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Winners Of Luxury Haven’s Mother’s Day Giveaway!

mothers day giveaway delights heaven mango cakes
To win the cakes from The Delights Heaven, participants in this giveaway had to answer a simple question: What item can you buy at just SGD 17.90? The answer is: 2-in-1 Reversible Cake Stand! Did you get it right?
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Mother’s Day Giveaway: Win Cakes From The Delights Heaven!

mothers day giveaway delights heaven mango almande cake
I’ve tasted, & given a rating of 4 & a 5 for the cakes. Now, it’s your turn to win one of these cakes from The Delights Heaven for your mommy dearest to try!
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Sweeten This Mother’s Day With Treats From The Delights Heaven

Close your eyes, open your mouth & indulge! As delicious as they look, here’s comes The Delights Heaven with their yummy cakes! Mother’s Day is just round the corner, The Delights Heaven is proud to introduce two delightful cakes that will sweeten every mommy’s heart as well as satisfy her taste buds!

mothers day delights heaven mango almande
Bright & bold, this Mango Amande Cake is sure to brighten your Mother’s Day. The tangy Mango Almande (almond in French) is filled with fresh chunky mangoes & mango mousse, sandwiched between layers of almond sponge that complement this fruity cake with a nutty fragrant in every bite.
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Osmanthus Jelly With Wolfberries Recipe (甜甜蜜蜜桂花糕)

gryphon tea osmanthus konnyaku jelly recipes
This is the last course rounding up my reunion dinner for this Chinese New Year. I’ve talked about the many benefits of #Wolfberries (枸杞子桂花糕) in my previous recipes so I won’t go into details. #Grypon Tea sent me a variety of herbs some time ago, and #Osmanthus (桂花) was one of them. The combination of the two wonder herbs makes this Osmanthus Jelly With Wolfberries (甜甜蜜蜜桂花糕) a delightful dessert, ending my dinner on a sweet note.
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Costa Coffee, World’s 2nd Largest Coffee Chain Has Hit The Town!

costa coffee raffles city
The sky was clear blue with fluffy white clouds hung in clusters. It was a lovely cool Saturday morning to take a train down to town for our breakfast. Hubby & I decided that we should check out Costa Coffee; a trip long due since their opening last August.
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Dark Chocolate Soup With Chef Diego Chiarini At AFC Studio

afc cooking studio vivavino niepoort white
This Dark Chocolate Soup with Cardamom & Espresso Coffee wrapped up our DBS Masterclass, with the int'l award-winning Italian Chef Diego Chiarini of OSO Ristorante at AFC Cooking Studio.
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Winners Of NuNaturals Stevia Giveaway + Christmas Matcha Granita Recipe!

nunaturals stevia matcha christmas recipe
This is Luxury Haven's second giveaway sponsored by #NuNaturals, & I'm really excited to announce the 4 winners! This X'mas, I've also prepared for you a Matcha Granita Recipe, topped with the delicious Pure Liquid Chocolate #NuStevia!
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NuNaturals Returns With A Bigger Stevia Giveaway @ Luxury Haven!!

Hohoho! It's time to play Santarina again!! Yes, I'm still on holiday but I've scheduled another contest for you. Don't you love Luxury Haven??
luxury haven nunaturals stevia sweeteners giveaway
NuNaturals Giveaway is bigger & better than the last one! In my previous NuStevia Giveaway, 4 winners only got away with 2 bottles of Lemon & Orange liquids each. But in this one, you'll get to Win 4 Bottles of Flavoured Stevia Liquids, & there're 4 sets worth US$56.60 each!! Total of over US$200 to be won!
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Fish & Co Brings You Triple Chocolate Treat & Red Velvet Fusion Cheesecakes!

fish & co triple chocolate treat cake
Cake lovers, you're in for a real treat as Fish & Co brings in their newly imported cheesecakes from USA! Do not be deceived by this simple-looking cake as the moist & rich dark chocolate of the Triple Chocolate Treat will take you by surprise. Fall in love with the triple blend of textures with a combo of brownie & rich Belgian chocolate cheesecake batter. A topping of irresistible chocolate mousse, makes every bite an alluring mix of smoothness with subtle bitter sweetness.

fish & co red velvet cake review
Seductive & enticing is the Red Velvet Fusion with semi-sweet chocolate chips, topped with a generous creamy layer of New York style cheesecake. Decorated with fondant icing, the slab is drizzled with chocolate ganache, with dust of red velvet cake crumbs for an exquisite finishing.
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Tropical Fruit Rolls Recipe By Martin Yan

If you like dim-sum, you must've tried the popular Chinese Spring Rolls, often filled with shredded mixed vegetables & some with seafood or meat added.
martin yan tropical fruit rolls
This time, let Celebrity Chef Martin Yan show you how to turn the savoury Spring Roll dim-sum into a Tropical Fruit Roll dessert.
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Chef Julien's Signature Carmelized Chocolate Mousse

julien bompard caramelized chocolate mousse
It's dessert time! Fall in love with this creamy & bittersweet chocolaty mousse, by Chef Julien Bompard of Le Saint Julien. The chic boutique restaurant has been voted the Best French Restaurant in town two years on the road by Singapore Business Review 2008 & 2009, featuring classic home cooking with fine dining touch.
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Japanese Sakura Mochi Recipe (桜餅)

hashi restaurant japanese sakura mochi
Sakura Mochi is a rice cake with red bean paste filling, covered with a scented leaf of Sakura (Cherry Blossom). In this recipe, Chef Takahashi of Hashi Japanese Restaurant used the glutinous rice flour (道明寺粉) to make this dessert.

