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Party With BOSS Nuit Pour Femme Womanly Fragrance!

boss nuit pour femme fragrance reviews
Here's my little luxury indulgence this festive holiday, with the sophisticated new fragrance for women from #BOSS Fragrances - the BOSS Nuit Pour Femme.
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Gucci Guilty Studs Limited Edition Promotion At Takashimaya!

gucci guilty studs limited edition promotion at takashimaya

It’s Rock-n-Roll time! Check out the latest Gucci Guilty Studs Pour Femme and Pour Homme with their limited edition flacons adorned with more than 400 studs per bottle!

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X’mas Giveaway: Win ESPECIALLY ESCADA Elixir Eau de Parfum!

escada elixir fragrance christmas giveaways
Do you know that 4,000 kg of roses are needed to produce just 1 kg of rose oil? Damask Rose from Isparta is one of the few roses that can produce rose oil used for perfumes such as those in the Especially #Escada collection.

escada elixir eau de parfum christmas giveaways
ESPECIALLY ESCADA Elixir is built around a rose heart, but is differentiated from other fragrances in the range through its wondrous intensity. Building on the floral freshness of ESPECIALLY ESCADA, this intensity is borne out of the scent’s unique blend of precious ingredients sourced from around the globe.
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Dolce&Gabbana Pour Femme Intense Eau de Parfum

Laetitia Casta is mesmerising in the print campaign as she lays bare the emotions of Intense through her strong character. An enduring symbol of the spirit of the #DolceGabbana woman, this portrayal is her most compelling & evocative yet.
dolce gabbana intense eau de parfum reviews
Since embarking upon her career as a model, the French actress & the first top model that managed to establish herself as a legitimate actress, has appeared on the cover of numerous fashion magazines around the world.
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Sexually Seductive, Desire by Dolce & Gabbana!

dolce gabbana desire fragrance scarlett johansson
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HUGO Red, The Daring New Fragrance For Men!

hugo red fragrance bottle
Revealing the latest HUGO fragrance for men – HUGO Red!

jared leto hugo red fragrance for men
HUGO Fragrances is thrilled to announce Jared Leto as the ambassador for the new addition to the fragrance collection, HUGO Red! Jared has accompanied HUGO Fragrances throughout numerous events in the past year & has become strongly connected to the brand, synonymous with its innovation, creativity & irreverence.
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Singapore Airlines Book-The-Cook & Tokyo Makuhari Outlet Shopping (三井アウトレットパーク幕張)

singapore airlines book-the-cook meals
Pix Credit: Singapore Airlines
I'm known to be quite a fussy eater. So to play safe, I like exploring Singapore Airlines Book-the-Cook service offering business & first class passengers a list of premium dishes from world-acclaimed chefs.

This trip to Tokyo, I'd pre-ordered my meals before my flight. Take a look at what I had onboard the Boeing 777:
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Shop For Your Shades Online At SmartBuyGlasses!

smartbuyglasses sg luxury haven review
I adore sunglasses! Besides giving me protection against the blazing sun, they look cool too!

smartbuyglasses luxury haven review
I like using my shades as hair bands too; it keeps my fringe from coming down.

smartbuyglasses online shopping
I love shopping for shades, but have never tried buying it online.  So I was impressed with SmartBuyGlasses offering shades online at very attractive prices. I'm amazed that one can even purchase glasses & contact lenses online too.
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Shop Till You Drop At Dongdaemun (东大门), Korea!

Day 2 (continued):
After my Outlet Shopping in Seoul, my next destination was Dongdaemun (东大门). Fashion districts such as Myeong-dong (明洞) & Dongdaemun Market offer great clothes & accessories. If you wanna experience the meaning of 'shop till you drop dead', Seoul is a good city to start with.
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Outlet Shopping in Seoul

Day 2:
Rise & shine with views of Mt Namsan & the Han River at the Grand Hyatt Seoul.

Having breakfast at Hyatt’s Terrace is such a delight. Besides indoor dining, the restaurant also offers a spectacular outdoor dining experience on its veranda, with stunning views of Seoul. After a hearty breakfast, I was off the city’s factory outlets. My first stop was to the Munjeong-dong, located right in Seoul near the busy district of Jamsil.
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Where Is A Good Place To Sell My Rolex?

