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Japanese Cucumber Appetizers with Foie Gras and Caviar Recipe

japanese cucumber appetizers with foie gras caviar recipe
Low in calories with high water content, Cucumbers have amazing health benefits. Known as Kyuri ( きゅうり ) in Japanese, these green vegetables provide excellent hydration to our body.

christmas appetizers with golden goose liver foie gras
Best eaten raw as part of salad or garnish, the Japanese Cucumber is sweeter and slimmer with smaller seeds and thinner skin. Last Christmas, I made these Delightful Japanese Cucumber Appetizers with Foie Gras and Caviar decorated with Rosemary Herbs as part of our festive meal, turning these economical veggies into a high-class gourmet starter.

As easy as ABC, anyone can assemble these cool appetizers without much effort so let’s check out the fuss-free recipe!
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Sparkling Mango Mint Soda, Perfect Christmas Party Spritzer

christmas bubbly fruit infused spritzer recipe
Craving for a non-alcoholic bubbly? Check out this Sparkling Mango Mint Soda, a crowd-pleaser in any occasion!

heart shaped stirrer non alcoholic bubbly mango spritzer
I first tried this drink at PS Café in Palais. The soda was so uplifting and tasty that I decided to experiment with it. Infused with lime, mint leaves, and zesty mango bites, this refreshing spritzer makes a wonderful Christmas thirst quencher! For the party-goers who love their drinks stronger, simply add a hint of white wine and let your hair down!
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Fruity Christmas Mini Cakes Recipe with Edible Toppers

fruity christmas mini cakes recipe edible cake topper
As adorable as they look, these delicious Christmas goodies make great gifts. Using F&N Fruit Tree Fresh Cranberry, Pomegranate and Apple 100% Mixed Juice, coupled with Pandan Leaves instead of food colouring, these cheery red and green desserts will put anyone in the Christmassy mood.

phoon huat baking goods redman shortening lotus paste
I made these cute yummy treats last year after my friends were calling for more of my Snowskin Mooncakes. So I bought extra White Lotus Paste since it has long expiry date, and kept refrigerated until it was time for me to play with again.

beautiful christmas plastic cake toppers
When the festive holiday finally arrived, I tweaked my Snowskin Mooncakes recipe. Off I went to Phoon Huat baking store and bought some nice decorative cake toppings, and out came another interesting product - Fruity Christmas Mini Cakes with Edible Toppers! Are you ready to play in the kitchen?
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Fresh Orange Snowskin Mooncake with Sweet Corn Paste ( 香橙玉米冰皮月饼 )

mid autumn festival snowskin mooncakes black sesame paste
Using Fresh Fruits, these Snowskin Mooncakes had my foodie friends went gaga last year during the Mid-Autumn Festival. They are in love with the Fu Lu Shou ( 福祿壽 ) mooncakes, representing the three gods of Prosperity ( Fu ), Status ( Lu ), and Longevity ( Shou )!

mid autumn festival assorted snowskin mooncakes recipe
The Sweet Corn Lotus Paste from Phoon Huat ( 奋发 ) was quite nice actually. The level of sweetness was acceptable since we picked the less sugar paste as I don’t really have a sweet tooth. Paired with the Orange Snowskin, the combination delivered a flavourful bite without being too overpowering. Come, let’s put on our gloves and start making these Yummy Fresh Orange Snowskin Mooncake with Sweet Corn Lotus Paste ( 香橙玉米冰皮月饼 )!

