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Winners Of August Bellabox Giveaway!

bellabox china glaze nail polish giveaway
In my National Day August Bellabox + Int'l Giveaway post, the prize was a China Glaze Red Hot Nail Polish worth S$15. I'm really surprised that this mini Giveaway had attracted quite a handful of participants worldwide. Few readers were telling me that they really like the I Love SG Beach Tote & would love to win that too. So there's a surprise for you!
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Let Your Fingers Do The Walking At Vitacost!

Yes, with just a click of the mouse, you'll get all your goods delivered right to your home with Vitacost! I was overwhelmed by the number of items they carry on their site on my first visit.
vitacost online shopping
Vitacost offers nearly 2,000 of the top, most-trusted natural brands, diet food & healthy living essentials - the very best nutritional supplements, whole foods & sports nutrition! You'll find more than 30,000 products that help you care for yourself, your family, your pets & your home.
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Distinctive Chocolate Tasting Session at Fadina

street directory and fadina chocolates tasting event
Visiting Fadina was like stopping over in the Middle East all over again, bringing back fond memories of my days there especially in Dubai (shopping capital of the Middle East), during my time as a Flight Attendant.

fadina chocolates luxury haven
I was invited for Chocolate Tasting Session at Fadina, a place exhibiting the rich taste & culture of the Middle East & Mediterranean.
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Targus Lap Lounge for iPad & Tablets, Perfect Gift This Father's Day!

Do you know that Singapore has the highest Smartphone penetration rate in the world, with approximately 54% of mobile users owning a smartphone? It also boasts one of the highest iPad penetration! I was elated when Targus sent me their Lap Lounge for my iPad use. This also makes a perfect gift this Father's Day or other special occasions!
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May BellaBox Comes With A Reusable Bag!!

Happy Mother’s Day to all wonderful mums out there! For this special month, indulge in May BellaBox of beauty treats for you & your mum, which comes in a cute reusable pull-string bag!
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Great Ideas For This Mother’s Day

Hey, the BIG day is fast approaching! Have you ran out of ideas on how to celebrate Mother’s Day?

Let's all pay tribute to our mom! Here’re some ideas for you to pamper her on that special day. Click on the highlighted links for more info:

Buy-1-Get-1-Free Mother’s Day “Hydra-Cura” Facial By Repêchage!

Buy her a Happy Call Pan!
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Mother’s Day Giveaway: EHA Customized Facial & Skincare Products!

Give yourself or your beloved mom a special treat this Mother’s Day! If you’ve read all about my Skin Awakening Facial At EHA Clinic & Skincare & EHA Clinic & Skincare Product Review You Mustn’t Miss, you must be thrilled to learn that I’ve a lovely surprise installed for you.

I'm most delighted to announce that EHA Clinic & Skincare is sponsoring the following prizes for this Giveaway:

  • 1 x EHA Customized Facial (type of Facial given will be determined after a skin analysis)
  • 1 x EHA Moisturizer (S$88) & Exfoliator (S$68)

Guys, you can enter the draw too & win something for your mom on this special occasion. Give her all the pampering she needs on her Big Day!
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Enjoy 1st Class Gift Experience At Zumvee!

Gourmet, Kickboxing, Horse Riding, Pole Dancing, or even a F1 Street Circuit Driving Experience; find it all at Zumvee!
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DIY iPhone Pouch & Others This Valentine’s Day!

I’ve made these in 2009 for my friends during the economic downturn. I didn’t want to spend too much, so I’d decided to rediscover my long-lost hobby – Crochet.

I hope this post is not too late. Well, for those who’re already into this hobby, I’m sure you’ll have no problem completing this within a day. After all, these are all very small items. Besides, what’s better than giving something made with love & passion.
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DIY Your Mandarin Oranges This Chinese New Year

When families visit one another to exchange greetings during the Chinese New Year, it’s a tradition to take gifts such as Tangerines and Oranges, as their Chinese names sound like "gold" and "wealth".
howt to diy chinese new year mandarin oranges
While Mandarin Orange is the most popular fruit during this period due to its symbolic of "luck" or "fortune", Tangerine with leaves intact represents long lasting relationships and fruitful with kids.
chinese new year mandarin orange ang pow basket
My mum has been making these Tangerines for the last couple of years for display in her house. She has just suggested a brilliant idea as she found lots of leftover oranges gone to waste in the past.

