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Welcome Year of The Pig With RISIS’ 2019 Zodiac Collection

risis zodiac collection happy goal lucky pig
Usher in a wave of good fortune and prosperity this Chinese New Year with the 2019 Zodiac Collection from RISIS. Inspired by the optimism and generosity of the twelfth Chinese Zodiac animal, the sculptures are a celebration of abundance, success and wealth. Ranging from Harvest to Fortune of Harmony, Four-tunes of Happiness, Happy Goal Lucky and Legend of XII Pig, the 24K Swiss gold-plated pig sculptures are an auspicious addition to any living space or a propitious gift for good fortune and happiness. The items are available in-stores from November 2018 onwards.
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10K Facebook Likes Giveaway! Win Tiffany, Swarovski, Coach!

luxury haven 10k facebook likes giveaway tiffany swarovski
Luxury Haven has hit 10K Facebook Likes! The world is filled with beautiful people like you; I can’t thank you enough for all your relentless support especially those who always like and share my posts!

To the individuals who come up to me to say “Hi!” in the streets with your sweet notes and encouraging words, I hope you are reading this; you don’t know how much it meant to me. Thank you, guys!

To celebrate this milestone of crossing the 10K Facebook Likes, here’s another Giveaway and it is Open to All Worldwide! This time, I have prepared a total of 3 Top Prizes from Tiffany, Swarovski and Coach + 8 Attractive Consolation Prizes! Come join the party and win something for yourself or your loved ones!

tiffany giveaway silver necklace heart link lariat
1st Prize - TIFFANY & Co. Heart Link Lariat Necklace, USD 320
Close to the heart, this Tiffany Lariat in sterling silver with Open Heart designs celebrates the spirit of love. Necklace 18” long, adjustable.

authentic swarovski woven heart pendant giveaway
2nd Prize - Swarovski Woven Heart Pendant, USD 169
Ideal gift for a loved one, this flawless Swarovski Woven Heart Pendant is set in crystals woven into the enduring symbol of love - an elegant, hollow heart. Necklace 40cm long, Pendant 1.5cm.

coach enamel bag charms key ring giveaway
3rd Prize - Coach Bag Charm and Key Ring, USD 79
Conveniently attaches to a bag or belt loop is this Colourful Doggie Bag Charm and Key Ring, hand-finished with crystals and coloured enamel. Attached Split Key Ring with Signature Coach Tag in Enamel.
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Osaka Premium Outlet Shopping at Rinku Town ( りんくうタウン )

osaka rinku premium outlets shopping
Ready for some last minute shopping en route Kansai International Airport? If shopping for discounted designer labels is a must-do in your travels, make Rinku Premium Outlets ( りんくうプレミアム・アウトレット ) either your first or last stop in Osaka!

rinku pleasure town seacle ferris wheel
Located just one station from Kansai International Airport is Rinku Town ( りんくうタウン ), which houses an 85m-tall Ferris Wheel, beachside park and the Rinku Premium Outlets.

rinku town ralph lauren polo tee sale
With discounts as much as 70% off designer brands like Polo Ralph Lauren, wouldn't you go gaga? The premium outlet even has lockers for your luggage, but if your baggage is larger than the locker size, you can leave it at Information Center for 800 JPY with some conditions.
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Gotemba Premium Outlet Shopping, Best Spot to View Mt Fuji!

gotemba premium outlets shopping gucci sale
Are you a shopperholic like me? Love travelling, and always on the go for premium outlets? Well, if you are heading to Japan, this is one huge shopping factory outlet you must not miss! The Gotemba Premium Outlet ( 御殿場プレミアム・アウトレット ) is the flagship centre, and one of the largest in Japan. Located at Shizuoka Prefecture, it is situated on an extensive site within the view of World Cultural Heritage site, Mount Fuji.

catch cherry blossom at gotemba premium outlet shopping
If you wanna catch Cherry Blossom, have a perfect view of Mount Fuji, and shop till you drop at the same time, Japan’s Gotemba Premium Outlet is the place you would wanna be.
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Luxury Porsche, Lamborghini Seats For Sports Car Enthusiasts

luxury sports cars interiors porsche lamborghini
CD Sport Design is proud to unveil for the first time its luxury furniture brand, created for the sport car enthusiast. Now you can enjoy the feel of racing when sitting at home in this comfortable, individually customized design, inspired by the flair, feel and quality of luxury sport car brands.

