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CNY Braised Pumpkin Soup with Fish Maw and Scallops (红烧南瓜鱼鳔羹)

braised pumpkin soup with fish maw hokkaido scallops
The Lunar New Year is just weeks away, are you ready to whip up a feast? I have fallen in love with Pumpkin these recent years, and have been trying to include this nutritious vegetable ( technically a fruit ) in my cooking. Loaded with blood pressure-regulating minerals potassium and magnesium as well as iron, this delicious starchy soup packs a punch with robust flavours from the pumpkin.

Simmered in a claypot, this Braised Pumpkin Soup with Fish Maw and Hokkaido Scallops ( 红烧南瓜鱼鳔羹 ) is certainly a delight with every spoonful of delicious seafood pleasing the palate with an explosion of flavour. Make this mouth-watering dish your Chinese New Year must-have booster!

( Serves 4 - 6 Large Bowls )
500g Pumpkin
2 Small Fish Maw
100g Enoki
3 Large Hokkaido Scallops
4 Chinese Flower Mushrooms
800g Chicken Broth
1 sprig Parsley
½ tsp Salt
Pepper to taste
Vinegar to be served separately ( optional )

    chinese new year food fish maw recipes
  • Soak fish maw in hot water to get rid of oil. When soft, squeeze out water and repeat steps for 3 times. Drain and cut into strips.
  • chinese new year food flower mushrooms
  • Soak mushrooms in hot water till soft. Remove stem, and cut into strips.
  • chinese new year food hokkaido scallops recipe
  • Next, cut scallops into cubes.
  • healthy cooking with pumpkin
  • Remove pumpkin skin and seeds. Rinse and cut into small pieces. Put into blender and blend into a puree.
  • cny fish maw soup with flower mushrooms
  • Next, heat broth in claypot and throw in fish maw and mushrooms. Close lid and simmer for about 15 minutes to let the ingredients soak up the flavours from the chicken broth.
  • chinese new year dish fish maw soup recipe
  • Blanch scallops in broth and remove quickly. Set aside for presentation.
  • cny claypot pumpkin soup with fish maw recipe
  • Add pumpkin puree into soup and mix well.
  • braised pumpkin soup with enoki mushroom recipe
  • Lastly, throw in enoki ( roots removed ) and simmer for another 10 minutes.
  • braised pumpkin soup with fish maw hokkaido scallops
  • Serve your CNY Braised Pumpkin Soup with Fish Maw and Hokkaido Scallops ( 红烧南瓜鱼鳔羹 ) piping hot with vinegar.
chinese new year cooking with luxury haven foodie
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  1. Never like pumpkin growing up but I started to take and like it few years ago. As dessert, as side dishes.

    As a soup, not that often people cook and serve pumpkin soup that way, unless in western cuisine.

    Would love to try your recipe. I haven't experiment cooking pumpkin in my kitchen yet. ^^

  2. Oh, this would hit the spot! It's SO cold here, that a yummy hearty soup makes the best dinner! xo

  3. I enjoy pumpkin but I'm nevre sure how to prepare it at home. Thanks for this wonderful recipe.

  4. I love pumpkins! This soup sounds delicious!

  5. I love pumpkin soup, but I haven't seen or tried this recipe before. It looks great, I will definitely try it. Thanks for sharing.

  6. dear also this time you me so hungry hehehe
    kisses from italy
    Carmy new post

  7. This soup has all my favourites, fish maw, pumpkin and scallops, slurps!

  8. I love pumpkin! This recipre sounds delicious! :)

  9. I swear no one throws a dinner party quite as extravagantly as you do Shirely. Presentation is always so on point too. Such a work of art.


  10. Love the color of the soup! I can have many bowls :)

  11. I have never had pumpkin soup with fish in it before.

  12. Pumpkin is a very nutritious vegetable / fruit. The seeds are also rich in nutrients. Good that you have included Pumpkin in your diet. Hope we will see more posts showing your culinary expertise with this food item.
    Very beautiful post, and thanks a lot for sharing this with us😊

  13. Holy smokes that looks decadant!!! How yummy!! -

  14. You know I have never made anything with pumpkin. But this recipe really motivated me to try one day!

    Allie of

  15. This soup looks very yummy 😊


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