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List Your Skills and Services at Deal’n, Start Earning $$$!

reuse reduce recycle at dealn estore
Are you a single mother, ex-offenders, or senior citizens in search of ways to earn some pocket money or even earn a living? Or are you always on the look-out for new platforms to showcase your skills? How about transforming your talents and skills into a traded currency?

If you have a niche in baking, cooking, sewing, craftsmanship, graphic designing, photography, or whatever you think you are good at, join the community at Deal’n eStore, a new platform for people to Reuse, Reduce and Recycle, or to earn some quick bucks.

Who Is Deal’n?
Selected as one of the best 200 start-ups worldwide to participate at the Web Summit 2016 in Lisbon, as well as one of the best start-ups locally in TechInAsia Singapore and Indonesia, Deal’n is an eCommerce, a social impact platform offering practical solutions and opportunities to people, and introducing individual social responsibilities through digitalization of barter trade, skills and currency.

Also invited in 2017 to participate as BETA as a successful start-up, Deal’n was one of the best 200 ASEAN start-ups at Rise in Hong Kong 2017, and again invited this year as a successful start-up in 2018. Its aim is to create job opportunities for anyone especially the vulnerable members of their community. Deal'n Estore is a place where you can earn an income by using your skills, talents, expertise based on your own capabilities and abilities in the comfort of your own home!
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Win Air Connection’s CDC Anti-Clog #1 Units for Your Aircon!

air connection giveaway win cdc anti clog units
Where there’s cooling equipment, there’s often trouble. Equipment such as Air Conditioners are breeding grounds for slime, sludge and toxic bacteria, all of which may cause major health and maintenance problems.

air connection benefits of cdc anti clog units
Your aircon drain pan may be filled with these disease-causing bacteria. CDC Anti-Clog #1 Units control the growth of slime-forming bacteria, leading to a safer environment. As powerful as it is compact, CDC Anti-Clog #1 Units eliminate:
  • Clogging and drain pan overflows caused by slime build-up.
  • Musty odors caused by bacteria-slime accumulation.
In a nutshell, these strips will help to minimise growth of bacteria and mould, and most importantly help to prevent water leakage in your air-conditioning system.

win cdc anti clog unit prevents aircon leakage
Thanks to Air Connection Design, I was given these CDC Anti-Clog #1 Units to place on my air conditioning units during our recent aircon installation! 3 lucky followers of Luxury Haven will also get to Win 1 Set of the CDC Anti-Clog #1 Units Worth SGD 30!
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Discover the Beauty of Royal Belum State Park Rainforest

( Visit Perak 2017: 4D3N )

luxury haven visit perak 2017 sg kooi waterfall
Escape to tranquility in a rainforest getaway with no mobile network coverage, only scenic landscape, serenity, lush greenery and beautiful people. Now how often do you get that as city dwellers?

royal belum rainforest postcard view sungai kooi
Seek refuge in the pristine Royal Belum State Park in Perak where it was given the royal status in 2003, putting it under the protection of the Perak royal family. Embrace one of the world’s oldest rainforests dating back over 130 million years, the largest continuous forest complex in Peninsular Malaysia, making the Royal Belum Rainforest older than the Amazon rainforest in South America and the Congo rainforest in Central Africa.

Located in Gerik, it is said that 14 of the world's most threatened mammals such as the Malaysian Tiger, the white-handed Gibbon, Asiatic Elephant, Malaysian Sunbear still roam freely in this natural habitat. The spectacular rainforest also houses over three thousand species of flowering plants, including three species of Rafflesia aka Corpse Flower.

royal belum rainforest four times of singapore
Belum Temenggor has also been recognized by Birdlife International as an “ Important Bird Area ” with some 316 known bird species and home to large numbers of hornbills. There are a host of activities you can do in the Royal Belum State Park, like hiking in the forest reserve of Belum Temenggort, take a dip in waterfalls, visit aboriginal villages, spot wild animals and more!
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Are You Ready To Invest In Our Energy's Future?

nrglab singapore
Recently, I've started writing about clean energy & environment issues. I haven’t done it before but life crossed me with one Singapore company which team showed me how important this issue is & that we can’t stay from it apart. Now it’s time to share all this with you.
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Haze, How We Can Help Fight This Crisis!

