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Jelly Art Creative Food, Beautiful Gelatin Flowers ( 燕菜果冻花 )

lunar new year pretty 3d jelly art flowers
Foodies, are you still cooking lots this Lunar New Year? What do you think of these beautiful 3D Jelly Art that stormed the internet some time back?

beautiful purple peony flowers 3d jelly art recipe
Well, I made more and gave these Konnyaku gelatin flowers as gifts some time back. Don’t ask me what flowers these are; I used my imagination to inject the gelatin to form these pretty flowers but have no idea which species they belong to, or even exist. I guess Jelly Art Creative Food is all about imagination and creating Beautiful Gelatin Flowers ( 燕菜果冻花 ), isn’t it? So let’s just enjoy the satisfying results!

lao qian teh tarik milk tea
Being the adventurous me, I also tried using the Singapore and Malaysia’s popular Lao Qian Teh Tarik ( Milk Tea ).

lao qian teh tarik milk tea recipe lychee
Of course, it always taste better with Lychees! Check them out!

creative food art 3d gelatin flowers carnation
3D Jelly Art Gelatin Flowers Lychee Coconut Base ( 荔枝花之果凍 )

cny lao qian milk tea jelly art flowers
3D Jelly Art Purple Gelatin Flowers Teh Tarik Base ( 奶茶水晶果凍花 )

chinese new year food 3d gelatin flowers peony
valentines day purple flower 3d jelly art
So which is your favourite pick? What flowers do you think they resemble?

My other Jelly Art Flowers:


  1. You have so much patience to make these beautiful jelly flowers! Too beautiful to be eaten.

  2. Love your beautiful and creative jelly flower. LaoQian totally delicious drink.

  3. Oh wow, such detail! I've never seen or heard of jelly art before - very interesting!! x

  4. These look beautiful and even better that tehy're edible too!

  5. I sincerely admire your patience and nitty gritty skills. Keep going. Such a great pleasure.

  6. Such a cool cake.

  7. love so much, very romantic and yummy
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    have a nice day

  8. Looks really interesting! Thanks a lot for the post)

  9. Too gorgeous for words, Shirley ^.^


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