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Ezbuy, Singapore's 1st and Largest Global Shopping Platform!

global online shopping ezbuy marketplace beauty products, Singapore's first and largest global shopping platform, invites everyone to shop on its fast-growing Marketplace - connecting customers to a vibrant ecosystem of sellers and top brands from Korea, Taiwan and USA, and local sellers. At the forefront of a rapidly growing market, ezbuy's Marketplace provides a platform for buyers and sellers to transact effortlessly, providing access to more than four million products globally on a single platform.

In step with this explosive growth, ezbuy plans to almost double the number of product offerings to six million, bringing on board an additional 100,000 sellers on ezbuy's marketplace by the end of 2018. Customers can enjoy an accelerated purchasing journey with wider access to their favourite brands and a broader assortment of advantages combining convenience and value to the shopping experience.
  • Established online ecosystem in place for both buyers and sellers on the marketplace
  • Level of transparency, reliability and authenticity of products listed in marketplaces overseas
  • Lowest shipping rates and shortest shipping duration
  • Highly evolved customer shopping experience on connected devices via ezbuy website and mobile app

Korea Marketplace
On the Korea Marketplace, users can browse from more than 10,000 popular Korean streetwear, cosmetics and personal care products via ezbuy website and mobile app. Shipped directly from reputable sellers and trusted brands in Korea, the K-beauty collection continues to be the powerhouse for the Singapore market with a traffic growth of more than 100 times since the launch of the Korea Marketplace last year.

The K-beauty wave which has effectively hallmarked multi-functional narratives on skincare routines also offers appealing attributes and products for the male consumer market in Singapore - specifically for skincare-related problems, moisturising benefits, anti-ageing, whitening and use of natural ingredients.

Customers can also look forward to their favourite top-selling brands from the Korea Marketplace including Laneige and Etude House, while the buzz on rising colour cosmetics and fun packaging at affordable price tags include April Skin, Pony Effect and 3CE New Series.

Top-selling brands on the Korea Marketplace:
  • Laneige
  • Etude House
  • April Skin
  • Pony Effect
  • 3CE New Series
Taiwan Marketplace
Customers looking for their favourite products and brands from Taiwan have an endless variety to choose from, with both the Buy-For-Me service and Taiwan Marketplace available via ezbuy website and mobile app. Across borders, the most popular-sourced products from the Taiwan Marketplace by Singaporeans include Taiwan snacks, instant noodles and beauty cosmetics.
  • Food and snacks - 滿漢大餐, kiki, i-mei, KUAICHE, Biffido, OK Tea, ChiaTe
  • Fashion, bags, shoes and accessories - Gracegift, OB Design, Stay Real
  • Beauty and healthy - MKUP, Kose, Oguma, Hanaka Flower
USA Marketplace
One of the pioneers in Singapore to bring the Buy-For-Me service to the western world, ezbuy's USA Buy-For-Me and Ship-For-Me services has been the choice platform for many customers in Singapore since 2013. A trusted and reliable service for its fourth year running, the demand for consumer goods from USA has grown more than three times on a yearly basis.

Succeeding the popularity of the USA Buy-For-Me services for its shortest shipping duration and cheapest shipping rate available in the market, the USA Marketplace has amassed six times more growth since its launch last year, with more than 500,000 SKUs on both ezbuy website and mobile app; and is well known in the region especially for:
  • Branded men and women fashionwear and accessories - Kate Spade, Coach, GAP, Under Armour, Forever 21
  • Cosmetics - Sephora, ColourPop
  • Beauty and Health Supplements
  • Mother and Kids


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