of which may cause major health and maintenance problems.

air connection benefits of cdc anti clog units
Your aircon drain pan may be filled with these disease-causing bacteria. CDC Anti-Clog #1 Units control the growth of slime-forming bacteria, leading to a safer environment. As powerful as it is compact, CDC Anti-Clog #1 Units eliminate:
  • Clogging and drain pan overflows caused by slime build-up.
  • Musty odors caused by bacteria-slime accumulation.
In a nutshell, these strips will help to minimise growth of bacteria and mould, and most importantly help to prevent water leakage in your air-conditioning system.

win cdc anti clog unit prevents aircon leakage
Thanks to Air Connection Design, I was given these CDC Anti-Clog #1 Units to place on my air conditioning units during our recent aircon installation! 3 lucky followers of Luxury Haven will also get to Win 1 Set of the CDC Anti-Clog #1 Units Worth SGD 30!
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Air Connection Design Review: Daikin Multi-Split Inverter

singapore airon suppliers daikin annual promotion gss 2017
I am sure most would agree with me that choosing an air-conditioning contractor can be a pain. Aircon installation, as with home renovation can be a nightmare if you engage the wrong contractor.

As much as I would like to change my existing air-conditioners, there are also couple of other things to consider such as workmanship, and the different types of air conditioning systems. As I am living in a condominium, more work needs to be done since piping is concealed unlike HDB. Hacking of ceiling is an example, and my hubby is strongly against since it may leave ugly marks.

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Air Connection Design recently to change all my 3 bedrooms’ air-conditioners, but I had a hard time convincing my hubby as hacking is compulsory in order to install new piping.

singapore lifestyle blogger reviews air connection design
I assured him that we are in good hands with Air Connection’s good standing and years of experience. Hubby finally agreed to have an on-site survey one weekend, and Nick came down to explain the type of aircons suitable for our usage and what’s needed to be done.

gss 2017 air connection free onsite survery review
Nick was friendly and patient, and had recommended the 3 top air conditioning brands – Daikin, Mitsubishi and Panasonic. After going through our lifestyle, Nick suggested the Daikin 3 Ticks Multi-Split Inverter Air-Conditioner or the 3 Ticks Mitsubishi Starmex, which is sufficient for our family's usage. Nick also explained that a total of 3 areas had to be hacked - the ceiling above our 3 bedrooms, the common toilet and the yard toilet. Nick reassured us that these areas would be properly patched and painted over.

air connection design daikin multi split inverter review
After much consideration and discussion, we decided to go ahead with the Daikin 3 Ticks Multi-Split Inverter Air-Conditioner as hubby was relatively comfortable with Nick after speaking to him. In this post, we will be sharing all the things you need to know about aircon installation and piping.
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Avoid These Ten Mistakes For a Successful Property Investment

property guru investing in singapore blog post
When it comes to investing in Singapore, you can never ignore the property sector. Land ownership is arguably the most ancient expression of wealth. Currently, the human population is exponentially increasing while the land is in a relatively limited supply in Singapore. As you would guess, any market that has significantly higher demand than supply is likely to experience price inflation. In many ways, Singapore is an extreme example where land outweighs the supply. Unfortunately, this scenario may give a false impression that you can never go wrong by investing in property. Perhaps this is why real estate investment has become the most preferred retirement asset for most Singaporeans.

Property investment is an excellent way to generate a healthy passive income, but only if you know what you are doing. Otherwise, it can be a precarious market characterized by lots of difficulties here and there. However, with the right guide and a good idea of your marketplace, you might be well on your path to becoming a successful property investor. So today in this particular post, we want to explain to you in fine detail, some of the most common mistakes that you should avoid even as you aim to build a proper portfolio. Read on and get to know!
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Nila Aromatherapy Giveaway! Win Diffuser and Essential Oils!

nila aromatherapy diffuser signature blends giveaway
Hey sunshine, are you into aromatherapy? Even if you are not a fan yet, winning the Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser and Bespoke Essential Oils from Nila Aromatherapy Bar may be a good start to kick off!

nila singapore donut ultrasonic aroma atomizer diffuser sale
nila aromatherapy signature blends essential oil sale
Besides carrying a range of quality Diffusers for your essential oils, Nila Singapore also has a wide range of Signature Blends which consist of two or more pure essential oils blended together, and the synergy of blends are usually much better than singles. 3 Consolation Prize Winners will get to pick their choice of Signature Blends! Of course, the 1st Prize Winner Gets to Bring Home a Diffuser Worth SGD 78!

So are you eligible to participate in the giveaway? Well this time, we do not restrict to Singapore residents only, but anyone or those residing in the neighbouring countries can also take part as long as you can pick up the prizes at Nila Singapore in Scotts Road!

nila aromatherapy bar great singapore sale
The Great Singapore Sale is here! Catch Nila Aromatherapy Bar's Hair Care Deals at 50% off, plus hourly sale with up to 70% off! Shoppers will also get 20% off their Essential Oils and 15% off all Diffusers!
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PurelyFresh, Singapore Online Grocery Shopping Review

purelyfresh online groceries store promotion
As much as I enjoy buying things online, I have yet to shop for fresh produce. I have no qualms about buying household items online, but fresh seafood and meat, and even fruits and vegetables? Are they really as good and fresh as claimed?