The hottest topic right now in Singapore is probably the HAZE! Even my blog sponsors from USA have heard of the crisis & emailed me earlier to show their concern. That’s how bad it was in case you haven’t heard. Singapore, known for its clean city, has succumbed to haze recently, with a record high of PSI 400 reaching a hazardous level.
singapore haze marina bay sands
Pix Credit: Global Voices
A smoky haze fuelled by forest fires in Indonesia had engulfed the whole of Singapore. This is due to illegal forest fires in Indonesia's Sumatra island. Singapore's skyscrapers were blanketed in haze & the acrid smell of burnt wood enveloped our entire garden city.
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DIY Plastic Flowers + Beaded Accessories Giveaway!

Can you tell what this stalk of Carnation is made from?
mothers day diy plastic carnation flower facebook
I posted the above teaser some time ago on Facebook, & I’ve answers like paper, plastic, edible plastic etc. And most of you got it right – it’s made from those plastic bags from food stalls in the market. But you can use almost all kinds of materials to make these flowers. Mom used plastic bags, paper wrappers & even #styrofoam!
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Would You Like To Be Part Of A USD 40M Gasification Plant Program?

Nope, we’re not talking about any Lego Construction nor is this an April Fools’s joke!

nrglab singapore
Socially-conscious enterprises like NRGLab is inviting partners & investors to mutually cooperate in the construction of its first Gasification Plant on the partner’s domestic territory. As mentioned in my previous articles, NRGLab is a science-driven company based in Singapore. The company researches & develops alternative-energy technologies for clean, reliable & affordable electrical power on a global scale. Among the other projects, it's currently involved into development & modification of gasification technology to get the main target – so that Rice Husk/Coal/Gas/APG could be processed into energy & fuel.
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Ana Shell, The Unsung Hero!

ana shell fund nrglab singapore
Some people have dedicated their lives for the good of the Earth. We’ve Green Heroes whose work revolutionized the global environmental movement & one such beautiful person I know is Ana Shell.
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A Better Tomorrow, Together With NRGLab Singapore!

nrglab singapore enviromental problem
Over the years, Singapore's output of solid waste has increased significantly. In 2012, Singapore disposed of 2.93 million tonnes of solid waste, which was enough to fill 990 football fields to the height of an average person! This amount would have been significantly higher if Singapore had not also recycled about 60% of the total waste generated.
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Envizyme's Eco Vegan Green Household Cleaning Products

envizyme green tree products
The growing awareness of global warming & other climate change issues has brought us to become more aware of the state of our planet. You've probably noticed that green is everywhere these days. This time, Luxury Haven is pleased to introduce a range of household cleaning products that is made from recycled vegetables and fruits! Doesn't that sound remarkable? Wouldn't you like to have an amazing Eco Vegan Green Household Cleaning Product that will save the lives of your children & loved ones?
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Kitchen Tips To Store Your Messy Plastic Bags

diy kitchen tips
Don't you just hate these supermarket plastic bags cluttering & taking so much space in your kitchen? They can be a pain, but yet so useful. I do bring my own recycle bags when I go shopping for groceries, but there are also times when I need these plastic bags for my kitchen use. They're really practical for trash disposal etc.
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Top Commenters @ Luxury Indulgence!

Dearest readers,

Thank you for your wonderful comments in my blog! To show my sincere appreciation for your frequent visits, I've installed a 'Top Commenters' widget on the sidebar, just below the Recent Comments.

Be the top 5 commenters & or the recent 5 comments which will automatically link your name to your blog, increasing your readership.

Difference between the two?? Your link will always be on this blog as long as you're the Top 5 Commenters but for Recent Comments, your link will drop with the latest comment coming in.

Take a look at the latest snapshot & keep your comments coming!
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Shower The Hi-Tech Way

After a long and tiring day, nothing can rejuvenate you like a hot shower. Like a hot cup of coffee warming your throat and reviving your spirit, a hot steamy bath can do the same to your external body. The steam and the heat and force with which each droplet falls on your body can perk you and at the same time relax you. If any shower can do this you, imagine a bath that adds extra dimensions to it. Would you like a massage along with your bath or would you like to feel like a kid getting drenched in the rain? Now, it’s possible to let go of yourself in the bath or be given a therapeutic massage, thanks to hi-tech shower enclosures.

Preset temperature
What is the one thing that you can possibly hate about a shower bath? To me it would be to fiddle with the cold and the hot water knobs, constantly turning and changing to get the right temperature. Now put that worry to rest. Hi tech shower enclosures are here to ease your troubles. Shower enclosures now come with preset water temperature for your showers. And if that’s not enough, some shower enclosures come with preset facility for different members of the family. And go one step further, if you have the bucks to spend, you can even get wireless networking (we are still talking about showers!) and water will flow at precise temperatures from any tap in the house. Can anything be more magical than this?