luxury haven snowskin mooncake making class
Top to Bottom ( L-R ): Grand Marnier Snowskin Mooncake with Dragon Fruit Paste ( 柑曼怡冰皮月饼 ), Fresh Strawberry Snowskin Mooncake with White Lotus Paste ( 草莓白莲蓉冰皮月饼 ),
Fresh Orange Snowskin Mooncake with Dragon Fruit Paste ( 鲜橙火龙果冰皮月饼 ), Baileys Snowskin Mooncakes with Black Sesame Lotus Paste ( 百利酒冰皮月饼 )
Well, you probably have seen all the positive feedback on our Strawberry Snowskin Mooncakes. Here's another one on which flavours this foodie likes..........
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Strawberry Snowskin Mooncake Recipe Using Fresh Fruits ( 水果冰皮月饼 )

mid autumn festival fresh fruits snowskin mooncakes
It is the season for Mooncakes once again, and I have received request to post my recipes early so that they have more time to prepare, so here you go! For those health conscious and do not like artificial food colouring, I am sure you will love this Strawberry Snowskin Mooncake Recipe Using Fresh Fruits ( 水果冰皮月饼 ).

fresh strawberry snowskin mooncake with lotus paste recipe
I went crazy last year, and made about 100 Snowskin Mooncakes of all kinds of designs and flavours to give away on my first attempt! I only managed to post the Baileys Snowskin Mooncakes with Black Sesame Paste ( 百利酒冰皮月饼 ) the last time due to time constraint. Well foodies, here’s sharing with you our Strawberry Snowskin Mooncakes with White Lotus Paste ( 草莓白莲蓉冰皮月饼 )!

luxury haven lifestyle blog testimonials
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Yummy Avocado Shake with Gula Melaka Recipe ( 椰糖鳄梨奶昔 )

yummy avocado shake with gula melaka recipes
Incredibly popular among the health conscious, Avocado aka Alligator Pear ( 牛油果 / 鳄梨 ) has as many as 20 different vitamins and minerals to get you excited. It is said that people who eat avocados tend to be healthier.

There are a wide range of uses for the healthy fruit such as Guacamole, a Mexican dip. Avocados are also frequently used for milkshakes in countries like Philippines and Indonesia.

yummy avocado shake with brown sugar syrup
I love my Avocado Shake with Gula Melaka or otherwise known as Palm Sugar, but the ones sold outside is always either too sweet or too milky. DIY your very own Yummy Avocado Shake with Gula Melaka Syrup ( 椰糖鳄梨奶昔 ) now, and it is so easy to make!
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Jelly Art Creative Food, Beautiful Gelatin Flowers ( 燕菜果冻花 )

lunar new year pretty 3d jelly art flowers
Foodies, are you still cooking lots this Lunar New Year? What do you think of these beautiful 3D Jelly Art that stormed the internet some time back?

beautiful purple peony flowers 3d jelly art recipe
Well, I made more and gave these Konnyaku gelatin flowers as gifts some time back. Don’t ask me what flowers these are; I used my imagination to inject the gelatin to form these pretty flowers but have no idea which species they belong to, or even exist. I guess Jelly Art Creative Food is all about imagination and creating Beautiful Gelatin Flowers ( 燕菜果冻花 ), isn’t it? So let’s just enjoy the satisfying results!
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Baileys Snowskin Mooncakes with Black Sesame Paste (百利酒冰皮月饼)

mid autumn festival best snowskin mooncakes hello kitty
Assorted Snowskin Mooncakes
I did it! I made 100 #SnowskinMooncakes in just 2 days, and it is my 1st attempt! Together with my girlfriend, both of us made about 250 mooncakes; she took 150 and I took 100. That’s an achievement for me despite being a newbie! Don't you think I deserve a pat on the shoulders?

Well, we made different batches of mooncakes with snowskin using Green Tea and Earl Grey, liqueurs like Baileys and Grand Marnier, and also Fresh Fruits like Strawberry and Orange for the colours, so no artificial colouring is used.

auspicious assorted snowskin mooncakes recipe
I have been wanting to make Snowskin Mooncakes for years but just never get to it. I am so glad I finally did it! Snowskin Mooncakes Recipe is relatively simple and pretty standard, but my partner-in-crime shared with me one secret ingredient that she got from a Sifu. Let’s see if you can spot the ingredient later.

phoon huat mooncake boxes
Sorry for publishing the recipe so late, as I was terribly busy packing the Snowskin Mooncakes for friends after making them. Hubby thinks I am crazy when we are not even a fan of mooncakes. Although I made 100, I only kept 4 for ourselves, and the rest are for giving away. Bought these colourful mooncake boxes for packing my mooncakes as gifts. Aren't they pretty?

moon festival delicious colourful snowskin mooncakes recipe
Since many are asking for the Snowskin Mooncake Recipe especially the ones with liqueurs, I am coming out with this first so that you gals can start making them in time for the Mid-Autumn Festival ( 中秋节 ) this Wednesday.

