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Luxury Haven Retiring From Blogging + Hello Kitty Giveaway!

luxury haven singapore lifestyle influencer hello kitty giveaway
This may come as a surprise to you, but I have decided to leave the blogging scene after some serious consideration. As much as I love blogging, I guess 10 awesome years is good enough for me.

My blogging journey has been a wonderful one. Letting go isn’t easy, especially when I have been writing for a good decade. That being said, I will still continue my presence in Facebook where I interact most, and perhaps spend some time on Instagram too.

You guys have been most supportive, giving me the motivation to write and share my thoughts all these years, and I am so thankful for all your heart-warming comments here and in Facebook. I can't thank you enough for your tremendous support and positive feedback, especially those who have been with me since the start of Luxury Haven since 2009.

To show my appreciation, I’m ending Luxury Haven with a Hello Kitty Giveaway Open to All Worldwide, and there will be 10 Prizes + 1 Bonus Prize for 1 lucky Singapore resident. Some of the Hello Kitty prizes are from my own collection which I will be happily parting them with you, so please come and join the party!
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Blogging Break for Luxury Haven Lifestyle Blog

blogger magazine dynamic template design
For those who are following me in Facebook, you would’ve probably seen my updates on the recent incident where Luxury Haven's site was compromised.

Long story cut short, I had engaged a professional from UK last week to revamp my blog design. As a common practice in the market, I had also given my blog access to her and made her Admin to work on my blog template.

Little did I expect that she would remove me as Admin, & took over my blog completely instead and blackmailed me. Reports have been made to the relevant authorities. Thank goodness I was able to get my 10-year-old baby back after working round the clock for 2 days, and now Luxury Haven is up and running again! Did you notice that I have changed my blog header image to a simpler design?
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Instagram: Visit Canberra Event, Collagen Paris, LumiSpa

follow luxury haven lifestyle blog at instagram stories
Hey Sunshine, this is a scheduled post as I am still in Indonesia the entire week checking out one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Well, here is a roundup of my recent Instagram stories for your reading pleasure:

Visit Canberra Event – Do you know that Canberra is the No. 3 City to Visit in Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2018? Wines, gourmet, hot-air balloon are just some of the stuff I would love to do there!

Unboxing my Collagen Lift Paris – Attended their event at EHA Skincare recently. Collagen Lift Paris unique formula contains Collagen I, Mediterranean Seaweed and Vitamin C, while their Red Carpet comes with the powerful Hyaluronic Acid.
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My Blog Has Been Hacked! What Should I Do? Lesson Learnt

what to do when blog is hacked
Having your blog hacked is probably one of the most upsetting experiences, and is certainly terrifying especially if you are not savvy in html codes etc.

Luxury Haven runs on Blogger platform since 2009 and that fateful day, I almost suffered a heart attack. When I woke up in the morning to check my blog, I was puzzled to find an unfamiliar background at Luxury Haven. Initial thought was perhaps my Leaderboard ad has malware, but I knew something had gone terribly wrong when I failed to access my blog settings. The Blogger Navbar had disappeared; all my blog tabs had been replaced by the hacker’s website tabs which means that whatever I click on, it will be directed to their site ( see Tabs above Hacker's website image ). That’s when I started to panicked.

facebook blog hacked requesting for help
In distress, I posted in Facebook and Blogger Forum asking for help as I just couldn’t think properly. Many shared my concern and gave several suggestions. Unfortunately, most were only familiar with Wordpress and sadly to my surprise, I also could not get any helpful answers from Blogger Forum. One Blogger expert in the forum replied me saying it is impossible for Blogger to get hacked unlike Wordpress. It seemed that it is very rare for Blogger to get hacked as compared to Wordpress. So I was stuck!

So influencers, what should you do if your blog has been hacked? In this post, I shall be sharing my recent horrifying experience and hope you guys can gain some insights from it.
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2018 Best Luxury Lifestyle Website Award by The Squander!

“Congratulations! Luxury Haven Has Been Chosen For A 2018 Best Luxury Website Award! I am writing to you because you have been chosen by our readers for one of our 2018 annual Squander Awards for the best luxury lifestyle websites!”

