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Korean Prosys ConCept Perm Promo at Clover Hair Boutique!

clover hair boutique korean prosys concept perm promo
With layers of soft wave creating volume at the top, this short style is elegant and feminine. There I was at Clover Hair Boutique again, and this time having my hair permed to give some body to my flat hair.

singapore far east plaza hair cut deals clover
far east plaza clover hair boutique prices
I was first given a hair cut by Daniel, Clover’s Assistant Manager who is taking care of my styling. Despite being featured in TV shows and magazines, the salon smacked right in the heart of the Orchard shopping belt charges an amazingly reasonable price for hair cut, starting from a mere SGD 30 ( male ) and SGD 35 ( female ) for all hair lengths by their Senior Stylists! What’s more? All followers of Luxury Haven will get a further 15% off these prices! Isn’t that wonderful?

singapore hair salon deals korean prosys concept perm
Utilizing selected botanical proteins that are highly compatible with hair and with ample moisturizing ingredients, this Korean PROSYS ConCept Perm gives the curls moisture and shine. Because it is a non-drip type solution, the hair absorbs it faster, allowing bouncy and elastic curls to be formed in the shortest amount of time.
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Get Shiny Hair with L'Oreal Colours and Redken Treatments!

celebrity lifestyle influencer reviews singapore hair salons
Do not let your age shows through your hair! Make sure you give your crowning glory the best treatments they deserve. While frequent dyeing and bleaching can damage your hair, just touching up your roots not only save you some money but also helps patch up those unsightly contrasts.

far east plaza clover hair salon promotion
Touch up those grey hairs or when your highlights start growing out, and hair that stick out like a broomstick is a no-no so get yourself a good hair treatment too. If you are not sure whether it is time to touch up or colour your hair, follow this rule of thumb - colour your hair after every 3 touch ups.

It was one of those regular visits to Clover Hair Boutique to have my hair done - hair cut, touch up roots, and have an intensive hair treatment. I love how Daniel ( Assistant Manager ) takes care of my hair.

clover hair boutique singapore celebrity choice
Pix Credit: Clover Hair Boutique, Her World Magazine
I have rather good feedback from readers who took advantage of the 15% readers' discount and other promos to have their hair fixed at Clover, and their prices are pretty reasonable noting that the salon is frequently styling for magazines.
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Redken Intensive Hair Treatment at Clover Hair Boutique

clover redken intensive hair treatment review
Set a date and get your personalised scalp and hair thickening therapy at Clover Hair Boutique, which begins in-salon with a consultation with Clover's hairdressers, allowing them to check the condition of your hair and recommend the best suited hair and scalp treatment for you.

singapore top hair salons far east plaza
I am a fan of their Redken Intensive Hair and Scalp Treatment. If you are ever in the salon, please look for Daniel, Clover's Assistant Manager. You will love his massage technique and he is so knowledgeable! I have to admit Daniel is by far the best scalp therapist I have ever come across, and I have always enjoyed my scalp sessions with him.

What's more? Readers of Luxury Haven get 15% off all hair services!
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Keratin Treatment Review + Clover Hair Boutique's 38% Promo!

clover hair boutique keratin therapy blogger review
If you haven't heard of #Keratherapy, here's introducing the revolutionary keratin smoothing system - the Diora Professional Advanced Renewal System with Kerabond Technology!

singapore popular hair salons in orchard rebonding deals
Unlike traditional hair straightening or rebonding, Keratherapy Advanced Renewal System is a hair smoothing system that is 100% free of harmful chemicals like formaldehyde. It also keeps frizz in check and loosens even the tightest curls with added shine while leaving the hair straighter and smoother.