I know it is late, but I made 100 in 2 days. If I can do it, you can too! Trust me, it is not that difficult, and you can make just a small amount as 1 dough makes about 16 mooncakes. Head over to Phoon Huat or any baking store near your home, and start making tomorrow morning! You have a full day tomorrow, plus half day on Wednesday to make. If you want an easier job, you can even buy the Snowskin Premix Powder instead of the usual Phoon Huat Redman Kou Fien ( 糕粉 ) which we are using in this recipe. Difference is, we do not like ours too sweet so we prefer not to use premix flour.

mooncake festival baileys snowskin mooncakes black sesame paste
So let’s start our Baileys Snowskin Mooncakes with Black Sesame Paste ( 百利甜酒冰皮月饼 ) making session! * If you do not have a bottle of Baileys at home, use any liqueur of your choice.
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Coffee Jelly with Baileys Irish Cream, A Tasty Dessert Recipe

coffee jelly recipe hagaan dazs royal milk tea
Soft delicious coffee-flavoured gelatine cubes, served with Haagen Dazs Royal Milk Tea Ice-Cream and paired with Baileys Irish Cream, the popular Japanese Coffee Jelly is set to please any discerning palates.

There are different variations of Coffee Jelly. You can use Jelly, Konnyaku ( こんにゃく ) or even Agar Agar to make this yummy dessert. It really depends on the texture you prefer – soft, springy or harder finish. For this recipe, I am using Agar Agar for a firmer texture.

pretty daiso cocktail glasses
daiso coffee jelly recipe with baileys
I got these pretty glass cocktail glasses from Daiso Singapore some time back. Pour some coffee liqueur into these pretty glasses to pair with your sweet treat and drizzle them over the ice-cream just before serving, the Coffee Jelly with Baileys Irish Cream is definitely a hit with your guests.
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TWG Grand Crus Prestige: Iced Lychee Tea Recipe ( 荔枝冰茶 )

twg grand crus prestige jasmine lychee tea recipes
I have fallen prey to Iced Lychee Tea since a food tasting session at Arteastiq Boutique Tea House some time back. I had the chance to demonstrate my creativity once again when I was hosting a guest from Australia recently, and the idea of serving her the Iced Lychee Tea surfaced.

twg grand crus prestige jasmine lychee tea
I was staring at my collection of TWG teas, and picked the TWG Grand Crus Prestige Grand Jasmine Tea which I thought would be a perfect match. I paired the sachets of tea with a can of Mili Lychee in Heavy Syrup, and out came the Refreshing Iced Lychee Tea ( 荔枝冰茶 ). My girlfriend loves it and in fact, she cleaned up all the dishes I cooked for her that day without a trace. That of course, made me very happy! Let’s check out how easy it is to make this iced tea!
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Best Affordable Luxury: Golden Nest Bird’s Nest Soup (燕窩湯)

affordable luxury golden nest birds nest soup
When it comes to the best luxuries, it only makes sense to buy from the world's best brands. The edible bird’s nest is one of the world’s greatest luxuries, and Golden Nest is probably one of the best places to buy from due to its reputable standing.

mothers day gifts birds nests
Enjoyed for generations by the world’s elite, the edible bird’s nest has been known for its amazing taste and premier health benefits. Consumed by beauty gurus and those desiring to benefit from its unparalleled nutrition, it provides a wealth of essential proteins, amino acids, and minerals that help promote healthy pregnancies, amazingly smooth and supple skin, provides energy, helps with various ailments, and promotes overall health.

chinese desserts birds nest recipes
The bird’s nest makes perfect desserts for any occasion or celebration. Traditionally enjoyed by being cooked in its raw form and enhanced with ingredients like cane sugar and super fruits like goji berries, the possibilities of enjoying bird’s nest are endless.

