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Parma Ham Avocado Salad with White Truffle Honey Recipe

parma ham avocado salad white truffle honey recipe
Prosciutto di Parma Ham is widely used in Italian restaurants but sadly, these delicious Italian dry-cured ham are clearly under used in Asian homes.

The wafer-thin salted ham is often served as an Antipasto, Pizza topping, wrapped around Grissini, or you can even use it to wrap your meat. There are so many ways to prepare Prosciutto.

miele al tartufo bianco honey with white truffle
Knowing I am a huge fan of Truffles, my girlfriend bought me two bottles of Miele al Tartufo Bianco from London some time back. You may think it is weird to pair salad with honey, but the Parma Ham Avocado Salad with White Truffle Honey is so fragrant, and truly out of this world! So home cooks, try this healthy dish if you are tight on time cause it is so easy to make!

3-4 slices of Prosciutto
100g Wild Rocket aka Arugula
100g Baby Spinach
2 Hard-Boiled Eggs ( chopped )
1 Medium Onion ( chopped )
10 Cherry Tomatoes
3 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 tbsp Balsamic Vinegar
    healthy wild rocket arugula chopped onions salad
  • Rinse vegetables and mix well. Add chopped onions.
  • arugula salad with honey tomatoes recipe
  • Throw in sliced tomatoes. Add olive oil, toss well and transfer to serving plate.
  • italian prosciutto dried cured ham baby spinach salad
  • Tear and divide Prosciutto and place them neatly on the plate.
  • prosciutto di parma ham avocado salad recipe
  • Drizzle honey and balsamic vinegar, then top with chopped eggs. Serve your Tasty Parma Ham Avocado Salad with White Truffle Honey.
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  1. What a great salad recipe! Just seeing it makes me hungry.

  2. What a marvelous salad! And the honey sounds sublime!!!

  3. What a delicious combination! Thanks for sharing Shirley!

  4. Shirley, your salad sounds incredible and the flavors are teasing me through your beautiful photos. The truffle honey and balsamic dressing is a match made in heaven. :) xo

  5. It looks so good.


  6. nice! I love avocado and white truffle!

  7. Indeed it didn't occur to me that honey could be pair with salad, shall test it out one of these days.

  8. Shirley, I am loving your salad!

  9. This is looking so delucious dear :)
    Thanks for the recipe

  10. Looks so yummy! Especially the baby spinach and avocado.

  11. Yum-yum! This is so delicious. ^.^


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