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Enticing Edible Flower Pot Salad with Abalone ( 鲍鱼花盆沙拉 )

enticing edible flower pot salad with abalone recipe
Are these potted plants really edible? Foodies, are you in the mood for an invigorating appetizer with a difference?

Tasting as good as they look are these Enticing Edible Flower Pot Salad with Abalone Appetizers ( 鲍鱼花盆沙拉 ). These show-stoppers are pleasing to your palate, and they are packed with abundance of nutrients such as the healthy Pea Sprouts and Baby Oyster Mushrooms.

chinese new year skylight australia abalone recipe
Hidden underneath the potted plants reveal succulent cubes of Skylight Australia Superior Abalone ( 天亮牌澳洲上等鲍鱼 ), sitting on a bed of green apples and egg mayo combo with a hint of Wasabi for an added punch. Mix them all up for a delicious healthy treat this Chinese New Year!

edible flower pot salad with abalone recipe
( Serves 4 – Best served chilled )
1 canned Abalone
2 Green Apples
5 Hard-boiled Eggs
50g Baby Oyster Mushrooms
Handful of Fresh Pea Sprouts
4 tbsp Chopped Nuts
7 tbsp Mayonnaise
2 tsp Wasabi
Pinch of Grounded Black Pepper

    healthy living green apple salad recipe
  • Wash and remove skin from apples. Cut into cubes and add them to salt water to prevent browning.
  • cold storage baby oyster mushrooms recipe
  • Cut off stems from mushrooms and rinse. Set aside.
  • ntuc finest organic pea sprouts recipe
  • Rinse Pea Sprouts and set aside.
  • chinese new year skylight australia superior abalone recipe
  • Remove abalone from can and dice. Keep brine for other usage.
  • japanese wasabi egg mayo recipe
  • Cut up eggs and mix with pepper, wasabi and mayonnaise.
  • healthy food green apple egg mayo recipe
  • Add diced apples and mix well.
  • chinese new year food abalone peanuts
  • Place salad in serving pots and add a layer of abalone cubes. Top with chopped nuts.
  • chinese new year potted plant organic pea sprouts
  • Insert Pea Sprouts and Baby Oyster Mushrooms and your Enticing Edible Flower Pot Salad with Abalone ( 鲍鱼花盆沙拉 ) is set to impress! * Serve chilled for best result.
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  1. Ah, the flower pots are so like the real plants that I would not dare to eat them.

  2. Happy Chinese New Year. Healthy and delicious recipe to prepare.

  3. Xin Nien Khuai Le! Wow, how creative! I really like these edible flower pot salads!

  4. What a cute presentation!! Who wouldn't want to dig right in???

  5. What a interesting dish.

  6. this looks amazing...and I'm sure it's tasty too. Thanks for sharing this recipe.

  7. Looks presentable and sounds interesting too!

  8. This salad looks perfect. I love wasabi ☺️

  9. Oh my this looks sooooo good!

    Allie of

  10. Wow! They are too cute to eat them! I would water them and let it grow.


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