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Valentine’s Day Recipes Round-Up with Fun and Creative Food!

creative valentines day recipes roses desserts
Valentine’s Day is just next week! Are you all ready to spend a romantic evening with your partner? Well, we have selected some fun and yummy recipes for you to display your culinary skills.

Nope, you don’t have to be a pro in the kitchen with these step-by-step photo instructions. In fact, some of these recipes are so easy even your kids can make them! We have rounded up 7 Valentine’s Day Recipes for you to choose!

creative valentines day strawberry roses bouquet food art
How about kicking off your Valentine’s Day event with this Strawberry Roses Bouquet ( 情人节草莓玫瑰花 )? You've probably seen these Strawberry Roses Food Art, but do you know all you need is a paring knife. some love and patience and your strawberries flower bouquet will be done in just minutes?
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Haagen Dazs Salted Caramel Potted Plant Ice Cream Desserts

haagen dazs salted caramel potted plant desserts
I am not sure about you, but these Potted Plant Desserts seem to drive me wild. They are probably the cutest food art I have ever seen, and the people who started this craze are just ingenious, don’t you think so?

luxury haven cooking foie gras penne seafood soup
Well, I had a guest over for lunch some time back and I had prepared a simple 3-course Italian meal for her. We had Seafood Soup with Garlic Bread, Golden Goose Liver Foie Gras Penne in Emborg Cream Sauce, and Haagen Dazs Salted Caramel Potted Plant Ice Cream for our dessert.

valentines day haagen dazs salted caramel potted plants
My guest was so impressed although it took almost no effort to make these “ plants “. Cute, aren't they? Come, let’s check out how easy it is to make these pretty desserts!
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Mango Puree Dessert with Coconut Ice-Cream ( 芒果露椰子雪糕 )

singapore food-blog mango puree coconut ice cream
Mango Puree is one of the easiest dessert recipes you can find, and it is really another no-brainer job. If the mango season is in, try this no-fuss recipe that you can impress your guests with.

The Mango Puree Dessert with Coconut Ice-Cream ( 芒果露椰子雪糕 ) is very popular with my family and guests. The toppings largely depends on what I can get hold of. My initial idea was to add Pomelo ( 柚子 ), but I couldn't find on that day. Instead, I added Grapefruit ( 葡萄柚 ) and the superfood, Chia Seeds ( 嘉种子 ) instead.
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Celebrity Chef Recipes From Around The World for Home Cooks!

celebrity chef recipes from around the world
Food lovers, we have tasted Masterchefs' cooking in some of the best fine dining restaurants and watched a handful of cooking shows such as Asian Food Channel, Food Network, BBC Food, often drooling over their masterpieces in front of our TV. Now, here is your chance to pick up some tips and impress your guests with these restaurant-style dishes.

Lucky me, I had the chance to meet some of these famous Chefs during their media trips to Singapore. Now, I have rounded up a list of recipes from Celebrity Chefs and Top Restaurant Chefs from around the world just for you home cooks! From Asian to Western, there is something for everyone. Let's put on our apron and get started!
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Yummy Crystallized Yam Sticks with Sesame Seeds ( 麦芽糖拔丝芋头 )

yummy crystallized yam sticks with sesame seeds recipes
Sweet, soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside is what you make of this popular Golden Candied Yam. The Chinese name 拔丝芋头 literally means " Drawing Strings ", suggesting that you should be seeing these caramelized golden strings when you lift the yam sticks off the plate as shown in the above image.