Mum thought it would be a nice notion to replace real oranges with these DIY ones this year. Recipients would be able to appreciate and display these vibrant oranges in their homes. I was in full support of her superb idea and wanted to learn how to make these for my visiting too. If I can do it, you can too. I've included a tutorial for you, so let’s DIY our own Mandarin Oranges/Tangerines this CNY!
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Cute Egg Faces For White Christmas Recipe Challenge

cute egg faces for white christmas recipe challenge
What do you think of these quail eggs? Please say they’re the cutest eggs you’ve ever seen…. Hohoho!

cute egg faces christmas recipe at kitchen artistry
(Spotted @ Kitchen Artistry)

cute egg faces christmas recipe at tasting spot
(Spotted @ Tasting Spot)

cute egg faces christmas recipe at omy
(Featured @ OMY-食天堂Eat)

Well, I was in one of my crazy moods again & decided to turn these plain-looking quail eggs into colourful gem stones with faces. Look, we’ve got Emerald, Ruby, Topaz & Mother of Pearls for X'mas!
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Baked Rice, I'll be home for Christmas!

“I'll be home for Christmas, you can plan on me
Please have snow & mistletoe & presents on the tree

using baked rice for xmas gifts
Christmas Eve will find me where the love light gleams
I'll be home for Christmas, if only in my dreams”

christmas baked rice winner of food contest
3rd Place Winner: Food of the Month Contest
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Be My Friend Forever

Friends are like gems to me; so vulnerable, yet so precious. I treasure friendship, as much as I treasure my diamonds :) However, it’s not easy to sustain a pure & sincere friendship, especially lasting more than a decade.
Jen is my ex-classmate from secondary school, backdating all the way to 1980s. Yes, it’s that long. But we kept in close touch, though not meeting often. The last we met was a Sweet Indulgence At The Marmalade Pantry, more than a year ago. I’m always happy to see her.

Jen came to visit me, making more than an hour of journey by bus, train & bus again.

I’d the intention to prepare a feast fit for a queen, but Jen said she couldn’t stay long as she needed to pick her son up from school. She came after lunch, with a full stomach. A little disappointed, but I did not forget her approaching birthday on Oct 15. Besides a bottle of perfume that I’d arranged for her, I’d to prepare some snacks. That's the least I can do.

I try to remember my friends’ birthdays. Not that I’m running on the lastest memory chip with the highest capacity, but I make it a point to record their birthdates. So I won’t miss any, at least try my best not to. Now with Facebook, things even get easier, I get a reminder just before their birthdays.

Well, I wanted Jen to try the latest cocktail that I’d created for The Cocktail Challenge: "Luxury Haven" Cocktail Is Born!
Still using the same base, but I substituted Champagne with Sprite & the Yume with Strawberries instead. So did she like it?? Well, she finished the drink. So either she really liked it or she was really thirsty. LOL!

Then, I prepared Craby Celery Sticks with Bacon Bits. For sure, she loves the sticks as she was asking a lot of questions on the preparation. I wanted to give her something refreshing & crunchy since there was gonna be Deep-fried Prawn Paste Chicken Wings, so the Celery idea was perfect.
Come back for the recipe soon. However, I won’t be posting the recipe for the wings as it’s really too straightforward. You’ll just need to mix fermented prawn paste, which comes in a block, with water to make a paste. It’s almost effortless to make. Important thing is how you control the fire to make it really crispy.
Dessert was an implementation of the Hershey’s Fruity Surprise @ my hubby's Birthday Seafood Galore. But I’ve used up all the custard & coconut cream, so I'd to make do with Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey instead. Oh, how I love playing around with food. I’m a colourful person, so I toy with my recipes accordingly to my mood & the ingredients in my kitchen :)

Despite having a full stomach as she’d said earlier, I was glad Jen emptied all the dishes I’d fixed.

Jen then took out some gifts. OMG! It’s a Pearly Pink Hello Kitty Key Pouch that she’d gotten from Japan!! And……… she hand-made these pretty bookmarks & hp charm with “Shirley” beads on it!
Aren’t they lovely? Jen’s amazingly good with her pair of hands. She makes crafts & bakes too. Hop over to Agapejen Crafts Collections to take a look at their creations.