It’s clear we are not talking about ordinary shower enclosures here. We are all gaga over the hi-tech ones. So, if I am going to mention a mirror fixture inside the shower enclosure, you can be sure I am not talking about an ordinary mirror. Hi-tech mirror comes with attached defoggers and heaters; so no more trying hard to see yourself in a steamy enclosure. These defoggers will ensure a hot bath without the cloud. You can even get your floor or your toilet seat heated in winters and even hands-free flushing. But, I am digressing; I know there’s enough hi-tech inside the shower enclosure to talk about without having to venture into the entire bathroom.

Jets of relaxation
Here’s food for thought. Why have a separate shower enclosure, if you can combine a whirlpool bathtub along with it? While shower jets (we’ll talk about that in a while) are good, a whirlpool is a more traditional but contemporary masseur. If you think about it, you’d know that it’s not so much of an oxymoron than it seems. A whirlpool is of course a very hi-tech contemporary gadget in a bathroom. But it works by propelling water from the several jets positioned conveniently in the tub with enough force thereby creating a traditional massaging motion. Even a quick soak in a whirlpool tub can save you a trip to the local spa. When you combine the whirlpool tub with a shower enclosure, you not only save space, but you are also adding the modern elegant rich look to your bathroom.

If you want a unique bathroom experience, but do not have the space, but have the bucks; don’t worry. There’s one for everyone. You can opt for a shower enclosure with a number of jet sprays, all computer controlled. Whether you want the jets to relax you or invigorate or even cleanse you, it’s all available with the touch of a button. You can even customize and store your preferences for daily use. With so much luxury at hand, it’s not surprising if you want to spend most of your time away from the din of the outside world and do a little bit of introspection inside your bathroom.
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Bringing Joy To Others On A Blue X’mas

Of late, I’ve not posted any recipes nor events relating to my X’mas celebration. The reason: my father-in-law has just left us. He was suffering from cancer but it was a peaceful parting for him on Dec 20, without any pain.

The wake lasted 7 days, spanning across X’mas & for the Chinese tradition, we’re not allowed to celebrate any special occasions. Hence, no X’mas for us & no Chinese New Year for 2010 as well.

I’ve received a log cake on X’mas eve, with compliments from Marriott Hotel. This was the only X’mas treat my family got this year, no dinner celebration, no X’mas presents……… just a log cake which we’ve “enjoyed” quietly, after a long day at the wake on X’mas eve.

X’mas is about spreading love & bringing joy to others. To bring some festive cheer to the members of the Fuchun Toastmasters Club & to lighten my mood, I decided to go ahead & prepare some snacks for this month’s meeting. I’m a member of this club since middle of this year & Toastmasters is a place for me to learn, grow & develop.

For the meeting, I’ve been advised there’d be 18 attendees. As the members are made up of multi-racial, I’d to pay special attention when preparing food for some of the Muslims. This was my 1st time cooking for my Malay counterparts, I’d to be very careful not to include pork in the diet & also had to observe the utensils I used etc. It was a challenge for me. Nevertheless, I was determined to make it right, so everyone can enjoy.

Since this is the holiday season, I wanted my food to be wacky & colourful. Keeping in mind most attendees would’ve already had their dinner, these “snacks” mustn’t be too heavy. Hence, I came up with 2 canapes with a Japanese twist, a pasta & a dessert:

Double Tuna Flakes

Crabmeat Mini Bites

Rainbow Pesto Pasta

Chocolate Crumbles

I was glad the food was well-received. However, I missed out one important point – vegetarian. I was so engrossed with making dishes fit for Muslims but I entirely overlooked the vegetarian. It didn’t cross my mind that there’d be Vege-saurus in the guests’ list. I felt really bad that two of the attendees couldn’t eat most of the food. This is one valuable lesson for me. With this, I’m sure I’ll make a better host next time.

So how did you celebrate your X’mas? Did you encounter any hiccups or boo-boo like I did?

Click here for the above recipes. Here’s wishing all, a JOYOUS HOLIDAY!

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Eco-Friendly Performance Bedding

Going green? Concerned about ecological products that are both safe & friendly? I was on a mission to "take green to the next level" & stumbled upon that strikes me as a great resource for both tips & green bedding.
ziasleep eco friendly performance bedding
A healthy bedroom is one that allows us to rest, heal & rejuvenate in a space free from environmental stresses & connected to the healing properties of nature. There is nothing more worthwhile than investing in a nice comfortable mattress as the body requires proper sleep to be able to regenerate for the next day. I was totally taken in by ZiaSleep's Eco friendly mattress, such as the Eco Memory Foam Mattress, which is perfect for the sensitive sleeper.

