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Addictive Deep-Fried Wontons with Chives Recipe ( 韭菜鮮肉炸云吞 )

addictive deep fried wonton with chives recipe
If you like fried food, you will enjoy these crispy Wontons filled with juicy Meat and succulent Prawns, and loaded with Chives.

It all started with my son eating some Deep-Fried Chives Dumplings ( 炸韭菜餃子 ) at a local coffeeshop. He enjoyed the dumplings very much, but found their skin too thick. So off to the supermarket the next few days, I bought a packet of wonton skin and the ingredients needed, and started wrapping my version of Crispy Chives Dumplings.

crispy prawn wonton with chives recipe
Let’s see how easy it is to make these Addictive Deep-Fried Wontons with Chives ( 韭菜鮮肉炸云吞 )!

( Make 28 Wontons )
28 Sheets Wonton Skin
250g Minced Pork
1 dozen Medium Prawns ( shelled and deveined )
200g Thai Chives
3 Slices Ginger ( grated )
2 tsp Sesame Oil
1 tbsp Oyster Sauce
Pinch of Corn Flour and
Dash of Thai Fish Oil
Pinch of Black Ground Pepper
Egg Wash
Oil for deep frying

    cooking with chives
  • Chop off stem and rinse the chives. Cut into smaller pieces.
  • how to make chives dumplings
  • Add chives and seasonings into pork. Mix well.
  • making pork and chives dumplings
  • Chop up prawns and mix into pork evenly.
  • how to wrap chinese ingot dumplings
  • Remove wonton skin from package and cover with a damp cloth to prevent drying. Take a sheet and place a spoon of pork mixture onto the wonton skin. Egg wash the sides and start wrapping in your preferred style.
  • deep fried prawn wonton with chives recipe
  • Heat oil and deep fry till golden brown. Serve your Delicious Deep-Fried Wontons with Chives ( 韭菜鮮肉炸云吞 ) hot and crispy! Easy enough for you?
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I made about 28 wontons and gave about half to my neighbour. So glad that they enjoyed the crispy side dish. Be warned! These can be highly addictive!


  1. I love to eat this too! so good to be your neighbours.

  2. I super love this. But having sore throat now, so I need to steer away from fried stuff for time being.

  3. I love your food posts. Amazing

  4. Very addictive. I can eat non-stop.

  5. They look delicious, in my case I have to remove pork and add something else :-D I am vegetarian

  6. Hello! Great enty, very nice to read your post! Your blog is wonderful, so inspiring and interesting, I will be happy to look here!
    Greetings from Poland !

  7. Wow! That looks so good! I should attempt your recipe very soon!

  8. I haven't made wontons in years! These look addicting! Love the filling, Shirley :)

  9. That's sounds (and looks) super delicious! I'd like to try it!

  10. I have never had deep fried wontons before. My daughter love wontons.

  11. This looks so delicious, I'd love to try it.

  12. Oh my this sound soooooo good! I love wontons (and dumplings) this post has made me quite hungry!

    Allie of

  13. How tasty! I need to see if I can make these in my air fryer.

  14. aww... look so delicious....

    # so lucky to be your neighbor

  15. Gao Choi Wonton looks good to me!

  16. I love this fried wontons. Will try with rice wrapper in airfryer.

  17. ;D

    Parece bom!

    Ótimo sábado!

    Beijo! ^^

  18. They look very delicious. I will be happy to use your recipe

  19. It looks delicious dear 😊


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