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Sparkling Mango Mint Soda, Perfect Christmas Party Spritzer

christmas bubbly fruit infused spritzer recipe
Craving for a non-alcoholic bubbly? Check out this Sparkling Mango Mint Soda, a crowd-pleaser in any occasion!

heart shaped stirrer non alcoholic bubbly mango spritzer
I first tried this drink at PS Café in Palais. The soda was so uplifting and tasty that I decided to experiment with it. Infused with lime, mint leaves, and zesty mango bites, this refreshing spritzer makes a wonderful Christmas thirst quencher! For the party-goers who love their drinks stronger, simply add a hint of white wine and let your hair down!

( Serves 4 )
1 large Thai Golden Honey Mango
½ Thai Lime
2 sprigs Mint Leaves
2 canned Soda
8 tbsp Sugar Syrup (according to sweetness preference )
½ tray Ice Cubes

    thai mango recipes christmas non alcoholic mocktails
  • Rinse mango and remove skin. Dice and add mango cubes into serving glasses.
  • Rinse mint leaves. Divide and throw into glasses.
  • Cut lime into wedges. Leave 4 for presentation, dice the rest and add into glasses.
  • christmas party recipes sparkling mango mint soda spritzer
  • Add sugar syrup, ice cubes and soda into glasses. Serve your Sparkling Mango Mint Soda immediately.
Do you like these plastic heart-shaped stirrers, and colourful Coke glasses?

luxury haven lifestyle blog christmas dinner

These spritzers were part of our 5-Course Christmas dinner last year:


  1. I could quench my thirst with this beautiful soda.

  2. That is a wonderful thirst quencher!

  3. Sounds delicious! I'd drink this all year long!

  4. Look tasty and refreshing. Surely an all time favourite.

  5. seems like a very tasty drink!

  6. Sound so tasty and refreshing!
    And the diplaying looks very stilish!

  7. This looks so festive and refreshing! I want to try it but I'll skip the sugar.

  8. Shirley, I love your holiday spirit and also your option for adding "spirits." :) Either way, this sounds like a great party beverage. Your multi-hued Coke glasses and heart-shaped "stir sticks" are festive, too! xo

  9. Sounds super refreshing.

  10. That does seem refreshing and a nice beverage for Christmas.

  11. I love cocktails with mint too.
    Looks easy to prepare.


  12. These look so refreshing and colourful - the perfect holiday season refreshments! :) x

  13. I am always looking for non alcoholic drinks as most of our fried's wives don't drink/. Would certainly try this one.

  14. Shirley, these drinks look delicious, refreshing...especially with the it!
    Enjoy the rest of your week!

  15. The drinks are so refreshing and easy to make. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Very inspired drink ideas 😊


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