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Waterfall Braid Hairstyle By Jass Hair Design for Events

jass hair design trendy half plaits waterfall hairstyles
Waterfall Braid, Waterfall Plaits, or Half Braids Waterfall Hairstyles are some of the names of the latest rave in hair styling. It is a technique where you braid the top of the hair and letting the other half cascade like the waterfall. It is a classic hairstyle made trendy, but totally sweet and cool!

singapore beauty blogger hairstyling by jass hair design
Recently, I had to attend a media event by Maria Galland. So I paid a visit to Jass Hair Design, and told them I wanted a chic but simple hairdo, a half braided hairstyle like the Waterfall perhaps.......
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Burberry Blue Label At Odaiba VenusFort ( ヴィーナスフォート ), Tokyo

luxury haven ootd burberry blue label pink knitwear
If you have been following Luxury Haven, you would have known that I am a huge fan of both Burberry, and Burberry Blue Label. It is one of the must-do things whenever I visit Tokyo, to check out the Burberry Blue Label boutiques.

For those who are not familiar with Burberry Blue Label ( バーバリーブルーレーベル ), these designer products are actually made for the Japanese market, and prices are a lot more affordable than Burberry itself. I was really eager to shop at Burberry Blue Label during my last trip to Tokyo to review Keio Plaza Hotel Hello Kitty Town Rooms. Reason being, it may be my last chance to shop there; there will be no more Burberry Blue Label come mid of 2015!
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Beauphoria Carousel Curler Is Now At Immortelle Atelier!

hello kitty pink beauphoria wonder women series curler
I've to admit shopping for a curling iron can be a big headache with many not delivering as promised. I'm really bad at using these tongs, and often find myself struggling with one and getting scalded around the ear area when I tried to twirl my hair.

united square immortelle atelier hair makeup services
This festive season, I'm thankful to be able to experience the Beauphoria Automatic Rotating Curling Iron at Immortelle Atelier. It was great to be back at the beauty salon for their Creambath Hair Treatment, which is such an indulgence.
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Escada and Gucci Christmas Shopping Fragrance Gift Guide!

christmas gifts escada perfumes gucci fragrance reviews
People making lists, buying special gifts
Taking time to be kind to one and all
It's that time of year when good friends are near
And you wish you could give more than just presents from a store.

Why don't you give love on Christmas Day
Oh, even the man who had everything
Would be so happy if you would bring
Him love on Christmas Day
No greater gift is there than love.

- Give Love On Christmas Day - Jackson 5
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Glitter Glam Online Shopping With Fashion Promo Code!

glitter glam metallic tweed dress review hello kitty
Glitter Glam, a home-grown brand that serves a clientele of ladies, tasteful and contemporary in her wardrobe selection. Do you know that Glitter Glam is one of the favourable wardrobe sponsor brands for Singapore's TV station and various production houses? Aren't you impressed?
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BOSS MA VIE Pour Femme Embraces Modern Femininity

boss ma vie pour femme fragrance blogger review
Strong, Feminine, Independent. BOSS MA VIE Pour Femme Eau de Parfum, a unique fragrance inspired by the modern Cactus Flower accord.....
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Bioma Straightening / Perm From Japan At Jass Hair Design

award winning lifestyle blogger reviews jass hair design
Envy those bouncy curls but can't have them cause you've dry and frizzy hair? Or are you in love with those silky straight hair but your hair condition is too damaged to take rebonding? Say bye-bye to old-fashioned chemical treatments armed with damaging solutions, and meet the latest #BioStraight and #BioSet Perm technology from Japan that comes with 90% treatment and just 10% chemical!
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Glitter Glam Mum & Kids Fashion High Tea at Treehouse Cafe

glitter glam mothers daughters fashion high tea
Mummies, have you always wanted your kids to have matching outfits as yours? Is the Mini-Me fashion catching up in high-street trend? Well, I was treated to an afternoon of fashion spur by Glitter Glam featuring mothers and daughters dressing alike at the Treehouse Cafe, located at The Grandstand!
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Bellabox Backstage Beauty Blogger Event At Oasia Hotel

