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Yoshino, Japan's Most Famous Cherry Blossom Spot ( 吉野 )

yoshino japan most famous cherry blossom spot
Mount Yoshino ( 吉野山 ) in Nara Prefecture, is Japan's most famous Sakura ( 桜 ) spot. Well-known for the mountains there, it is one of the best places to see Cherry Blossoms with over 30,000 cherry trees covering the area.

mount yoshino hitomesenbon sakura festival
Sakura Festival in Yoshino typically starts in late March or early April and reaches full bloom around early to mid April. I was there late April last year, but thankfully still managed to catch a glimpse of these beautiful pink clouds.

cherry blossom yoshino yama viewpoint guide
You may like to know that Yoshino, together with Mount Koya and Kumano, was designated a cultural UNESCO World Heritage Site named the " Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range " in 2004.

japan cable car yoshino ropeway station
yoshino ropeway senbon guchi station cable car
yoshino sacred sites pilgrimage routes kii mountain range
To enjoy the scenic Hanami ( お花見 ) view, visitors to the UNESCO World Heritage Site can take the Japan's oldest ropeway - Yoshino Ropeway, which will take you up the first steep slope and drops you off at the entrance to the town.

yoshino ropeway ticket price senbon guchi station
Price ( Adult ): 360 yen 1-way, or 610 yen round-trip
* Note: Round-trip ticket not available during the cherry blossom season.

japan famous attractions yoshino kinpusenji temple

yoshino tourist attractions nakasenbon kinpusenji temple
Home to famous temples and shrines, Kinpusenji Temple ( 金峯山寺 ) is listed among the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Yoshino. Its 34-meter high Zao-do Hall is claimed to be the second largest wooden structure in Japan, just after Nara's Todaiji Temple ( 東大寺). The temple was having an overhaul so we did not enter.

unesco world heritage site kinpusenji temple
You can also visit Yoshino Shrine ( 吉野神宮 ), a Shinto shrine there.

Shopping in Yoshino

japan tourist attractions yoshino prefecture
There are many souvenir shops in Yoshino. If you visit during the Cherry Blossom season, you will find many Japanese Wagashi ( 和菓子 ), a traditional Japanese confection and other foodstuff all exploding in a sweet pink.

yoshino cherry blossom confection sakura soft cream
Sakura Soft Cream ( 桜ソフトクリーム ), a Japanese soft serve ice cream.

traditional japanese sweets sakura manju with azuki beans
Sakura Manju (さくら饅頭 / さくらまんじゅう ),
a popular traditional Japanese sweet treat with Anko filling made from boiled Adzuki Beans.

yoshino sakura yokan cherry blossom bean jelly
Sakura Yokan ( 桜羊羹 ),
type of Cherry Blossom Bean Jelly made from white kidney beans and agar agar.

yoshino traditional japanese pink sakura udon
Sakura Udon ( 桜うどん ),
pink Japanese noodles which are refined together with cherry leaves and powdered with udon noodles.

yoshino pickled cherry blossom flowers sakura tea
Sakura Tea ( 桜茶 )
Pickled Sakura Cherry Blossom petals that can be used as tea, or in cakes and jellies......

cny steamed cod fish rolls sakura cherry blossom
Or in your cooking such as this Pickled Sakura Flowers Recipe: Delicious Steamed Fish Rolls I made some time back.

osaka namba station kintetsu yoshino train guide
Yoshino is located at the center of Nara Prefecture, so I would suggest that you stop by Nara Park too to check out one of Japan's largest bronze statues of Buddha and play with the celebrity deer there.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this place and beautiful photos.

    I would love to see real sakura flowers. I never taste sakura tea before. Must be fragrant.

  2. I didn't know cherry blossoms can be prickled and used in cooking, that's news to me! Now, I'm really curious about it and I would love to try it. This place looks amazing. I would love to visit Japan some day....preferably during the cherry blossom season.

    1. I saw your post on beautiful cherry blossom in your country too. Maybe you can try using them as pickles next time? xoxo

  3. So lovely those Cherry Blossoms! I wonder how they taste like.

  4. Wow! How I'd love to see this in person!

  5. Never knew you could eat the cherry blossoms. I totally wish I would have went to are cherry blossoms fest. Maybe next year.

  6. We saw many cherry blossoms during our China trip and we loved it.

  7. It's such a famous time of the year!

    Almost Stylish

  8. Thanks for the interesting post) Have a nice weekend)

  9. Oh my gosh these blooms are so pretty in pink! Oh and the final photo with Gucci as well? The perfect combination haha :) x

  10. Brings back memories. I had a great time.

  11. Cherry blossoms are so pretty, this would be such a great place to visit, so many trees! :)

    Hope you are having a great weekend! :) Yesterday was a productive day for me and today we went out to a festival with the kids.

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. Wow, festival sounds fun! Our weekend was good too. We went to watch Avengers! Here’s wishing you a wonderful week ahead! xoxo

  12. so delicious foods
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  13. Beautiful place! The food products are beautifully craft

  14. I have to visit this place 😊


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