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LiveWell Magazine Features Luxury Haven's Healthy Recipes!

livewell magazine features luxury haven healthy recipes
LiveWell is the definitive guide to health, lifestyle, beauty and wellness and cultural concerns, and once again, Luxury Haven's recipes have made it to a Singapore magazine!

livewell magazine october issue
livewell magazine features luxury haven flash meals
#LiveWell aims to be their readers’ trusted source for information, giving men and women the most credible, useful, and up-to-date information and ideas on how to live a healthier, happier and more wholesome life. I am most humbled to have my recipes featured in their magazine.
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Today’s Parents Features Luxury Haven’s Veggie Talk!

todays parents angry birds veggie talk recipe
I’m most delighted that another of my recipe has made it to a magazine, & this time it's in Today’s Parents!
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Munch Ministry Interview + Flower Gummies Steps Revealed!

flower gummies bouquet handicrafts
Do these flower gummies give you the ‘Wow!’ factor? Well, at least they do for me! The first time I spotted these gummies in #Facebook, I knew I just gotta make it!
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Support International Women's Day!

The phone rang. It was a call from CozyCot, paying special tribute to young women who shine & inspire in their own unique ways under various industries, on this International Women's Day. And, I’ve been nominated for my contribution to the Food Industry!
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Awards & Architectural Wonders Of Helsink!

“Don’t forget to bring a pair of comfortable walking shoes, Helsinki is a walking city”. That was the perky advice I got from Petteri, Sales Director of Finnair, when they flew me to Helsinki. Discovering the city was a breeze with the 24-hr Helsinki Card which cost €35, courtesy of Finnair.
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I’m Back From Finland, Arriving With Mr Angry Bird!

angry birds asian challenge singapore changi airport
I’ve landed @ S’pore Changi Airport in style yesterday on Finnair's inaugural flight from #Helsinki, with my beloved friend, Mr Angry Bird!

angry birds asian challenge singapore representatives
Article from Straits Times Breaking News
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My Moment Of Glory In Singapore’s National Papers!

28 Aug 2011 was a special day for all Singaporeans. It was the day of the official announcement of our newly elected President – Dr Tony Tan!

That day was especially meaningful for me because I was also in the papers! “Shirley occupied half the page in Straits Times!” shouted my good friend, Doris. She was more excited than me and posted the newspaper article in Facebook!

stratits times singapore cooks luxury haven

That morning, I was inundated with phone calls and smses etc. Friends and ex-colleagues whom I’ve not contacted for a long time, suddenly “appeared” out of nowhere. It was a nice feeling indeed!
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An Interview By Pepperconn Social Media

#PepperConn is a pioneer in B2B social media solutions for SMEs, corporations & consumer brands; a world’s first that combines an ecosystem of online talents & social media management. I was flattered when I got an email from Janet Chew, PepperConn's Managing Partner, asking if they could set up an interview with me. I thought I'd share my Q&A session with my readers too, for you to understand me better :)

Up close and personal with Shirley Tay (Jun 28 2011)
I had the pleasure of interviewing Shirley Tay, a popular #LifestyleBlogger whose recipes have garnered numerous online awards. The young mother is no also stranger to luxury brands and travel topics, partly due to her exposure to these during her years of flying with an international airline in the 90s.
peppercorn social media interviews luxury haven
How would you best describe yourself?
Easy-going, Vivacious, Witty, Efficient & Trustworthy.
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Featured In Munaty Cooking Magazine

Munaty Cooking is a magazine with a focus on food & you can find recipes, tips & techniques etc. The June’s issue also features a special Salmon Recipe from Chef Adel from Radisson Blu Hotel. It’s great pleasure to be in the “same page” with a renown Chef.
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Bittergourd Chicken, Winner of Tasty Healthy Recipes 2011

Nothing beats home-cooked food. I'm thrilled that my Bittergourd Chicken, a family's favourite dish is the Winner of the Tasty, Healthy Recipe Contest 2011!
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OpenRice S'pore Food Tasting Event At Charly T's

OpenRice is a fast-growing online dining guide in Asia with 150,000 restaurants & 450,000 dining reviews. I was invited for a food-tasting session last Saturday @ Charly T’s. Charly is a casual dining place with innovative ways of serving chicken & other mains, complemented by ‘additions’ of comfort foods & interesting desserts & cocktails.