bellabox backstage beauty event oasia hotel luxury haven
Dr Jart+, L'Oreal Paris, Covermark, Nuxe Paris, HIC Juice, and homegrown Jacqueline Burchell, were some of the brands found at the recent Bellabox Backstage Beauty Blogger Event At Oasia Hotel. Thanks to #bellabox, my student Annie also caught a glimpse of the lovely event and learnt more about the beauty box! Let's take a peek inside the Courtyard at Oasia.......
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Affordable Luxury is Becoming More Popular

silver stacked rings
Affordable luxury is more popular than ever now that many designer names are available to consumers. High-street fashions can be purchased by budget conscious shoppers at affordable purchases. The growing middle-class has access to many lavish designer brands that are both inexpensive and fashionable. Marc Jacobs, Coach, and Agnes B are just a few of the brands that are within reach of mid-level customers.
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Winner of Jollychic $100 Shopping Spree At Luxury Haven!

lucky winner of luxury haven jollychic xmas giveaway
Woohoo! Wanna know who I'll be taking along with my shopping spree at Jollychic?
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Win JollyChic $100 Shopping Spree At Luxury Haven!

luxury haven jolly chic christmas giveaway
What would you say if I tell you I’ll be picking 1 reader to go on a shopping spree with me this Christmas? Yap, you heard me right! Pretty clothing, colourful shoes, trendy bags and accessories for you to pick for your festive holiday! Doesn’t that sound awesome?
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George, UK’s Fashion Retailer Is Here In Singapore!

john little asda fashion label george plaza singapura
Attention to all fashionista! Here’s bringing you Asda’s fashion label George, UK’s leading fashion retailer!

john little asda fashion label george singapore
Through the franchise partner, Al-Futtaim Group, George is located within retailer John Little’s 38,000 sq ft store in the Plaza Singapura. The unique 8,000 sq ft franchise store-within-a-store joins over 25 new brands that range from fashion through to home & lifestyle products, as George launches its first South East Asia store in #Singapore!
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The Biggest & Most Luxurious Beach Party In Singapore – The Fashion TV Beach Festival

Several days ago, Ana Shell (whom I've already mentioned in my previous articles) kindly invited me to join her to the Fashion TV Beach Festival – Singapore’s largest & most luxurious beach party of the year. It was held in #Sentosa last Saturday, presented by Xperia™. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it, but Ana sent me some details of the event & shared some truly amazing pictures!
sentosa xperia fashion show
Photo credit: Ana Shell Media Press
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Shop & Win $600 Worth Of Sephora Vouchers @ Ooma.Sg!!

ooma international online shopping luxury haven
Join me this season, as I checked out some of the latest fashion at Ooma, a new international online fashion website!
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Shop For Your Shades Online At SmartBuyGlasses!

smartbuyglasses sg luxury haven review
I adore sunglasses! Besides giving me protection against the blazing sun, they look cool too!

smartbuyglasses luxury haven review
I like using my shades as hair bands too; it keeps my fringe from coming down.

smartbuyglasses online shopping
I love shopping for shades, but have never tried buying it online.  So I was impressed with SmartBuyGlasses offering shades online at very attractive prices. I'm amazed that one can even purchase glasses & contact lenses online too.
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Soci Age’s New Spring Summer Collection 2012, by Wacoal

Sorci Age means charming in French (pronounced saw-see-arch). A quality brand for the urban young woman, Sorci Age is a sister brand of international lingerie brand Wacoal, that is specially created for those in touch with her sexuality & loves defining her personal taste.
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Affordable Nail Art Stickers At Online Nail Bar!

Don't we like to have pretty nails? Come, let’s have fun with nail art stickers now!
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Where Is A Good Place To Sell My Rolex?

I’m a watch fanatic & I wonder where is a good place to sell my #Rolex should there be a need for it. Shops dealing in 2nd-hand branded watches are a plentiful, both in the malls & online. But how reliable are these dealers?
Through the years, I drew my purse strings really tight for these luxury indulgences. Especially for Singapore Airlines crew, most Flight Attendants pair their Louis Vuitton luggage bags with Rolexes. So when I first flew the jumbo, I got myself one naturally. The #RolexOyster Stainless Steel & Gold watch became my first extravagant splurge in my twenties. It was a good investment.
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Win A Matching Pair Of Monkey Be Cool Tees!

Following my post on Monkey Be Cool Tees Review, here's a chance for you to win a pair of 'Like Father, Like Son' t-shirts!
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