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Hochste Timepiece Featuring the Five Elements of Feng Shui

german designer watches hochste timepiece review
Feng shui ( 風水 ) is a Chinese Geomancy practice originating from China. The belief discusses architecture in terms of invisible forces that bind the universe, earth and humanity together known as Qi(氣 ), which plays a vital role.

The 5 Feng Shui Elements — Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water — is fundamental to the study of Geomancy, bringing balance and harmony into your life.

singapore lifestyle blogger reviews hochste timepiece
With each element represented by a colour and symbolizes a universal value, here is an unpretentious timepiece that takes you through your day whether it is work or play.

Erfolg in German, SUCCESS by Hochste Timepiece is the FIRE element in their newly launched series of 5 elements collection by their German designer, Milfred Hauser. With its modest price tag, this is a watch that is worth a second look. Read on, for an attractive 20% discount just for followers of Luxury Haven, plus FREE Shipping Worldwide!

hochste timepiece success review sapphire dome crystal face
There is class in simplicity. The sophisticated brown dial shines in its Sapphire Dome Crystal face, a minimalist style with a rose-gold stainless steel casing.

hochste timepiece stainless steel case date function
A discreet, simple and fuss-free date aperture peers out at 3 o’clock. The well-integrated display makes it a practical feature of the watch with its date function.

hochste timepiece german designed leather watches
Driven by its 40mm round face with the brand engraved on its stainless steel buckle, the brown leather watch is represented by the FIRE element in SUCCESS by Hochste Timepiece.

hochste timepiece unisex yin yang watch
Featuring a classic strap made from genuine leather, SUCCESS is powered by a Swiss Ronda 705 Quartz Movement with Water Resistance of up to 3 ATM.

hochste timepiece online shopping free delivery
The Swiss-Made Renata 371 button cell battery has a lifespan of up to 4 years, and the timepiece comes with a 2-year International Warranty.

hochste timepiece louis vuitton favorite pm monogram m40717
Hochste Timepiece's unisex watches symbolize a balance of YIN and YANG, and here is a timepiece that won’t burn a hole in your pocket with its MSRP of just SGD 185 ( approx USD 136 ).

hochste timepiece swiss ronda quartz movement water resistance
Comes in an exquisite gift box, SUCCESS makes a perfect gift for any occasion, especially for my prince who is embarking on a new career.

feng shui watch hochste timepiece review

hochste timepiece feng shui elements
Simplified explanation table with symbolism in English and German translation.

hochste timepiece five elements of feng-shui
Shopping at Hochste Timepiece is an effortless experience with their easy-to-navigate website. Choose from their online catalogue of 5 models with FREE Worldwide Shipping and Return.

Now for the 1st 20 followers, Hochste Timepiece is offering a 20% off with the Promo Code: LUXHAVEN20! Simply type in the discount code after Secure Checkout and hit Apply.

luxury haven timepiece sponsorship hochste review
What do you think of Feng Shui and SUCCESS? Let Hochste Timepiece not only be an accessory, but a statement of style.

chinese geomancy feng shui watches hochste timepiece giveaway
Good news! We are now Giving Away 3 SUCCESS Feng Shui Watches by Hochste Timepiece Worth Over $500, and it is Open to All Worldwide! Hurry over to submit your entries now!

* This is a sponsored post by Hochste Timepiece. The author only recommends products or services she uses personally which she believes to be beneficial for her readers. Views and opinions expressed in this blog are purely by the author.


  1. Great post! Being a Chinese, I believe in the fundamentals of feng shui too.

  2. What a beautiful watch! I love the simplicity of the face.

  3. The watches are cute, wearing one will make anyone look simple. I love the simplicity!
    The Glossychic
    Wonder Cottage

  4. What a cool timepiece. I love that it incorporates feng shui elements! I use feng shui in decorating my home.

  5. Feng Shui, a very popular method to harmonize the environment in sync with nature, and now a wristwatch too! It must bring you lots of goodluck!

  6. Such interesting watch!
    And it looks so nice too, very elegant!

  7. I love the design and the concept/story behind it. And it's very affordable too. Thanks for introducing us to this brand.


  8. Really intrigue and unique timepiece. Amazing creation.

  9. Such a stunning watch.

  10. This watch looks lovely; such a timeless and classic design! x

  11. A beautiful watch. Elegant and classic.

  12. Very elegant watch dear 😊

  13. I'm of the Earth element and so in love with this Fire element represented by this beautiful watch!

  14. I love SUCCESS by Hochste Timpiece is made from genuine leather and is powered by a Swiss Ronda 705 Quartz Movement with Water Resistance of up to 3 ATM.

  15. The balance of Yin and Yang, so true and beautiful.

    1. Thanks for participating in our Giveaway! Pls type in your name or we won't know which entries is yours.

  16. I love the fire colour of the watch.

  17. I love Erfolg ~ Success watch!! I hope for success for my makeup career!!

    Koreen Hong

  18. There are so many things that I like about the Success watch. I love the incorporation of the yin/yang elements and balance, to bring harmony. I also really enjoy the classic, timeless beauty of each piece.
    --Ann B.

  19. It is powered by a Swiss Ronda 705 Quartz movement with water resistance of up to 3 ATM. It is a beautiful and elegant watch

  20. One feature of SUCCESS by Hochste Timepiece I like best is its sophisticated brown dial shines in its Sapphire Dome Crystal face, a minimalist style with a rose-gold stainless steel casing. It looks so classy and simple at same time. It makes it easy for me to match all my outfits as well.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  21. I love the color, the styling and the Feng Shui.

  22. The #FengShui FIRE element is the feature of SUCCESS by Hochste Timepiece (Erfolg in German) is what I like best! With a brown dial that evinces the significance of drive in achieving personal ambitions and successes in goals that one sets out to achieve.

  23. I absolutely love the colours in this watch. They are gorgeous

  24. I like this feature best. It's simplicity. The sophisticated brown dial that shines in its Sapphire Dome Crystal face, the minimalist style with rose-gold stainless steel casing. Lovely!

  25. I like that it's powered by a Swiss Ronda 705 Quartz Movement. Michael Woods

  26. I like that the battery has a lifespan of 4 years Ivelisse Woods

  27. symbolize a balance of YIN and YANG. bringing balance and harmony into my life

    Thank you for your giveaway 😊


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