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The Top 6 Tips To Having Healthy Hair

top tips to having healthy hair
Are you a fan of watching model-search or celebrity-search shows? Have you noticed that there is always one essential step common in all those shows? Yes, you guessed right. Those shows always have the makeover episode. It’s when each contestant undergoes an “overhaul” or transformation to look like a star. Every minute detail, from nail polish to earrings are laid out and followed to a T. Watch another makeover episode once again, and you’ll realize what they almost always change first is the hair or hairstyle. Indeed, our hair is our crowning glory. And an unkempt and messy hair equates to a less attractive individual.

In this world full of selfies and stolen shots, one cannot afford to look less than their best. And having well-groomed and beautiful hair is vital. Having the hairstyle that best compliments your face shape and skin colour can take a woman from plain Jane to vixen Veronica. There was also a study conducted equating good hairstyle to smarter and more capable people at work as opposed to employees having a bad hair day.

It’s not that hard nowadays to achieve that salon-gorgeous hair with the wide range of hair products available in the market. From frizzy hair to soft and silky hair, the shampoo companies have them all. Not everyone can have those gorgeous locks by just using shampoo, though. Most of us unlucky ones need shampoo, conditioner, regular hair treatment, and a trusted stylist who knows how to use a hair dryer.

Hair is not just about beauty, as it also plays an essential role in our body. Hair functions as the primary source of heat as well as ultra-violet protection. When you feel cold, the minuscule muscles around your hair follicle trigger the hairs to stand up (when you have goose bumps) trapping more heat for the body. It also facilitates the evaporation of sweat or perspiration.

Hair also plays a significant role in the cultural and social aspect of a human being. Some men and women who suffer hair loss or alopecia seem to have less confidence and more discomfort in socializing with others. Given that our society is one that tends to favour those who show signs of a healthy body and physical fitness.

So, here are tips on how to take care of your crowning glory and have the confidence of a successful individual.

1. Wash Your Hair Properly
It has become a little confusing on what the “proper” way of washing hair. Since time immemorial, we have been taught to wash our hair every day. But according to stylists nowadays, washing your hair depends on your hair type as well. Those who have oily hair must shampoo their hair daily while normal or dry hair may do so three times a week only. If your scalp gets itchy, it must only mean it’s time to shampoo those locks, dry hair or not.

Experts say rinsing your hair with lukewarm water is effective in removing dirt or any hair products you have put on because it opens up the cuticles of our scalp. We have been used to the shampoo-first-conditioner-later routine, however, for long hair (beyond shoulder length) it is essential to protect the fragile ends from drying out. So dab on a small amount of your favourite conditioner and lightly rinse before you shampoo. As a final rinse, use cold water to close those cuticles.

2. Regularly Comb Your Locks
Brush your hair regularly as it not only keeps your locks tangle-free, but it also stimulates the scalp and controls sebum production. Sebum helps nourish your hair and prevents it from breaking off. Choose a hairbrush with boar bristles to give your scalp the relieving massage it needs.

3. Goodbye Split Ends
We know you love your long straight hair, but if you start noticing those annoying split ends, then it’s time to get a trim. Split ends will cause further damage all the way to your hair shaft, giving you damaged and unhealthy tresses. So go on and book regular trims with your favourite stylist to take care of those damaged ends.

4. Do Not Make Hair Dryers, Straighteners, or Curling Irons a Habit.
Too much of everything is bad. And that includes too much heat on your hair. If you will just be spending the day at home, reading a good book or catching up on your favourite series, skip the hair dryer. Allow your hair to breathe from the heat every once in a while. But for those days of numerous meetings and client calls, try lowering your iron’s temperature. There are also numerous heat protection hair sprays available and spraying a little beforehand can give your mane extra moisture and protection from the heat.

5. Match Them Up
Use hair care specifically designed for your hair type. No matter what hair type, get products that target your hair issues. With hundreds of hair care products out in the market, who would blame you for being confused right?

If you have fine, straight hair, use thickening shampoo and conditioner. These products add volume and texture to your flat hair. You are lucky if you have thick straight hair as you can pull off most hairstyles. However, use shine-enhancing products to make your hair look vibrant. The thickness can make your hair appear dull. Got those bouncy curls on your head? Use products that will condition and define those gorgeous curls.

You just have to know your hair type, and there surely are 3 or 4 products that will best suit your needs.

6. Eat Healthy Foods
Yes, eating healthy foods also affects your hair. The healthier you are, the better you crowning glory will look and feel. Eat foods with Vitamin A helps in the production of sebum and B Vitamins or biotin as studies have shown biotin deficiency is linked to hair loss.

It is always important to take care of your body as a whole, from your hair to your mind.


  1. Very helpful tips! There are tips here that are not familiar to me so thanks for sharing.

  2. Great tips! You have the most beautiful hair, Shirley!

  3. Great tips! I really believe that good hair health starts with scalp health.

  4. Very wise and useful tips, dear!

  5. So crowning glory doesn't come overnight... hahaha... you need to take good care before one could obtained gorgeous hari like yours... love how well your hair are being taken care of..

  6. Very good tips and I will keep in mind to take care of my hair!

  7. I hardly every use hot tools anymore on my hair.

  8. Very good tipps thanks dear 😊

  9. Great tips, I do try to take good care of my hair.


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