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Japanese Cucumber Appetizers with Foie Gras and Caviar Recipe

japanese cucumber appetizers with foie gras caviar recipe
Low in calories with high water content, Cucumbers have amazing health benefits. Known as Kyuri ( きゅうり ) in Japanese, these green vegetables provide excellent hydration to our body.

christmas appetizers with golden goose liver foie gras
Best eaten raw as part of salad or garnish, the Japanese Cucumber is sweeter and slimmer with smaller seeds and thinner skin. Last Christmas, I made these Delightful Japanese Cucumber Appetizers with Foie Gras and Caviar decorated with Rosemary Herbs as part of our festive meal, turning these economical veggies into a high-class gourmet starter.

As easy as ABC, anyone can assemble these cool appetizers without much effort so let’s check out the fuss-free recipe!

1 Japanese Cucumber
100g Goose Liver Pate
2 sprigs Rosemary
Caviar for topping

    japanese cucumber kyuri recipes
  • Rinse cucumber and chop off both ends. Slice thickly.
  • Spoon foie gras pate onto cucumber slices.
  • Next, top with caviar.
  • japanese food kyuri appetizers with caviar rosemary herbs
  • Decorate with rosemary herbs, and serve your Christmas Japanese Cucumber Appetizers with Foie Gras and Caviar chilled.
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Here's wishing all a Merry X'mas and a Happy 2019! xoxo


  1. A very convenient appetizer to make! Wishing you and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year too!

  2. The Prawns and Spinach Whole Wheat Filo Rolls with Rocket Salad is the best!

  3. Such an easy, elegant starter! Merry Christmas, Shirley!!! xo

  4. This cucumber appetizer looks great. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Looks tasty and elegant! Thanks for sharing! Happy holidays to you and your family Shirley!

  6. Easy and delicious!
    Happy Holidays, doll!
    Kisses, Paola.


  7. These look so yummy! Merry Christmas!

  8. Merry Christmas! Hope your day is filled with love.

  9. Indeed love how you always turn economical ingredients into high class gourmet.


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