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How to Get a Great Deal on your Dream Thailand Villa Holiday

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There’s no doubting the appeal of a luxury Thailand villa holiday. With a villa, you can enjoy all the comfort of home, but in a spectacular new place with extra touches to make your stay absolutely perfect.

Thailand is a particularly exceptional choice, with majestic, dazzling beaches, exceptional cuisine and a rich and warm culture. With just a short flight from Singapore, you can find yourself surrounded by the beautiful temples, glorious beaches and lush tropical forests.

With a luxury villa, you can enjoy all of the beauty of Thailand, as well as have a stunning home base to retreat to in the evenings or for lazy days by the pool.

You may think that a luxury villa in Thailand would be very expensive, however there are many ways to make your dream stay a reality, without breaking the bank. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to find a great deal for your luxurious stay.

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1. The early bird gets the prize!
Although it is possible to bag some great last minute deals, as a rule it is going to be cheaper to book early to take advantage of “early bird” pricing. Typically, villas offer substantial discounts for booking well in advance, and it’s usually the same case with budget airlines. By getting organised early, you can snap up the best deals!

2. Consider travelling outside of high season
Demand makes prices rise, so it makes sense that during high season you’re likely to pay a lot more for the same villa. Travelling in off season is a great idea in Thailand, as the islands’ tropical climate means it’s beautiful and warm all year round. Plus, travelling in low season means you avoid the crowds – so it’s a win all around! Consider travelling in April or May, or if you don’t mind the odd afternoon rain shower, try June or September.

3. It’s all about location!
Phuket and Koh Samui are both stunning tropical islands with glorious beaches, beautiful wats and excellent restaurants – so either is a great choice for your holiday. However, Koh Samui is much more affordable than Phuket, meaning your money will stretch further in Koh Samui. So, why not consider a stay in one of the many great villas on Koh Samui?

4. The type of villa makes a big difference
There’s definitely an appeal of an absolute beachfront villa, however these are usually the most expensive of all villa types. A garden villa is generally a more affordable option, plus garden villas are often larger, with magical backyards and plenty of space for groups. If you’re trying to save money, then consider a beautiful garden villa over a beachfront or seaview villa.

5. Go with a group
Villas offer the best value when you use as many rooms as possible – so that’s a great reason to grab some friends to enjoy the holiday together. Not only is it a case of the more the merrier, but you can also split the costs between you, making it far more affordable. In fact, for larger groups, a villa is usually way cheaper than staying in a hotel or resort.

6. What level of service do you need?
Most villas come with a small team of professional staff as standard. These staff members help with tasks such as cleaning and maintenance, to make sure that your stay is absolutely delightful and stress-free. Additional services – such as a full-time chef – are also available, however their services will obviously push the price up. With so many exceptional restaurants in Thailand, consider skipping the chef and get a better deal.

7. Research well!
There are many different villa websites, however you want to do your research to make sure you are getting the best price as well as the best service. Here is one of the best websites for finding great Koh Samui villas ( for a great price! ). Their prices start from an impressive SGD 34 per person, per night!

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8. Negotiate
If you don’t ask, you don’t get – so why not try to negotiate a better deal for your stay? This is especially true if you are travelling during off season, staying for a long period or booking additional services. You never know, you might score yourself a great deal!

With these tips, you’ll be lazing by the pool in your very own luxury villa in no time!


  1. Oh those pics have me dreaming indeed.

  2. I have always wanted to rent my own villa while on holiday Thailand. Bali too! Hehehehe!

    Hope you have a wonderful year ahead Shirley

  3. I could only dream of a villa home. Sigh!

  4. Thanks for the tips! Good to go for a luxury villa if travelling in a huge group of close relatives/friends.

  5. Staying in a luxury villa would be the ultimate experience. Ah...I am still dreaming LOL!

  6. Thailand is on my bucket list. A villa would make a fabulous accommodation!

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  8. This is an amazing accommodation to spend holidays.

  9. I'd definitely love to spend a vacation in one of those villas!!!!
    Must be a wonderful experience!

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  14. Beautiful post😊
    This info will come in handy and useful for those who would like to have a comfortable stay in Thailand! Thank you so much for sharing this here.

  15. I am dreaming for this hollyday 😊

  16. Thanks for sharing the tips and info. The last time I went Bintan, I stayed in a two storey house which they call it a chalet/bungalow.

    Villa stay in Thailand will be a dream come true for me.


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