To celebrate Clover Hair Boutique's Anniversary, there is no better time to catch their 38% off all hair services now!
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Clover Hair Boutique: Far East Plaza; Readers Get 15% Off!

singapore far east plaza clover hair boutique
Smacked right in the heart of Singapore's pulsating shopping belt is Clover Hair Boutique, fronting the main entrance of Far East Plaza in Scotts Road. With experienced hairstylists frequently engaged in styling for magazine shoots and TV shows, it is no surprise the salon is always packed with customers who desire to keep up with the latest trends.

singapore top hair salons in orchard review
clover hair boutique louis vuitton monogram manhattan handbag
Beauty junkies, you will love the bright and clean ambience the moment you step into the elegant hair salon with 3 separate spacious sections. I love that there is a dedicated cabinet for customers to deposit their bags inside, just next to their respective seat.

luxury haven lifestyle blogger reviews clover hair boutique
#OOTD: Burberry London, Louis Vuitton
Well, I'm certainly delighted to have Clover Hair Boutique as the official sponsor for Luxury Haven, taking care of my hair from now on. Good news for you too! All readers will get 15% off all their hair services by simply quoting LUXURY HAVEN! *Not valid with any Promo, Packages or VIP Discount.

You guys are so used to seeing me in my long tresses these years, but I have actually chopped off my hair for good last year! It's time again for a new colour and also to tidy up. Let's check out what Clover had done for me................
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BeautyAsia 2016, Asia’s Premier Beauty, Spa And Wellness!

beautyasia 2016 beauty wellness trade exhibition suntec singapore
BeautyAsia prides itself as the most comprehensive Beauty and Wellness trade exhibition and indeed, I was totally lost in my own world stepping into the massive event halls held at the Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre couple of weeks ago.

beautyasia 2016 regional beauty trade show
The three-day BeautyAsia 2016 from 24 to 26 February 2016 provided industry professionals a diverse range of the latest products and technologies from around the world as the regional beauty trade show returned for its 20th edition.

beautyasia 2016 trade show spaasia healthasia naturalasia
Incorporating SpaAsia, HealthAsia and NaturalAsia, this annual four-in-one showcase is an exciting buyer-seller meet awarding networking opportunities to business owners, importers, distributors and manufacturers who are looking to grow and expand their business and build brand awareness within the industry.

beautyasia regional beauty trade show suntec singapore
Admission is free to BeautyAsia 2016 but opened to trade professionals only where visitors could gain valuable insight into the beauty industry. Show goers were also treated to a lineup of beauty competitions such as the HACOS Hair Designer Awards, where hair experts from the region gathered to test and demonstrate their skills and talent, the inaugural International Semi-Permanent Make Up Competition ( Brow, Eyeliner and Lip Tattoo ), NailAsia and LashAsia.
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Hairstyles For You To Try | Which Do You Prefer?

georginas salon hair cut christmas promotion
Happy 2016, sunshine! How was your Christmas and New Year celebration with friends and family? Did you change your hairstyle for 2016? Well, I did! I actually decided to chop off my hair! So what do you think of my short hair?

2016 hairstyles to try singapore top hair salons
In this post, I did a round-up of my hairstyles for the last 3 years. Take a look at the different hairstyles spotted and let me know which you like best. Let's start from the oldest first...............
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Singapore Hair Salon Georgina Reopens With A Spanking Look!

singapore lifestyle influencer luxury haven georgina salon
My Wella Hair Colouring and Treatment Sessions at the newly revamped Georgina's Salon resulted in a mix of lowlights and highlights, heightening a more relaxed feel to my rebonded hair, all ready for an evening of Alba White Truffles.

georginas salon christmas promotion hair colours
georginas salon reopens with spanking new look
Despite its popularity, Georgina's Salon has recently downscaled its 2,200 sq ft sanctuary to a smaller and cozier space to cater to its niche market. Maintaining a spacious feel, the established Singapore Hair Salon at Goodwood Park Hotel still holds its elegant and neat ambience.

