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10K Facebook Likes Giveaway Winners at Luxury Haven!

facebook 10k likes giveaway tiffany swarovski pendant
To celebrate the milestone of Luxury Haven crossing the 10K Facebook Likes recently, we hosted a Giveaway that Opens to All Worldwide to win Tiffany, Swarovski, Coach accessories and more! Who will be the winners of the Top 3 Prizes?

christmas giveaway win free hair cut vouchers
Well, if you are not among the 3 + 8 Consolation Prize Winners, don’t fret cause we have another Giveaway coming up for you guys to Win FREE Hair Cuts and more at H4U Salon this Christmas!

Thank you for all your entries at Luxury Haven’s 10K Facebook Likes Giveaway! Here’s announcing the winners:

rafflecopter 10k facebook likes giveaway tiffany swarovski accessories
Congratulations, Fashionistas! You have won yourself the following prizes:

christmas giveaway coach enamel bag charms key ring

Krystal Kim – Malaysia
1st Prize - TIFFANY & Co. Heart Link Lariat Necklace, USD 320

Quek Seok Bin - Singapore
2nd Prize - Swarovski Woven Heart Pendant, USD 169

Cheryl Moulton – Australia
3rd Prize - Coach Bag Charm and Key Ring, USD 79

xmas giveaway beauty makeup essentials
8 Consolation Prizes In Order of Winners’ Preferred Choice:
( Random Prize will be awarded to Winners who did not state their choice )
  1. Rowena Liew – Malaysia, Prize F: Dew Pots Eye Defying Cream ( Coral Blossom ) + Ear-Rings
  2. Angel-Bradon Haver – United States, Prize D: Savoir Faire Cosmetics + Straw Bangle and Ear-Rings Set
  3. Josephine Ho - Singapore, Prize A: Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Eye Shadow + Chanel-Inspired Floral Brooch
  4. Ria Alemina - Indonesia, Prize C: Lollipops Paris Lipstick + Beaded Bracelet
  5. Wong Jolene - Malaysia, Prize E: Sleek Shimmer Glaze + Choker
  6. Rei Foh - Singapore, Prize H: Elizabeth Arden Smooth Line Lip Pencil/Crayon Contour des Levres + Ear-Rings
  7. Tiana Ba – Italy, Prize G: Loreal Paris Blush with Vitamin C + Bangle and Ear-Rings Set
  8. Koay Ai Tih - Malaysia, Prize B: LAQA & Co Lip Lube + Pearl Necklace
  • Congrats winners! While we try to accommodate the winners’ selection of prizes, another prize is picked if their choice is taken by another winner drawn first. Winners without listing their preference, choice of prize will be awarded randomly.
  • Winners, please acknowledge in the comment box below within 48 hrs or another winner will be selected!
  • After posting your comments below, please follow up with an email to luxuryhaven [at] hotmail [dot] com, with your Name and Delivery Address clearly typed out including the Country.
  • Prizes will be sent out via normal airmail. Luxury Haven will not be responsible for mails lost in transition.
  • All decisions are final, and no correspondence will be entertained as participants are expected to read the T&C clearly before entering the Giveaway and follow the announcement closely.
christmas giveaway win free hair cut h4u salon
Name not in the winning list? Stay tuned for our coming X’mas Giveaway to Win FREE Hair Cuts or $40 Discount + 30% Off All Hair Services! xoxo


  1. amazing surprise! you made my day! thank you very much
    email sent (

  2. Thank you so much Luxury Haven!! I look forward to reading your blogs and learning about so much more! Best wishes Mrs. Angelie Haver

  3. OMG , I won the first prize from the draw o.o . Thx! I will sent you a email now .fb:krystal Kim

  4. Thanks for the giveaway! I’m so happy that I won! It’s a Christmas present for myself! ☺️☺️

  5. Congratulations to all winners! 🎉🎉

  6. Thank you Shirley! It was an early Christmas present.

    Congrats to other winners too.

  7. Yay! Thank you very much, i win! Will send an email now! Xoxo

  8. Thank you Shirley for the generous gift away :)

  9. Thank you very much Shirley and congrats to all winners!^^

    1. Please email me your delivery address, Rei! xoxo

  10. Congrats to the winners.

  11. Thank you so very much, I am so pleased to be one of your winners, my apologies for my confusion as to where I was meant to comment, I have sent you my address via message, but I will also email it. again.... thank you so very much

  12. Congratulations to all the winners!

  13. So many winners, congrats to them all. I'm sure all the fashionistas will be happy with their gifts. I wish you a lovely weekend.


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