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Fruity Inari Sushi Egg Mayo with Caviar Recipe ( リラックマいなり寿司 )

chinese new year gold coins party food
It is time again to make these party-friendly Inari Sushi ( いなり寿司 ), which make great gifts for friends. Generally, Inari Sushi are Japanese rice filled in ready-made sweet tofu pockets. Since I do not fancy sushi much, I have made my Inari Sushi using egg mayo as the base, and adding my preferred ingredients according to my mood.

facebook inari sushi tofu pockets recipe
These were going out to three different parties. For this batch, I have made one set with Edamame and Crab Sticks, topping them with Rilakkuma ( リラックマ ) Fish Cakes, and another with Tuna and Pear.

chinese new year potluck recipe inari zushi
These character fish cakes are so adorable, and they are great for food presentation. So kawaii!

cny fruity inari sushi egg mayo with caviar
For that festive cheer, turn them into a gourmet food by adding a touch of Caviar and throw in some chocolate gold coins! Let’s check out the recipe for my Fruity Inari Sushi Egg Mayo with Caviar Recipe (リラックマいなり寿司 )!

( Edamame and Crab Sticks Inari Sushi )
16 Inari Age
10 Crab Sticks
6 Hard-boiled Eggs
1 packet Edamame ( 500g )
2 rolls Rilakkuma Fish Cake
12 tbsp Heinz Salad Cream

  • Remove Inari Age from packet and squeeze out excess water. Set aside.
  • how to eat edamame
  • Cook edamame according to instructions on the package, and drain water when cooked. Squeeze out beans from pods, and set aside.
  • bobo crab sticks recipe with heinz salad cream
  • Dice eggs, and shred crab sticks. Mix them together with salad cream.
  • healthy edamame salad with crab sticks recipe
  • Throw in edamame, and add pepper. Mix thoroughly.
  • delicious japanese inari sushi party food
  • Fill Inari Age with fillings.
  • kawaii rilakkuma inari sushi recipe
  • Slice fish cakes thinly, and place them on top of the inari sushi.
( Tuna and Pear Inari Sushi )
16 Inari Age
2 canned Ayam Brand Tuna Flakes in Olive Oil ( 150g x 2 )
2 Pears
8 tsp Caviar
6 Hard-boiled Eggs
12 tbsp Mayonnaise
1 tbsp Parsley Flakes ( optional )
Dash of Black Pepper

    fruit carving making flower art with pear cutter
  • Dice pear. Cut up some with skin using a flower mould. Soak in salt water to prevent browning.
  • ayam brand tuna flakes olive oil recipe
  • Dice eggs. Mix them together with tuna flakes and mayonnaise.
  • ayam brand tuna salad with pear recipe
  • Throw in pear cubes and mix thoroughly. Add parsley is preferred.
  • how to make japanese inari age sushi
  • Fill Inari Age with fillings.
  • fruity inari sushi egg mayo with caviar recipe
  • Place pear flowers on the tofu pouches, and top with caviar.
  • chinese new year gold coins party food
  • Put the two different types of flavours into containers. You may use muffin liners to hold the tofu pouches. Refrigerate and remove when ready to serve your Fruity Inari Sushi Egg Mayo with Caviar Recipe (リラックマいなり寿司 ).
cute rilakkuma inari sushi bento recipe
Here’s another version at Rilakkuma Inari Age Bento Potluck Fun Party Food Recipe! Enjoy your CNY feasting, foodies!


  1. So lovely! The Rilakuma fishcake topping is super cute. I shall prepare the egg mayo and edamame version one of these days. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

  2. look so tasty, I must to try it :-)

  3. I feel so hungry after seeing your divine dish....Your recipe for sushi egg mayo with caviar is amazing. Everything looks so delicious!!!!!!

  4. Wow! So tempting. These make wonderful snacks. I can eat many!

  5. Pow-wow? Any change of sending some over Shirley. After all, your food always makes me salivate.

  6. Your sushi is so pretty to be eaten.

  7. wow it looks delicious:) thanks for recipe:)

  8. I bet your friends love getting these as gifts! So fun!

  9. I don't quite like mayo but I would like to try the caviar! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

  10. You've opened my eyes to an entirely new recipe, Shirley! Your blog is always fascinating :) x

  11. This sushi sounds very tasty and looks super super cute!!!

  12. Looks fun and tasty. This would be great for any party, so creative of you.

  13. Those sushi are too cute to eat.

  14. Some of those are REALLY cute!! Thanks for sharing! -

  15. Looks really interesting) Thanks a lot for sharing!

  16. These look incredible Shirely. I love the combinations and of course, your presentation is as beautiful as ever.


  17. Sushi and caviar recipe sounds really good.

  18. Awww! They are so cute and yummy. Do you take orders?

  19. you are talented and awesome
    making it cute, pretty and I guess they are tasty too!
    brilliant shirley!

  20. Great recipe dear 😊


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