I received the above email during my vacation in Japan from The Squander, a top online destination for net worth information, high end products and luxury lifestyle, serving millions of users. Isn’t it another awesome surprise?
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Luxury Haven, Top 30 Singapore Lifestyle Bloggers to Follow in 2018!

feedspot top 30 singapore lifestyle blogger award
Luxury Haven has done it again! Last November, Luxury Haven was Ranked No. 5 in Top 75 Luxury Lifestyle Blogs on the internet, and we have just received news that we are also in the Top 30 Singapore Lifestyle Bloggers and Websites To Follow in 2018!

singapore top lifestyle bloggers to follow
Once again, these blogs are ranked based on following criteria by Feedspot:
  • Google reputation and Google search ranking
  • Influence and popularity on Facebook, twitter and other social media sites
  • Quality and consistency of posts.
  • Feedspot’s editorial team and expert review
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Top 10 Most Popular Posts with Highest Pageviews in 2017!

most popular luxury haven blog posts highest pageviews
Merry Christmas, guys! Trust you had an awesome celebration! It has been such an amazing journey for me to be able to share my thoughts and reviews at Luxury Haven, and I am so thankful for having you here with me.

As we usher in the New Year, we have rounded up Luxury Haven’s Top 10 Most Popular Posts in 2017 according to pageviews. Without looking at our list, can you guess which post topped the chart with the highest number of views? Is it a beauty post, recipe, shopping or travel?

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Luxury Haven Ranked No. 5 in Top 75 Luxury Lifestyle Blogs!

top luxury lifestyle blog award badge
A surprise email came on Nov 11, just a day after my birthday. A nice birthday gift indeed as Luxury Haven is now Ranked No.5 in Top 75 Luxury Lifestyle Blogs on the web, powered by Feedspot!

feedspot top 75 luxury lifestyle blogs
Since I don’t like to participate in any Blog Awards etc, and I am rather ignorant when it comes to blog stats and SEO etc, I was naturally surprised and curious how Luxury Haven was selected. Seems that blogs were indexed using search and social metrics, and also ranked based on following criteria:
  • Google reputation and Google search ranking.
  • Influence and popularity on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.
  • Quality and consistency of posts
  • Feedspot’s editorial team and expert review.
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Instagram Roundup! How Active Are You On Social Media?

follow luxury haven lifestyle blog instagram
Are you #Instagram ready? Do you post Instagram worthy images? Well, as much as bloggers need to be active on social media sites, I have to admit I am not much into Instagram just looking at my pathetic numbers. With so many social media sites, it is really hard to catch up and I don't have as much time to spare.

That being said, I try to post whenever there is a need or when time permits. Well, this post is about my recent Instagram round-up, and let's try to follow each other if you have an Instagram account too. Always wonder how some of them get a 5-figure following............
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Luxury Haven Singapore Lifestyle Blog: 10 Most Popular Posts

luxury haven most popular blog posts review
It is always interesting to check what the popular posts are over at Luxury Haven, and most often they come as a surprise. Well, it is certainly nice to know that the Top 10 Blog Posts are a mix of food, beauty and travel reviews being a lifestyle blog.

nippon paint mailer luxury haven
I am thrilled that the post earning the most number of reads is none other than Nippon Paint Momento Special Effects Paint! I had a $6,000 home makeover some time ago fully sponsored by Nippon Paint, and this review has emerged as the top post with a total of 47,309 pageviews! Did you get the series of islandwide mailers in your mailbox too?
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Google Page Ranking and Search Engine Visibility Score

google page ranking dropped
When I got panicked after losing my page ranking, I tried in vain to get help in the Google community. Some people said page ranking isn't important as long as you've good contents. Well, it may not be that vital but it's certainly one of the factors what some sponsors in the US are looking at.
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Custom Domain, Setting Up Google Analytics & Webmaster

luxury haven singapore award winning lifestyle blog

Custom Domain, Setting Up Google Analytics And Webmaster Account - What Issues You Would Meet During A Migration Process?

After 4 years of blogging, I’ve finally bought my own custom domain from #GoDaddy few months ago, changing from to the new www.luxuryhaven.CO! I’ve also gotten someone to design my blog template, if you’ve already noticed the new look.
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Play The 7 Links Challenge!

How do you like my new Avatar? Hahaha! Nothing to do with this challenge, just thought of putting up something fun :)

Lately, there’s a challenge bouncing around the blogging community & I was tagged by 2 lovely bloggers to join in the game.
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A Reader Who Bothers To Give Credit & Share

As a blogger or a writer, it’s really nice to see people taking the time to comment on your post. It’s a good feeling to know that your post benefits them or it’s appealing.

