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Food and Shopping in Melbourne That’s Worth Checking Out!

australia dining food in melbourne worth checking out
Chicken Salad with Avocado
5D/4N Media Trip to Melbourne:
Australia’s rising food scene has attracted international attention in recent years, and it is no surprise that Melbourne has claimed its spot as Australia’s Food Capital. Other than Australian wildlife, the Land Down Under is famous for its luscious food and wine.

Whether it is a casual foodie experience in trendy cafes, or modern dining overlooking the river waterfront, this multicultural city showcases a diverse food scene offering of a good mix of Asian and Western cuisines.

melbourne chemist warehouse blackmores supplements discount
Of course, your holiday in this cosmopolitan city will not be complete without some bargain hunting for Australian souvenirs and good buys, so let’s get into the action!
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EZ-Link’s TRUST Programme for Customers in the Spa & Wellness Industry

ez link trust programme for spa wellness customers
EZ-Link Pte Ltd, Singapore’s contactless payment pioneer, announced the launch of a new digital platform for the TRUST Programme, comprising a Customer App, a Merchant App and a Merchant Administration Portal for a seamless, holistic approach. The move away from a card-based system aims to widen the adoption of TRUST and allow more consumers to be protected for their purchases of spa and wellness prepaid packages.

Since its launch in 2015, TRUST has provided assurance and security to customers across more than 48 spa and wellness operators of the refund of unutilised value in their packages, should these merchants cease operations. The programme is managed and powered by EZ-Link that acts as the custodian of funds through its bank partner.

With the new TRUST Customer App, customers of participating TRUST merchants can track their packages and transactions, contact their merchants and edit their contact details on the go. They also no longer have to present a card for package redemption.
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Strawberry and Celery Smoothie with Chia Seeds, So Full of Goodness!

celery strawberry smoothie with chia seeds recipe
Are you into Juicing? For those who do not like eating fresh fruits and vegetables, juicing is a great alternative to boost your immune system and at the same time aid removing toxins from your body.

Although juicing can help your body absorb the nutrients better, beware of that additional sugar as these extra calories can lead to weight gain.

Well, here is a fibre-rich, no-sugar-added Smoothie that is so full of goodness! The downside with juicing is that you don't get the healthy fibre that is in whole fruits and vegetables. Hence, I prefer to blend my fruits and vegetables to make smoothies instead. This way, I can retain the goodness of the fibre needed in a healthy diet and besides, fibre can help me feel full.

Using Magnolia Milk with Oats for a fuller stomach, and adding the Superfood Chia Seeds which is known to lower cholesterol levels, let’s check out how to make this Delicious Strawberry and Celery Smoothie!
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Hearty Whole Tomato Rice with Minced Pork Recipe ( 番茄饭食谱 )

how to cook whole tomato rice with broccoli
I once watched a TV program featuring the popular Whole Tomato Rice ( 番茄饭 ), and it looked relatively easy to make. All you need is a Rice Cooker, and this healthy rice is up in less than 30 minutes! This makes a great one-pot meal be it lunch or dinner.

Instead of the plain Whole Tomato Rice which can be quite boring, I tweaked the recipe a little. I added Broccoli, Garlic and Minced Pork, and marinated my meat with the Fuying Japanese Style Olive Vegetables with Mushrooms ( 富瀛日式冬菇橄榄菜 ). If you don’t take pork, simply replace it with your preferred type of meat.

tomato rice japanese style olive vegetables recipe
Topped with Crispy Anchovies and served with a bowl of piping hot soup, your Whole Tomato Rice with Broccoli is packed with all the nutrients you need for a meal!

This is a scheduled post as I am currently in Australia on a Media Trip with my hubby. Follow my trails in Facebook or Instagram! For now, let’s check out how easy this rice cooker dish is! Oh, and don’t forget to participate in our Giveaway at the end of this post!
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Easy and Simple Steps for a Healthier Lifestyle

dexa scan measures muscle asymmetry visceral fat
There are a lot of ways to be healthy. But the first step still needs to come from us. We need to have the will to do it. We all have our own excuses, but in the end, we are all responsible for the choices we make. Regardless of our gender, age, or status in life, we must do our very best to take care of ourselves. Here are a few and simple steps for a healthier you.