I was first introduced to this enticing appetizer or dessert during a lunch outing with my girlfriends at a Chinese restaurant. Honestly, I am not a person with sweet tooth so I was hesitant to try. But since the gals strongly recommended the dish, I relented. Boy, I was instantly captivated by the " beauty " of this snack; it was love at first bite for me! It was yummilicious!

crunchy golden candied yam appetizer ice water
In the restaurant, the appetizer / dessert is served with a bowl of ice water which requires the diner to dip the yam sticks into it, turning the Caramelized Yam Sticks to delicious crunchy bites.

sesame seeds maltose syrup yam sticks snacks
After returning to the restaurant on several occasions, I decided to give it a shot at home. I knew I just had to experiment with this tasty treat. I am so glad my Yummy Crystallized Yam Sticks with Sesame Seeds ( 麦芽糖拔丝芋头 ) was a success and hubby could not stop munching!

Eat it with or without Roasted Sesame Seeds, hear the crunch as you bite into these tasty Yam Fries! Be warned! These Candied Yam Fries are highly addictive!
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Daiso Steamed Cakes with Chocolate Chips, $2 Muffins ( 蒸发糕 )

daiso hello kitty steamed cake with chocolate chips
8 Muffins for just $2, anyone? Well, here's my latest little experiment - Daiso Steamed Cake with Chocolate Chips ( 蒸发糕 )!

daiso steamed cake mixture recipe
Not sure if Daiso ( ダイソー ), the large franchise of 100-yen shops in Japan is available in your country, but I love shopping at the $2 outlets in Singapore. Occasionally, you will find some good buys like this Daiso Steamed Cake Mixture ( ダイソーの蒸しパンミックス ) which is definitely worth trying.

hello kitty plates tasty chocolate steamed muffins
The Steamed Cakes are commonly known as Huat Kueh in the Hokkien dialect. Well, these Chinese Muffins need no baking at all and they are ready in just minutes! This is really a no-brainer job; just follow the instructions on the packaging and you are set to go!
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Fun Food: 3D Jelly Flowers with Lychees ( 水晶荔枝果冻花 )

konnyaku jelly flower art birthday cake
If you have the time and patience, I think Jelly Art is a good hobby to pick up. These 3D Jellies are so pretty to look at especially if you are bored with plain jellies. Well, it was my mom's 87th birthday, so I decided to make my 2nd attempt at these 3D Jelly Arts again.

fun food 3d jelly flowers with lychees
Instead of having plain Konnyaku Jelly, I added Lychees in the coconut agar agar base. I wanted to make a rose this time, but it turned out to be something else. Lol!

kara coconut cream 3d flower art recipe
I also made another jelly art for mom to bring home. I changed the type of blade this time. I thought this piece resembles more of a rose, don't you think so? Anyway, looks like I gotta to work harder.......
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Creative 3D Jelly Art, Beautiful Edible Flowers To Impress

creative 3d jelly art beautiful edible flowers
These impressive 3D Jelly Arts seem to be trending recently especially in Thailand, with countless stunning flower images popping up on Google.

beautiful edible lotus flower 3d konyaku jelly art
I have always been fascinated with Thai fruit carvings, so naturally these gelatine arts intrigued me and they captured my heart instantly. Using a mix of Konnyaku Jelly Powder and Agar Agar, and together with food colourings, these beautiful edible flowers surfaced gradually after some meddling. But lots of patience is needed as I took about 3 hours to make these two 3D Jelly Art pieces being a newbie!
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Valentine's Day Strawberry Roses Bouquet ( 情人节草莓玫瑰花 )

creative valentines day strawberry roses bouquet food art
Valentine's Day is just couple of days away, are you ready for a romantic dinner with your beau? You've probably seen these Strawberry Roses Food Art, but do you know all you need is a paring knife. some love and patience and your strawberries flower bouquet will be done in just minutes?

情人节 草莓 玫瑰花束
If there are any guys out there reading this post, impress your partner with these edible roses! These Valentine's Day Strawberry Roses ( 情人节草莓玫瑰花 ) make great table setting for a candlelit dinner too. Don't you think they set the mood right for a romantic evening? Let's check out how easy it is to make these Strawberries Roses!
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