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Glamping Must-Haves for the Luxury Travellers

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If your idea of roughing it is staying in a luxury treetop cabin with all the comforts of home, finding the perfect glamping destination isn’t enough. You also need to travel there in style and have a few items at the ready. Glamping has gone mainstream, but that doesn’t mean that even the most sought-after spots have everything a luxe getaway needs. If you really want to make the most of your glamping experience, you have to have:

1. The perfect way to get there. Glamping starts in a powerful luxury vehicle, whether it’s a new or a used car. When you’re not having to take on dirt trails, an SUV isn’t always necessary. Imagine how classy you’d look to roll up at your glamping site with a legendary used Mercedes. Glamping destinations are friendly to all types of luxury vehicles. Whether you’re renting or in the market to upgrade your overall lifestyle (not just your camping), glamping demands the right vehicle.

2. Skincare made for royalty. Your skincare regimen is going to be a little more demanding in the great outdoors (even if the extent of the great outdoors is a sunrise cruise on a yacht or swaying the day away in a hammock). Powerful SPF that’s eco-friendly is a must, like some of the skincare line I am using.. There’s no oxybenzone in here, the chemical that has been banned in Hawaii due to damaging the coral reefs. Plus, the majority of the products are SPF 50 and slow-release over several hours to give you added protection.

3. A clear, inflatable bubble tent. Okay, your glamping destination is already going to have you kitted out in the ultimate little nest, but why not bring your own easy to pop-up and incredibly cute option, too? A bubble tent can be easily set up next to that secret lake you find—and the kids will love it. Technically, they’re part camping tent and part life-sized snow globe so you can keep them easily stored for holiday decorations, too.

4. A cast iron cooking set. If there’s a chef in the family, you might not be over the moon for the cookware available at every glamping destination (even when it’s top of the line). There’s something about outdoor living that demands a rustic cast iron cookware set, and some are designed specifically for travel. Cast iron is heavy, of course, which is why having a special set just for getaways is a good idea. There’s nothing like a sizzling breakfast over an open flame in the great outdoors (especially when that open flame is actually a gas stove and the great outdoors is your view from a priceless and cozy glamping site).

5. Your very own hot shower. Any glamping spot worth its name is going to have a hot shower available, but if you decide to go a little off the grid (or if someone on the trip is known for being a hot water hog), having your own portable hot water shower system is a good idea. They’re surprisingly lightweight and easy to transport. They can also be a backup if you’re not 100 percent certain you and the glamping coordinator have the same idea of “hot shower.”

6. Portable privacy tent. These tents are handy if you do need that portable shower, but can also provide a comfortable changing room or other privacy area for when you’re off exploring nearby lakes and rivers. If you don’t care for traditional camping but do like the convenience of having pop-up customized privacy in the great outdoors when you need it, these tents are perfect. They also provide plenty of room for standing.

7. Portable toilet. That’s right, your toilet can be portable, too. It’s a must if you plan to spend several hours away from your glamping site (or even a little time with someone with a small bladder). These toilets snap into place and they look and act just like a real toilet. However, the bowl is replaced with an easy-to-dispose baggie. No more digging makeshift toilets in the woods for you.

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Glamping can come with its own challenges and demands. However, with these items you can tackle your next glamp-out with ease. From the ride there to taking care of problems as you explore the wild outdoors, there are incredible tools and solutions for everything.


  1. Honestly, this is the first time I heard of glamping!

  2. This is the only way I'd consider going camping!! Fun ideas how to make it more appealing!!

  3. I haven't gone camping in years.

  4. Shirley, what a luxurious take on camping and true to your blog's name. Loved it! My one and only experience with camping was 40 years ago (!) and I still remember the lumpy air mattress, cold shower, and makeshift cooking arrangements. The next day I insisted on checking into a hotel, LOL! Maybe I'll have to pitch a tent in our back yard and give "glamping" a try first... sounds like a lot more fun than suffering through it! Thanks for your lovely, lighthearted views as always, xo.


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