Jen also bought a box of donuts from Donuts Factory, enough to feed my family of 3. Hahaha!. Well, it was another day of fun & laughter!

Do you also have friends that you really treasure? Share with us one beautiful moment with him/her here & inspire others to treasure friendship. Let's give a toast to long-lasting & marvelous friendship!
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A Lovely Gift - Hello Kitty

Isn't this fluffy Hello Kitty bedroom slippers simply adorable?

It was a gift from my good friend, Elena. No, it's not my birthday nor any special occasion. We met up for lunch & she handed me a huge Kitty carrier, saying it was for me. I was blushing with joy to find my favourite Kitty gift. How thoughtful of her. Yeh, I can add this to my Hello Kitty collection!

Friendship is like a flower. With each tender care, it blooms with beauty & strength. I always believe that kindness begets kindness & little nice gestures like this goes a long way.
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Luxury Indulgence: Hello Kitty Gadgets

I’ll stick by my “You’re only young once” statement & I wouldn't let anyone stand in my way, especially when it comes to my adorable Kitty-chan! Indeed, the Japanese pop-culture icon has built up an impressive resume over the years & has recently become the new envoy of Japan. I’m already a mother of a teenage son but I just simply can’t divorce Kitty. Even my dearest mum would sometimes comment, “When are u gonna grow up?”.

I’m ashamed to confess that I was one of those who joined the unbelievable long beeline outside McDonald's years ago just to queue for the Hello Kitty stuff toy collection. Others would then in turn sell them for a profit, but mine are still with me till this day, in their nice mint condition. It was crazy those days, young & old would form queues outside Mac just to get a chance to buy the fashion divas. I’d even found myself accomplices, my mum & hubby, to collaborate in this silly & ridiculous game. He has long relented to my obsession & probably learnt that he has gotta live with the Japanese “mistress”.

Through the years, I’ve graduated from Minnie Mouse to Tweety Bird & finally to my current Kitty craze. I’ve a good number of #HelloKitty collection, ranging from stationery, travel accessories to gadgets & many were from friends, who spotted Kitty from their travels & bought them as souvenirs for me. I’d love to display them here, especially for Kitty fans out there, but it’s just too plentiful. But please bear with me, I feel the need to exhibit a few of my favourite gadgets, plus a lovely pair of ear-rings (2007 birthday gift from my son) & make the ladies go ga-ga:

Hello Kitty Touch-screen Handphone
Model: 328 Metallic Red Limited Edition
hello kitty touch screen handphone
This is a very basic #HelloKittyMobilePhone, it's just a fun gadget. I've added some bling-blings at the sides myself. Whenever I take Kitty out, I'd be greeted with smiles & giggles. Waitresses, sales staff etc would go green with envy & asked, "Where did u get this from? Soooooo cute, I want, I want!!!"
hello kitty touch screen handphone review, shopping
Product Specs:
  • Product Release: Sept 2007
  • Dimension: 90 x 49 x 15 mm
  • Weight: 75g
  • Ringtones: 64-tone polyphonics, Support format: mp3, midi, wav, amr
  • Audio Playback: Support MP3 Background Play. Shaker Playback Control
  • Video Playback: Support 3GP, MP4 Support Full screen playback
  • Tilt Screen Control Camera: 1.3M Pixel
  • Video with Audio recording, White Balance, Exposure compensate, Max res 1280 x 1024 photos
  • Memory: 64MB internal, Support up to 512M MicroSD
  • Special Features: Side 16-LED for wave messaging, incoming call-alert & alarm setting

Hello Kitty Kenwood Portable MD player
I love this #HelloKittyKenwoodMDPlayer! It has that 9 flashing lights that blink according to the rhythm of music, with automatic flashing lights in 4 different effects. Sorry, I've misplaced the specs so I can only show you the photos.
hello kitty kenwood portable md player

Hello Kitty Che-ez! Foxz3 Digital Camera
The electronics company, NHJ, has taken Asia by storm in launching the #HelloKittyCheez Foxz3 digital camera in 2005. I love its cute & slim feature, you can easily slip it in your pocket but that's about all. I'm sad to say, the picture quality sucks.
hello itty che-ez foxz digital camera
  • Dimensions are 86 x 34 x 74mm
  • Weighs about 190g
  • You can take images of 2048X1536/ 1600X1200/800X600 pixels in 3 different modes: Fine, Normal & Economy
  • Large 2.0 inches TFT liquid crystal monitor
  • 9-thumbnail picture preview & smart file-protection function prevents pictures from being deleted accidentally
  • Records video in the MPEG-4 (ASF) format
  • Lens is a 35mm conversion, giving a 46mm F3 simple focus.

