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Adees Co: The Dream Collection Leather Goods For A Purpose

american fashion brand adees leather goods
The importance of leather goods in the fashion industry truly cannot be understated, but what is even more important is the quality of goods that we buy.

Adees Co is an American Fashion brand, founded by Adylia Gutierrez, that designs and manufactures affordable high-quality handcrafted genuine leather backpacks, handbags, accessories, and more. Adees Co proves that it is possible to offer a combination of high quality and chic style at a truly attainable price.
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The Trusted Flower Delivery in Singapore For Mother’s Day

mothers day gifts flower chimp carnation
No matter what the occasion is, flowers are one of those classic gifts that you really can’t go wrong with. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or grand opening, flowers can express feelings and emotions without having to say a single word.

Although the lifespan of flowers may not last long, the feeling of receiving them will be remembered for a lifetime; getting that warm fuzzy feeling of happiness is a treasure. To add, it also brings delight to the person sending the flowers as one of the simplest joys in life is being a reason someone smiles, especially those who are important to us. One of those people that we hold dearly in our hearts are our mothers.
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Win Feng Shui Watches by Hochste Timepiece Worth Over $500!

chinese geomancy feng shui watches hochste timepiece giveaway
Fascinated by the recondite magnitude of the Five Element Theory in Chinese Geomancy after attending the Architecture and Feng Shui conventions in London and Singapore, Milfred Hauser, German designer and co-creator, was inspired to extract its essence and use it on creating the minimalist ( simplicity ) yet stylish design of his unisex watches.

The 5 elements collection by Hochste Timepiece carries a symbolic meaning with various colour representations behind each element, and their unisex watches symbolize a balance of YIN and YANG.

I will be away from tomorrow on a 5D Media Trip to Melbourne with my hubby, hosted by Visit Victoria. Thereafter, we shall be flying over to Sydney for another week. As always, I have scheduled another Giveaway during my absence and it is Open to All Worldwide, courtesy of Hochste Timepiece! Follow my trails in Facebook or Instagram!

hochste timepiece swiss quartz movement leather watch
This time, 3 lucky followers of Luxury Haven will walk away with SUCCESS by Hochste Timepiece, worth SGD 185 each! The FIRE element in this classic timepiece symbolizes SUCCESS and is represented by a sophisticated brown, as stated in Milfred Hauser's inspiration - the Five Elements Theory.
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Hochste Timepiece Featuring the Five Elements of Feng Shui

german designer watches hochste timepiece review
Feng shui ( 風水 ) is a Chinese Geomancy practice originating from China. The belief discusses architecture in terms of invisible forces that bind the universe, earth and humanity together known as Qi(氣 ), which plays a vital role.

The 5 Feng Shui Elements — Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water — is fundamental to the study of Geomancy, bringing balance and harmony into your life.

singapore lifestyle blogger reviews hochste timepiece
With each element represented by a colour and symbolizes a universal value, here is an unpretentious timepiece that takes you through your day whether it is work or play.

Erfolg in German, SUCCESS by Hochste Timepiece is the FIRE element in their newly launched series of 5 elements collection by their German designer, Milfred Hauser. With its modest price tag, this is a watch that is worth a second look. Read on, for an attractive 20% discount just for followers of Luxury Haven, plus FREE Shipping Worldwide!
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Lunar New Year Hong Bao Giveaway Winners at Luxury Haven!

chinese new year hong bao collections
Happy CNY, folks! Have you have been feasting lots during this Lunar New Year! For those who are still single, bet you have been busy collecting heaps of Ang Pows. Wish I were young and single ………

Well in this Year of the Pig, I decided to do something different and hosted a Hong Bao Draw open to all worldwide. I have amassed quite a bit of stunning Red Packets, and wanted to share with you guys, and I am glad I did! Honestly, I am pleasantly surprised at the turnout with lots of participants coming from Malaysia, and far away countries like Canada, United States, and even Russia. So happy to have hosted this CNY Hong Bao Giveaway!