Stay Hydrated
There are a lot of health benefits that we can get just by drinking enough water. Two gallons of water will keep us hydrated throughout the day. It is said that staying hydrated helps us maximize physical performance. Drinking a glass of water after waking up will compensate for what was lost during your sleep. And drinking a glass of water before meals will also help us eat less as this will make us feel full. But keep in mind, we need to avoid consuming fluids or even solid foods 2 or 3 hours before going to bed as this might interrupt the quality of our sleep.
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Can You Fight Cancer with Matcha Tea?

kenko matcha green tea health benefits antioxidant
Originally consumed as a delicacy in ancient China, tea drinking dates back over 5000 years. Today, it is a second favorite beverage next to water. Tea consumption has become a daily habit in many households as nearly two thirds of the world's population drink it. Thought this special beverage isn't consumed just because it's tasty, people also want to be rewarded by its many health benefits. Matcha tea in particular has been proven to help with overall health and even fight and prevent cancer. Continue reading to find out how you can fight cancer with matcha tea.
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How Important is Early Critical Illness Cover?

proinvest insurance coverage early critical illness
Did you know that at least 36 people are diagnosed with cancer every day in Singapore? On the other hand, research has shown that while cancer diagnoses have increased over the years, the survival rate has also risen in proportion so much so that on average, the 5 year survival rate is more than 50%.

There is a common saying in Singapore that it is better to die from a critical illness than to be plagued by hefty medical bills. There is no denying that seeking medical treatment in this tiny red dot can a very expensive affair, more often than not causing many to experience cash flow anxiety or even landing in massive debts. However, all hope (and money) is not lost when it comes to having the right insurance plan that helps to alleviate your costs and liabilities.

Most of us are covered for hospitalization insurance such as MediShield Life, Integrated Plans or employee benefits. This provides the first step in “buying back” our health by removing partially or completely the cost of treatment in a hospital. Yet having this base alone may not be sufficient, just like having rice alone may not be able to provide the full nutritional benefits required in a good meal even if it can undoubtedly keep our stomachs full.

This is where critical illness insurance, especially Early Critical Illness insurance can come in to fill the gaps and complete the financial risk management plan if the unpredictability of a critical illness strikes.
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Brown Rice with Fried Dace and Edamame Recipe ( 美味豆豉鯪魚糙米饭 )

healthy brown rice with dace fish edamame recipe
Since I hit the 50s, I have been exploring more into healthy eating. I have heard a lot about the goodness of Brown Rice ( 糙米 ), and have been thinking how to make it tasty so that my family can accept the taste.

Brown Rice is a highly nutritious food, and according to Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health ( HSPH ), the fiber in brown rice helps lower cholesterol, moves waste through the digestive tract, promotes fullness, and may help prevent the formation of blood clots.

Gotta admit it is an acquired taste and honestly, I have not tried any appetizing brown rice until I visited Crystal Jade recently. It was brilliant of them to add the popular canned Fried Dace Fish into the rice, and I was determined to replicate their yummy dish. The moment I told my son I would be cooking brown rice for dinner one day, the first response I got was, “Yucks!” Well, I can truly connect cause I have never liked eating brown rice either, but this has changed since my last visit to the Chinese restaurant.

mili dace fish recipe black beans with edamame
In this recipe, I am using the Natural Harvest Fresh Rice Organic Thai Mixed Fragrant Brown Rice ( 新鲜米有机香糙米 ), and Mili Fried Dace Fish with Salted Black Beans ( 豆豉鯪魚 ). I also did a bit of tweak to the original dish that was served in the restaurant by adding Edamame ( 日本枝豆 ), a popular Japanese young soy bean snack which is low in calories, contains no cholesterol, and an excellent source of protein, iron, and calcium.

