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EHA Clinic Transforms Me Into Snow White With ReFirme ST!

How does having a complete Anti-Ageing Solution in just 2 hours sound to you? What would you say to having a more youthful, luminous and firmer appearance with no downtime at all?
luminous skin after eha refirme st
As we aged, our skin begins to lose elasticity. So when I heard of the ReFirme™ ST Therapy which is able to stimulate collagen production without any pain, I was sold!
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Say Bye Bye To Your Love Handles With Liposonix!

I came across this very interesting infographic the other day that talks about what women would give up in exchange for being one size smaller & the results are quite interesting! 75% of women would give up shopping while 67% will give up chocolates.
liposonix reviews slimming
I was wondering how much difference does one size make? A lot apparently! Especially if it’s in the right spot. Not surprisingly, many women are most concerned with the way their tummies bulge out under their clothes.
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Venus Freeze, At ONLY Singapore Aesthetics Centre!

I’m sure a lot of you would have heard of fat freezing. Isn’t it amazing what technologies can do for us these days? No needles, no scars, to get rid of those unwanted fats in our body; that’s possible with Venus Freeze™!
only aesthetics centre singapore, venus freeze
Singapore’s largest aesthetics centre #ONLY opens its new 5000 square feet flagship centre with Hollywood-renowned #VenusFreeze!
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EPW Laser + Medical Aesthetics Clinic, Find Dr Right!

epw laser medical aesthetics clinic blogger reviews
What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when choosing an aesthetic doctor?

For most, it’s probably the price factor. Many of us are attracted to stuff like buy 6 & get 2 free, or 50% off 1st trial etc. But don’t you think there are more vital factors than just the price tag?
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Winners Of EHA Restore Worth SGD88 By Dr Elias Tam!!

eha clinic restore anti-aging whitening moisturizer giveaways
Drum roll for the 2 lucky winners of Restore, EHA Clinic’s latest product by Dr. Elias Tam!
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Giveaway: Win EHA Restore Worth SGD88 By Dr Elias Tam!!

Anti-aging, Anti-oxidant & Whitening properties, all in a tub! That’s Restore, EHA Clinic’s latest product by Dr. Elias Tam.

eha clinic restore anti-aging whitening cream review
This moisturizer from Japan, which is both a day & night cream, is made to suit our Asian skin. Looking at the ingredients, it has Evening Primrose, Jojoba, Grape Seed Oil, Lavender amongst other ingredients to give our skin the maximum benefits. What’s more? There’s also Hyaluronic Acid to help secure the moisture in our skin. #HyaluronicAcid, of which its function in our body is, amongst other things, to bind water & to lubricate movable parts of the body, such as joints & muscles.
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Let There Be Light At EPW Laser + Medical Aesthetics Clinic!

They say money can't buy you everything, but at least I know there's something money can buy you - a Pretty Face! With advanced cosmetic & aesthetic technology, you can have lasers to help get rid of acne problems if your pimple creams don’t work, there’re Botox & Fillers to disguise those train tracks on your face if those skincare products can’t help, & there’re also a variety of treatments to target on pigmentation problems.
epw laser medical aesthetics clinic copper bromide melasma
Pigmentation hates me!! I’d been through a series of laser treatment for those ugly spots on my face & just when I thought it got better, they came back with a vengeance! I’m sure you’ve read about my recent sponsored family vacation to Penang just recently. The blazing sun there was real unfriendly & no matter how much sunscreen I buttered on my face, it wasn’t fiery enough to combat the raging rays. So I’m back to square one!

epw laser medical aesthetics clinic orchard singapore
Then, something magical happened……… EPW Laser + Medical Aesthetics Clinic seemed to have heard my cries & came to my rescue!
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Winners Of CeleVenus Whitening Series & Viscontour Serum Giveaway!

celevenus luxury haven whitening series giveaway
CeleVenus Whitening Series is specially formulated with Vitamin C & Chamomile for women who want radiant bright skin with fast result, while Viscontour Serum is a natural humectant that provides skin with intensive hydration. Well, 3 lucky readers of Luxury Haven will get to try these wonderful skincare products sponsored by CeleVenus!
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Fight Pigmentation With CeleVenus Whitening Series + Giveaway Worth S$870!!

celevenus luxury haven giveaway
Looking for a solution to a brighter, clearer skin? Achieve skin whitening & beauty from within, in just 3 steps! How does this sound to you?
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Sciton Broadband Light (BBL) Acne Treatment At CeleVenus

