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Hearty Whole Tomato Rice with Minced Pork Recipe ( 番茄饭食谱 )

how to cook whole tomato rice with broccoli
I once watched a TV program featuring the popular Whole Tomato Rice ( 番茄饭 ), and it looked relatively easy to make. All you need is a Rice Cooker, and this healthy rice is up in less than 30 minutes! This makes a great one-pot meal be it lunch or dinner.

Instead of the plain Whole Tomato Rice which can be quite boring, I tweaked the recipe a little. I added Broccoli, Garlic and Minced Pork, and marinated my meat with the Fuying Japanese Style Olive Vegetables with Mushrooms ( 富瀛日式冬菇橄榄菜 ). If you don’t take pork, simply replace it with your preferred type of meat.

tomato rice japanese style olive vegetables recipe
Topped with Crispy Anchovies and served with a bowl of piping hot soup, your Whole Tomato Rice with Broccoli is packed with all the nutrients you need for a meal!

This is a scheduled post as I am currently in Australia on a Media Trip with my hubby. Follow my trails in Facebook or Instagram! For now, let’s check out how easy this rice cooker dish is! Oh, and don’t forget to participate in our Giveaway at the end of this post!

( Serves 4 )
1 ½ cup Rice
300g Minced Pork or Chicken
250g Broccoli
1 Large Tomato
6 Garlic Cloves ( sliced )
3 tbsp Camelina Oil or Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
1 ¼ cup of Chicken Stock
1 tsp Grated Ginger

( Optional )
1 cup Anchovies
10 Garlic Cloves

Pork Marinade:
2 tbsp Japanese Style Olive Vegetables with Mushrooms
½ tsp Oyster Sauce
1 tsp Sesame Oil
Pinch of Salt and Pepper

    ntuc japanese style olive vegetables with mushrooms
  • Marinate pork for about 15 minutes.
  • superfood healthy broccoli recipes
  • Rinse broccoli and chop off the end of the stems. Cut into small florets. Remove skin of stem and dice.
  • hearty whole tomato rice with minced pork recipe
  • Rinse rice and put into rice cooker together with chicken stock. Throw in all ingredients except broccoli florets. Mix well. Make 2 crosses on tomato, then place on top of rice. Set to auto cook.
  • 30 minute dish rice cooker whole tomato with broccoli
  • Set a timer to 20 minutes, and add broccoli florets when time is up.
  • how to saute garlic for fragrant oil
  • Heat oil and sauté garlic till fragrant. Drain. Open up rice cooker and add garlic into rice.
  • how to fry crispy anchovies
  • Meanwhile, you can fry the garlic cloves and anchovies. I like to make a bottle to keep at home, and I can use it as and when I like, such as adding to instant noodles.
  • how to cook whole tomato rice
  • When rice is cooked, mash up the tomato and give it a good stir.
  • whole tomato rice recipe crispy anchovies
  • Serve with a bowl of soup, and top your Whole Tomato Rice with Crispy Anchovies!
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  1. What a delicious rice dish! I'll take mine with pork, too! Enjoy your trip. xo

  2. I make a similar dish and you have inspired me to add more vegetables when I make it in the future.

  3. Such original and delicious recipe!
    Seems so tasty! :9

  4. This look so delicious.

  5. Minced pork?! Oh that sounds delicious! I hope you're having a lovely weekend so far :) x

  6. I plan to add pork, too, Shirley. (Loved all of your tweaks!) I don't have a rice cooker, but I'm sure I'll figure out a way. :) Have fun Down Under! xo

  7. I love anything with pork. This recipe looks so yummy!

  8. That looks really good! I remembered this tomato rice used to be popular a few years ago.

  9. Yums! I would enjoy this dish.

  10. this tomato rice looks super interesting


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