Unless you enjoy spanning through rows and rows of shelves just to find the items you want in the supermarket, I guess it only makes sense to shop online since everything is within the reach of your mouse. Without the help of a bodybuilder or a car, I have to admit it can be quite tedious lugging your goods home especially if you are buying bulky items like rice and laundry detergents.
local supermarket price compare purelyfresh grocery online store
Well, I am running out of cleaning supplies, cooking oil and canned food, and these are really heavy items. Since we don't drive, there is no reason why I shouldn't give online grocery shopping a try. Thank goodness my first experience with #PurelyFresh is pretty awesome, especially when it comes with FREE DELIVERY, saving me all the hassle!
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Helpling Home Cleaning Services Giveaway Winners!

helpling cleaning services singapore part time cleaners review
If you are looking for part-time cleaners, Helpling Home Cleaning Service is your answer! Thanks to #Helpling Singapore, 3 readers will be getting helpers to spruce up their nest! Are you one of the lucky few?
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Win 2 Hrs Home Cleaning Service With Helpling In 5 Cities!

helpling international home cleaning service giveaway
Make a booking, Get a trusted cleaner, Enjoy your clean home! It's insured and reliable home cleaning on the go in just 3 easy steps!

Available in countries like Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, UAE, and now Singapore, the online home cleaning marketplace is your solution to getting domestic helpers with no hidden costs and no registration fees!

get trusted part time maid helpling home cleaning
In collaboration with Helpling Singapore, Luxury Haven is giving away FREE 2 Hrs Home Cleaning Service With Helpling In 5 Cities Worldwide to 3 lucky readers! Get yours now!
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Helpling Singapore Home Cleaning Service: Get FREE 1 Hour!

helpling singapore home cleaning services review
Need a part-time maid? Help is here! Headquartered in the heart of Berlin, Helpling is available in more than 150 cities and is the most widely-available platform for home cleaning. With the launch of Helpling in Singapore recently, being the first city in Asia and the largest player for on-demand household services in Singapore, lucky Singaporeans are now able to search for part-time cleaners with just a click on the mouse.
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Mt Sapola Christmas Bundles Bubo Owl Ceramic Diffuser

mt sapola christmas owl gift set ceramic diffuser
Celebrate this Christmas with Mt Sapola, as she transports you to a world of aromatherapy with her wide range of home scents!

Using only the finest natural botanical ingredients and pure essential oils in her products, there is a pleasing scent for your pleasure from soothing to vitalizing the mind. Set the mood for your private sanctuary; inhale to experience the therapeutic effects of your favourite natural essential oils.
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Grohe, Holy Grail of Dream Bathrooms + Giveaway Worth $321!!

Sweeping chandeliers and plush settings, full-length windows with generous views of sparkling blue waters await me while I'm sipping a glass of bubbly as I soaked myself in a hydro massage tub of rose petals with scented lavender essential oils. Isn't it such an intense indulgence to replenish energy and serenity into your maltreated body?
luxury haven dream bathroom grohe spa collection
In my years of flying as a Cabin Crew with one of the most prestigious airlines, I'd the privilege of staying in luxury hotels and soaking myself in bathtubs to relax after a long flight. Now that I'm a Lifestyle Blogger, I get the advantage of reviewing some of the gorgeous hotels too! Incidentally, I'll be flying off to Japan end of this month to review one of Tokyo's luxury hotels in Shinjuku, and it's gonna be a very unique one!
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GROHE, WorldʼS Leading Provider Of Sanitary Fittings

grohe digital bathroom kitchen technology
Quality, technology, design and sustainability - that's the brand values that #GROHE carries! GROHE AG is Europe’s largest and the world’s leading single-brand manufacturer and supplier of sanitary fittings, and I'm glad to be part of the recent invitation to preview GROHE’s latest innovations in digital bathroom and kitchen technology; an eye-opening experience!
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Thermos Shuttle Chef® Makes Delicious Shellfish Soup!

hassle free thermos shuttle chef outdoor cooking
The world’s first thermal cooker, Thermos Shuttle Chef® (膳魔師真空燜燒鍋), has revolutionized cooking since 1989 with its time-saving and convenient way of retaining food freshness while conserving energy. Tapping on its superior insulation technology, the Shuttle Chef® range not only insulates, but actually cooks!
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Painting Cost Of Make-Over + Tips From Nippon Paint!

nippon paint home painting services
I wanted a home free of stains; Nippon Paint Easy-Wash & Momento™ solved it all! In addition, Momento™ also gives me the wallpaper effects that I desire. I'd like to thank Nippon Paint for this beautiful home transformation, especially the #HelloKitty dream room; the show-stopper in this entire make-over!
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Hello Kitty Momento, By Nippon Paint!

nippon paint momento hello kitty makeover review
Be enchanted by the fairytale world of a Hello Kitty room! Thanks to Nippon Paint, it’s a dream come true for me; my Guest/Study Room has gotta be the show-stopper in this entire home make-over!
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