Wow Factors:
- EcoMemory Foam uses 100% natural plant-based substitues instead of the chemical typically used in manufacturing foam.
- Unique open-cell surface of EcoMemory Foam resists body heat retention & dissipates heat faster, so you sleep cooler.
- 10-year Warranty for Bamboo cover.

With ZiaSleep’s Performance Bedding, I was also impressed with the OUTLAST technology in their ISO-COOL Pillow. This incredible feature uses smart temperature relief that absorbs your body heat to keep you cool & releases heat to warm you up. Selection & care of pillows are especially important because these are kept close to your face as you sleep. The OUTLAST cutting-edge technology delivers a level of comfort, performance, purity & durability.

What about completing the bedding set with matching Bamboo Bed Sheets? Imagine if you could improve the quality of your sleep by just a simple switch of sheets. Dreamsacks Bamboo Sheets are a luxurious & environmental alternative to cotton. Bamboo grows as fast as you can cut it & produces more oxygen to offset the rising CO2 levels that contribute to global warming.

Now we can choose beddings that’s non-toxic & friendly for the kids, the elderly, the entire family & most importantly, the EARTH!

Creating the perfect eco-friendly bedroom begins with an ALL NATURAL HEAVENLY BED! Let’s start making our bedroom a natural sanctuary & rest easy in a greener, healthier room.
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A Lovely Gift - Hello Kitty

Isn't this fluffy Hello Kitty bedroom slippers simply adorable?

It was a gift from my good friend, Elena. No, it's not my birthday nor any special occasion. We met up for lunch & she handed me a huge Kitty carrier, saying it was for me. I was blushing with joy to find my favourite Kitty gift. How thoughtful of her. Yeh, I can add this to my Hello Kitty collection!

Friendship is like a flower. With each tender care, it blooms with beauty & strength. I always believe that kindness begets kindness & little nice gestures like this goes a long way.
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Bloggers Promo MTV By Polybore

Enjoy this short clip of Bloggers featured by Polybore & watch out for Luxury Indulgence!

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Do You Know Blogger Is Turning 10?

Yes, Blogger’s turning 10 this August. Happy Birthday, Blogger! You’ve come a long way & may you have many more fantastic years to come by.

Thank you, Blogger, for bringing me so much blogging fun! Besides meeting many wonderful friends, I’ve revisited my writing skills once again. I’ve almost forgotten I can write & best part of all, I’m now being paid to write.

More delightfully, I can finally open up my kitchen to the public, a cooking passion that I’ve always wanted to share. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my generous food sponsors. With their resources, I can now sample food for free & also whip up & create as many dishes as I like without burning a hole in my pocket. Thank you for this enriching experience!
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Tips: Save Money & Planet!

Discover the power of saving in this economic downturn & let's change our habits. We may already know some of these useful tips but let's put into action. Here's 15 tips to beat the #recession blues:
  1. Repair leaks immediately to prevent unnecessary water wastage.

  2. Cut out coupons in magazines & newspapers. They can save you quite a bit.

  3. Wash your dishes & vegetables in the sink instead of under a running tap.

  4. Accumulate your clothes & wash on full load.

  5. Leave your plants outdoors at night to catch the morning dew.

  6. Be mindful about leaving unused power & lights on. Turn them off when not in use.

  7. Do not dispose unused wines. Instead, use them for cooking which adds as an enhancement for flavours.

  8. Borrow books from the library or visit 2nd-hand bookstores.

  9. Continue to promote #EarthHour. Use tealights to light up your home. Body Shop has a wide range of essential oils for various purposes like Lavender for relaxation, Citronella to drive away mosquitoes, Eucalyptus & Peppermint for Flu etc.

  10. Recycle printing papers to use as scrap.

  11. Avoid buying bottled water. In countries like Singapore, clean & drinkable water is available right from our taps.

  12. Swop your regular light bulbs for energy-saving ones.

  13. Carry a recycled bag to the supermarket to contain your groceries.

  14. #Recycle envelopes. I'm using the A4 ones to store my travel brochures & equipment manuals etc.