openrice de dietrich hashi restaurant
This was the last course, wrapping up my OpenRice Cooking Event At De Dietrich. Have fun making this Japanese sweets!
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Invitation To OpenRice Cooking Event At De Dietrich

openrice cooking event at de dietrich
It was an afternoon of culinary delights for #OpenRicers @ La Galerie De Dietrich.
japanese cooking demo at de dietrich
I've heard so much about De Dietrich cooking studio, so I was over the moon when OpenRice invited me for the Modern Japanese Cooking Demo by Chef Tadashi Takahashi of Hashi Japanese Restaurant.

three course menu at de dietrich workshop
(The Menu)
Appetizer: Salmon Sashimi with Japanese Shiso Sauce
Main Course: Beef Sirloin Misozuke
Dessert: Sakura Mochi
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Thumbs-up To Uncle Keong Delicacies (四眼强糖水之家)

The weather in Malacca was scorching hot, almost unbearable. The sun baked the earth with a vengeance, the blazing sun beat upon our backs as we braved the heat to get to a cool spot to rest.

I was exhilarated when icy cold desserts were served at Uncle Keong Delicacies. Specializing in premium ingredients such as Shark’s Fin, Bird’s Nest, Ginseng etc, at economical prices, this is one place you gotta check out when you visit Malacca.
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Lucky Koi Mango Pudding (吉祥錦鯉芒果布丁)

how to make pretty fish mango pudding
The word Koi comes from Japanese, simply meaning "Carp". Koi fish the most powerful Feng Shui symbol, symbolizing wealth, harmony and happiness.. It is said that placing a picture of the Koi fish in your home, your dreams will come true.

cny lucky koi mango pudding featured at omy
Recipe Featured @ OMY-食天堂Eat as DIY 好主意!
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Celebrate The Dragon Year With These Auspicious Recipes!

In the Chinese lunar calendar, each year is designated by one of the 12 Animals in order: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig, & 2012 is the Year of the Dragon!

A reunion dinner is held on New Year's Eve where members of the family gather for the celebration. The New Year's Eve dinner is often lavish & restaurants  name their food after auspicious themes such as "good fortune", "happiness", "wealth", "longevity" etc.

Here’s a round-up of my past recipes. You too, can whip up some yummy dishes, restaurant-style. Give it an auspicious name & you're ready to entertain your guests. How about starting with my Bountiful Gold Fish Salad (年年有余)? Click on the highlighted links to go to respective recipes. Have fun!

(Featured @, PtitChef & OMY-食天堂Eat)
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Screaming For Frozen Desserts, Lemon Sorbet!

how to make christmas lemon sorbet frozen dessert
The Lemon Myrtle in this recipe, combined with the sweetness and sourness of the sorbet, was ethereal.

how to make christmas lemon sorbet frozen desserts
A pinch of the scented herb from Gryphon Tea gives this dessert an exotic feel, perfect for the festive season and leaves you yelling for more!
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Non-bake Baileys Oreo Cookies Cheesecake Teaser!

Oreo Cheesecake or Baileys Cheesecake? Well, what about having them both in one cake! That was exactly what I did for my hubby’s birthday, a perfect marriage between Oreo Cookies & Baileys Irish Cream!
The result was a blowout! It was a fresh interpretation of a novel challenge on the plate for me; this new taste will unquestionably appeal to the adventurous palates. The birthday cake stood out for its Oreo biscuit texture & rich cheesy Baileys flavour. Only complaint from me: I could’ve been more generous with the Baileys. Lol!

(Featured @ PtitChef)

(Featured @ Kitchen Art)

(Featured @ OMY-食天堂Eat)

Spotted @ Taste Spotting
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许留山 (Hui Lao Shan) Healthy Dessert, Hong Kong

Day 3:
One of the things I like to do in between my shopping break is to visit the popular 许留山 (Hui Lao Shan). This mango-specialty dessert eatery is almost everywhere in HK.

许留山 has a wide variety of mango drinks & desserts just like this one that I had. Prices for these fruity drinks are about HK$20 & you’ll get chunks of fresh mangoes.

And of course, you’ll need some snacks to go with your drinks. I like their Radish Cakes best (HK$16)! If you enjoy spicy stuff, go for their radish cakes XO sauce. I must admit they’re a little oily but they’re loaded with dried shrimps & Chinese sausage bits. I guess it’s ok to get a little unhealthy once in a while, right?

And once you’ve gotten enough rest, you’ve to start shopping again. To be continued....

Be sure to check out 许留山 the next time you're in HK. Meanwhile, you may like to read these posts if you haven't:
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Golden Bird’s Nest in Hawaiian Papaya (金玉燕窩满堂)

cny golden birds nest in hawaiian papaya recipe
Bird’s Nest (燕窩) was once considered a superior delicacy served only to the royal family and wealthy merchants. This salivary secretion of Swiftlets is especially useful in maintaining youth and enhancing wrinkle-free complexion. It’s considered a superior tonic for woman.
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