goodwood park hotel georginas salon haircut perming promotion
Christmas is near, are you ready for a new hairstyle? With 25% off all hair services just for you readers, it's time now to get the luxurious scalp and hair treatments, the funky hair colours, or that perfect perm you have always wanted!
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Georgina's Salon Launches Mediceuicals Scalp & Hair Solutions

georginas salon launches mediceuicals scalp hair solutions
Do you know that 97% of people will experience some form of scalp problem such as Dandruff, Psoriasis, Seborrheic Dermatitis or a dry scalp, and an unhealthy scalp may contribute to hair loss?

georgina salon mediceuicals scalp hair solutions review
Well, Georgina's Salon is pleased to introduce Mediceu+icals Scalp and Hair Solutions, a unique dermatological products that nurture optimal hair and scalp health since 1964.
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Georgina's Salon, Your One-Stop Beauty Parlour + 25% Off!

georgina singapore top hair salons for indonesians
Spanning across 2,200 sq ft is Georgina's Salon, nestled in the lush greenery at the Parklane Wing of the 5-star Goodwood Park Hotel in the heart of the shopping belt of Singapore. The entire landscape was bathed in the warm glow of the sunny sky, and I could hear the wind rustling through the leaves as I took a slow walk to the classy hair salon.

promotion georginas salon beauty parlour review
Georgina's Salon is a one-stop fix for your hair, face, body and nails! The discerningly decorated salon offers a full suite of hair and beauty services, from cuts and perms to scalp therapy, using the best products available. Experts are also on hand to offer you luxurious manicure, pedicure and other nail treatments.

singapore one stop beauty hair georginas salon review
With 3 distinct hairstyling sections offering 15 seats, 2 facial rooms, and 1 traditional massage room, the sanctuary is an ideal escape from the tropical heat, making it a relaxing stop-over before setting off for more retail therapy. Now with the 25% off all hair services just for readers of Luxury Haven, isn't it a good time to pamper your hair and scalp?
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Naoki Yoshihara Japanese Hair Salon: Cut + Rebonding Promo!

singapore top japanese hair salons naoki yoshihara review
Tired of having the same old curly hair for years? Well, it is certainly a good time to get a new hairstyle now with Naoki Yoshihara's Cut and Rebonding Promotion at only SGD 170 for all hair lengths!

I have had curly hair for some years now, so when Masa-san of #NaokiYoshihara by Ash suggested Soft Rebonding, I thought it may be time for a new look. My hair was also given a fresh colour; from my current light brown to a darker tone, with a hint of red added to the ends to give my hair a natural dimension.

singapore top hair salons naoki yoshihara review
Aesthetic Treatments By: EHA Clinic
In about 4 hours on two separate occasions, my hair was given a new lease of life using products from #Shiseido and #Schwarzkopf! What do you think of my new look?
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Naoki Yoshihara Japanese Hair Salon: Shiseido Fuente Forte

singapore japanese hair salon naoki yoshihara promotion
If you are experiencing bad hair days, perhaps it is time to fix the condition of your scalp? To create the ideal environment for a healthy hair growth, it is really vital to keep your scalp in tip-top form for a lustrous bouncy hair.

Here's introducing the Shiseido Fuente Forte Treatment for Hair and Scalp available at one of Singapore's leading Japanese Hair Salon, Naoki Yoshihara by Ash! Don’t forget to quote " Luxury Haven " for your reader's discount off all services except for promotional items.
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Naoki Yoshihara Hair Cut Promo by Japanese Hair Stylists!

naoki yoshihara kuramochi masami luxury haven celebrity blogger
Thinking of changing your hair style? Catch Naoki Yoshihara's latest Hair Cut Promotion by Japanese hair stylists at just SGD 60 for Women, and SGD 55 for Men now!