Our first course was the Spanish Omlette (S$8.50), which was also one of my favourite on the menu. Very interesting taste – sour & a little spicy. I love the potato cubes which were crunchy & went well with the German Sausages. The Dilly Toast was fantastically crispy & tasted real good with the Cottage Cheese. I was trying hard not to finish it as we’d a lot more dishes lining up for us ahead.

Next were the Wraps – Bratwurst & Sauerkraut (S$16) & the Sesame Teriyaki Chicken (S$12.50), paired with Potato Salad with Bacon & Butter Garlic Rice; Roasted Sesame, Kampong Amber & the Ginger Lemon sauces.

The wraps were tasty enough; you don’t actually need the sauces. I prefer the Bratwurst & Sauerkraut with cheese oozing out of the Tortilla; the gem inside - a flavourful chunky German Sausage. However, I found the Teriyaki Chicken too sweet for my liking. Portions of the wraps are generous & very filling.

Food on Sticks - Kampong Amber Chicken (S$13.50), also came with the Garlic Rice & served with Chimichurri & Kampong Amber sauces. The Chimichurri is a mix of parsley, red wine, vinegar & red pepper, while the latter is Charly T’s version of Satay peanut sauce. The Chicken is much tastier than your usual satay & goes well with either of the sauces. I like it!

A selection of quenchers were alined for us to choose. Red Tang (Strawberry, Cranberry, Lychee), CT’s Cool Aid (Barley, Pear & Lemonade), Green Flash (Apple, Orange & Pineapple), CA Breezing (Carrot, Apple, Celery & Watermelon) & Mojito. I went for the Red Tang, which is a hot fave among the ladies @ Charly T’s. Revitalizing….

I was also served the Lychee Mojito. Traditionally, Mojito is made up of five ingredients: white rum, sugar, lime juice, sparkling water & mint. A very stimulating cocktail!

Discovered in Germany, Charly T’s Signature Dish finally arrived – the Rotisserie Chicken. Whole (S$42), Half (S$24), Qrt (S$13) - all come with choices of Sauces & Sides. The famous Chicken takes 13 hours to marinate in Charly's secret spices & 50 mins to give the exterior a special crisp while sealing in the juices. I must say it has certainly lived up to its name. Chicken was juicy & so tender that the meat falls off the bone easily. Thumbs-up!

Next on the stick was the Kalua Pork, served with Fresh Vegetables. When I first heard the name, I was fully in anticipation as I thought the pork is marinated in the coffee flavored liqueur – Kahlua. But I was totally wrong. The word Kalua literally means "to cook in an underground oven" & also describes the flavour of food cooked in this manner.

The Kalua Pork uses the 3-layer pork belly, but it wasn’t fatty at all. Due to the cooking process, all the fats have melted. While the top layer was tender & practically melted in my mouth, the bottom layer was dry & I found the pork a little bland. It fell short of expectation.

This is the Avocado Dijon Chicken Salad (S$14). Nice presentation but the Chef was probably too heavy-handed on the Cajun mustard, as few of us found it too sour. Otherwise, it'd be perfect healthy salad dish.

Cajun spices were also used in this New Orleans Beef Salad (price unavail). The medium-raw striploin was succulent & delicious.

Desserts finally arrived. We were served the Lemon Cheese Cake (S$7) & the Brownie (S$7). I’d requested for ice-cream as I felt it’d go better with it. It was a brilliant idea as their ice-creams tasted real good & it was a nice combination. Their Vanilla ice-cream uses no vanilla essence at all; only made with the goodness of vanilla beans. We’d a chance to savour their seasonal item – Pineapple Tart ice-cream. This was the best of all. It wasn’t too sweet & taste was unique. Love it!

All praises went to their Waffle, infused with Chocolate Chips (S$7) & drizzled with maple syrup. Waffle was crispy on the outside & I love biting into the choc bits. Their full-size waffle is just S$7. This is just a tasting portion that you’re looking at. Must try!