Today, I’d like to introduce a reader who has been following my recipes like the one above, tried them & took time to post lovely comments, gave credits & even shared them.
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Check Out My Facebook Fan Page!

Join me on my Fan Page @ Facebook  & check out all the great deals!
Luxury Indulgence is a one-stop blog by an ex-Flight Attendant, sharing years of Fine Dining, Luxury Shopping & Travel, adventurous Fusion Cooking experience, plus bringing you the latest Sale Events & Contests.

"To be tempted by the most brilliant chefs, is truly my dream”.
Through years of travelling around the world, I've developed a penchant for good food. You can read about restaurant reviews complete with pricing & photos.
I also love spending my favourite past time whipping up fusion dishes. I adore good food & get my inspiration from fine dining all over the world. Some of the recipes (with step-by-step photo instructions) I’ve created have received popular votes @ Foodies sites & won contests!

Unfortunately, Facebook's having some bugs & I couldn't send out the invitations. I hope I can reach out to you via this post. So subscribe & "Like" me @ my FB Fan page to stay updated with the latest Contests, Designer Sale Events, Hotel/Travel/Spa Promos & more!  Appreciate if you could also suggest it to your friends if you found my blog useful. Thank you once again, for your support!
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My 1st Cheque From Nuffnang!

So it's true, you do get money from Nuffnang! I was delighted to receive this envelope from my mailbox yesterday. After my bad experience with Google like many others, I was skeptical about joining another advertising community.

My a/c with Google got suspended right after I hit USD100 when I first started blogging, without any reason. I read online about the misfortunes of other bloggers so I'd adhered to Google's guidelines strictly, did not sabotage by clicking any of my own ads as stated clearly. Somehow, it still happened to me. I was naturally upset but that's the past.

Then, I discovered Nuffnang, Asia-Pacific's first blog advertising community & have been a Glitterati member since. A Glitterati is an "Exclusive Nuffnanger", a Nuffnang blogger that has NO advertisements on his/her blog that originates from SEA & also from any ad network deemed as competitors. This is also one of the reason I haven't accepted CozyCot's offer to join them.

So here's my cheque from Nuffnang! You can cash out your earnings once you hit S$50. Thank you Nuffnang, for helping me regain confidence in the blogging advertising community!

Well, besides getting higher earnings, Glitterati members also have priorities over free movie screenings, lunches, contests etc.  Just like their latest eSynchrony Blogging Contest to win iPad! Visit Nuffnang to find out more about advertising.

Do you also have an experience to share with other bloggers? Be it good or bad, tell us your story!
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Check Out The New Luxury Indulgence!

The sweet pinky image of Luxury Indulgence has been transformed into a red-hot sophisticated new outfit, plus adding features such as Tabs for your easy navigation.

I decided it was time for a make-over when things are getting messy & took advantage of Bloggers' new template. I wouldn't say it's an easy task adding tabs & having to put all the links into each individual tabs, but I think it's worth the effort. There're still some grey areas that need to be fine-tuned but overall, it's up & running well.

I do hope you like the new look, it'll probably take some time for you to get used it. But do let me know your views.

Did your blog also go through a make-over recently? Share with us your experience here.
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Reconstruction @ Luxury Indulgence

Dear readers,

As Luxury Indulgence is expanding with more & more articles, I'll be spending the next few days redressing this site. Please be patient & I hope to bring a better designer wardrobe to you for easy navigation.

Watch this space, coming to you soon!
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Bloggers Promo MTV By Polybore

Enjoy this short clip of Bloggers featured by Polybore & watch out for Luxury Indulgence!

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Do You Know Blogger Is Turning 10?

Yes, Blogger’s turning 10 this August. Happy Birthday, Blogger! You’ve come a long way & may you have many more fantastic years to come by.

Thank you, Blogger, for bringing me so much blogging fun! Besides meeting many wonderful friends, I’ve revisited my writing skills once again. I’ve almost forgotten I can write & best part of all, I’m now being paid to write.

More delightfully, I can finally open up my kitchen to the public, a cooking passion that I’ve always wanted to share. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my generous food sponsors. With their resources, I can now sample food for free & also whip up & create as many dishes as I like without burning a hole in my pocket. Thank you for this enriching experience!
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