I’m a watch fanatic & I wonder where is a good place to sell my #Rolex should there be a need for it. Shops dealing in 2nd-hand branded watches are a plentiful, both in the malls & online. But how reliable are these dealers?
Through the years, I drew my purse strings really tight for these luxury indulgences. Especially for Singapore Airlines crew, most Flight Attendants pair their Louis Vuitton luggage bags with Rolexes. So when I first flew the jumbo, I got myself one naturally. The #RolexOyster Stainless Steel & Gold watch became my first extravagant splurge in my twenties. It was a good investment.
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Fendi’s ‘Thank U’ Lunch @ Restaurant André

fendi thank you lunch for customers
It was a charming lunch for an intimate group of 8 invited guests with 4 of Fendi’s lovely hosts, at one of Singapore’s most talked about dining star – Restaurant André.
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Reasons For Choosing Designer Over Generic

This guest post was contributed by designer jewellery supplier Fabulous Collections.

Jewellery is something that is very important to people. Whether someone is trying to impress their friends, make a financial statement, or just look nice, jewellery will always have its place in almost anybody’s life! It’s a beautiful item that we can wear that helps us to look nicer. There are a lot of good reasons for someone to want to make a purchase from a well-known designer instead of a cheap generic brand, and the following is a list of eight.

A Sense of Satisfaction
Image Source

Yes, many women and men both enjoy wearing jewellery. Whether it is in the form of a ring, a beautiful necklaces, matching earrings, or perhaps a pin or brooch, the fact that a person wears a piece of jewellery means they like it. Some people don’t really care if the item they are wearing is a designer item, such as younger people. Some people that are older and into style will make sure that anything they wear is a name brand. There is nothing wrong with either of these scenarios. But there is always the great satisfaction of wearing designer jewellery over any other kind.

The Right to Boast
Image Source

Some people thing that people who boast about their jewellery and where they got it from are being rude. In reality, there is nothing wrong with being prideful about where you got something. People who decide to save their money and pick out the perfect piece of jewellery from a designer simple know what they want, and aren’t afraid to take it. Let them boast about it, it makes them happy. Nothing is better than someone who takes pride in what they do. So, next time someone wants to talk about how expensive something was, just let them. Listening really never hurt anybody, and it will make the person feel important.

Money and Society

Image Source

Simply put, the ability for a person to purchase a beautiful piece of designer jewellery will almost always mean they are wealthy. The fact that people actually know who to buy from, where to buy it, and what exactly to get means they have put some time and money into a specific designer. Normally this means they are a high society figure, or make a great deal of money. This may not be true all the time, but normally it is. When a person wears designer items that look expensive, people will know they spent a good deal of money on it. This will cause people to ask questions about where they got it, so the person gets to explain! There is nothing wrong with this.

A Unique and Special Gift
Image Source

Probably the most common reason that a person will purchase a designer jewellery item is to give it to a friend or loved one. Nothing in the world is better than the fact that you know a person went out and spent heaps of money on you for a single item. This means the person feels highly about you and wants to show it. Not only that, it shows the world that someone cares for you, and makes both people happy. Designer items are well-known for their special qualities, so it would be natural for a special person to receive one. If you want someone to know that they are the centre of your world, consider buying them a designer piece.

High Quality Construction
Image Source

When a person gets a designer item they can rest assured that the item is the best of its kind, made with the best materials available. These items generally won’t chip, fade, or crack for no reason. You can wear them knowing they will stay in pristine condition far longer than other items. Teams of people will often work on one item to ensure it is perfected, rather than leave it to a machine facility. Handmade items have a lot more care and time put into them. The effort it takes to make a designer item will show once it reaches the stores, and people will grab them up like candy.

Green Skin is Never a Good Thing
Image Source

Many items that can be purchased are very pretty. They may be good enough quality to fool some people into thinking they are more expensive. Truthfully, this can always be seen a few hours or days later when a lovely green ring develops in the area of the skin the jewellery touches. One of the pro’s of purchasing a designer item over a bargain or generic item is that you will not have to worry about copper content being built into the item. Designer items will always be 100% what they say, be it gold, silver or platinum. The feeling that a person receives when the can wear an item and not worry about green skin, is one that Is well worth the price of the item.

Image Source

One problem with buying items that everybody has access to is that other people might have similar things. This is never good when someone wants to stand out in a crowd and be known for their uniqueness. By buying a designer item over a regular item, a person is almost guaranteed to be the only person that has the specific article of jewellery. The chances of seeing another person with it are very slim. This is great for people who want to stick out and promote themselves as being unique, instead of being just a part of the crowd.

