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BATA Club, First-Of-Its-Kind Singapore Loyalty Programme!

bata club promotion singapore loyalty programme
Bata, the iconic footwear brand has partnered with Capillary Technologies, a leading omnichannel retail solutions enabler, to introduce a revamped digital membership club for their loyal customers, BATA Club. BATA Club members can now enjoy an even more engaging shopping experience and an easier way to earn and redeem rewards, with the most rewarding club in Singapore.

"We are thrilled to introduce our newly revamped membership club for our loyal customers, which will greatly enhance their shopping experience, earning benefits and rewards as they shop," said Jek Long, Country Manager of Bata Singapore. "Since the introduction of our new brand manifesto 'Me & Comfortable With It' and the Angela 2.0 concept, our customers have responded with tremendous enthusiasm and positive feedback. We are extremely thankful for their support as we undergo several changes and the revamp of our BATA Club membership is one of our key pillars that demonstrates our effort to deliver a loyalty programme that will further strengthen our relationship with them."

Abhijeet Vijayvergiya, President & Managing Director, Global Accounts and Asia Pacific at Capillary Technologies emphasized that rising consumer loyalty and engagement remains key to Bata's growing momentum in Singapore. He said: "The retail sector is evolving driven by consumer needs. As a result, retailers have to cater to a growing multitude of consumer habits, preferences and palates. Never before has it been important for retailers to work with the right technology partner. The team at Capillary is pleased to drive omni-channel campaigns for retail leaders across Southeast Asia, such Bata, helping brands connect with, attract and retain customers."

Designed exclusively for Bata's loyal customers, BATA Club has one of the most generous loyalty programmes in terms of benefits. The mobile and email-based loyalty programme no longer uses points-based systems, rather, it offers a much easier way for customers to earn and redeem rewards. Reworked with Capillary's proprietary solutions like loyalty management, data analytics, insight generation and campaign automation, the membership will also offer experiential benefits where members can enjoy access to exclusive previews and reward elements at different milestones in their shopping experience.

  • BATA Club members can enjoy a flat 5% off on all items (discounted items included, limited to items below 50% discount).
  • Members can enjoy various vouchers with no minimum spending required when reaching different tier status in the membership.
  • No registration fee or renewal fees required.
  • Complimentary SGD 10.00 voucher upon sign-up with full profile details completed.
  • Birthday bonus - 20% discount voucher will be sent to the member's registered mobile number, redeemable with no minimum purchase required. Valid only for one month.
  • Redemption offers on selected categories / brands.
  • Access to exclusive events and new product launches.
  • Dedicated discounts and delightful surprises.
Based on one's annual spend, BATA Club members are automatically enrolled into one of the three membership tier levels: Silver, Gold or Platinum. BATA Club members will be automatically upgraded when their annual spend at Bata increases.
  • 3 Different Rewards Tiers: Silver, Gold, Platinum
  • Silver ($30 - $199) - $10 Voucher Valid for 3 months with no minimum spending.
  • Gold ($200 - $499) - $10 Voucher Valid for 3 months. Additional $10 voucher after reaching $350 Spend valid for 3 months with no minimum spending.
  • Platinum ($500 and above) 3 X $10 Voucher Valid for 3 months. Additional $10 voucher after reaching $750 spend valid for 3 months with no minimum spending.
  • For the full list of benefits, visit
To facilitate the registration of the BATA Club membership, Bata has introduced the 'Missed Call Campaign" initiative offering customers the simplest call to action by giving a missed call to a unique number (+65 3159 3074) at anytime, anywhere. Customers will receive instant offers, updates and a registration link for the BATA Club membership via an SMS. Customers can also register for the BATA Club membership via Bata's website or at any of the Bata stores islandwide. BATA Club is open to all individuals, residents and non-residents of Singapore aged 18 years and above at the time of application. The programme is limited to Bata stores in Singapore only.

In celebration of the new BATA Club membership, Bata will be hosting an exclusive shopping event specially for members in October, followed by exciting shopping events, collection previews and sales every month.


  1. My hubby is a member. We just bought some footwear from Bata this month not so long ago.

  2. What a nice deal! Cute shoes, too!

  3. seems like a great membership card.

  4. Hi Shirley!
    At ourBata branding!
    It's weird, thank you for the deal!
    I hope you will participate in my international competition!
    Good Sunday!

  5. Omigosh .. most of my shoes are from Bata. I wonder if they have a similar club here. I will definitely join ..haha!!!

  6. Those shoe are super cute. Thanks for sharing this program with us.

  7. Oh! I must check out the membership. I need new shoes. LOL!

  8. Gee, Bata has been around for years hasn't it.

  9. Good to know, dear! Bata is a pretty good shoe brand!
    Thanx for share! :)

  10. That is good news.


  11. Great post dear!

  12. I remember this brand when I was growing up in the Philippines. Nice to know they are still around and is getting stronger.

  13. Cute shoes! Never heard of Bata. I'll have to see if it's available in the US.

  14. Ohhh... Bata Club. I wonder if they gonna have one in Malaysia too


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