Manufactured from Soft Nappa leather with a range of 30 colors to choose from, with other surfaces using the highest quality lacquer paints that offer a massive choice of 34 colors to create truly individual designs, the customization on offer is endless to give you the one of a kind luxury chair. In addition to the colour of the leather and paint, you even can personalize details and features like stitches, add a LED reading lamp, chargers, Bluetooth, cup and document holders and much more. With so many options, you can create something unique to you. Because each chair is created to your exact specification, CD Sports Design allow you to own the own sofa or armchair of your dreams. Each one stays faithful to the cool, modern design you love, inspired by the interiors of luxury sports cars such as Porsche or Lamborghini, these are truly exceptional creations from the coolest new brand around, CD Sports Design.
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Gallery Rare: Your Hermes Birkin and Kelly Luxury Boutique!

gallery rare southeast asia largest hermes collection
Japan’s pre-loved luxury goods company, Gallery Rare, has set up shop in Singapore with the aim of offering the largest collection of rare Hermes Birkin and Kelly bags in Southeast Asia.

gallery rare singapore mandarin gallery hermes birkin kelly
These iconic Hermes bags, named after English singer and actress Jane Birkin and American actress Grace Kelly respectively, are highly coveted collectibles and enjoy great demand in Asia. Time Magazine recently reported that investing in a Hermes Birkin bag might have better returns in the long term than gold or the stock market. These bags, which can cost anything between USD 60,000 to USD 200,000, are made in limited numbers and are generally not advertised.
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Schonbrunn Palace Tour, Parndorf Designer Outlet Shopping!

vienna stadtpark city park johann strauss monument
#OOTD: Burberry London
Eastern Europe Day 6: " The Blue Danube ", " Kaiser-Walzer " and the " Tritsch-Tratsch-Polka ", are just some of Johann Strauss' most famous works. Schubert, Hayden, Beethoven, Mozart, they were all in the City of Music, Vienna. Here in the Vienna City Park aka Stadtpark, there is a golden monument paying tribute to Johann Strauss II who is also known as the " King of Waltz ". Are you a fan of his music too?

The Stadtpark City Park in Vienna is a large municipal park that has a total surface area of 65,000 sq m. Scattered throughout the park are statues of famous Viennese artists, writers, and composers like Johann Strauss.

unesco world heritage sites in austria schonbrunn palace
Next stop, we whisk you away to the renowned Maria Theresa's Schonbrunn Palace, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site and Austria's most-visited tourist attraction.

vienna schonbrunn palace austria tourist attractions
A former imperial summer residence located in Vienna, Austria, the 1,441-room Baroque palace is one of the most important architectural, cultural and historical monuments in the country.

vienna schonbrunn palace eu holidays tour
The charming Vienna is the place to start appreciating Austria. Stroll lovely manicured parks, learn about their rich history, and be awed by their architectural baroque castles and more.............
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Salvatore Ferragamo Ballerina Pumps, A Woman's Love Affair

hollywood favourite salvatore ferragamo ballerinas
The quintessence of Italian luxury, Salvatore Ferragamo became a Hollywood favourite during the glamorous 1920s. Three generations later, the brand is still revered for the beauty and quality of its handcrafted shoes.

My love affair with Ferragamo shoes started way back twenty over years ago, and I got hooked on their Vara Pump Ballerinas. Guess I just fell in love with the girlish Vara bow, and started snapping up matching handbags, belts and hair accessories to match my ballerinas.

iconic designer shoes salvatore ferragamo signature vara bow
Designed by Fiamma Di San Giuliani Ferragami, the Vara Pump is one of Ferragamo's most iconic shoes. A signature Vara bow centered with logo-etched goldtone hardware brands a leather pump constructed using Ferragamo’s signature lasts for unparalleled arch support and a superior fit.
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Louis Vuitton Epi Leather and Monogram Vernis Bags

louis vuitton epi leather monogram vernis bags collection
A pricier collection as compared to the Louis Vuiton Monogram Canvas, the Epi and Vernis Leather brought about the sensation when they were first introduced and women fell in love with them instantly.

Louis Vuitton leather goods collections are exclusively produced in workshops located in France, Spain and the United States. To give you an idea the price difference, a Louis Vuitton Alma MM in normal Monogram Canvas is $1,800, whereas in Epi Leather is $2,500, and in Vernis Leather is at $2,800.
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Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Bags: What's Your Pick?

luxury designer louis vuitton monogram bags collection
Owning designer bags like #LouisVuitton can never go wrong as these luxury bags can last for ages. The oldest bag seen here, the Louis Vuitton Monogram Montsouris Backpack, is probably about 20 years old! That's right, that's two decades ago and my LV backpack is still in very good condition. You probably can't tell it is that old, can you?

If you are in possession of a designer bag, it does somehow improve your mood. Well, at least it does for me. Besides, the distinctive scent of real leather keeps shoppers from coming back resulting in prices escalating over the years. It is certainly worth the investment, and if you are working hard and have the ability to appreciate the finer things in life, why not?
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Spotted: Celebrities Wearing Rolex Watches

lsm watch rolex gmt master
Leaders, adventurers, the famous, and infamous alike all agree that owning a Rolex is so much more than owning a watch. It is a symbol of higher social class, and luxury. It radiates power and status. With its luxurious appeal and social standing, it is no surprise that many celebrities and explorers have chosen Rolex as their watch company of choice.
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Louis Vuitton Monogram Accessories: Are You A LV Fanatic?

louis vuitton monogram canvas epi leather vernis bags
Fashionista, are you a fan of the Louis Vuitton French fashion house? Do you own a collection of LV luxury goods?

