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Adees Co: The Dream Collection Leather Goods For A Purpose

american fashion brand adees leather goods
The importance of leather goods in the fashion industry truly cannot be understated, but what is even more important is the quality of goods that we buy.

Adees Co is an American Fashion brand, founded by Adylia Gutierrez, that designs and manufactures affordable high-quality handcrafted genuine leather backpacks, handbags, accessories, and more. Adees Co proves that it is possible to offer a combination of high quality and chic style at a truly attainable price.
adees dream collection st jude children research hospital
Adees Co’s new collection - The Dream Collection has something for everyone. The bold, bright, and metallic colors exude optimism and fun. Every purchase of the Dream Collection goes to helping St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Giving back never looked so chic!


  1. Would love to have one of the lovely clutch bag.

  2. Love some of those small bags! Nice designs!!!

  3. so lovely collection- I have never heard about this brand before xx

  4. Love the red clutches. Have a great week.

  5. Cute collection and lovely concept! :)

  6. Great looking goods for a good cause! Thanks for pointing them out, Shirley, xo.

  7. Oh very cute collection darling

  8. The star shaped leather keyrings are so cute! Thanks for the introduction to this brand, Shirley! :) x

  9. buy and donate is such a great concept....
    Have a wonderful summer....

  10. I like that proceeds go to support such a good cause.

  11. beautiful items! I like the star key pedant.


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