Hello Kitty Casio EX-Z80 Digital Camera
This is my latest toy - given to me on my last birthday. The price tag? A hefty ¥45,000! Over-priced for a Casio 8.1 Megapixel camera, I think. But who wouldn't forgive the manufacturer for such a lovely gadget?

This #HelloKittyCamera comes with a Hello Kitty themed case & startup screen. The 8.1 Megapixel camera has a 3x optical zoom, 2.6-inch LCD display & H.264 848×480 video recording.hello kitty casio ex-z80 digital camera review
hello kitty casio ex-z80 digital camera review

Hello Kitty Ear-rings
Yeh, it's kinda childish but it was a sweet gesture from my endearing son. I've only wore it once, on that birthday, to show my appreciation. Now, isn't this lovely?
hello kitty ear-rings accessories
Other Hello Kitty posts:
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Valentine’s Day Gift Idea

This Valentine’s Day, give the perfect musical duet — an iPod for you & your loved one & be pampered with gifts. It's a countless way to say “I love you.”
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Valentine’s Day D.I.Y. Gifts: Part II

Following my post on Feb 5 on Valentine’s Day D.I.Y. Gifts (iPhone pouch & an uncompleted girly bag), here are more finished products for my friends this Valentine’s Day.

diy handphone pouch, mobile phone case, crochet tips

diy valentines day gifts, crochet tips
diy valentines day gift, crochet tips

I’ve added a #Nokia pouch with a slot in front for cards & a mini pouch. The other is the completed pouch which I've mentioned in my earlier post. Notice the 2 orange pouches share some similarities except that one has a tie-string ribbon & the other, a strap with jewel button?

Once you’ve mastered the art of #crochet, you can play around with the designs. Refer to the pattern picture on the basics of making a circle & you’re on your way to making these adorable pouches for your friends & loved ones!

Go to on the basics of crochet.

valentines day gifts, crochet tips valentines day diy gifts, crochet tips
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Valentine’s Day Gift Idea for Him

Versatile black – Fashion's coolest colour. What about getting your guy Hugo Boss black easy iron Enzo Black Label shirt this Valentine's Day?

The black looks great worn slightly smarter, tucked in, under a blazer or light weight jacket, either with a tie or on its own.

Alternately team with jeans, either black or dark denim for a great smart/casual look. Black really is a most versatile classic colour working well with almost anything.

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D.I.Y: Handphone Pouch

Refer to LearnToKnit on the basics of Crochet.

Lesson on making a handphone pouch:
learn how to crochet handphone covers

Print out the picture below for the steps. Ignore the Japanese instructions. Trust me, you don’t need to know Japanese, just follow the diagram.

You may like to omit the strap and cover if you’re making the phone pouch for a guy and remember, take the hp’s measurement so it can fit the model. So what are you waiting for? Print out the guide and D.I.Y now. Good luck!

You may like to read:
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Valentine’s Day D.I.Y. Gifts

Romance is in the air...........

February 14th’s drawing near and you don’t wanna spend too much on your gift this year. How about learning the art of crochet? It’s much easier than knitting, which I’ve failed terribly. So if I can do it, I’m sure you can too.

Well, the last time I crochet something was back in school days. But this Valentine's Day, I decided to pick it up again as not to break my piggy bank. And I did it – in just less than a week ( including time to snack, surf and chasing my Hong Kong TV drama)!!

Well, I've completed the black elegant iPhone pouch using glittering black wool and in the midst of completing a girly pouch (strap & button not done yet) for my friends.

how to diy beautiful mobile phone covers

learn how to crochet valentines day gifts

So let’s waste no time and go to D.I.Y: Handphone Pouch to get started now!! Check out other designs I've made @ Valentine’s Day D.I.Y. Gifts: Part II!
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