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Strawberry Snowskin Mooncake Recipe Using Fresh Fruits ( 水果冰皮月饼 )

mid autumn festival fresh fruits snowskin mooncakes
It is the season for Mooncakes once again, and I have received request to post my recipes early so that they have more time to prepare, so here you go! For those health conscious and do not like artificial food colouring, I am sure you will love this Strawberry Snowskin Mooncake Recipe Using Fresh Fruits ( 水果冰皮月饼 ).

fresh strawberry snowskin mooncake with lotus paste recipe
I went crazy last year, and made about 100 Snowskin Mooncakes of all kinds of designs and flavours to give away on my first attempt! I only managed to post the Baileys Snowskin Mooncakes with Black Sesame Paste ( 百利酒冰皮月饼 ) the last time due to time constraint. Well foodies, here’s sharing with you our Strawberry Snowskin Mooncakes with White Lotus Paste ( 草莓白莲蓉冰皮月饼 )!

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luxury haven creative recipes delicious snowskin mooncakes
luxury haven lifestyle blog delicious snowskin mooncake recipes
delicious strawberry snowskin mooncake recipe
yummy strawberry snowskin mooncakes recipe
Made from fresh fruit juice, the snowskin gives a mild fragrance compared to those made purely from food colouring. You may add a little strawberry essence if you like, but it is optional. The snowskin is refreshing, and the feedback we got was certainly very encouraging, with Strawberries topping our chart! Try making and let us know what you think! * You can buy the mooncake ingredients from baking stores like Phoon Huat ( 奋发 ).

strawberry snowskin mooncakes with white lotus paste
( Makes About 16 Snowskin Mooncakes )
120g Kao Fen ( 糕粉 )
50g Hong Kong Flour ( 香港面粉 )
65g Icing Sugar ( 糖粉 )
30g Shortening Premium (白油 )
5 big Strawberries
155g Fresh Strawberry Juice
2 tbsp Sugar Syrup if strawberries are not sweet
500g White Lotus Paste Low Sugar ( Makes about 16 x 30g Paste )
60g Almond Flakes
½ tsp Strawberry Essence ( optional )
Water for blending juices if needed

    phoon huat redman hong kong flour baking recipe
  • Preheat oven at 180° and bake Hong Kong Flour for about 5 minutes. Stir evenly and bake for another 5 minutes.
  • phoon huat redman snowskin mooncake flour
  • Sieve both the flour and icing sugar together, then add the shortening. Mix well.
  • making fresh strawberry snowskin mooncakes
  • Rinse strawberries and remove the stems. Cut into smaller parts for easy blending. Add a little water and sugar syrup, and blend the strawberry slices. Adjust sweetness according to taste. If fruits are sweet enough, there is no need to add the syrup. Remove pulp by using a strainer.
  • fresh strawberry mooncakes recipe
  • Weigh the juice and ensure it is approximately 155g.
  • phoon huat kao fen strawberry snowskin mooncakes
  • Add in the strawberry juice slowly into flour and mix well into a smooth dough.
  • phoon huat hong kong flour snowskin mooncake dough
  • Pinch a little and taste if strawberry juice is sufficient. You will love how delicious it tastes! After that, let it rest for about 20 minutes. * I made different flavours of dough in the image above. There is Orange, Strawberry, Earl Grey and Baileys.
  • phoon huat white lotus paste almond flakes
  • Meanwhile, throw almond flakes into the lotus paste and mix well. Make about 16 lotus paste weighing 30g each. Set aside.
  • phoon huat strawberry snowskin mooncake recipe
  • Dust some Hong Kong Flour on your hand or gloves to prevent dough from sticking. Divide the dough into half, and roll into 2 long dough. Then make about 16 balls weighing 20 - 25g each.
  • making strawberry snowskin dough with white lotus paste
  • Flatten the dough, and put a ball of paste filling in the middle and wrap around it. Dust more HK Flour onto hand and roll the dough into a ball.
  • phoon huat strawberry snowskin mooncake mould
  • Pour some HK Flour onto a tray and also dust some onto mooncake mould. Shake off excess flour. Put the dough into the mould and press gently. Remove the mooncake from mould and you are done!
  • strawberry snowskin mooncake recipe using fresh fruits
  • Refrigerate well and serve your Strawberry Snowskin Mooncakes with White Lotus Paste ( 草莓白莲冰皮月饼 ) chilled!
Have fun making, and do post your Snowskin Mooncakes photo at and tag @LuxuryHaven if you do use our recipe. We love to hear from you, and we shall be back with more Mooncake Recipes!


  1. Whoa, this is so enticing! must be yummy.

  2. I prefer the snowskins over the baked ones.

  3. I'm always in awe when I see mooncakes! Yours are gorgeous, Shirley!

  4. Oh I love mooncakes...
    thanks for sharing ♥


  5. They look so delicious! Are you making any to sell?

    1. Hahaha! Nope, not making to sell. Just as gifts. xoxo

  6. Oh so cute mooncakes darling
    Great recipe

  7. I have never had one of these before. They sounds super yummy.

  8. so very beautiful and delish
    new beauty review on my blog monoi tiare summer perfumes
    have a nice day

  9. I'm so impressed with how professional these cakes look. Can't believe you made them at home from skretch. You're really a great chef.

    I'm sure these mooncakes are delicious...and they look so pretty too.

  10. we do not need to steam the dough?

    1. Not at all. Just need to bake the HK flour as mentioned. Have fun! xoxo

  11. Those are so pretty! I wonder if I can find the ingredients and mold around here to make them.

  12. Shirley, I love any dessert or treat where there is fruit involved.I love this recipe. What is Hongkong flour?

    1. Hong Kong Flour is a type of super soft flour used for making steamed buns. Adding this would be a bonus to achieve a softer texture tho it’s optional. xoxo

  13. Lovely and delicious... great job!
    Kisses, Paola.


  14. Great post dear!

  15. Dear Shirley,
    It takes a long preparation!
    thanks for sharing.
    Looks yummy!

  16. Wow! That's really lovely, Shirley, Wish I could have a taste!


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