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Yummy Avocado Shake with Gula Melaka Recipe ( 椰糖鳄梨奶昔 )

yummy avocado shake with gula melaka recipes
Incredibly popular among the health conscious, Avocado aka Alligator Pear ( 牛油果 / 鳄梨 ) has as many as 20 different vitamins and minerals to get you excited. It is said that people who eat avocados tend to be healthier.

There are a wide range of uses for the healthy fruit such as Guacamole, a Mexican dip. Avocados are also frequently used for milkshakes in countries like Philippines and Indonesia.

yummy avocado shake with brown sugar syrup
I love my Avocado Shake with Gula Melaka or otherwise known as Palm Sugar, but the ones sold outside is always either too sweet or too milky. DIY your very own Yummy Avocado Shake with Gula Melaka Syrup ( 椰糖鳄梨奶昔 ) now, and it is so easy to make!

indonesian avocado shake with gula melaka recipe
( Makes 2 Glasses )
1 Avocado
Half block or about 35g Gula Melaka Brown Sugar
200 ml milk
1/2 tray ice cubes
30 ml Water

    making gula melaka brown sugar syrup
  • Break up palm sugar. Add water and heat on low fire. Stir till melt. Pour some syrup into a tiny container and set aside. Leave the rest of syrup for use later.
  • health benefits of avocado aka alligator pear
  • Rinse avocado and remove flesh for blending.
  • how to make avocado smoothie
  • Cut up avocado and put into blender. Add milk, ice cubes and gula melaka syrup from pan. Blend till ice cubes break up.
  • yummy avocado shake with gula melaka recipe
  • Transfer to serving glasses, and serve your Yummy Avocado Shake with Gula Melaka ( 椰糖鳄梨奶昔 ), and drizzle more syrup if needed.
singapore food blog healthy avocado recipes
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  1. An interesting recipe. Never thought of adding avocado with gula melaka. I bet it is a nice shake. The creaminess of the fruit with the sweet syrup.

  2. with gula melaka? that is an interesting blend. So far I have taste with choco only.. I think with Gula Melaka will be more fragrant

  3. I love avocado! Must be very nice this avocado shake with gula melaka. I have tried with chocolate sauce and it's really lovely.

  4. Great post dear!

  5. The avocado is so versatile! What a great way to add some creaminess and good fats to a smoothie!

  6. I fell in love with avocado juice when I went Batam, they like to serve with chocolate sauce, yummy!

    I have not tried with gula melaka before, must be yummy too.

  7. I never thought to make a shake with Avocado's

  8. Refreshing and soothing, always a pleasure for this shake. I bet I will be utterly satisfied.

  9. I love avocados. I don't eat them often but I always enjoy them when I do. I've never tried using them in cooking, though. This shake idea is wonderful, I might borrow this recipe. Thanks for sharing.

    p.s. I heard that avocados are also good for skin and can be used as a face mask.

    1. Oh yes, it’s good for our skin too! Face mask? Cool! Thanks for sharing, sweetie! xoxo

  10. Look so delicious, I must to do it :-)

  11. Looks very interesting) thanks a lot for sharing!

  12. This looks so refreshing ! I would skip the sugar though.

  13. I've never heard of that syrup, but I do love avocados! :)

    Hope you are having a nice week so far! It's a good one for me as we have a day off here and I'm planning to relax a little, as much as the kids allow, ha! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  14. Avocado is definitely one of my favourite fruits! :D


  15. I love avocado!!! This shake sounds original and tasty, I'd like to try it!

  16. I love avocado, they blend with chocolate in indonesia!


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