While quite a handful of participants had stated their choice of Ang Pow Sets they prefer, many did not. Hence, I will be selecting for them randomly from the remaining ones. Come, let’s find out who the 12 lucky ones are!
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Top 8 Reliable Flower Delivery Services in Singapore

samantha close up bouquet by farm florist singapore
Flowers are a popular choice of a gift on several occasions. Apart from being used as a gesture of romance, it can also be used to wish someone a happy birthday, a happy mother’s day, a speedy recovery, and the list goes on and on. Being in a country like Singapore where our work schedules are usually so hectic, delivery services are very necessary for us to get things done once in a while. We have put together a list of the top 8 flower delivery services in Singapore, and why you should trust them.
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Chinese New Year Ang Pow Collections Int’l Giveaway x 12 Sets!

chinese new year ang pow collections international giveaway
Hey folks, are you an Ang Pow ( 紅包 ) collector or know anyone who is a collector of these CNY Red Packets?

Also known as Hong Bao in Mandarin, these red packets with fanciful designs are given out during a festive season like Chinese New Year, or special occasions such as baby showers and weddings as monetary gifts. The auspicious red colour of the envelope symbolizes good luck.

Well, I have also managed to collect many beautiful ang pow designs, such as auspicious Chinese characters, cute boyish and girlish dolls, lovely flowers, and also the Chinese Zodiac animals.

All brand new and sealed in their original packaging sorted in sets of 4 with each containing 5 or 10 red packets, followers of Luxury Haven will be able to pick their favourite set of design. Giveaway is Open to All Worldwide, and we have 12 sets to give away!

cny auspicious fu character hong bao collection
For the non-Chinese or international readers residing in Europe or USA etc, you can use these pretty red envelopes to contain other non-monetary stuff such as costume accessory when gifting instead of using the same old boring gift wrappers. Ang Pow with Chinese character like 福 ( Fu ) symbolizes " fortune " or " good luck "; I am sure the recipient will appreciate the lovely gesture.
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Welcome Year of The Pig With RISIS’ 2019 Zodiac Collection

risis zodiac collection happy goal lucky pig
Usher in a wave of good fortune and prosperity this Chinese New Year with the 2019 Zodiac Collection from RISIS. Inspired by the optimism and generosity of the twelfth Chinese Zodiac animal, the sculptures are a celebration of abundance, success and wealth. Ranging from Harvest to Fortune of Harmony, Four-tunes of Happiness, Happy Goal Lucky and Legend of XII Pig, the 24K Swiss gold-plated pig sculptures are an auspicious addition to any living space or a propitious gift for good fortune and happiness. The items are available in-stores from November 2018 onwards.
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A Better Florist Giveaway Winner at Luxury Haven!

better florist giveaway spring breeze winner
Featured in several places such as Forbes, Yahoo and Straits Times is, A Better Florist, offering free same-day delivery of fresh flowers islandwide in Singapore.

better florist flower arrangement class shopee studios
A Better Florist is currently partnering with Shopee Studios to help you bring out the inner florist in you! Pick up some basic flower arrangement skill at their Flower Jamming Session! Learn some tricks and tips in creating the perfect bouquet with their talented florists.

Workshop Details:
  • Date: 22 Jul 2017, Sat
  • Venue: Shopee HQ
    2 Science Park Drive, #03-01, Tower A, Ascent, Singapore 11822
gss2017 better florist giveaway spring breeze
Now, here’s announcing the Winner of Luxury Haven’s Giveaway; the lucky reader will be receiving beautiful flowers worth $72 from A Better Florist! Are you one of them?
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A Better Florist: Blooms of Passion + Giveaway Worth $72!

luxury haven better florist giveaway flowers
Life is all about telling your story, exploring the world and enjoying in its endless beauty. A Better Florist is a florist that wanted to combine all three, and we were able to make it a part of our philosophy as a florist. Standing out in the sea of other florists in Singapore comes easy for us, as at the very core of our philosophy lies true passion for all things flowers. We firmly believe that giving and receiving flowers should be simple, affordable and beautiful, and an experience above all.

A Better Florist is dedicated to enabling each and every client to tell its own story through a choice of bespoke flower arrangements that not only take your breath away, but are intentionally design to express your thoughts and feelings. Flowers shouldn’t be just beautiful, they should be able to transfer your deepest thoughts and emotions and convey a small story. Every bloom with our team plays an important role in their arrangements and every aspect of the process has been carefully thought through, so that you get amazing blooms through a simple process.

