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Catch the Mystery Halloween Cruise Aboard Royal Albatross!

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This Halloween, escape the horrors by stepping onboard a real sailing ship from a bygone era – the Royal Albatross for a mystery cruise departing Resorts World Sentosa at 7.30pm. In the first event of its kind in Singapore, this 2.5 hour cruise promises to be full of fun ( and a few frightening ) surprises, so come along in your best Halloween outfits for an outrageous costume party ( theme: pirates ) on the high seas!

Encircled in a shroud of mist, secured by creaky ropes attached to the jetty, there is the silhouette of an old pirate ship. The neon haze and the smoke-filled decks of this olden 4-masted schooner, transport you back in time to the swashbuckling age of the 17th century when imprisoned sailors would be chained below deck awaiting unsuspecting passengers. No fear nowadays, the holds have been converted into colourful energetic bars serving the Captain’s favourite concoctions such Sleepy Hollow, Dead Man’s Chest and Cauldron Brew!

An original experience brought to you for the first time by Tall Ship Adventures, operators of the region’s only Luxury Tall Ship – the Royal Albatross. Set sail with us on a journey into the dark of night and off the edge of the world!

Price: SGD 195 ( Adults Above 18 Years And Older )
Date: 31st Oct 2018
Cruise Departure Time: 7.30pm

What’s Included:
  • 2.5 Hours Halloween Cruise:
  • Buffet Dinner
  • One Welcome Mocktail
  • Dj- BIG
  • Prizes For Best Halloween Costume


  1. The marketing people really put on their thinking hats to have so many events to celebrate halloween!

  2. Wow, that ship is impressive! What a fun way to celebrate Halloween!

  3. Wow! You sure have all the best Halloween events news all lined up. Interesting!

  4. This sounds like such a cool way to celebrate Halloween.

  5. That sounds like so much fun! Wouldn't it be cool if they actually had to sail through a foggy mist? (Well, maybe not so cool for the captain.)

  6. I would love to join this cruise!

  7. Such super cool way to celebrate Halloween! :D

  8. Sounds like a fun cruise to take. Have a great week.

  9. So cool!

  10. That sounds so exciting and so much fun!

  11. This ship sounds a lot of fun...great way to enjoy Halloween...

  12. Sounds exciting! I haven't heard something quite like this, how fun!

  13. Oh this sounds like some spooky fun!


  14. Great post my blogger friend.
    Have a nice day .

  15. Very good news. Hapoy Halloween 😉


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