hairy gourd soup with dried conch slices recipe
I am happy to have introduced the one-pot dish to my family, and changed their perspective of the yucky food. I have paired my healthy brown rice with a Delicious Hairy Gourd Soup with Dried Conch Slices ( 節瓜响螺片汤 ).

chinese food healthy organic brown rice recipe
Both hubby and son took an immediate liking to the Brown Rice with Fried Dace and Edamame ( 美味豆豉鯪魚糙米饭 ) that I had prepared, and I am so glad that they even emptied the entire pot! I hope you will like this recipe as much as we do, so let’s get cooking!
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Bone Setter Chris Leong to Fix Frozen Shoulder ( 跌打CLM式骨正馆 )

singapore lifestyle blogger reviews chris leong tit tar
Bone setting is a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine, widely popular in Asia to cure the disbalance of the skeleton, muscles and joints. Patients go to a Bone Setter for fractures, dislocations or musculoskeletal injuries in general.

Being in the 50s and going through the menopause phase is no joke as my health seemed to have taken a toll overnight. After a recent surgery to remove a Ganglion Cyst in March, I have been down with shoulder pain for some months now. Did X-rays, Ultrasound and even Bone Density Test but results were all good. I have also tried Shockwave Therapy, Radio Frequency, Acupuncture, Tui Na etc, but nothing seemed to help. Then I stumbled upon Bone Setter Chris Leong of CL Method Tit Tar ( 跌打CLM式骨正馆 ), a prominent figure in Facebook with numerous viral videos showing his bone setting treatments.

bone setting experience with chris leong tit tar
I found out about Master Chris Leong’s Tit Tar Tour, and managed to secure a slot to see him. This post is about my bone setting experience with Master Chris to treat what he had diagnosed as a Frozen Shoulder ( 肩周炎 ), with videos of my “ adventure “.

Adhesive Capsulitis in medical term, Frozen Shoulder is also commonly known as 五十肩, literally translating to Fifty-Year-Old Shoulder, because this condition tends to happen to people around the age of 50. Having a frozen shoulder can be a painful experience, but bone setting is definitely not for the faint-hearted, so fasten your seat-belt as I bring you through my Bone Setting Experience with Chris Leong Method Tit Tar!
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Parma Ham Avocado Salad with White Truffle Honey Recipe

parma ham avocado salad white truffle honey recipe
Prosciutto di Parma Ham is widely used in Italian restaurants but sadly, these delicious Italian dry-cured ham are clearly under used in Asian homes.

The wafer-thin salted ham is often served as an Antipasto, Pizza topping, wrapped around Grissini, or you can even use it to wrap your meat. There are so many ways to prepare Prosciutto.

miele al tartufo bianco honey with white truffle
Knowing I am a huge fan of Truffles, my girlfriend bought me two bottles of Miele al Tartufo Bianco from London some time back. You may think it is weird to pair salad with honey, but the Parma Ham Avocado Salad with White Truffle Honey is so fragrant, and truly out of this world! So home cooks, try this healthy dish if you are tight on time cause it is so easy to make!
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Ginger Flower Buds Remedy for Arthritis ( 姜花治关节炎 )

torch ginger flower remedy anti inflammatory properties arthritis
Used in Malay cuisine, Ginger Flower Bud aka Torch Ginger Flower ( 姜花 ) is part of the ginger family and is high in antioxidants and loaded with anti-bacterial and anti-cancer properties. More importantly, its anti-inflammatory properties can help treat Arthritis ( 关节炎 ).

ginger flower buds for penang assam laska recipe
The remedy was given to me recently by a trusted source mainly to address the issue of Arthritis. When cut, this pretty pink edible flower bud releases an aromatic fragrance and you will love the scent even more when you put it into the water to boil.

As the Chinese saying goes “ 姜越老越辣 “ - literally translating into “ The Older The Ginger, The Spicer It Is “, meaning The Elders Know Better. I have not seen nor heard of this flower but after speaking with my 89-year-old mom, she said it is popularly known as Rojak Flower. The wise old lady went on to explain that the bud is usually sliced thinly to be used in salads such as the traditional Rojak, and it is easily available in Tekka Market.