Support the Artisan
Image Source

Many people neglect to realize that although a much of the world revolves around machines and automated creation of items, that there is still one person who is responsible for the creation of an item. Although the word artisan isn’t frequently used, the person should still be given credit for the beautiful creation. A person who uses their skill and knowledge to create and item of beauty and perfection is an artisan. These people had to first create this item by hand, sometimes on paper, before the item could be mass produced. These people work very hard to create one piece they believe will sell. When it sells they receive a large amount of money, if I doesn’t they have to try again. Artisans are the reason for most of the beautiful designer items that are for sale today. Without artisans around to create beauty, there would not be nearly as many unique items available. Therefore, buying designer jewellery is helping these artisans to be able to continue to create items of perfection for the world.
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Shopping & Italian Food In Bangkok

The best thing about checking into Conrad Hotels is that you’ll be greeted with a stuff toy on your bed, usually the signature Conrad Bear, & Rubber Duckling in the toilet. But here in Bangkok, an Elephant (Thailand’s mascot) was on lying on my bed instead. The Chang Surin from the North East, as explained in the brochure, is popular for its powerful strength & energy.

In the bathroom, a rubber pokka-dot elephant was sitting in the bathtub, waiting for me to pick her up.

Our 1st stop in Bangkok was to the Pratunam Market. It offers a lot of clothes, fabrics such as Thai silk, accessories, watches & handicraft at low, low prices. But Don't forget to bargain here. After walking around in this area, Chris & I headed to the Platinum Plaza, located at the Pratunum shopping area. This place is a wholesale centre & you can find many shoppers lugging their trolley bags stocking up goods. Prices here are unbelievable cheap.

I got some lovely tops & dresses for less than S$15 each. Only problem is, you can’t try them. It’s either you take it or leave it.

Right at the top floor, there is a gigantic kids & gift store. Here, you can find lovely Disney stationery & all sorts of product at wholesale prices. A good place to go if you’re looking for souvenirs, or if you’re a school teacher buying to reward your students.

After a long day shopping, Chris & I were off to relax ourselves. The Amara Spa, located on the 3rd Flr of Amarin Plaza in the Erawan area, is one of the spas I frequent because of its convenient location. At 450THB for a 60min session of foot massage, the price is slightly higher compared to some others but you can be assured of its quality & comfort.

If you’re looking for a place to fine dine, this is an highly-recommended Italian restaurant that I like to hang-out at. The understated classy Calderazzo, is a 3-storey loft with glass walls over-looking the streets of Bangkok. It’s located not too far away from the Conrad, just less than 10 mins by taxi. But beware of the horrific traffic in Bangkok. We were caught in a bad jam & my ride to the restaurant took more than an hr!!! From fine weather to a drizzle & my stomach was screaming for food when we finally reached Calderazzo. You can see the raindrops captured on this shot. Nevertheless, the food makes it all worthwhile.

Chris & I jumped at the hot buns on the table & we finished the whole lot of Cheesesticks which were my favourite. We then requested for more, which the waiter delightfully obliged.

Noting our starvation, our soups came fast. The traditional Supreme di Mare, which is a Crustaceous Bisque at 230THB, was piping hot & rich. Needless to say, we finished the soups in no time. The Calderazzo’s family recipe is truly healthy & unpretentious, using the choicest ingredients.

Unique & packs a punch is how I’d describe the Fettuccine Verdi. The handmade Spinach Fettuccine is cooked with Italian Pork Sausage & Shitake Mushroom, adding a fresh aroma to the vegetable pasta. The Fettuccine is at 310THB, which is less than S$15. Over in S’pore, pastas in good restaurants costs over S$20 these days. So this place is truly value for money.

Not only you get good food at Calderazzo, you get good music too. One will get to enjoy a 2-pc band, serenading your fave tunes while you dine.

Well, Chris & I ended our meal sharing the Piccolo Misto, a mix of 5 delicious desserts at 530THB. The palette consisted of a Panna Cotta, Tiramisu, Arancia (homemade orange & dark choc yogurt cake), Vanilla Ice-cream & Budino (warm Belgian choc cake).

