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How Can Augmented Reality Benefit Singaporean Businesses?

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It is a well-known fact that the economy of Singapore is growing at a frenetic pace. There are several reasons for this observation. Fewer trade restrictions, increased outside investment and the appeal to foreign businesses are all primary factors. However, many small to medium-sized organizations are now leveraging the benefits associated with the online community in order to reach an even wider target audience. They are also employing the latest technological innovations to their advantage. One interesting development can be seen in the rise of augmented reality in conjunction with traditional e-commerce portals. What is augmented reality and more importantly, what benefits can it offer budding Singaporean businesses?

Augmented Reality at a Glance: How Does it Work?
It is a good idea to note that augmented reality is actually different than virtual reality (or VR). Augmented reality employs a partially immersive environment which allows the user to view specific items or to examine an area in detail (such as obtaining a 360-degree view of an apartment). Virtual reality is entirely immersive; the user is essentially placed within an "isolated reality".

Augmented reality uses advanced algorithms to mark the location of certain objects and to roughly predict the location of simulated ones. Once these actions have been performed, an image will be created on a device such as a smartphone or a tablet. The main takeaway point is that this method can be used by businesses to showcase their products and services within a truly stunning visual presentation; captivating the attention of the viewer.

How Can Augmented Reality Benefit Singaporean Businesses?
One of the most interesting features of this technology is that it is intuitive and easy to implement. As it does not require the use of a dedicated device such as a VR headset, users can enjoy its benefits after downloading a single proprietary application. Thus, businesses will not need to spend a great deal of money during the implementation process.

Another great feature is that well-respected e-commerce manufacturers are already offering such products to the online community. One stellar example involves the utilities and tools associated with AR. No previous experience is required and such software is a very cost-effective option to consider.

It should also be stressed that augmented reality is not limited to a specific sector. From retail clothing manufacturers to financial service providers and everything in between, this technology is a flexible as it is engaging. The same cannot always be said for more complicated platforms such as virtual reality.

The real advantages can be seen when referring to the experience of the end user. Indeed, it will not be long before virtual shoppers can perform tasks such as choosing the features of an automobile or even trying on clothes before they commit to a purchase. These and other actions will inevitably result in two outcomes:
  • Visitors who are "on the fence" are more likely to purchase a product.
  • The business can showcase its offers in a more realistic and entertaining manner.
Let's also not fail to mention that the use of an augmented reality program highlights the fact that an online business is keenly aware of the importance of the end-user experience. This will reflect positively upon the brand and there is no doubt that a significant amount of interest will be generated.

While perhaps not suited at the present for every Singaporean business, the fact of the matter is that the prevalence of augmented reality is on the rise. We should fully expect to see its influence gain digital ground during the months and years ahead.


  1. Thanks for the explaination. SHirley. Have been seeing this word a lot lately

  2. Wow, how great would it be to be able to virtually try on clothes?? We've come a long way in the world of on-line sales!

  3. augmented reality is really helpful when it comes to planning and designing our living space...and I'm sure it has many business benefits.

  4. I have the impression that reality is becoming more and more virtual.

  5. Interesting! I really believe that augmented reality is the way of the future for many areas.

  6. Thanks for sharing this.

  7. What a word - augmented reality! As if reality is not real enough.

  8. A veruìy interesting article, dear!
    I like a lot this kind of new technologies! :D

  9. Happy to hear it's on the rise, what an interesting concept! Have a fabulous weekend :) x

  10. This is so interesting...would love to try it out when there's an online site which uses this technology.

  11. Very inspiring post dear 😊


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