Our bloom crew also believes that flowers are the most thoughtful gift you can get your loved ones, no matter what the occasion might be. But, we take special pride in inspiring people to gift flowers for no reason at all. Should there be a reason to surprise your loved ones with flowers so beautiful they will want to keep them forever? No, there shouldn’t be. Flowers are always a good reason on their own.
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Hong Kong Stanley Market, Certainly Worth A Visit ( 赤柱市集 )

singapore travel blog reviews hong kong stanley market
Enjoy a day of yummy food, chic cocktails, souvenirs shopping, or an evening of sunset at Stanley Market ( 赤柱市集 ), one of the must-go places especially for first-time visitors to Hong Kong.

hong kong tourist attraction stanley market
Located on the southern side of Hong Kong island, the quaint village of Stanley is quite different from other parts of Hong Kong.
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Shin-Okubo ( 新大久保 ) Korea Town, Japan's Seoul Hot Spot!

japan biggest korea town shin okubo shopping
If you are travelling to Tokyo, one of the best thing about staying in the Shinjuku area is being close to Japan’s biggest Korea Town - Shin-Okubo ( 新大久保 ). It is a shopping and dining sanctuary for everything from K-Pop to Kimchi. So if you are a fan of K-Drama and K-Pop, this is the place to go for your cute Oppa Souvenirs.
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Hello Kitty Christmas Giveaway Open To All Worldwide!

Calling all Hello Kitty fans! Would you like to win something cute from Japan this Christmas? I know many of you have been drooling over my series of Hello Kitty posts during my recent trip to review the Keio Plaza Hotel's Hello Kitty rooms. Well, I'm off again from 21st - 27th December with my family to Hong Kong to review more hotels!
cute hello kitty christmas giveaway luxury haven
2014 has been another awesome year of blogging! To show my heartfelt appreciation to all my wonderful readers, I wanna share the Hello Kitty souvenirs that I had collected from my stay at KPH with you, including one Limited Edition Hello Kitty Doll! * Giveaway is Open To All Worldwide, so come and join the party!
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Mt Sapola Christmas Bundles Bubo Owl Ceramic Diffuser

mt sapola christmas owl gift set ceramic diffuser
Celebrate this Christmas with Mt Sapola, as she transports you to a world of aromatherapy with her wide range of home scents!

Using only the finest natural botanical ingredients and pure essential oils in her products, there is a pleasing scent for your pleasure from soothing to vitalizing the mind. Set the mood for your private sanctuary; inhale to experience the therapeutic effects of your favourite natural essential oils.
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Escada and Gucci Christmas Shopping Fragrance Gift Guide!

christmas gifts escada perfumes gucci fragrance reviews
People making lists, buying special gifts
Taking time to be kind to one and all
It's that time of year when good friends are near
And you wish you could give more than just presents from a store.

Why don't you give love on Christmas Day
Oh, even the man who had everything
Would be so happy if you would bring
Him love on Christmas Day
No greater gift is there than love.

- Give Love On Christmas Day - Jackson 5
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Bellabox Beauty And Skincare Treats Review This Quarter!

bellabox beauty skincare treats quaterly review
Fans of Luxury Haven, it's time again for our quaterly bellabox review for July, August and September! Have you gotten yours yet?

I'm overwhelmed by the generous goodies in these three beauty boxes with lots of full-size items! Beauty junkies, are you ready to peek into them?
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Hello Kitty Kitchenware and Gadgets Shopping Collection!

Hello Kitty fans, can I woo you with some of my latest Hello Kitty collection?

For the Mobile Phone:
hello kitty samsung s5 handphone casing
Hello Kitty Samsung Galaxy S5 Handphone Casing from #Qoo10

hello kitty battery charger
Hello Kitty External Battery Charger
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Do You Have Patience For Handicrafts As A Hobby?

handmade swarovski crystal pendant
Would you believe if I were to tell you all these DIY beaded stuff you see here are all made by my mom who is already 85 this year? I'm not joking! My son always says his granny has bionic eyes, and I do think it's pretty amazing for her age to make all these pretty crafts.
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Bellabox Beauty Boxes Giveaway at Luxury Haven!

bellabox luxury haven lifestyle blog giveaways
It's time for June Bellabox Haul of Fame Giveaway at Luxury Haven Singapore Lifestyle Blog! This month's #bellabox has lots of goodies in store for you! Will you be getting the Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment, Benefit They're Real Mascara, Laneige BB Cushion items and BELIF Peat Miracle Revital skincare products too in the mystery box??
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March Bellabox Giveaway! 5 Beauty Boxes Up For Grab!

luxury haven bellabox giveaway
Have you read Luxury Haven's review for March bellabox? Do you like their newly-launched baby blue box? Which are the items do you like best? Tell us and you may be one of the five lucky readers to walk away with their latest blue-dotted beauty box!
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