Thanks to my Malaysian neighbour who uses the flower buds in her cooking, she told me where I could find them near our home. Also called Bunga Kantan in Malaysia, the buds are used to zest up curries or the famous Penang Assam Laksa.
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Carrot Potage with Prosciutto-Wrapped Breadsticks Recipe

carrot potage with prosciutto wrapped breadsticks recipe
Carrots are rich in beta-carotene which is known to protect our lungs against toxins that are linked to lung cancer. Carrots are also known to promote good eye-sight, but how do you know that these orangey root vegetables are good for your eyesight? Well, have you ever seen a rabbit with glasses? LOL!

creamy carrot soup with parma ham wrapped grissini
This homemade hearty Carrot Potage simmered in a chicken stock is sweet, creamy and extremely nutritious. Turn this comfort soup into a classy dish by pairing it with Prosciutto-Wrapped Breadsticks. You will find Grissinis aka Breadsticks in almost every restaurant in Italy, and they make great appetizers especially with the Italian dry-cured ham.
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Heliocare Purewhite Radiance Max 240 Giveaway Winners!

heliocare purewhite radiance max 240 giveaway winners
Sold exclusively in clinics only, and widely used by dermatologist, plastic surgeons and general practitioners, Heliocare Purewhite Radiance demonstrates improvement in skin moisturization, skin brightness, skin elasticity and reduces water loss through our skin.

Now, 2 readers of Luxury Haven is going to walk away with a bottle of Purewhite Radiance Max 240 Worth SGD 148 each, proudly sponsored by NeoAsia!
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Coconut Soup with Chicken and Goji Berries Recipe ( 清甜椰子鸡汤 )

refreshing coconut soup with chicken goji berries recipe
This healthy Coconut Soup was inspired after a trip to Yeh Ting ( 椰庭 ), a Chinese restaurant specializing in Hainanese cuisine. Their signature dish is the Coconut with Chicken Soup Pot using fresh coconut water and coconut meat.

refreshing coconut chicken soup with wolfberries recipe
The broth has a mild sweet flavour and is extremely refreshing unlike the usual Steamboat, which makes you keep wanting to drink more. Hence, I came up with my very own version of Coconut Soup with Chicken and Goji Berries Recipe ( 清甜椰子鸡汤 ) which requires only 3 ingredients. Try cooking it and see if you like it as much!
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OWNDAYS Clear Vision Soft Contact Lens In Singapore Now!

owndays clear vision soft contact lens hyaluronic acid
83 per cent of young Singaporean adults are eyewear users and this is set to increase given the advent of technology permeating Singaporeans’ everyday lives. Over the years, OWNDAYS’ outlet expansions is a testament to the growing demand of eyewear from Singaporeans, with their customer base increasing by 18.4% year-on-year in the first quarter of 2018. With the high demand for quality eyewear and contact lens in Singapore, together with its goal of bringing vision to the world, OWNDAYS is launching its first ever in-house contact lens brand – OWNDAYS Clear Vision exclusively in Singapore this June.
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Purewhite Radiance Max 240 Anti-Ageing Supplements Giveaway!

whitening supplements heliocare purewhite radiance max 240 giveaway
Beauty junkies, be one of the two readers to Win Heliocare Purewhite Radiance Max 240 Worth SGD 148 each!

whitening supplements heliocare purewhite radiance max 240
100% Herbal carrying an extra dose of Fernblock®, an oral agent that has shown abilities to quench free radicals and decrease the development of hyperpigmentation, Purewhite Radiance Max 240 gives additional boost to achieve a more radiant and fairer skin, and enhanced UV protection to prevent hyperpigmentation.

Our last review on Purewhite Radiance Max 240 has drawn quite an interest, and Luxury Haven is most delighted to host another awesome giveaway! You will be pleased to learn that Heliocare range of products is widely used by dermatologist, plastic surgeons and general practitioners. Now, who wants to win a bottle of these herbal whitening supplements?
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Heliocare Oral Sunscreen & Purewhite Radiance Max 240 Review

fernblock heliocare oral purewhite radiance max 240 review
Tired of skincare products that don’t deliver results? Are you having dull skin, dark spots, uneven skin tone, and looking for a clinically proven product that works from inside out?