As the saying goes, “A well-fed man is a happy man”. How true……. Check out more shopping & food in Bangkok: Paradise In Bangkok

Calderazzo Italian Restaurant
59/6 Soi Langsuan
Ploenchit Rd, Lumpini
Patumwan, Bangkok
Tel: (66) 0 2252 8108
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10 of the World's Most Luxurious Brands

Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Versace ...... the list of high-end designer brands goes on & on. Well, here's a guest post by silver dealer, MyFamilySilver, giving you an insight on 10 of the World's Most Luxurious Brands.

Many luxury brands have come and gone over the years, but these brands have stood the test of time, continuing to please shoppers with their quality and extravagance.

1. Versace

Founded by the legendary Gianni Versace in 1978, this Italian company is now run by his sister Donatella (Creative Director) and brother Santo (CEO). Versace is notable for its flamboyance and innovative spirit and perhaps best known for its stunning womens’ dresses. The company’s revenue was €268m in 2009.

2. Gucci

Quite possibly the world's most famous luxury brand, Gucci was founded by Guccio Gucci, an Italian designer, in 1921. With its 2009 revenue reaching €2.2 billion, Gucci has proven that it is truly a heavyweight in the luxury goods market. Gucci delivers a wide variety of men's and women's products, but its women's handbags have truly made Gucci what it is today.

3. Prada

Although founded by Mario and Martino Prada in 1938, it wasn't until their granddaughter Miuccia took over the family business in the 1970s that Prada became the true luxury brand it is today. Pipping €1.7 billion of revenue in 2009, no brand says "Hollywood" quite like Prada.

4. Armani

This Italian fashion house may be the most well-rounded of all designer brands. Armani’s revenue reached €1.5 billion in 2009. Equally renowned for its clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, fragrances and luxury hotels, Armani has enhanced its versatility without sacrificing any of its quality.

5. Ralph Lauren

Perhaps the single greatest designer of men's clothing, Ralph Lauren brings a distinctly American style to the world of high fashion. Originally from the Bronx, New York, Lauren has defied categorization over the course of his career, appealing to a wide variety of shoppers. Ralph Lauren reported a $4.9 billion revenue for the year ending April 2010.

6. Yves Saint Laurent

Since its inception in 1962, Yves Saint Laurent has produced some of the most iconic trends in the history of modern fashion. This incredibly influential brand has inspired countless imitators, but none of them have matched the sheer class of Yves Saint Laurent. YSL took €238 million in revenue in 2009, slightly down from the previous year, but a good result nonetheless.

7. Chanel

Founded by the brilliant Coco Chanel in 1925, this French brand has become synonymous with haute couture. Especially known for its women's suits and fragrances, Chanel is a truly timeless brand that has defined elegance for decades. Chanel is reputed to be making between $3 and $5 billion annually.

8. Christian Dior

Christian Dior has always brought a distinctive femininity to its clothing and fragrances. It has perfectly managed a difficult balancing act: staying on the cutting-edge while remaining absolutely timeless.

9. Burberry

Burberry is the United Kingdom's greatest fashion brand. Its signature plaid pattern is known worldwide and often imitated. The company, now over 100 years old, is still one of the world's most recognizable luxury brands. In 2009, Burberry reported a growth in revenue – taking £1.28 billion.

10. Louis Vuitton

No list of the most luxurious brands would be complete without Louis Vuitton. Founded in 1854, no luxury brand has stood the test of time better. With double-digit growth in 2009, and a €17.1 billion turnover, Louis Vuitton has the market cornered on luxury accessories, particularly its women's handbags, which are truly the stuff of legend.
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Inner Glow By Mikimoto Pearls

I was attending a dinner party just the other night & was looking for the perfect accessories to go with my evening wear. I was digging into my “treasure” box & found this stunning set of Mikimoto Pearl necklace & ear-rings bought some time back. I just had to do a double-twist & this long necklace was immediately transformed into another elegant design to match this simple dress, by local designer Francis Cheong.

The best thing about indulging in a set of designer pearls is that they're classy & lasting. While the basic colours include cream, gray, green, blue & pink. The most popular are white & pink rosé because these shades flatter the widest range of skin tones. So if you wanna shine from within, choose Mikimoto Pearls, one of the world's most prevalent fashion accessories.

Tip to beautiful & long-lasting pearls:
Be sure to put on your jewellery after you do your make-up & to wipe it with a soft cloth after use. If substances such as hair spray or perfume adhere to your jewelleries, they will lose their radiance, causing alteration or loss of colour.

Do you have other suggestions on maintaining those precious pearls? Do share with the readers here.
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