Meet Kuramochi Masami, the Creative Director of Naoki Yoshihara by Ash, with more than 30 years of experience and specializing in hair perms.
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Naoki Yoshihara: Shiseido Hair Care Salon Solutions Therapy

naoki yoshihara shiseido hair care salon solutions promotion
Do you know that with every shampoo, calcium ions accumulate inside your hair which can make it coarse? Well, Shiseido has developed a unique technology which first eliminates the accumulation of calcium ion inside the hair to restore the hair to its natural state. Here's introducing you Salon Solutions Ultimate 5-Step Reconstruction Therapy at Naoki Yoshihara by Ash that helps to revive your hair!
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Naoki Yoshihara by Ash in Orchard ( ナオキ ヨシハラ バイ アッシュ )!

luxury haven lifestyle blog reviews naoki yoshihara orchard
ナオキ ヨシハラに戻りました! Yap, after a lapse of more than a year, I am finally back at the Japanese hair salon, Naoki Yoshihara by Ash ( ナオキ ヨシハラ バイ アッシュ )!

japanese hair salon naoki yoshihara orchard
A little about the salon, Naoki Yoshihara by Ash is the largest hair salon chain in Japan with 260 outlets to date! Opened on July 2013 at Liang Court in Singapore with the intention of providing Japanese quality service with affordable price here, Naoki Yoshihara has recently opened another outlet in International Building, taking over Komachi on the second floor. Boy, I love the convenient location since I can always pop by after my shopping and spa in Orchard; plus, my Aesthetics sponsor is also in the same area!
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Waterfall Braid Hairstyle By Jass Hair Design for Events

jass hair design trendy half plaits waterfall hairstyles
Waterfall Braid, Waterfall Plaits, or Half Braids Waterfall Hairstyles are some of the names of the latest rave in hair styling. It is a technique where you braid the top of the hair and letting the other half cascade like the waterfall. It is a classic hairstyle made trendy, but totally sweet and cool!

singapore beauty blogger hairstyling by jass hair design
Recently, I had to attend a media event by Maria Galland. So I paid a visit to Jass Hair Design, and told them I wanted a chic but simple hairdo, a half braided hairstyle like the Waterfall perhaps.......
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Immortelle Atelier MoroccanOil Hair & Scalp Treatment Promo!

immortelle atelier maria galland cocoon moroccanoil hair services
Don't you love those one-stop services where you can have your hair done and at the same time, have a hand spa for younger-looking hands?

Offering quality make-up, hair and skincare therapies is Immortelle Atelier, a professional bridal and wedding makeup one-stop service salon that takes beauty to a new dimension. It was probably my 6th visit to the beauty salon, and always leaving the place fully satisfied and pampered. This time, I was there to try their Moroccanoil® Hair and Scalp Treatment, plus the Maria Galland Cocoon Hand Mask..........
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4 Hair And Scalp Treatments For Chinese New Year + Promo!

jass hair design chinese new year promotion
Hey lovelies, it is time for you to get pretty again from top to toes! Chinese New Year is just next month, and many of us have already started shopping for CNY clothes and yummy goodies; I'm sure you’ll want to look your best too! Well, Luxury Haven has put up 4 Top Hair and Scalp Treatments for you to indulge and look gorgeous over the coming festive season!
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Beauphoria Carousel Curler Is Now At Immortelle Atelier!

hello kitty pink beauphoria wonder women series curler
I've to admit shopping for a curling iron can be a big headache with many not delivering as promised. I'm really bad at using these tongs, and often find myself struggling with one and getting scalded around the ear area when I tried to twirl my hair.

united square immortelle atelier hair makeup services
This festive season, I'm thankful to be able to experience the Beauphoria Automatic Rotating Curling Iron at Immortelle Atelier. It was great to be back at the beauty salon for their Creambath Hair Treatment, which is such an indulgence.
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Pantene Total Damage Care BB Creme and Hair Strength Tonic

pantene pro v total damage care review
#Pantene launches the revolutionary Pro-V Total Damage Care 10 BB Crème for Hair, and the Pro-V Hair Fall Control Hair Strength Tonic, unveiling the two new multi-functional innovations!
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