The market is flooding with skin whitening creams, and many skin lighteners still carry chemicals and harmful bleaching ingredients that may damage our skin, and pose serious health risks if used for prolonged periods. Hence, care should be taken when choosing a whitening skincare product; be it oral or topical application.

heliocare purewhite radiance max 240 review
When using any skin whitening product, it is vital that you place your health first and read if there are any side effects of using it. To be safe, choose a plant-based beauty supplement such as Heliocare Purewhite Radiance Max 240 that offers vegetable-based capsules. What possibly could be more convenient to get your daily dose than just by popping these whitening pills?

whitening supplements heliocare purewhite radiance max 240
Not only are you able to attain the fairness you desire through their combination of the exclusive technology FERNBLOCK + WHITE TECH COMPLEX, there are also additional anti-ageing and photoprotection benefits that will aid in achieving a firmer, plumber and younger looking skin.
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Ganglion Cyst Removal Surgery or Simply Needle Aspiration

ganglion cyst treatments aspiration surgery options
A Ganglion Cyst is a bump on top of a joint or the covering of a tendon. The swelling may feel hard and firm, but it is just a jelly-like fluid inside the cyst.

More common among women, Ganglion Cysts generally occur on the back of the hand or they can also grow on the palm side of the wrist. To date, the cause of these cysts is still unknown.

hand bandage after ganglion cyst surgery
For those following me on Facebook, you would have known that I had a surgery recently to remove my Ganglion Cyst. It popped out of nowhere at the back my hand early last year, and had me real worried. It got painful as time went by, and I decided to seek medical help.

I have received several messages from parties who have also developed the cyst and interested to know about my condition and treatments etc. This prompted me to share my personal experience and journey with those who may need more information.
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Yummy Avocado Shake with Gula Melaka Recipe ( 椰糖鳄梨奶昔 )

yummy avocado shake with gula melaka recipes
Incredibly popular among the health conscious, Avocado aka Alligator Pear ( 牛油果 / 鳄梨 ) has as many as 20 different vitamins and minerals to get you excited. It is said that people who eat avocados tend to be healthier.

There are a wide range of uses for the healthy fruit such as Guacamole, a Mexican dip. Avocados are also frequently used for milkshakes in countries like Philippines and Indonesia.

yummy avocado shake with brown sugar syrup
I love my Avocado Shake with Gula Melaka or otherwise known as Palm Sugar, but the ones sold outside is always either too sweet or too milky. DIY your very own Yummy Avocado Shake with Gula Melaka Syrup ( 椰糖鳄梨奶昔 ) now, and it is so easy to make!
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Black Garlic Spaghetti with Cheese Sausage ( 黑蒜芝士香肠意粉 )

healthy black garlic spaghetti with cheese sausage recipe
It is known that Garlic has been used as a medicinal herb since centuries ago where its benefits have been scientifically proven. Then came Black Garlic, which has begun to surface in recent years and slowly gaining popularity due to its many health benefits. Black Garlic is rich in amino acids and has almost double the amount of antioxidants when compared to White Garlic.

superfood black garlic health benefits
These blackened cloves do not come cheap, hence many home cooks have started “ fermenting “ their own like one of my girlfriends. I was blessed to receive a small container filled with her hard work. Black Garlic is actually " caramelized " garlic. It has a sweet, prune-like taste, and texture is a bit mushy.

hokto kinoko bunashimeji mushrroms pasta recipe
I must admit that it is an acquired taste, and my family are still not accustomed to both its taste and texture. Hence, I decided to add the ingredient to make this Exotic Black Garlic Spaghetti with Cheese Sausage ( 黑蒜芝士香肠意粉 ), and toss in vegetables such as Bunashimeji Mushrooms, Cherry Tomatoes, and Baby Spinach, and drenched in a healthy dosage of Camelina Oil. Of course, you can always omit the sausage for a healthier version.
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