  15. And the latest, which I've learnt: Water heaters need not be turned on 24/7. Just turn it on 10mins before each use. Gosh! God knows how much I've been charged all these years for leaving it on. Gonna monitor the drop in my next month's utility bill.
#Singapore has a reputation for being a clean & green city. Do not mar that beauty by littering. It could be just a can, tissue or food wrapper but you can make a diference. Let's make an effort by disposing these trash into respective recycled bins whenever we spot one.
Better ideas? Please feel free to post your suggestions here & keep the list of tips going......
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I Support Earth Hour 2009 – At The Esplanade Park

Beautiful skyline, great music, romantic candlelight, friendly & fun crowd………. And yes, I was there, at the Esplanade Park last evening with my family, supporting Earth Hour 2009 & to witness the first ever blackout of buildings in Singapore. (Pix of volunteers). Were you there too? singapore earth hour esplanade
I almost didn’t make it. The sky was dark when we were getting ready for the event. We were wondering, it’s gonna be an open-air event, what if it rains. But we were all set to go, I’d already filled my “picnic basket” with my favourite snacks, mineral water & groundsheet. Besides, my hubby & I wouldn’t like to disappoint our son. With all the global warming talks in schools, I guess that we as parents, have to set a good example for our child. Then, it started to pour when we stepped out of our apartment. Nonetheless, we were determined to join Singapore & the rest of the world to support #EarthHour. And, I’m glad I was there. louis vuitton neverfull
The rain didn't last & we’d little effort identifying the exact venue as we simply follow the music coming from the concert, which led us all the way to the park. It was already crowded when we arrived around 7.30pm. We soon found our very own cozy corner & set up our picnic area, like many others. We started unloading our snacks & making ourselves comfortable, then I realized I forgot the most important thing – candles. Gosh! How could I? I was feeling a little upset but I was suddenly distracted by the sound of 'tong-tong chang, tong-tong chang'. “Mum, it’s the Dragon Dance!” Jon exclaimed. This came as a surprise cause we thought we could only see such performances during Chinese New Year. singapore earth hour dragon danceWhen the Dragon Dance was over, Jon & I took a stroll at the booth area. There were NEC, Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Old Chang Kee & few others participating in this movement. We were offered Coke Zero for free, at a condition that we have to bring back the cans for recycling. I think that was a very innovative approach. The booths display banners & provided a lot of information on global warming etc, such as the Coca-Cola’s “Energy & Climate”. singapore earth hour energy and climate
I spotted one booth manned by a group of secondary school students giving lessons on making “Grasshopper”. I was asked to participate which I gladly accepted the invitation. It looked easy but for the first couple of minutes, I was struggling with the banana leaf. Phew! I finally completed one & proudly presented it to my hubby. Does it look like a grasshopper to you? singapore earth hour grasshopper crafts
When Jon & I got back to where my hubby was, we found him chatting with someone & thought nothing much. Then, we realized he was being interviewed by a Straits Times journalist, which came out in the papers today, “We’re seeing so many natural disasters around the world. Hopefully, an event like this can raise awareness & bring the global community together to slow down the effects of climate change”. Mmmm…. at least, I know we’re on the same page.
singapore earth hour straits times news article

In no time, the Earth Hour volunteers went around distributing candles & lighting them up. I was happy. At least it won’t make me look bad, sticking out like a sore thumb without any candles. Yeh! candle light at esplanade park
I heard a commotion not far from us & all heads seemed to be turning towards one direction. Wow! What a beautiful heart-shaped set-up!!! A group of gals were celebrating birthday for one of their pals & created a heart-shaped ring surrounding a cake. Lucky gal & what a way to celebrate. I’m sure she’ll never forget this memorable day. celebrate singapore earth hour candles
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1……… lights off, Singapore!! And all of us roared & cheered to this historical global event. I felt the heat, I sensed the earth “moved” under the hour & everyone was having fun.

I’d captured some of the beautiful night scenes before the lights out, using my 8.1 mega pixel Kitty camera. I’m just an amateur but I think some of these pictures turned out pretty well. singapore earth hour
I’d a great time with my family & it doesn’t end there. Let’s all play our part, there’ll still be increasingly severe consequences for people & nature, with the most vulnerable communities & species being hit first & hardest.

singaporeans celebrating earth hour
My family is now more conscious in leaving that unused light on & we put in efforts to turn off all main power before going to bed everynite. These are just some of the little things we do but it matters. singapore earth hour 2009
So how did you witness the historical event last evening? Did you have a candlelight dinner at home or were you out on an event like me? Share with us your thoughts.
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