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Singapore Fashion Runway Mega Model Hunt 2018 Is On!

singapore fashion runway mega model hunt special needs
Do you want your child / yourself to STAR on a fashion website, model for the SINGAPORE FASHION RUNWAY BRAND, and WALK the RUNWAY for their major event too? Please sign up by 15 June 2018!

Here is your chance to enrol your kid / yourself in Singapore Fashion Runway MEGA MODEL HUNT... for Singapore's Next Top Inclusive Model 2018!

Not only will you be having an opportunity to be the TOP FASHION MODEL they are looking for regionally, you also get a chance to walk with Singapore's coolest and talented musicians!

This model hunt is unique as this is open to both Normal Individuals and Special Needs individuals too in different categories.

singapore fashion runway mega model hunt
As every dollar raised help Singapore Fashion Runway with their Fashion for a Social Cause movement for the special needs and disadvantaged by creating employment opportunities for them and their families, please help to share this so that as many people in the region apply!

ALL applicants will be going through an audition that comes with a photoshoot of them on 29-30 June 2018!  Attending the audition itself is already a life-changing experience for all.

Email to register now!


  1. All the best to the talented children who is going to join this contest!

  2. good luck to the participants!

  3. Hello,

    Oh, amazing !


  4. Great post!

  5. It's great that this is an inclusive contest that will also benefit a worthy cause.

  6. So nice contest! Best wishes to all the participants! :D

  7. This is a great opportunity for kids.
    Thanks for sharing.


  8. What a cool contest. Have a great weekend.

  9. This contest sounds great... good luck!
    Kisses, Paola.


  10. What a fun opportunity! And I love their cause, too.

  11. Seems like a great model hunt! All the best to all the participants! :)

  12. This is interesting and Singapore is always ahead with innovative ideas.

  13. Nice! An interesting one for those with dreams of becoming a model.


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