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How to Prep Your Skin for Long-Haul Flight + Beauty Giveaway!

how to prep your skin for overnight flight
Long haul flight leaves you dehydrated and weary, regardless of you flying the Economy, Business or even First Class. Trust me, the air up there will take a toll on your skin.

It is important to travel with a well-cleansed skin and avoid wearing makeup if possible. Take the minimalist approach particularly on long haul or overnight flight. Makeup holds onto dirt and certain foundation and powder can dehydrate your skin even more. The key is: Let Your Skin Breathe.

luxury haven sk ii magic ring test results
If you wanna know the condition of your skin, beauty brands like SK-II has this special device that can analyze the 5 dimensions of your skin health such as Radiance Enhancement, Texture Refinement, Firmess Power, Spot Control and Wrinkle Resilience. The Magic Ring Test is complimentary and you could pop by any SK-II counters to request for this test to check your skin age. The last I did mine was in 2016 at the age of 51, and I was pleased to learn that my skin age was just 35 years old! I did another one in April this year, and was equally surprised that my skin is maintaining well without the use of any botox or fillers. 38-year-old skin age for a 53? Not a bad score, isn’t it?

luxury haven beauty influencer sk ii magic ring test
I scored almost perfect in all 5 dimensions, except for Texture Refinement which is at 83%. I am glad that I am doing good especially in maintaining my Spot Control with my regular laser for pigmentation at EHA Clinic.

So if you wanna have good skin like mine, follow these skincare tips on How to Prep Your Skin for Long-Haul Flight on my recent night flight to Tokyo! At the end of the post, you can also join our latest giveaway to Win Yourself A Bottle of Beauty Supplements Worth $148!

singapore travel blogger long haul flight skincare tips
Singapore Airlines 777-300ER Business Class
Now before flying off, go for a hydrating facial treatment like the EHA HydraFacial especially if you are travelling to a winter country where the weather can be harsh. The nutrient-rich active serums in this hydrating facial cleanse, nourish and hydrate the skin delivering instant, lasting results. I also have a habit of going for a full-body massage the day before I fly to fully moisturize my skin.

Before you set off for your trip, pack a small reusable water bottle for easy refills in the airport and on the plane. You will need to drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated throughout the flight.

Avoid drinking coffee and alcohol onboard if you can as the decreased pressure environment lowers the level of oxygen in your blood. Due to the more drastic effect at high altitudes, drinking coffee may cause heartburn flare-ups and digestive issues, and you may appear to be more intoxicated in the air than you would on the ground if you consume alcohol. These drinks also tend to dehydrate your body, so drink plenty of water to counter the effect.

sk ii cellumination mask in lotion review
Like I have said earlier, fly makeup-free if you can. The air in the plane is extremely dry and stresses out our skin. Especially for an overnight flight, wash your face before you sleep with cleansers such as the SK-II Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser to remove impurities. Apply products like SK-II Cellumination Mask-in Lotion immediately after cleansing, as a pre-lotion to prepare skin for the regimen ahead. All these skincare samples come in so handy.

nila essence kao megrhythm steam eye mask review
Some of my favourite items to help me relax onboard are:
long haul flight sk ii facial treatment mask
Having the right skincare products help quench your skin’s thirst. For night flight, put on a hydrating face mask like SK-II Facial Treatment Mask when the cabin lights go off. That way, you won’t have all the eyes on you.

sq business class eha hydra serum review
Also, look for skincare products with high concentration of hyaluronic acid to carry onboard with you, such as the EHA Hydra Serum. This hydration booster is suitable even for those with sensitive skin and post ablative or non-ablative lasers/procedures – when skin is most desperate for hydration.

nuxe huile podigieuse multi usage dry oil review
Next, use a moisturizer with a heavier consistency or one that is oil-based. I like to carry my travel-sized Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Usage Dry Oil. This holy grail can be used on your face, body and even hair!

sk ii mid day miracle essence review
To keep your face hydrated throughout the flight, do not spray water on your face. It is a huge mistake as water dries your skin. Instead, apply facial mist every now and then. Facial sprays like the SK-II Mid-Day Miracle Essence and SK-II Mid-Night Miracle Essence are few of my travel essentials. These travel-size essence mists are loaded with SK-II signature ingredient Pitera and skin-conditioning ingredients that penetrate through makeup and locks in moisture. I ran out of the SK-II Mid-Night Miracle Essence, but the SK-II Mid-Day Miracle Essence is equally awesome; it’s like a thirst quencher for your skin.

singapore airlines business class miller harris toiletries
Singapore Airlines Business Class Miller Harris Toiletries
While pampering your face, don’t forget about your hands and legs and protect them from the dry cabin air too. Moisturize them whenever you visit the restrooms. I am not sure about budget airlines, but premium airlines such as Singapore Airlines will have toiletries such as mouth wash, hand lotion, and fragrance and even combs and toothbrushes in all 3 classes. But of course if you travel business, you may get a better range which includes extras like this Miller Harris Tangerine Vert Facial Mist.

heliocare oral sunscreen eha sun shield 24hr
Due to a higher altitude and thinner air in the cabin, UV rays and infrared radiation cause more damage in-flight. Hence, you will need to protect your skin and this is when Heliocare Oral and EHA Sun Shield 24HR come in handy.

Heliocare Oral is the World’s First Oral Sunblock since 2001, and has excellent antioxidant benefits, sun protection abilities and repair mechanisms for damaged cells caused by UV rays. On the other hand, EHA Sun Shield 24HR offers you 24-hour protection. The sunscreen is slightly tinted and can be used in place of a foundation if sheer coverage is preferred.

singapore beauty influencer reviews heliocare purewhite radiance max
The Westin Tokyo
Well, I hope you are now better equipped for your next long-haul flight. What’s your inflight beauty tips like? Do you have any must-have items to carry onboard? Luxury Haven is now giving 2 followers a chance to Win Heliocare Purewhite Radiance Max 240 Anti-Ageing Supplements! Hop over to submit your entries now!


  1. You did score almost perfectly everywhere! Incredible and it shows that your beauty regimen works!

    Almost Stylish

  2. Your skin routine is working! You look amazing!

  3. Drinking enough water is always important. Preparing our skin for a long flight can really help us maintain that healthy skin look. Thank you for sharing all these tips.

  4. always love skii and nuxe, they have such great quality for sure.

  5. Its no surprised that you skin scored good. Since you take awesome care of it. I'm slowing getting back in to taking care of mine. Have a great weekend.

  6. Great tips my dear, have a nice weekend!

  7. Very interesting and handful tips, Shirley!
    Really a skin prep routine before a long flight can be a great deal!

  8. Sounds really interesting dear) Thanks for the post)

  9. Thanks for the advice, Shirley! :D I will keep this in mind.

  10. I see why your skin is have really put in alot of effort, so one conclusion - to get beautiful skin, one must not be lazy...😉

  11. Nice tips, carrying a empty bottle and eye mask is essential for me during flight travel

  12. Nice advice, I love SK-II Facial Treatment Mask too^^


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