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Reduce Signs Of Photodamage with DNA Repair Technology

reduce signs of photodamage with dna repair technology
Living in a tropical country close to the equator like Singapore means there is no escaping from the sun, and we are constantly exposed higher levels of solar UV radiation. The damaging effects of UV rays not only fire up the risk of skin cancers, they also cause collagen fibre breakdown, giving us unwanted wrinkles and pigmentation.

We are fortunate to have advanced skincare technology these days, and really do not need to worry too much about ageing fast as long as we take good care of our skin and invest in quality skincare products.

eha skincare review photolysomes dna repair enzyme
As an ardent follower of EHA Skincare especially their EHA Hydra Serum and EHA Sun Shield 24 Hr, I was ecstatic to learn of their latest launch – the EHA Repair Serum with a DNA Repair Technology, offering the most advanced and powerful therapeutic intervention for UV-induced DNA damage!

Inside this white bottle are DNA repair enzymes with a cutting-edge formula that effectively help to reduce signs of photodamage before they become permanent. The EHA Repair Serum does more than any other serum.

eha skincare dna total repair ingredients

Some of the Powerful Ingredients:
  • Photolysomes - The liposome encapsulated DNA repair enzyme, photolyase derived from plankton, is hyper-efficient and unique in its ability to reduce the visible signs of UV-induced insults.
  • Endosomes - A liposome encapsulated extract from the marine microbe, Micrococcus Lysate. Extremely UV resistant, the extract contains the enzyme UV-endonuclease which improves the appearance of sun damaged skin.
  • Mitosomes - A liposome encapsulated repair enzyme, Arabidopsis Thaliana, aids in the removal of the signs of oxidative damage.
  • Evodia Rutaecarpa - In clinical studies, the active components from the Evodia fruit have been shown to inhibit inflammation, and soothe aggravated skin.
  • Ergothioneine - A powerfully, intense antioxidant.
singapore beauty blogger reviews eha repair serum
How to Use EHA Repair Serum:
Apply a generous amount to the affected areas ( face, neck, and arms ) twice a day immediately after cleansing. Follow with moisturizer, in addition to SPF protection after morning application.

eha repair serum prevents skin cancer
Personally, I am applying the product on my entire face and neck as I am hoping to achieve an even skin tone. The repair serum feels light and comfortable on my skin and does not leave the skin greasy after application. My skin’s overall appearance is brightened instantly, giving me a radiant complexion with a healthy look.

prevent sun damage with spf 100 sunscreen
Most importantly, don’t forget to apply Sunscreen after your Moisturizer! I know that many of you out there do not apply enough sunscreen, or do not bother to reapply every two hours especially after swimming or sweating. If you are like me who find reapplying sunscreen every now and then a hassle, you may like to get the EHA Sun Shield 24 Hr with SPF 100, proven to block both UV-A and UV-B rays by 99% for a period of 24 hours, with just one application!

EHA Skincare offers a wide range of facial treatments and skin friendly products that are lightweight enough for the humid Singapore climate, and also suitable for those with sensitive skin.

eha dna repair serum reduce signs of photodamage
Retailing at SGD 220 for the EHA Repair Serum, and SGD SGD 98 for EHA Sun Shield 24 Hr, these products are available exclusively at EHA Skincare.

Reward yourself and pamper your skin this Christmas! Shop now at EHA Skincare eShop with the Promo Code: LUXURYHAVEN For Your Special 10% Reader's Discount off all EHA Skincare Products! Here's wishing all a blessed Christmas and an awesome 2019! xoxo

* This is a sponsored post by EHA Skincare. The author only recommends products or services she uses personally which she believes to be beneficial for her readers. Views and opinions expressed in this blog are purely by the author.

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