Charly T's cozy atmosphere is suitable for families or hanging out with friends. Food sharing is highly recommended here so you can taste their different specialities. I was told that this friendly eatery is like a concept store to test out their recipes to see if they’re acceptable to S’poreans, & an expansion is also on the cards.

Thank you Priscilla & Dudi of OpenRice, for inviting me to this event, & Charly T's generous serving of food & warmth hospitality!

Charly T’s
20 Handy Road
Level 1, NOMU (beside The Cathay)
Tel: +65 6336 7789
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Food Critic for Table For 4

Feeling like a VIP, was how I felt when I was invited for lunch as a Food Critic for The New Paper @ Old Hong Kong Legend; one of the new kids on the block @ #02-18 Raffles City Shopping Centre. This Cantonese restaurant is the grand dame of the Old HK Group.

While the tableware & settings like the mini wine cups & double-layed tea “glasses”  were impressive (pix below), especially with 2 pairs of chopsticks on the table (one personal & the other, for picking up food), I’m afraid I can’t say the same about the food. However, I like the clever use of Chinese herbs in the Hong Kong cuisine but the overall meal was just average for me.

I was allowed to bring 2 guests but we needed a commitment of at least 2hrs. With most of my friends working full-time, I decided to only invite one to join me. As the theme is ‘Table For 4’, with me at the lunch were Cherie Lim, journalist for The New Paper; Geraldine, a part-time Lecturer & my good friend Juliet, a homemaker; forming a panel of 4 food critics. Then we also had Kelvin, the photographer & Desmond, Operations Director of the restaurant. The vivacious Victoria, who gave birth to Old HK, joined us occasionally, patiently introducing to us the concept of each dish.

Briefly, we started the lunch with the Peking Duck. Juliet likes the Peking Duck, as she was busy helping herself with it. I was afraid that she may feel out of place initially, so I was happy to see her enjoying herself. I felt at ease.

The highlight of this duck lies in the sauces. Besides the traditional sauce, the restaurant came up with a creamy fruity sauce & a XO with Foie Gras sauce. I personally prefer the fruity sauce. It’s tangy & refreshing & helps kill the oiliness in the duck. Of course, if they do improve the FG sauce by using less XO sauce which was too overwhelming & add more Foie Gras, my vote may go to the FG sauce. Putting so much attention on the Peking Duck & the wrap, it was a total let-down for me. The skin wasn’t as crispy as it should be & the wrap wasn’t as thin as it had claimed.

This Longan Red Dates Tea was invigorating. Besides, it promotes blood circulation. I like the pretty cup in the 2-layered glass as you can hold the hot tea without feeling the heat on your hands.

Can you guess what the white mousse in the center is? That was also the question that Victoria popped up.
It’s Chinese Yam Paste (淮山) with Blueberry Sauce! Huai Shan is a Chinese Herb that’s beneficial for the health. It’s commonly used for soup preparation. I like it & I’m gonna kiv this for my experimental list.

The generous Victoria offered us her home-brewed Chinese wine. It’s not on the menu & only served to special guests. All of us love this sweet wine. The danger is, you keep popping them & there’s no limitation. You’ll never know when you get knocked off. FYI, the alcohol content is about 30%!

I cook a lot of this Shark’s Fin Melon (鱼翅瓜) Soup at home. I learnt of this melon many years ago at a cooking show. This melon is popularly used to “replace” the real Shark’s Fin because of its thread-like texture. This flavoursome soup reminded us of home-cook food. But of course, it’s nothing compared to the real stuff.

The Flaming Kurobuta (Black Pig) had certainly caught our attention. We were busy chatting when the hot flame was ignited. The pork was cooked with Aangelica Root (当归). For the Chinese, Danggui is believed to regulate menstruation & relieve the pain. The ladies like the tender pork but I found it too sweet. Again, there was an absence in taste.

Juliet & I liked this Soon Hock best.

A common sight in restaurants, the Mango Puree paired with Coconut Ice Cream was a sweet ending. You can also find this kind of dry-ice presentation in restaurants such as the Si Chuan Dou Hua @ the TOP of the UOB Plaza.