Are you or your teenage kids also bugged by Acne problems? The reason why so many young people are getting Acne during puberty or right before their periods are because of changing hormones.
Pix Credit: Wikipedia
Acne occurs when hair follicle pores are blocked by natural components of the skin. This is the root of most acne lesions. Once blocked, inflammation & bacteria overgrowth occur leading to red bumps & cysts in the skin. Sebaceous or sweat glands of the skin can contribute excessive amounts of sebum into the plugged follicle increasing inflammation. But with so many alternatives to treat Acne, & with parents willing to splurge on their kids today, teenagers no longer have to suffer like the old days.
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Accent Ultra Face & Neck Contouring At CeleVenus

celevenus wellness aesthetic clinic review
Sometime ago, I wrote a post on losing my baby tummy using Lipocryo & Accent Ultra. I was back again at CeleVenus Wellness & Aesthetic Clinic for another Accent Ultra treatment; but this time, for contouring my face & neck. Accompanying me was my son, who was there to treat his teenage acne problem.
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Skin Tightening With NIR Techology At EHA Clinic

nir techology at eha clinic
I'm really thankful for the modern day technologies in maintaining a youthful look without the need of going under the knife. Gosh, I hate my double-chin! Recently, I was introduced to NIR, a non-invasive method to treat sagging skin to tighten & re-contour at the EHA Clinic.
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Lose Inches With Lipocryo & Accent Ultra At CeleVenus!

I'm sure many of you out there are disgusted with those bulging tummy fats. Except for belly-dancing, that ugly tummy isn't gonna look good on any clothes. So I was fascinated when I heard that I could get rid of my baby tummy in a safe & non-surgical way, using Lipocryo & Accent Ultra.
celevenus wellness aesthetic clinic
My sessions of body contouring & fat reduction began at CeleVenus, a chic & popular Wellness & Aesthetic Clinic.
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HydraFacial, A Non-Laser Skin Resurfacing At EHA Clinic

eha clinic hydrafacial
Unlike the traditional micro-dermabrasion, HydraFacial is crystal-free; one of the newest advances in non-laser skin resurfacing, the only hydradermabrasion procedure currently available in the market. Combining cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration & antioxidant protection, the HydraFacial leaves users with clearer, hydrated & more youthful skin minus the discomfort & downtime of traditional laser treatments.
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What IPL/Lasers Can Do For You At EHA Clinic

eha clinic ipl laser
Count ourselves lucky living in the world of technologies. With the invention of lasers, rising numbers of people are keen in improving the appearance of their damaged skin. We can easily remove unwanted scars, pigmentation, unsightly hairs & more, with technologies that revolutionized the aesthetic market.
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Winners For EHA Sunshield 24hr!

EHA’s Sun Shield 24hr has been proven to block both UV-A & UV-B rays by 99%, for a period of 24 hours, with just one application!
eha clinic sunshield giveaway
I've been diligently using the EHA Sun Shield 24hr given by Dr Tam after my IPL/Laser session. Love the sunblock as I hate reapplying every few hours. With this, I just have to apply once & that's it! Now, I'll share this awesome product with 3 of my lucky readers.
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IPL/Laser For Pigmentation At EHA Clinic + Giveaway!

Brown spots, Freckles, Melasma, Old Age Spots......... Don't you hate them all? Pigmentation creams are probably the first stop for any hyperpigmentation concerns. They are easy on the pocket, convenient & easily available.
eha clinic ipl laser emla
But if creams don't work or if you want a faster way out, IPL or Laser is another alternative to get rid of those ugly dark spots. Hyperpigmentation removal takes only minutes with laser & in one or few sessions, you're done!
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Reverse The Effects Of Aging With Restylane Dermal Fillers!

Our skin changes as we age. It becomes thinner, loses fat, & no longer looks as plump & smooth as it once did. I'm glad to have discovered the Restylane Dermal Fillers, designed to effectively reduce the appearance of unwanted wrinkles, contour & create volume.
before eha clinic restylane fillers
Mom had saggy cheeks. I mean, who wouldn't at her age? So I decided to take my mom to EHA Clinic & Skincare to consult Dr Elias Tam, a respected & reputable Aesthetic Doctor, who had suggested Fillers for my mom's cheeks to pump up the volume there.
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Announcing The Winner Of EHA Mother’s Day Giveaway!

First & foremost, thank you for participating in the above Giveaway & a warm welcome to those who have just joined us at Luxury Haven. It's really nice seeing all your wonderful comments & I do hope to see you more often here.

Be sure to subscribe to our free newsletter via email etc if you haven't, to stay updated with the latest recipes, travel & shopping news, product/dining reviews, promos/contests & more.

Well, it’s time to announce the 2 lucky winners for Luxury Haven's Mother’s Day Giveaway: EHA Facial & Skincare Products! Are you the lucky one?
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Mother’s Day Giveaway: EHA Customized Facial & Skincare Products!

Give yourself or your beloved mom a special treat this Mother’s Day! If you’ve read all about my Skin Awakening Facial At EHA Clinic & Skincare & EHA Clinic & Skincare Product Review You Mustn’t Miss, you must be thrilled to learn that I’ve a lovely surprise installed for you.

I'm most delighted to announce that EHA Clinic & Skincare is sponsoring the following prizes for this Giveaway:

  • 1 x EHA Customized Facial (type of Facial given will be determined after a skin analysis)
  • 1 x EHA Moisturizer (S$88) & Exfoliator (S$68)

Guys, you can enter the draw too & win something for your mom on this special occasion. Give her all the pampering she needs on her Big Day!
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