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6 Simple Wall Decor Ideas to Spruce Up Your Home

wall of photographs online photo collage app photojaanic
Are you looking to add a touch of extra colour or a bit of personality to the walls of your home, or brighten up family spaces with happy memories and reminders of the good times you’ve shared together?

There are a bunch of things you could do. Creating a collage online and print it as a poster is an easy way to compile your best photos when you have so many great memories to choose from. Or if you like art, putting up artwork is also a good choice! Whatever your taste may be, there is a bunch of things you could do.

Here are some ideas you could use to add character to your walls!

1. Going for the old school – bohemian touch with Macramé
Macrame adds a very interesting effect to the room. For those of you who don’t know – macramé is the art of elaborate knotting to create interesting patterns with strings and yarns. You could either look up macramé tutorials to create DIY macramé, or check out a few websites or stores where you could buy ready-made designs!

online photo collage app photojaanic gallery wall
2. Gallery walls: Playing with story and symmetry
Gallery walls are a great way to play with colours, spaces, and shape to produce an impressive effect. It can be done using artwork or photographs. Arrange them symmetrically or in artistic disarray or even in sequence to tell a story for a more interesting effect!

3. Photographs never go out of style
If you want to keep it simple you could just stick with the classics: beautiful photographs! Adorn your walls with family portraits or beautiful shots of nature, whichever you choose! If you have way too many pictures you’d like to put up you could always look into having a photo collage printed.

4. Add some abstract complexity to your walls with Mandala Art
Mandala art seems to be all the rage right now – but underneath all the millennial fandom, it is supposed to symbolize cosmic balance and harmony through abstract geometry represented in circular diagrams. These artistic pieces make a great addition to your wall whether it inspires you into a zen state or simply makes for a pleasant picture to look at!

online photo collage app photojaanic vintage wall
5. Add some character with vintage curios
Got beautiful vintage pieces that you don’t use? Put it up on your wall! If you’ve ever been to a Hard Rock Cafe or any vintage-themed restaurant, you’ve probably seen how they use these worn out pieces to add that eclectic character to their walls. If you’re someone who likes that kind of a vintage vibe in your home, look into how you could use your vintage plates, pictures, or just curios from that era to add some of your own personality to your walls!

home wall decor ideas floating shelves
6. Floating shelves for the contemporary art enthusiast
For everyone who has embraced contemporary art and minimalistic designs, floating shelves add an overall edgy (pun intended) effect to your home! You could always display little photographs, plants, or books on these shelves to add to the charm!

ideas to spruce up your home wall art decor
Wall art decor is intended to enhance the tone of the room, so try not to go overboard with your choice of decor, and try to stick to a single theme that works. Excessive wall art could come across as distracting and harsh as opposed to artistic. You can read our interior designer tricks to help you decorate your space.

For those of you who want to go the DIY route with these ideas but are hitting a roadblock with creativity, you can check out Pinterest for some ideas and inspiration.

Hope this article gives you some ideas to spruce up your home!


  1. Sometime I also go to Pinterest for contemporary idea on how to beautify my room. ^^

  2. Such terrific inspiration! I have a few new walls that need some attention :)

  3. Shirley, these are some great tips! Thanks for describing and illustrating them. I'm still in the process of personalizing our home -- the painting is almost done, then the decorating FUN begins. I've looked at bare walls long enough! :)

  4. I so want to do a gallery wall in my house. We currently have a lot of black and white photos in our house.

  5. Bohemian style and symmetry pattern can never go wrong when it comes to decorating walls. Superb tips sweety :)

  6. Since I love decorating I 'm always looking for great ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I've seen people use plates like that as wall decor. The patterns can be interesting.

  8. I ove walls with dishes!
    have a wonderful September!

  9. I love it the art temporary~ All are pretty good ideas for decor and I hope re decor my bedroom this year so thanks

  10. Awesome tips, Shirley! ^.^ Mandala art calls out to me - so pretty.


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