Well, I got my first #LouisVuitton bag when I was in my early 20s, and I have never looked back since. I probably owned twice the amount of LVs in this photo, but have since sold many of them making ways for other brands. There are couple of items missing here, which I have realized only after the photo shoot. We tend to forget what we own in our wardrobe, don't we? Lol! Well, I have included them in the post below. Let's see if you can spot what's missing!
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Chanel Lambskin Matelasse Hobo: What's In My Bag?

authentic chanel lambskin matelasse hobo shoulder bag
I have always wanted to feature " What's In My Bag? " as this seems to be quite a popular topic going around the internet. Well, it can be rather puzzling what a woman carries in her bag. Lots of nonsense, a man would probably say. Lol! So why is it that a man can walk into the streets with just few basic items in his pockets, but women…………? Sigh, it's complicated!

What are the must-carry items in your bag? Is there something that you can't live without? Is your bag a representation of your personality? Let's take a peep into what's in my bag, shall we?
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Cannes Film Festival: SK-II Global Ambassador Cate Blanchett

cannes film festival sk ii ambassador cate blanchett
Currently tipped as one of the favourites of the Cannes Film Festival, SK-II Global Ambassador and leading lady Cate Blanchett graced the red carpet for the " Carol " premiere in positively radiant skin, and highlighted by a stunning Giles Deacon gown.

The SK-II Global Ambassador and Academy Award-winning actress Cate Blanchett was in Singapore recently, while en route to the 2015 Cannes Film Festival, to launch SK-II's NEW Mid-day and Mid-night Miracle Essences.

sk-ii global ambassador japanese actress haruka ayase
Also in Cannes for the film festival was SK-II Global Ambassador and Japanese actress - Haruka Ayase, whose film " Umimachi Dialy " was a festival nominee.
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HUGO Woman Fragrance Giveaway Worth $116 at Luxury Haven!

hugo woman eau de parfum giveaway
It was a beautiful morning when I was out on a stroll in my garden. The air was fresh and crisp, and I could get a whiff of floral scent as the wind passes me - an unconventional blend of rich floral and daring fruity notes with an aromatic twist. Gosh, I love the subtle fragrance in the air; that's HUGO Woman!

hugo woman eau de parfum reviews
Well, you are in luck! Let this darling designer perfume by HUGO put you in the spotlight, cause I am giving away a bottle of HUGO Woman to 1 reader, thanks to HUGO Boss!

Worth SGD 116, the 50 ml HUGO Woman flacon comprises a circle of transparent glass – sleek, with an air of minimalism - revealing a clear juice. A groove reaching around the bottle reveals a hidden scarlet ring, a discreet feminine touch, defining, yet low-key. It speaks to the individual with her own defiant style. Will you be the lucky one?
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Citygate Outlets, Hong Kong Designer Shopping Paradise!

hong kong designer labels bargain citygate outlets shopping
Shop till you drop with more than 90 international brands offering discounts of at least 30% to 70% on designer labels and more at Citygate Outlets in Hong Kong!

The outlet shopping mall is only one station away from Disneyland, and approximately 10 minutes from the Hong Kong International Airport, making it easy for any last minute shopping before you leave the country.
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Burberry Blue Label At Odaiba VenusFort ( ヴィーナスフォート ), Tokyo

luxury haven ootd burberry blue label pink knitwear
If you have been following Luxury Haven, you would have known that I am a huge fan of both Burberry, and Burberry Blue Label. It is one of the must-do things whenever I visit Tokyo, to check out the Burberry Blue Label boutiques.

For those who are not familiar with Burberry Blue Label ( バーバリーブルーレーベル ), these designer products are actually made for the Japanese market, and prices are a lot more affordable than Burberry itself. I was really eager to shop at Burberry Blue Label during my last trip to Tokyo to review Keio Plaza Hotel Hello Kitty Town Rooms. Reason being, it may be my last chance to shop there; there will be no more Burberry Blue Label come mid of 2015!
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Ralph Lauren Midnight Romance Fragrance Sampling & Giveaway!

ralph lauren fragrance midnight romance giveaway
“Midnight Romance shares the timeless experience of love through a fragrance of passion, sensuality and mystery.” - Ralph Lauren
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Affordable Luxury is Becoming More Popular

silver stacked rings
Affordable luxury is more popular than ever now that many designer names are available to consumers. High-street fashions can be purchased by budget conscious shoppers at affordable purchases. The growing middle-class has access to many lavish designer brands that are both inexpensive and fashionable. Marc Jacobs, Coach, and Agnes B are just a few of the brands that are within reach of mid-level customers.
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Gucci Made to Measure Fragrance, The New Essence For Men!

james franco gucci made to measure fragrance review

What do you say to a date with a masculine partner that's tall, stylish and confident, and smell heavenly at the same time? What's your dream date like?
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