Marks should be awarded for the overall presentation of food @ Old HK & the warm hospitality by the hosts. On the whole, it was a good experience. You can read all about it in The New Paper, dated 16 Jan 2011. If you’d like to be a Food Critic for a day, why not try writing in to The New Paper, then keep your fingers crossed?
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Winner of Healthy Recipes Contest!

I'm pleased that not one, but two of my recipes have won the Healthy Recipes Contest organized by Health Exchange Singapore!

Click on the highlighted links to start living a healthy lifestyle now!
1) Losing Appetite? Try This Uplifting Recipe!
2) Steamed Dory Roll with Snow Fungus
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Featured Blog At Foodie BlogRoll

With over 7500 members spanning the globe, Luxury Indulgence is pleased to be featured @ The Foodie Blogroll.

It's certainly another wonderful weekend when I received the email:

"Congratulations SHIRLEY! You have been featured in this week's Finest Foodies Friday!
To check it out, go to I hope this brings new visitors and comments to your blog!"

Thank you Jenn, for this "mouth-watering" surprise!

Hop over to My Cooking to check out my award-winning recipes.
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Blogger Award

It's always a pleasure to receive encouraging Blogger Awards from bloggers around the world, like the You Make Me Smile Award.

I've just received another lovely award from Mary Moh of Keep Learning, Keep Smiling, who's a blogger from Scotland. Sharing the same passion in cooking, Mary has an enormous collection of recipes & quite a few inspirational posts.

Thank you Mary, for the above award & in return, I'd like to present you with the Beautiful Blogger Award! Keep blogging & looking forward to your every post.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to present the Beautiful Blogger Award to few other foodies, who have been supporting my blog even though it's not entirely a food blog.

5 Star Foodie
Simply Life
Penny aka jeroxie

Thank you friends, for your continuous support & keep your wonderful comments coming!

Love from Singapore,
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APEC Appreciation Dinner For Volunteers

This year, Singapore took over from Peru to be the APEC host economy for 2009. Out of 3,000 over volunteers from all walks of life, only half were selected to play host to the international delegates. These ambassadors were deployed at the airport, Suntec City & major hotels etc, tending to the World Leaders & delegates.
APEC Singapore 2009 is a collective ‘Whole-of-Singapore’ effort involving close to 20,000 personnel from 40 government agencies & 330 Singapore & Singapore-based companies. All with one purpose – to make APEC 2009 a memorable Singapore experience!
The APEC Appreciation Dinner, held at S’pore Expo on 11 Dec, lasted 2 hours. With Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong gracing the occasion, an appreciation speech was delivered to the group of volunteers.

It was a night that I will never forget. Although I’ve served numerous VIPs during my “flying” career, including members of the royal families, Minister Mentor Lee Kwan Yew (then the PM of Singapore), I’ve never dreamt that I would get up close & personal with these groups of elite after I left the airline. But………
At the APEC Appreciation Dinner, not only I got to shake hands with our Singapore Prime Minister, I even got a photo shot with him! It was no easy task at all with his strong entourage of body guards around him. Plus, there were probably hundreds of volunteers in the ballroom trying to get close to him.

I was the lucky few who got a handshake from PM Lee & gosh, it was such a nippy affair that I couldn’t even give a proper smile. It's already past 3am as I'm writing this post & I'm still thrilled just to think about it. Besides receiving certificates for our efforts, the guests at the dinner also got a goodie bag & a heavy one too. In this Minister’s bag.......
(L-R): the Merlion stuff toy, a note pad with a pen engraved APEC Singapore 2009, a thumb drive, DVDs & the Leaders Week Meeting Handbook.
There’s also a A4 folder containing brochures & postcards of Singapore;
First Day Cover of APEC 2009 &
A polo-shirt with APEC “Spark” logo, which depicts the 21 APEC Member Economies coming together to convene at one single point, working towards unity, cooperation & synergy to advance common interests. Indeed, the spirit was still flying high at the dinner with the cheerful crowd. Volunteers of all races gathering at one common place, getting to know one another. I left the dinner happily, with the fondest memories, waiting for the next opportunity to volunteer……… May the spirit of volunteerism never dies!
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